Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Five - The Kingdom of Heaven and True Parents
Section 2. The Reason We Must Attend True Parents on Earth

The spirit world is a realm controlled by our ancestors, starting with Adam. Moreover, the Kingdom of Heaven on earth is a world controlled by their descendants. This is how it works: when you die, you will surely find yourself in the realm inhabited by tens of millions of your ancestors. You will then have to face each one. If you have any faults, you. will receive judgment from them. What is the basic standard for receiving a passing grade through this judgment? That is the question.

What do you have to do to be awarded a passing grade by the families of your ancestors? You must follow the basic rule. Even in the other world there are connections among the numerous ancestors, families, and peoples living there. These are all connected in that world.

From this viewpoint, the question of what will allow you to pass is answered quite simply: It is the ideal tradition of true parents. True parents bring about a true family, and thus serve as the president of the family. Then, what about the president of a country? He or she should be the true parent of that country. Let us say that nation was the United States. It would be a nation having true parents.

In that case, the people should serve and unite with the president as they would with their mother and father. The basic principle in this case is that one should go beyond one's family, beyond one's wife and beyond one's parents in order to become one with the nation. An ideal is even greater than the family. The ideal is to serve the true parents of one's country more than the true parents of one's family because they stand in the higher position. Why do you have to live like this? Because if you do not, your path will be blocked in the spirit world. They will not welcome you there. Even if you have a doctorate, it will not matter. This is how it will be.

The principle of the world of the original ideal is that one should serve the parents of the nation more, for they are superior to the true parents of the family. Similarly, the parents of the nation should be under the influence and governance of the parents of the world. The national parents should serve the world parents.

In the Unification Church we are preparing the way for the world-level True Parents. To pave this highest path in the human world, we must willingly sacrifice the true parents of the family and even the true parents of the nation. This degree of sacrifice characterizes the Unification Church. The Unification movement seeks to overcome all barriers in order to realize the family ideal of the world- level True Parents. In order to do this, we must sacrifice all family-level parents and national-level parents. If we become the center of the world in this way, it will be recorded that the primary source of the world's new tradition will be the degree to which we sacrificed individuals and families and the degree of effort we made to go beyond the nation and its citizens. (118-234, 1982.6.6) 

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