Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Three - The Need for True Parents
Section 3. The Reason True Parents Must Come

What is it that you desire? You want to be people of the heavenly kingdom or children of the heavenly kingdom. This must be your desire. If you become people and children of the heavenly kingdom, the heavenly kingdom will naturally appear.

Then, what kind of world is the heavenly kingdom? Is it a democratic world? Democracy is a means and a transitional ideology to make regime change easier when the Lord comes. When the Lord appears on earth, all the people of the world must follow him. The people as a whole must go before the Lord. Then, this would be convenient for organizing all the nations of the world into one nation.

But democracy cannot unify the world. The experiment is already over. Can America itself lead the world? America itself is doomed. So the question is how to save America and guide it to govern the world. If this is God's will, it has to be handled through the philosophy of the Unification Church, "Rev. Moonism." Until this happens, there is no way for America to survive, and the bridge to the heavenly kingdom cannot be built by the American people.

The spirit world is organized on the basis of certain principles. How long will it take for something like this to appear in the physical world? First, God is the central existence. Second, the True Parents must appear; third, true children must appear, and fourth, a true nation must appear through its true citizens. How long do you think they have been waiting for this! How eagerly, over thousands of years, do you think those in the spirit world have waited for you to appear on earth and realize God's original will?

The one who rules this world is Satan. This world is, first, a world centered on Satan, second, a world centered on false parents, that is, fallen and evil parents, third, a world centered on evil children, and fourth, a world centered on evil nations. The spirit world and the future ideal world must reject all this.

When the Unification Church says True Parents your parents oppose that, saying, "Then who are we?" There have been incidents where parents kidnap their children who are trying to be true sons and daughters. Although all the nations of the evil world have opposed us and chased us away, they cannot oppose us now. Now, even if they fight, they cannot beat Rev. Moon.

So we must escape from Satan's domain. But Satan is keeping us from escaping by mobilizing all individuals, families, tribes, peoples, nations and the world. This is the final battle. (166-222, 1987.2.15) 

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