Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Three - The Need for True Parents
Section 7. The Designation of the True Parents Was Foreseen and Predicted

What will come to pass in the Last Days? Because we inherited the devil's love, life and lineage, True Parents must appear here in order for us to inherit God's love, life and lineage. The True Parent is not someone who just passes by. Do you know how much God had toiled and how much blood religions have shed before I declared the name "True Parents"?

The book called Gyeokam-yurok, which appeared after the Onggam-rok long ago, prophesied about my name. Many people saw me even before I was born. How do you think they saw me even before my birth? The spirit world existed before my birth, so it taught them that such and such a person would have to appear. Only then will the people who have been through such ordeals and suffering on earth come within my realm of dominion in the spirit world. God uses this strategy. Since these people have lived in attendance to him, they are supposed to follow him even after he comes. For this reason, our loving God revealed everything tens and hundreds of years before I was born.

So I am a historic figure. Now, even if I say that I am a historic figure and say even one word to the Korean people or to the people of the world, whether at night or in early morning, they acknowledge it as something they heard in the bright light of day; and no one denies it to be true. (213-27, 1991.1.13) 

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