Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Four - The Mission of the True Parents
Section 1. The Position of the True Parents

The world has passed through many eras: the eras of imperialism, emperors and kingdoms. After they passed came the children's era of democracy and the servants' era of communism. Because these eras were not governed by the law of love, we can conclude they were products of a false world. The original world was to come into being as the extension of an original heart. Then, there must be an original person. But where is that original person? It should be understood that the term "person," here includes both man and woman.

Since this is certainly a satanic world, history has been pursuing an original man in this world. This is why billions of people in the world today are looking for a leader who can guide not only a true world, but also heaven and earth. Then, how does an original leader come about? He comes transcending fallen individuals, families, tribes, peoples, and nations -- even the world itself. What kind of person is he? He is a true person. What kind of true person? I am asking for the definition of a true person. It is simple: he is the one who has perfect love. Then what is perfect love, and who is able to love perfectly? This is also simple. It is True Parents.

Who is God? God is the representative true person. In more concrete terms, this means that He is one who can love everyone. God is the one with the capacity to love all beings. In short, He loves everything, no matter how large or how small. All things, large and small, can be drawn into His embrace. Through this, everything is to be brought together. All creatures in the world, all things both large and small, are to be drawn in. God will thus embrace everything, large or small, in His love. (124-116, 1983.2.1)

Our purpose is the world. We must continue to go forward for the sake of the world, no matter how difficult it may be. We must go forward for the sake of the world and give for the sake of the world. We should give out everywhere we go. True Parents should give. This is the fundamental principle. There are new things there; there is a new world, and new connections are being forged there. (147-142, 1986.9.7)

You call me the True Parent. This is why I try to give you all good things on behalf of God and you in turn try to receive them. This is a basic principle, and I guide you on this path because I know this principle. (127-328, 1983.5.22)

You have something backing you up and that is the perfect power to have behind you. It is the same power behind True Parents. Satan cannot accuse True Parents and so you have received identification cards. This card must be signed by God and Satan. Moreover, it must be signed by the archangel and then by Adam. (117-160, 1982.2.28) 

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