Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Five - The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents
Section 3. The Kingdom of Heaven is Possible Only Through True Parents

You cannot br1ng about the Kingdom of Heaven on your own. It requires the coming of the True Parents. You need to become one with the Holy Spirit and harmonize with the love of Jesus. Only then will you have the possibility to engraft to the olive tree on God's side. However, since this is a spiritual engrafting, it is only partial; a complete engrafting cannot take place until the True Parents come in the era of the Second Coining and fully engraft you.

This is fundamental to building the Kingdom of Heaven. The formula is the same. The relationship between God and God's son is absolute; it is a bond that no one can break. No one can sever the father and son relationship. In a similar way, when the husband and wife become one in love, no one can divide their love. Even God cannot divide it. It is eternal.

The question is whether you have become a united couple, as a brother and a sister like Adam and Eve, who can attend the True Parents. Another question is whether God's love and the Parents' love can dwell in your family. In other words, are you conveying the love of God and Parents through your own love such that your sons and daughters are born and nurtured in this loving environment? This is a serious question. You should know that if you do not do this, the door of the family Kingdom of Heaven will not open. (137-185, 1986.1.1)

We need to go through True Parents to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Without going through them we cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is why True Parents have appeared. Once True Parents have appeared, they will give rise to True Families. Even in the midst of the satanic world, we must begin from this point in order to bring about a True Family. We must fight, and deny everything. (44-140, 1971.5.6)

Do you have a sovereign nation? We are people without a nation. Although we have a country called the Republic of Korea, the nation we are moving towards is a different nation. It is God's nation. However, you cannot enter this heavenly nation without receiving certified citizenship in that nation. Satan cannot accuse those with certified citizenship, regardless of whether they are from the East, West, North or South; or whether in the past, the present or the future. Without such a citizenship, you cannot enter the heavenly nation. (148-288, 1986.10.25)

The people of the world must pass through True Parents' love. Without going through this gate, there is no way they can return to their original hometown in the heavenly world. There will be no path available to them other than the one towards hell. We must reverse this and go up. We must fight and prevail over the opposing nations.

For this reason, the Unification Church has inherited the victory of world-level messiahship, having gone beyond national messiahship and come down to tribal messiahship. It is on the tribal level of the satanic world that the victory is to be won; we must transform these satanic families and thereby restore the world.

Thus, the activities I have proposed for breaking through in local neighborhood activities (tong ban gyeokpa) are for the purpose of creating True Parents' sons and daughters on the family level. We must create the kind of husband and wife that can embody God's love in the family. They must recover the lost clan, nation and world by embodying God's love and thereby establishing the loving standards of grandfather and grandmother, father and mother, husband and wife, and children.

Only when we declare the emergence of a world where all people are embraced and loved as sons and daughters will the realm of liberation begin on earth. (210-42, 1990.11.30)

The Bible says that you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven unless you are like a little child. What does this mean? Children only have their mother and father. When they eat, when they sleep, and at all times, they are with their mother and father. Even when they grow up and get married, they cannot forget about their father and mother. They can never forget these words.

God is our Father. God the Father is the vertical father and the True Father is the horizontal father. Therefore, you have to learn Mother and Father's language and customs so as to be able to go to your original hometown, or wherever you go, and fit into that nation. What do Parents wish to achieve through paying all this historical indemnity? They wish to liberate all people. Why? Because God's liberation requires the liberation of humankind. (225-19, 1992.1.1) 

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