Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Three - The Need for True Parents
Section 1. We Also Need Our Natural Parents

Originally, when God as the Parent created Adam and Eve, He reaped the benefit of having children. At the same time, He enabled the children to benefit by having parents. God's hope was to raise His children to perfection. Had this happened, it would be possible to say that God would have harvested both Adam and Eve.

Then, why do we need parents and why do we need children? God is spiritual and human beings are physical. The parent-child relationship is also like this.

The invisible God bears fruit through the visible child and then enters into the heart of the child to reveal His value as the visible God. The invisible God bears fruit within the child's heart and the fruit of the child is then produced. It is possible to transfer the fruit of the father to the child. And thus, for God, both His fruit and the parent's fruit are produced. They have equal value.

Then, why are parents and children needed? Even though God possesses love, He needs a partner to share His love. We as children also need a partner to share our love. This partner relationship between parents and children is like the relationship of heaven and earth. It is a vertical relationship.

This world is made up of two spheres, one is a world of spirit and the other is the physical world. Since we are born as sons and daughters of the invisible God, God and we are at relational poles. We are born at one pole and grow up. As we grow up, we long to find the invisible God. Finally we become bride and bridegroom and we become one in love that unites the upper spiritual hemisphere and the lower physical hemisphere.

The parental heart is the heart of Heaven. We need parents to take over the heavenly nation and parents want children's love in order to occupy the earth. When do we come to know this heavenly heart? We cannot understand it as children. We have to be parents to know the parental heavenly heart.

Love conquers and unites the two worlds of parent and child. When this happens, the parent-child relationship is a glorious parent-child relationship. They are equal. No one is behind or in front of the other. They are one. This indeed is a glorious parent-child relationship.

People say that those who are without parents are pitiable. Why? They have no way of conquering the spirit world and physical world. We also feel sorry for those who are without children. God's ideal of creation was for children and parents to unite and bind the cosmos together with love. However, they will fall into a miserable state because they are in a position where they can fail to emulate that highest model. They cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. This is why those who are without children or parents are sad people. (222-309, 1991.11.6) 

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