Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book One - True God
Chapter Four - True Father's Insights on God
Section 5. Let Us Liberate God

5.1. God is like a prisoner

Who will be able to end the battle between the good God and the evil god? Neither God nor Satan can do that. Then who can? Without a master of love who initiates and leads with true love and whom all humanity can follow, the battle between God and Satan cannot end. Unless we are freed from this conflict, peace will remain an impossible dream in this world and in history.

The word "ideal" is just an abstract and sentimental term, so God sends someone who substantiates true love. Our main belief is in the coming of the Messiah or Savior. The Savior does not just save people but also liberates God. He is the one who punishes evil. The Savior is overall in charge of setting God free and terminating evil. (136-219, 1985.12.29)

The mission of the Savior is to liberate God and punish Satan. Who will get rid of this despicable ringleader who has continuously accused humanity? God cannot do it; only the Messiah, the Savior can. (136-219, 1985.12.29)

What kind of Unification Church do we want? We want to find the parent-centered religion. We are not seeking the sweet life, nor are we pursuing relationships based only on moral principles. Centering on the True Parents, we want to find the way of true love, and in so doing we want to liberate God. There is no liberation that does not correspond to the principles of love. (136-222, 1985.12.29)

Have you thought about the nation that Father loves and is going to find? When one is willing to go to prison, some path will be found on that way. No one knows that pioneering this path of life and death means finding a path of hope that leads people beyond the abyss of darkness. No one knows the circumstances under which I have toiled in order to dig a tunnel to liberate the people of the world. In walking the path of loyalty to God, I have attended God as the center, served Him with great care, and treasured His love. I live in faith that this is the only path that never changes, even though time and tide may change. (163-304, 1987.5.1)

We must liberate God. Each of us must save God. Instead of trying to be saved, we must make God free. This is the consummation of the providence of salvation. (136-263, 1985.12.29)

The Unification Church is a force for the liberation for God. We are not just liberating the world. Bringing liberation to the world is easy. The world will be liberated when people unite, but God's liberation requires the unity of the realm of heart. We must have the Principle and a system of thought that can unify the realm of love, mobilize the spirit world, and build bridges of heart on earth. This is the most fearsome and difficult revolution. Liberating humanity is easy, but liberating God is difficult. It is an amazing fact that Rev. Moon has emerged as the standard-bearer to tackle this difficult and unprecedented task, with the goal of settling all matters of providential history. (136-285, 1985.12.29)

Religious leaders today fall on their knees and pray for their own blessings. But I have never prayed to receive blessings. Instead I prayed, "Let me be a sacrificial offering for the sake of Your liberation." The Old Testament Age was an age for restoring God's people by sacrificing the things of creation; the New Testament Age was an age for restoring parents by sacrificing children; and the Completed Testament Age is an age for liberating God by sacrificing the Parents' family. We should attend the original parents on earth and live with them forever.

There is a Korean folk song that goes like this, "Moon, Moon, you bright Moon, the Moon poet Lee Tae-baek loved..." It goes on singing about a great laurel tree in the Moon. But it also sings of living with one's parents for tens of thousands of years. That is something of a revelation about the Korean people -- living with the heavenly parents for thousands and tens of thousands of years. Whenever I think about that song, I can never forget that surge of emotion in my heart. (137-185, 1986.1.1)

God has been giving world-level blessings to America for two hundred years, but Americans think these are just for them, for their Christian churches, and for their country. They have forgotten their responsibility to liberate all humankind and promote human wellbeing by sacrificing America and Christianity. Instead, Americans believe in their superiority and think unilaterally, centering on their national interests. God's will is for America to have a global consciousness and build a worldwide foundation, even by sacrificing itself and Christianity. But because America is going against this and taking a contrary position, it is taking a nosedive. Families are breaking down, churches are collapsing, the nation is being dismantled and everything is in a total mess. Everything is diseased. (143-189, 1986.3.18)

We must penetrate hell in order to liberate God and True Parents and save the world. After passing through the bottom of hell, we will reach the Kingdom of Heaven. The shortest path is to plunge through the bottom of hell. This is why we focus on sacrifice and service, isn't it? If you say, "I believe in the Unification Church in order to gain my salvation," you get a zero. You will never be able to reach the worldwide level. You should rather say, "I will go this way in order to liberate God, set True Parents free, and save the world." Do you understand? That is what is different. (148-163, 1986.10.8)

You cannot continue without straightening your path, in life or death. Because I know this, I've been doing this all my life. I carry this burden even though I was persecuted and sent to prison. Did I go to prison because I enjoy it? I did so for the sake of God and God's liberation. I went for the sake of liberating humankind and the satanic world. I have walked the path of restoration through indemnity, because without going this way liberation does not come and because we cannot separate from Satan amid peace and comfort. (148-168, 1986.10.8)

One's portion of responsibility for liberation is to liberate the realm of heart. God must be liberated, and so must the Parents. How painful it must be for God to be in the position of having to relate to evil parents ever since they emerged! So we must liberate True Parents and God. You must be such children of filial piety. True Parents are still going through hardships... Are you trying to live the good life, leaving the Heavenly Parent to suffer in misery? Are you thinking how to have your children live the good life? How can you seek a comfortable life? Can you think of doing that? (148-222, 1986.10.9)

In your daily life for the sake of God's liberation, you should know that you cannot call upon God without a heart steeped in tears. This is why John the Baptist cried out in the wilderness, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." Even Jesus said, "Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand." You need to repent. You should understand how insolent, undignified, and shameless your approach to the providence has been. Even if you fail to liberate the world, you have to release God from His agony. (161-113, 1987.1.11)

How can the world be unified and how can liberation be achieved? The spiritual and physical worlds will be unified and liberated only when someone emerges whom God has empowered to unify the satanic realm. Only when someone who can dominate Satan appears will the spiritual and physical worlds be liberated.

Does God need liberation? God is of course already a liberated being internally. God needs liberation because people need liberation. God Himself could already be liberated. God cannot meet the condition to be liberated only because people, who need to be liberated, are not. It is not that God cannot be liberated. It depends on people. (161-243, 1987.2.22)

Christian thought focuses on the Second Advent. What will Jesus do when he returns? There are many Christians today who have lost touch with reality. Do they want to rise into the air on the clouds and have a millennium party? This belief is irrational. What will Jesus do when he comes? What will he be proud of when he comes? Satan resists God by demanding that He establish justice, and unless Jesus eradicates Satan, God can never avoid his unceasing opposition. What is the returning Lord supposed to do on earth? He does not come to bring a comfortable life to a few hundred million Christians. He must liberate God. The returning Lord should follow the way of righteousness and fulfill the responsibility to liberate God. (162-186, 1987.4.12)

5.2. God's liberation is a task for humankind

In saving the world, we should first liberate God. The world can be liberated only after God is liberated. Isn't that so? I am saying that we should liberate the world after we have liberated God. So let us spread the Unification Church to the ends of the earth, establish bonds of heart, and show our determination by driving a stake into the ground to melt the world with love. This is the battle we are fighting. (162-221, 1987.4.12)

Resolving to continue until God is liberated, you should gather around you those on our side like clouds to follow True Parents to their final destination. From these individuals, families will emerge; and from these families, tribes will emerge.

The value of the sacrificial offerings on the levels of tribe, ethnic group and nation will be reproduced in the world that attends the Second Parents, thereby restoring through indemnity, as resurrected beings of substance, all the saints who sacrificed themselves in history. Our destiny prevents us from leaving this land without fulfilling this. We must fill up this hole even if we die. This is the fate that no one can avoid. We should quickly follow this path. (166-74, 1987.5.28)

We must liberate God. God should be able to visit any corner of this land and sing a hymn of praise: "My ideal of creation is entirely realized through work done by day and night. I am grateful and amazed." At the same time, God should be able to love the world, the universe, the spiritual world and the physical world. However, this has not occurred and Satan's dark occupation reaches almost up to God's throne. To liberate God, therefore, we must liberate the spirit world. (166-78, 1987.5.28)

I like liberation very much. I like liberation much more than you do. I also like unification. How much do I like it? So much that I will die for it. The gate of unification and liberation does not belong to someone named Moon; it belongs to God, the Great Master of the universe. I asked God, "I am sure there are many things that You like, but what is it that You like most?" He answered, "It is liberation." His answer was simple: "What I like most is liberation." So I asked, "Why can't You attain liberation?" And He said, "I cannot do it alone." This is the problem. God cannot do it alone. (166-99, 1987.5.30)

Do you love your nation or do you love your children? Have you loved your own people only after opening things up for your children? Have you loved the world after opening the way to the nation? Only after opening the way to go to heaven will you see the dawn of complete liberation. At dawn, the rays of the sun permeate every valley and completely liberate all the people who have been held hostage in death. You have to sing of freedom and peace and declare the coming of the unified world along with liberation. Only then can you disregard the history of thousands of years and become a prince of liberation. You must be a standard-bearer of unification in order to receive God's praise and enjoy eternal happiness in God's bosom of love. That is how it is. Are you confident to do this? (166-99, 1987.5.30)

Humankind needs liberation, but first we need to liberate God. Only then will the liberation of humankind follow. Nobody thinks about this. Christian ministers think of God exercising judgment surrounded by glory. But this is a mistake. The God I know is not like that. We must liberate God from the realm of death. (166-150, 1987.6.5)

The age of perfection comes after the Old, New and Completed Testament Ages. Perfection means perfection of love. It means the liberation of parents, the liberation of children, the liberation of all things and the liberation of God. All these must be accomplished at once. Everything that went to hell all at once through the fallen parents will be restored all at once at the risk of heaven and earth. (166-326, 1987.6.14)

If a person or an organization claims to represent a people and its culture, who or what kind of organization would it be? It must embody the historical tradition of that people, represent that age, and reach the worldwide level, connecting the mission of this age to the mission of the future. You should know that this person is Rev. Moon and this organization is the Unification Church. The truth of the Unification Church is not invasive. Rather, it seeks to save people and raise them to a higher level. We must accomplish their liberation. We must liberate all people. We are the standard-bearers for liberation. Through the joint efforts of the spiritual and physical worlds we are trying to liberate God. (168-55, 1987.9.1)

I do not even dream of receiving praise or a welcome for myself. The philosophy of the Unification Church is to sacrifice itself to save a people, and after saving a people, to save humankind, and after saving all the people of the world, to liberate heaven, earth and finally God. God will reinvest everything He regains, hoping for a special world of a higher dimension free from the Fall and for a great migration toward heaven. (227- 272, 1992.2.14)

I am nothing. It is said that human history began one and a half million years ago. When the Parent has lost all His dignity and authority through our long history, to whom will He appeal about His miserable situation as a Parent in the struggle to find His lost children? Before the children come forward and resolve this, God can neither alleviate the bitter sorrow in His own heart nor remove the nail that pierces it. Who will take out that nail and liberate God's bitter heart, which must be released with flesh and blood through the healing tears of love? We should know that God's liberation precedes our own liberation. We should know that this is the path to the ultimate liberation sought by people of faith. (187-273, 1989.2.11)

We should know where the seeds of happiness are. We must find them because we lost them through the Fall. This is why we find the true God centered on the Unification Church. So far, God has been the God of restoration, not the original God. He is filled with sorrow and is to be pitied. He is not the God of joy, but of despair. In order to return to the original state, therefore, we must liberate the God of restoration -- not with money, not with power, not with any person, but with true love. (174-248, 1988.3.1)

We began with suffering, and so we want to head for the final destination through suffering. I am determined that Rev. Moon will be recognized as one who experienced misery. I do not need money or honor. The hope to find the new homeland lies only in liberating God, liberating humankind, and liberating even Satan, thereby building an eternal base of peace and love. With such an understanding, you should struggle hard to follow this path, forgetting breakfast, lunch and dinner, ignoring day and night, and persevering no matter how steep and rugged the mountains are that stand in the way. The heavenly principle is that the longer you lead such a life, the more God's ideal love will be with you, your family, your clan, and your nation. I would like to ask you to understand this and live accordingly. (174-53, 1988.2.23)

Achieving greatness does not mean having a wonderful face or a handsome body, but, rather, great thinking. Greatness of spirit enables one to say, "Even God will have to move and follow me. I am asserting that, with love, I will liberate God who could not fulfill the purpose of love." It is logical to say that our sorrowful God, with His goal of love unfulfilled, is liberated by meeting Rev. Moon. It is not a daydream. I am asserting this based upon actual proof that comes from a systematic theory and precise data. (165-185, 1987.5.20)

Our work is to liberate God. If this is done, everything is concluded, is it not? God will be free to do as He wills. You need to know that when the all-knowing and almighty God can exercise His full authority and full power, the kingdom of peace and tranquility will surely be realized. Only then will we say "Amen." (221-25, 1991.10.20) 

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