Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Four - The Mission of the True Parents
Section 5. True Parents' Love

If you have discovered your true, original self, then God is in your heart and you are within the realm of liberation. Your original self was born to continue the history of the original lineage through God and True Parents' original love. Finding this self will resolve everything. It is there that True Parents and their love can be found. Since you began from God's love, when you find yourself, you will discover the two original images of love already planted within you. They are implanted there as the root. You cannot pull yourself out of God nor out of True Parents. Since you are one of their branches, you cannot deny that you have become that branch. For example, if you look at cells, they are all alike, whether they are from a leaf or from the root. These days, they even multiply plants by multiplying cells. It is the same principle. Leaves contain elements of the root and of everything else.

This is why you are great. You have all of God's love and True Parents' love. God's love and True Parents' love form the core of their dominion over the universe. They are the eternal standard for the essence of a subject. Everything is governed through love. And thus you can become the representative of everything. You can represent not only God, but also your mother and father, your elder or younger brother, even your elder or younger sister. You can become such a representative. If this happens, your clan will welcome you and all fighting will cease. There will be no opposition; everyone will be embraced. This may be simple to say, but it is the core of the Principle. You must become fully mature. The reason for going through spiritual training is to perfect yourself.

In order to reach the point of self-perfection, you must eventually become engrafted to God and True Parents. This engrafting is particularly important given that you are already fully-grown and therefore cannot literally be reborn through the womb. It is for this reason that the Messiah comes. The Messiah comes as a man with fully mature, original love -- that is, the True Parent's love. He comes as a representative of the original ideal. Think about this every time you use the word "I." This is how you can be liberated. If you are liberated from Satan, liberated from Satan's realm of daily life, and liberated from the realm of Satan's lineage, everything will be completed.

Then what will you do after having been liberated? Because you will serve and attend God instead of the devil, you will have to create a new cultural realm. You have to create True Parents' realm of daily life. When you stand in the position of the perfected Adam, you realize the purpose of your birth. When this happens, the love of God and True Parents will continually reside within you. This love is the basis of the harmony that completes you. In other words, you will have love, life and lineage. This forms a trinity. (202-283, 1990.5.25) 

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