Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Five - The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents
Section 6. True Parents and the Nation

Why have we sacrificed until now? It was to become the parents of the tribe. How splendid this is! What do we do after the nation and world are unified through such sacrifice? The place of unification does not disappear. You stand in the position of the father or mother in that place of unity.

What a holy thing it is to be parents! Parents always sacrifice and serve with love. If you think about it, you realize what a joyful thing it is to be able to become true parents. This is true even in America, where I have been working in this way up until now. When I unify the American people by way of love, they will know that I did it with the resolve of the Parent. Then, the indivisible nation and world will be established here. When that happens, the True Parents will be welcomed wherever they go. These will all be places that belong to the Parents, for they will be fully connected to God; as such, they will be where the vertical realm of heart is connected.

You should know that no connection will exist without going through this center. This is a perpendicular relationship. First is the husband and wife; next come the parents of the family, the parents of the tribe, and then the parents of a people. Thus, the scope increases. What this means is that based on the center that has inherited the tradition of True Parents from the beginning, the parents are the parents of a family, parents of a tribe, parents of a people, parents of a nation, and parents of the world. Later on, the nation will become the central entity based on this realm of parents and give rise to a world centered on that nation. (118-267, 1982.6.13)

Since you have become a tribal messiah, you have inherited the right of the first son and right of the parent. You are working to find the nation which can inherit the right of the first son and the right of the parent, and which can connect with the right of kingship. When you eventually recover Korea, all nations of the world will be recovered. This is the final stage. The logical conclusion according to the Principle brings us back to this point, after which, there is nothing more.

In the future, we can use as a bulwark the ideology of True Parents, True Teacher and True Owner. These three roles form the Three Subjects Principle. True Father and True Mother are True Teachers by virtue of their true love. They have taught something this world does not know, including heavenly secrets and earthly secrets in full detail. This is why they are the best among all teachers. This is how God is. Furthermore, God is the Lord of lords. I am also the Lord of lords. When the right of kingship is restored, the Lord of lords will appear. What, then, is the Three Subjects Principle.? It is the ideology of the True Parent, the True Teacher and the True Owner. This is why the Unification Church has True Parents at its center.

It is the same with the nation. A nation has a hierarchy with the president at the center. In the organization of a nation there is the ministry of education, which is a group of true teachers. The administration is like the owner of the nervous system. Because the entire system of nerves converges upon the administration, it should be in the position of the owner. The president at the top is the master of the nation. All of this is incorporated into the three-subject ideology.

Hence, True Parents always stand in the vertical position while the education ministry and administration are in a reciprocal relationship with each other. These relationships can be compared to that of Cain and Abel. When Cain and Abel become completely one, this right of kingship will become an eternal and indestructible right of kingship. Kim Il-sung has his own version of three-subject ideology, which is autonomy, creativity, and consciousness. However, this is human-centered; it cannot be considered a complete ideology, for it lacks the doctrine of the Original Being. They do not know God. With this understanding, you should march forward with strength. (208-341, 1990.11.21)

Now the time has come when you can develop a vision for the nation. It is an amazing fact that you can stand in the frontline as a fighter for sake of the independence and deliverance of the nation. Those who do this become representatives of human history and the history of the universe. When God sees this, how proud and content He will feel!

It is also an amazing fact that True Parents have appeared on this earth. We have severed that which has come from the false parents. Based on this accomplishment, we want to bring everyone through the gate to the True Parents on the opposite side. Accordingly, we aim to turn the path to hell back toward heaven.

Without passing through the gate of the True Parents, you cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom. However, Christianity does not have this gate. Only the Unification Church does. Passing through this gate will enable you to go directly to the Kingdom of Heaven. In return, however, you must completely clear up your past. You should not even remember the names of the friends you have known. Married women should not be thinking of the man they first loved. They must reach the point of completely forgetting him. Those who think about how they lived in the past cannot enter the Heavenly Kingdom.

This is why we must put together all our devoted effort to focus our thoughts solely on True Parents and God. If something else is mixed in, you will not be able to travel in a straight line. You will not be able to walk the path of love. Just because you have received the Blessing on earth does not mean that everything is finished. You must also pass through a church-level Blessing, a national-level Blessing and ultimately a world-level Blessing. You will need to go through these three stages. Why? So that you can effectively reach the point of total self-denial. Just because you have sons and daughters does not mean that they are your possessions. You must reach the point of total self-denial. These sons and daughters belong to God and True Parents. (208-342, 1990.11.21) 

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