Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Four - The Mission of the True Parents
Section 4. The Authority and Mission of the True Parents

Why do True Parents come to humankind on earth? They come to make what the people will like the most: that is, to make you into True Parents -- little True Parents. (125-117, 1983.3.14)

What is it that True Parents must do? They must open the closed road between the earthly world and the heavenly world and turn it into a highway. They must make a highway leading from the earthly world through hell in the spirit world and on to the heavenly realms. 034-127, 1985.2.5)

True Parents came with the right of kingship over the spiritual and physical worlds. In order to link this right of kingship to the spirit world, the basis for unification must first be prepared there. The foundation for the right of kingship in the spirit world must be connected with the formation level of the growth stage foundation. Otherwise, the spirit world cannot participate at the place where True Parents have fulfilled the standard of perfection on earth. We must make those preparations. (140-53, 1986.2.1)

You call me the True Parent. Why am I your parent? I did not give birth to you, and yet I am still considered your parent? Yes, but there is one main difference: I am a parent who can connect you to God's love -- original love. Who then was Adam? He was a parent who was to have become your ancestor, but he could not connect you to God's love. This is why your parents also cannot connect you to God's love. Then what is different about True Parents? The difference is that they have the special authority to connect you with God's love. Is it being righteous or evil to listen to me rather than to your own parents? It is righteousness, because this is the principle of the cosmos. (118-147, 1982.5.23)

What do True Parents do? They have the role of gathering false children and transforming them into true children. Because of this, Satan has been striking me and doing all kinds of things to stop me. The satanic side is evil. That is why True Parents are trying to absorb the family level, tribal level, and world level step by step by assimilating these sons and daughters. Although words are simple, it is a serious issue. (134-127, 1985.2.5)

I am disclosing everything at this time. I am revealing the procedure for the servant of servants and for the servant. All this time, I have been working to show how people must proceed in order to become one. You can advance to God's love only by fulfilling everything through following me. Otherwise you cannot. (134-127, 1985.2.5)

How do True Parents come into being? True Parents will emerge when a condition of responsibility is established for tearing down the wall that was erected by the Fall of our ancestors. Our Unification Church embraces all of Christianity, Catholicism, Buddhism, Confucianism and Islam. Herein, all religions can become one. Then the five races can become one. (118-270, 1982.6.13)

We must make restitution for the walls that rose between the dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle (indirect dominion) and the direct dominion. We must resolve all the barriers within individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world. The dominion based on accomplishments through the indirect dominion was occupied by Satan, leaving him to squat on the midway position. God is therefore above, humankind is below, and Satan holds the middle ground. This is how satanic walls have emerged.

Then how do we break through these walls and advance to where God is? This is the purpose of religion. Satan has always worked in the dominion based on accomplishments through the Principle. He has been doing that ever since the beginning of the universe. Nevertheless, God's providence is to reconnect God and humankind. This is why He has been developing religions throughout history, such as Judaism. God's will has been flowing through religions until now and has come down to Christianity; this is our current situation.

True Parents have the responsibility to connect the indirect dominion with the direct dominion. The question is how to demolish the walls within individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world, which are linked to Satan. Satan, for his part, thinks about how to block this continuing work of God. The two have been dueling this way. Satan has been persistently opposing God. For my part, I have been standing between God and Satan, constantly working to get rid of the latter. How do we move the work forward without being exposed to Satan's accusation?

This is the reason the course of indemnification has come about. This is humankind's portion of responsibility, which, so far, it has failed to carry out. The question, then, is how we can fulfill our responsibility. Satan knows that this issue is the responsibility of the Messiah. That is why he has attacked True Parents by mobilizing all his forces. I have been doing the work of destroying Satan's walls wherever they are found: in individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations, the world and even the spirit world. The Messiah must clear the way along all these paths.

This has been the history of our Unification Church. Toward Satan we have always upheld the Principle with love. God has agonized over how fallen parents, who inherited Satan's lineage, could be restored to the point where they attain the status of the True Parents of humankind. This restoration occurred for the first time in history at True Parents' Holy Wedding in 1960. Since Jesus was unable to reverse the fall of Adam and Eve, I must do everything on his behalf. (118-270, 1982.6.13) 

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