Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book Two - True Parents
Chapter One - What Is a True Parent?
Section 1. The Significance of the True Parents

The words True Parents are among the most frequently used words of our Unification Church members. Although they are simple words, they represent a remarkable reality. This term does not appear in any book in all of history. In spite of its simplicity, True Parents is a term that Unification Church members alone recognize and use.

If, in the two thousand years of Christian history, it had been revealed that our human ancestors fell, humankind would have understood at once that fallen parents are false and bad parents and unfallen parents are good and true parents. However, no one has ever been able to reveal this. Humankind has been waiting for the time when this information could be proclaimed.

There may have been people in some past historical age who thought about the term True Parents, but they had no way of understanding what the term's background might be. Since the issue could not be resolved without understanding the vast and comprehensive contents of the Principle, no one else has been able to simply say the words True Parents. It is an amazing fact that we have been able to reveal the content of the Principle, the Unification Church's view of history and the truth about the origin of humankind.

What can we conclude after clearly understanding the term True Parents? We can conclude that the Fall of our first ancestors occurred through an illicit sexual relationship. The Fall has resulted in a connection of blood that has nothing to do with God or with the True Parents who were to be established as the ideal of creation. In other words, we came to inherit the wrong bloodline.

For this reason, the words True Parents in relation to God's will signify first, that all people, including our first ancestors, will be cut off from the false lineage. Second, they signify that a love, life, and lineage connected with God and the new original root will begin. These are truly amazing words. (201-60, 1990.3.1) 

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