Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book One - True God
Chapter One - The Original Being of God
Section 6. God is Omnipresent Through His Love

6.1. Only love freely traverses borders

God's heart is found not only in God's word but also in all things He created. In heaven and earth, God's heart is everywhere. This is why we say that there is nowhere that God doesn't dwell -- that is, God is omnipresent. Since God's heart is found in the things you see, if you want to be in His heart you should have the heart to embrace those things and all that exists in heaven and on earth as yours. This is God's heart.

A person that reaches the highest point on the religious way is one who belongs within the heart of God. The one whose heart sings eternally even at the sight of a flying bird or a fragrant flower does not dwell among all things of creation but, rather, within God's heart. (8-180, 1959.12.13)

Then how do we feel God's presence everywhere? Feel the air as God's breath, and when there is a storm, feel it as the sweat God has shed battling to win over His course of suffering for the sake of the world. When you behold the sun, be aware that it symbolizes the life elements of the entire universe. Learn of God's love from the sun. God has provided nature as a textbook to help His beloved sons and daughters experience God's heart and to bring them joy. If there is someone who, at the sight of a leaf, can think to himself that it is like his own child, he is almost a saint. (59-101, 1972.7.9)

Since God is omnipresent, we want to resemble Him in His omnipresence; because God is omniscient and omnipotent, we also want to be omniscient and omnipotent; and since God is unique, we also desire to be unique. This is resemblance and because we resemble God we want to make ourselves like Him. We want to rule over all of heaven and earth. In all these things we closely resemble God. (26-167, 1969.10.25)

We should live a life of deep emotional experiences through love. So when God is sad, I would feel sad, and when God is happy, I would feel happy without even knowing why. As for a child of filial piety, even when he is thousands of kilometers away from his parents, his parents' love is always with him.

If we talk of God's omnipresence, where is God? He is not found in knowledge. Love, however is different. It is the parents' heart of love toward their children that makes omnipresence reasonable and possible. It is a heart that reaches beyond ultimate extremes.

On the path of love, the parent's love is omnipresent; there is nowhere outside its reach. This is possible only with love. Only love can completely govern the son. This is where omnipotent authority comes to bear. (59-101, 1972.7.9)

Love has wonderful attributes. Once you stand in the position of oneness with God's absolute and unchanging true love, you receive the authority to be where God is and live with Him at any time. Then you will be able to see God even without closing your eyes. The one who has deeply felt God's sorrowful heart will stop in his tracks and weep bitterly; such a realm of deep feelings exists. Even in the fallen world, a mother's love is such that if her child has an accident far away, she can sense it. She will wake up shouting his name. Doesn't this happen often? (201-356, 1990.4.30)

Are arteries greater, or are veins greater? Which are greater? They are equal. Then, who is greater, God or humankind? They are also equal. In terms of love, if God is the artery, human beings are the veins, so they have the value and privilege to be God's equal.

On what basis can we talk about uniqueness in heaven and on earth, and about omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence? On what basis can we say that everything has a connection with me? Based on love. This is something we can understand. (109-146, 1980.11.1)

Who is God? He is the King of the greedy. He is omnipresent, He is everywhere. So, He must be very greedy, because there is nowhere without His presence! We should not be calling Him greedy, yet He is very greedy. (121-70, 1982.10.24)

Do you think God has a way of being absolutely obedient? God has the personality of an absolute ruler and dictator. If He has no way to be absolutely obedient, although He may be able to govern at the higher level, He would not be able to govern at the lower level. The term omnipresence itself would become a contradictory term.

God resembles us... Mothers and fathers resemble their sons and daughters, don't they? We say that God is our Father. God, too, wants to live in absolute obedience. If there were no way for Him to do this, God would be so lonely! (192-29, 1989.7.2)

If there were someone who viewed a painter's work and became spellbound by day and night, shedding tears in amazement, would the painter be offended? The painter would want to invite that person into his living room, asking, "Why are you so inspired?" and have him tell his story. Would the painter think him crazy if he said, "Oh, this work is so good. I long to look at it and want to stay here with it"?

Although you may not understand God, judging from God's omnipresence, which fills the universe, He exists as love rather than as the Master of Knowledge. Try to recognize anew and rediscover God based on the question, "How can I deeply experience the resonance of love in all aspects of life?" (59-103, 1972.7.9)

6.2. Love pervades the entire universe

God is an absolute God, but why is He absolute? It is because He absolutely obeys love. Are you happy to hear that or not? Also, God is omnipresent. There is nowhere that His love does not pervade. (223-246, 1991.11.10)

God's love is more than enough to embrace the universe and it occupies the central position. God is the central being of love who maintains the greatest foundation. When God moves, the small things all have to move together. Everything is contained in one big circle, isn't it? That's why it makes sense to say that God embraces the whole world and entire universe. (205-33, 1990.7.7)

If God did not exist, the universe would be completely empty. It would feel empty. But because God exists, the universe is completely full. Why? Because there is love. Hence, even when we are alone, the universe is full if we know that God exists. God is everywhere. We come to feel that He is everywhere. Hence, within love we can know the deep inspiration that comes from God's omnipresence. But when we do not know about God, everything is empty; it is as if nothing exists. (91-323, 1977.3.1)

When the subject of love is absent, you feel as if nothing exists, but when the subject of love is present, everything is filled up. We come to the conclusion that it is only when we are full of love that everything becomes full; when we are full of love we can give infinitely and truly.

Give and take allows for the realization and multiplication of our ideal. The world of love transcends distance. The speed of love is such that even light cannot catch up with it. The fastest thing is love; it is also the brightest thing. The most complete thing is love, and that which fills most completely is love. (95-39, 1977.9.11)

What is love? Love provides the lubrication and guide rail upon which things can turn. Without love, there is no lubrication. Cars need lubricating oil to be able to move. Everything needs lubrication in order to move. And only love provides lubrication for the highest joy. Since its root is the omnipresent God, it does not disappear. (180-161, 1988.8.22)

Love is like a nerve. Just as pulling a strand of hair pulls the entire body, just pulling love pulls the entire universe. Only when love moves will the entire universe turn in harmony. (89-90, 1976.10.4)

If there is one subject partner in this universe who can fill every person's heart, what kind of subject partner would that be? The one absolute center. We need an absolute being who will completely fill any heart with love. This subject partner has to be an infinite and absolute being.

How much love do you think God -- who has to fill the hearts of the billions of people today -- has? It has to be unconditional. This is why we need the expressions omniscience, omnipotence, and omnipresence. They are the words God needs. (116-240, 1982.1.1) 

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