Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter Two - The Messiah and the True Parents
Section 1. History and the True Parents

1.1. The Fall and the True Parents

Today, the True Parents live in the same world with us. Sons and daughters of the True Parents live on this earth and so do the sons and daughters of fallen parents. Originally, all people should have become God's beloved sons and daughters through the flesh and bloodline of true parents, but they became fallen sons and daughters due to the Fall. The Lord and Savior must, therefore, again come as a parent to resolve the wrongdoings of our first human ancestors.

When the Lord comes, he works to restore the first son, a son who has already been born like the child by a concubine, one whose lineage changed. He should have inherited God's lineage based on original love, but instead he inherited a different bloodline through the Fall. Yet, even though his lineage has changed, God cannot abandon him.

He is like the child by a concubine, a wild olive tree. The devil dominates the orchard of wild olive trees, and therefore God must work to restore these wild olive trees and make them His own. He cannot do it by force, or with guns and knives. Rather, God creates an environment where He receives contemptuous treatment and is so beaten that He can reclaim the wild olive orchard piece by piece through voluntary surrender.

Christianity has made unknown sacrifices in the course to establish its current worldwide foundation. The pitiable screams of those who were constantly sacrificed and offered on the altar of martyrdom permeate Christian history; they have been heard in every corner of the world. We should know that this bloody altar still exists; the historical sorrow is right in front of our eyes. We have the solemn, historical task to resolve this sorrow. We must liberate God and liberate Christianity. (210-360, 1990.12.27)

What is the Fall? The devil, through the Fall, sowed the seeds of false love, false life and false lineage. People inherited love, life and the bloodline from their ancestors. All individuals are the fruit of the love, life and lineage that they inherited from their ancestors. This means that people have inherited Satan's love, Satan's life and Satan's blood. They stand in the position of God's enemy. Without their shaking off Satan’s love, Satan's life and Satan's blood, and throwing them away, peace on earth cannot come.

For this reason, I have come forward with the ideal of True Parents. What are True Parents doing? They are fighting to wipe away all of the false love and devilish elements that oppose peace. True Parents are fighting to separate individuals, families, tribes, ethnic peoples and nations from these elements. (217-185, 1991.5.27)

1.2. The Desire of History

The Unification Church uses the term True Parents. When we look into the history of the fallen world, we realize that fallen parents were born into this world and built the fallen world.

We live in a world connected to false parents. It has nothing to do with the ideal world God and the True Parents envisioned. Many people have come and gone throughout the long history of this world, but there has been no one who could proudly say to the universe, "Ah! I am happy I was born as a human being and I have succeeded in all aspects of being human." Hence, human history has been a sea of suffering and a history of sorrow, war and disease. This is the result of the Fall.

What is our desire? We want to know how to become perfect people. We want to know where we can find and raise ourselves as people who can be perfect before God, assuming God exists, and before the Absolute Being, assuming the Absolute Being exists. People have searched and searched through philosophy and religion, but they have failed to find the solution and have reached the point of giving up. This is situation in the world today. (137-81, 1985.12.24)

Until now, all people have harbored the historical hope to receive and attend the True Parents. God founded the nation of Israel and Judaism so that they could receive the Messiah. The Messiah is the True Parent. God created Christianity and the Christian culture to receive the Lord at the Second Coming. The returning Lord is the True Parent who comes as the third Adam. When the time comes for the True Parents' arrival, all nations in the world will begin to form relationships like brothers and sisters.

At the end the Second World War, the victorious nations liberated the nations that were defeated. History, up until this point, had never witnessed this kind of unusual phenomenon. History has been seeking a way to encounter the True Parents. Religions have gone through their course in order to meet the True Parents. Furthermore, the world and the nations are following a course to find the True Parents. They are all walking down paths that will prepare the way for the True Parents. (51-354, 1971.12.5)

1.3. History and the True Parents

Religions have been striving to create one true son. God has toiled to find one true son. It is interesting that there were no women among the founders of religions. Men founded all of them. God has been connecting to all the religions to create one true son. God has been looking for a son who will be the central figure who will rise up through one, two, three, a hundred stages, to take the final baton and determine victory or defeat. This has been our history. (41-27, 1971.2.12)

What does God want to do by creating religions? God did not create religions to make a big global patchwork. The purpose is simple. Religion should find one person who can share true love with God. God created everything needed for an environment of love, but He still needs to find one person to be His partner in love. (173-33, 1988.2.1)

God's history of restoration is the history to create the True Parents. Therefore, from the time of Cain and Abel until today, Heaven has directed the providence in order to internally restore True Parents. Whoever opposes or interferes with this fundamental providence to re-create the True Parents will find themselves abandoned in front of the heavenly way and they will inevitably perish. (9-10, 1960.3.27)

What does it mean to be dealing with history? We can liberate God only when we become one with the True Parents and wipe away all of Satan's conditions for accusation. Without liquidating Satan's conditions, it is impossible to enter into the realm of ownership within God's heart. Your parents, you, and all things of creation are not in their proper place along the horizontal plane through which they can be determined as belonging to God. This must be restored through indemnification. (137-268, 1986.1.3)

1.4. The providence of restoration has sought the True Parents throughout its history

Who are the True Parents who must appear on this earth representing God's will? They are the ones who must prevail over the satanic world in order to rule over all things; they are to destroy Satan who dominates the human world. They must confront the spirit world in order to gain the absolute position from which to rule the numerous people in that world. This is the mission of True Parents. God has been paving the way to send True Parents in order to restore the world where all things and all people are one with God.

For True Parents to appear, there must be true sons and daughters, and in order for true sons and daughters to appear, there must be true servants. This is why when we look at the course of God's history of restoration, we can see that God has been working so that we can receive the day of true parents after we have gone through the servant's age and the children's age. Furthermore, those in the spirit world have been helping as we pass through and restore the age of the servant, the age of the adopted son, and the age of the children, and move up to the age of the parents.

True Parents could not come to the earth until a global foundation beyond the standard of a nation had been laid externally. After the two thousand year period of providential history from Noah to Abraham, God had Jacob finally lay the foundation to establish the people of Israel. Then He had this people form a nation. God toiled through many a historical course to bring this to fruition.

To achieve this, someone on behalf of God must be victorious over Satan, both as an individual and as an adopted son. Moreover, as a child of direct lineage, he must fight with the satanic world and win over it for God. Otherwise, no one can receive True Parents. This is why providential history has gone through a long course, from the Old Testament Age, through the New Testament Age, to the present day. Through restoring the position of the servant and the position of the adopted son, God restored the position of the child of direct lineage. In doing so, He laid the foundation for victory. Afterwards, God's purpose for then sending the Messiah to this earth was to establish the position of True Parents.

Due to the disbelief of the Israelites, the foundation of the servant and the foundation of the adopted son that God had prepared for four thousand years crumbled. Hence, Jesus, who came two thousand years ago, had to fight and gain victory as a servant and as an adopted son, and then become the son of direct lineage. We know that this was Jesus' course. God's had two purposes in sending Jesus: he should have passed through the position of the adopted son and also the position of the son of direct lineage in order to establish the position of True Parents based on the people of Israel. This was the mission Jesus came to this earth to fulfill. But because of Jesus' death on the cross, God could not lay the victorious foundation on the level of the whole. For that reason, through True Parents God has been pioneering the realization of His ideal centering on the spirit world.

God, until now, was unable to secure the positions of the individual, family, people and nation. For this He has been going a long roundabout way in establishing the individual, family, people, and nation that relate to heaven's will.

In this global age, God will by all means send the Lord, His promised bridegroom, who will choose his bride and lay the foundation for true victory. God has fought for six thousand years to establish the True Parents in the position determined by the original purpose of creation. Hence, it is no exaggeration to say that the six-thousand-year history of the providence of restoration has been a history to find the True Parents. True Parents represent the entire six thousand years of providential history. Now we know that the failure to find True Parents has been the great sorrow, pain, and tragedy of all humankind.

Accordingly, human history has been a history of restoring true parents. Without restoring true parents, there can be no true children; and without establishing true children, there can be no true family, true tribe, true ethnic people, nation, world or cosmos. God has been working hard for six thousand long years to establish this standard.

Jesus, who came two thousand years ago, was the first person to come to this earth in the glory of the true parent. But for Jesus to appear as the true parent, that is, for Jesus to stand as the fruit of history which the true parent is, he had to carry out not only the mission of the son but also the mission of the parent. Gaining victory in just one dimension was not enough. On this earth, Jesus had to physically go through the course of restoring the position of the son.

Spiritually, he had to go through the course of restoring the position of the parent. He had thus to fulfill his responsibility in both positions and establish the starting point of becoming one with God. Only then would this starting point have finally become both the individual and family foundations for Israel. If this foundation for Israel had been established based on the people and the nation, the standard of the True Parents would also have been established, both physically and spiritually. Unfortunately, the disbelief of the people of Israel toward Jesus made it impossible.

In accordance with the original plan originating the Principle of Creation, True Parents are to be physically and spiritually blessed by God. But Jesus was unable to become the true parent due to the disbelief of the people of Israel. Even though he is in the spirit world, Jesus has been preparing the foundation for the attendance of True Parents. What does this mean? The Lord at the Second Advent should restore the positions of spiritual and physical parents. Knowing this, Jesus has been working in the spirit world for the past two thousand years, laying the foundation upon which the returning Lord can avoid persecution and abuse from the spirit world. Jesus laid the spiritual foundation on the levels of the society, nation, and world. Since Jesus has been working in the spirit world rather than on earth, it is as their spiritual parent that Christians have been relating with Jesus.

The Lord, on his return to this earth, must inherit from Jesus the individual, family, national and worldwide spiritual foundations that Jesus has built in the spirit world, just as Jesus inherited all the blessing from John the Baptist. Without going this way, the Lord cannot establish the conditions necessary to become the True Parent on earth.

The basic principle here is to establish on earth the spiritual standard of inheritance. If, as Jesus handed down the spiritual foundation to the returning Lord, the Christians on earth had become one with the returning Lord, the standard of inheritance would have been established on earth. However, as Christians so far have failed to establish such a standard, the spiritual foundation of victory could not be transferred to the coming True Parents in its entirety. Consequently, the returning True Parents have had to go through a history of struggle to again restore both the spiritual and physical standards of inheritance.

God worked for six thousand years to prepare the foundation for the coming True Parents and to lay the victorious foundation during their lifetime. However, the believers on this earth failed to unite with and follow the instructions of the spiritual parent. Failing to walk in step with these instructions, the standard was not established to bequeath to the returning Lord the spiritual foundation Jesus had prepared.

In order to become the True Parent, the Lord at his Second Advent had to again face tests on the level of the individual, family, tribe, ethnic people, nation and world in the spiritual realm. Without his prevailing in these tests, and without establishing a standard of internal victory, a standard of substantial victory could not be established on earth. Therefore, the returning Lord inevitably had to carry out an internal battle. (13- 280, 1964.04.12)

Why does God carry out the providence of restoration? It is to establish the original parents -- the True Parents. Then, what kind of people are True Parents? True Parents are a physical temple in which God can dwell. You probably do not feel the reality of this. Yet, how great would be their value! But unfortunately, however, there are people who place less value on God than on the personal ornaments they keep on their dressers. Such people are saying to God, "Please give me blessings." Do you think God's will can be fulfilled through these people? (22-43, 1963.01.19) 

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