Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Three - The Need for True Parents
Section 8. True Parents' Position Is Not an Elected One

Until now, it has been hard for me to find a family and hard to find a church. It has been hard to set the direction for Christianity, hard to bring the free world and communist world back from their paths to ruin. Now, through me, the right of the eldest son has been restored. Again, the right of the eldest son has been restored. Had Adam not fallen at the outset, Adam himself would have possessed the right of the eldest son. Also, Adam would have become the authentic True Parent. Adam himself would have become the king among kings.

What did human beings lose through the Fall? They lost the right of the eldest son. They lost the right of the eldest son to inherit the great foundation and assets of heaven and earth. They lost it because of the devil. We have been ignorant of this. Moreover, although we were to become eternal blood relatives who can attend the Parent, the Creator of heaven and earth, focusing on God's love, life and lineage, Adam lost the right to become the True Parent. Also, had the Fall not occurred, there would be one culture, the culture of Adam and the tribe of Adam. This would have established one right of kingship.

The democratic world is like a guiding staff. It is an ideology of brotherhood. Since there are many brothers, in order to appoint a representative to receive the inheritance, they must get together and choose the one who sacrifices more, serves more, and can better uphold the tradition. That is the democratic style. Democracy is a global ideology, but above it stands the ideology of parents. The age of the parent is coming in the future. Do you choose your parents through an election? Could you choose the returning Lord through an election? Could you choose God through an election? You could not. Democracy has the basis to create an atmosphere of distrust. Why? People do all kinds of things for their own personal gain. They do all sorts of things, such as using money and utilizing networks to slander others and plot against them. (211-343, 1991.1.1) 

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