Cheon Seong Gyeong – Sun Myung Moon

Book One - True God
Chapter One - The Original Being of God
Section 1. God Is the Incorporeal Subject Partner

1.1. The incorporeal God

God is without form. If we should conceive of Him as large, He is infinitely large, and if we should conceive of Him as small, He is infinitely small. (35-156, 1970.10.13)

Does God really exist? Can God be felt as more real than the pain that makes you say "ouch" when someone pinches you, or more real than the experience of eating when you are hungry? This is the question. When we know that God truly exists, all problems will be solved. (89-72, 1976.7.11)

We have a mind. The mind is invisible and may not appear to exist; yet it exists. Does it exist in the head, or in the heart? Mind exists throughout your body, with not even one cell within your body where it is not present. The same is true for God. Because this world is like His body, He is present everywhere in the world. (38-242,1971.1.8)

You cannot see God. Can you see energy? Since God is the original body of energy, you cannot see God even in the spirit world. (105-193, 1979.10.21)

The wise, all-knowing, and omnipotent God thought that it was most convenient to rule as an incorporeal being who could move around freely in the midst of things.

Since God has no form, He can pass through things at will without any problem. God may come to your body and pass through it, but you would not notice. When you doze off, God may walk on your body as He pleases without you noticing. How convenient! So it is plausible to say that God chose to remain invisible because He thought that it would be most convenient. (138-167, 1986.1.21)

We are normally unaware of the air around us. The air is there, but we do not feel it. If we are unaware of the air circulating around us, how can we be aware of God?

It is most convenient for God to remain invisible. At the same time, He has to be more than big enough to wrap around this huge universe. Although God is without form, He requires a mind that is bigger than this universe. (138-167, 1986.1.21)

Do all of you here have love? Do you have life? You all have sperm or ova to continue your lineage, don't you? Do you also have a conscience? Then, have you ever seen love? Have you seen life, lineage or conscience? Although you know they exist, you can neither touch nor see them. You can know about them only by feeling them through your mind and heart. Likewise, when you are asked whether God exists, or whether you have seen Him, you cannot say that you have not seen Him. (275-13, 1995.10.30)

When God is in your heart, your heart knows it. When God is in your heart, you can break through the protective walls and communicate with the saints who died thousands of years ago. You can do this when the eternal God comes into your heart. You cannot capture eternity through time; time exists within eternity. That is why even though we cannot see God, our hearts know Him. (41-285, 1971.2.17)

How does God love? This is a difficult question to answer, isn't it? Since God is without form, He can go anywhere -- inside a lady's eyes, inside her heart... He can go everywhere. There is nowhere He cannot go. Then, where does God live? Where is His home? God's home is in the middle of our heart. God's masculine heart lives in the heart of man, and God's feminine heart lives in the heart of woman. (128-325, 1983.10.2)

Suppose that God, who is omnipotent, all-knowing, and controls all of heaven and earth, were here. With His power, He could blow away Mt. Taebek and put a hole through the earth. Do you think you could survive watching such a God?

So it is good that God is invisible. If He were visible, your nerves would tremble and you could not survive for even one hour. So you should be grateful that God is invisible. This is not a laughing matter. What I have told you now comes from my own poignant experiences. It is an account from my own experiences, not those of others. (38-244, 1971.1.8)

What if God decided to remove all the air in the world, leaving only one gallon? It would be a naughty method, but if God did that, world unification would be no problem. Perhaps He would be able to do it in five minutes. If God took away all the air and asked, "Will you unify or not?," all humankind would shout in unison, "We will!" God could unite the world in an instant using this method, but we are thankful that God does not do that with the air. Without air we cannot live. Air is absolutely necessary for life. Yet people gulp air like thieves without feeling grateful for it. (38-244, 1971.18)

If God, the great Master of heaven and earth, were visible to human eyes, wouldn't people fight each other to capture God? There would be no way to stop the battle. So it is good that God is invisible. America and the Soviet Union would fight, each claiming God as theirs. They would. Who would be able to stop the fighting? The all-knowing God stays invisible lest such fights break out. To wish that God were visible is foolish. It is better that He is not. (41-285, 1971.2.17)

This universe is veiled in mystery. This great universe is some 21 billion light years across. One light year is the distance light travels in a year. Light can circle the earth seven and a half times in one second, so you can begin to conceive of how far light travels in a year. Then, how large must the Master be who can rule this huge universe? If God had a body, how tall would He be? If God is as large as we say He is, would He be able to drag His cumbersome body around? How inconvenient it would be if He had to lumber about like that! Every time He moved the universe would fall over in surprise. God is a wise being. This is why He decided to be an invisible Lord. (138-167, 1986.1.21)

Have you ever thought about God's weight? How heavy do you think He is? How many kilograms does He weigh? Perhaps billions of tons? If He were that heavy, He would have a big problem trying to move around. But it is ideal for God that He is incorporeal. Even if you carry Him inside your wallet, you will not feel any weight.

Since He has no form, He can even go in and out through the eye of the smallest needle. In other words, He can move around at will. Being infinitely large yet also infinitely small, He is free to move around anywhere in the universe. (136-106, 1985.12.22)

If you have something you consider most precious, you will want to carry it with you at all times. You will not want to be separated from it even for a moment. Then if God, the greatest treasure of them all, was in your possession, where would you like to attend Him? Is there a store room where you can store Him securely, where you can attend Him? That place is none other than your heart and mind. The human heart and mind form the store room where God can be safely attended. (41-285, 1971.2.17)

Since God is without form, the conclusion is that He should give more importance to beings with form than He does to Himself. Only then will things begin to turn. Conversely, human beings should value their invisible mind and God more than their bodies. (111-49, 1981.1.18)

1.2. In the beginning we naturally knew about God

If humankind had not fallen, and we had been born through parents of original goodness, there would be no need to argue about whether God exists. People would naturally know from birth. Babies begin sucking as soon as they are born, when they sense their mother's breast in front of them. Do they need to learn how to suck while in the womb? They automatically know how to do it.

If human beings had not fallen, they would naturally recognize and cultivate their relationship with God, and automatically understand that their position is to advance towards Him. But the Fall has made people forget everything. This is why the world is in doubt as to whether God exists. This is a tragic fact. (20-306, 1968.7.14)

Human beings are the masterpiece among the created beings of the universe. How great a masterpiece are they? They are superb beyond imagination. That being the case, when the absolute God created them, should He have created them in such a way that they do not know what He says, sees or feels? (53-51, 1972.2.8)

If Adam and Eve, who resembled God, had become the parents of humankind, they would have recognized God's constant presence in them through His works. Had that happened, there would be no doubts about God. If the Fall had not occurred, we would be able to sense God's presence at any time, and He would appear right away whenever we called Him. If we reach that level, who will deny His existence? No one. (Blessed Family - 307)

God's existence is not just a matter of words. From the perspective of the subject-object partner relationship in the Principle, we do not need to prove that God exists. Rather, the position we must establish is that God existed before we had cognition of Him and that He rules over all our senses and over everything to do with us.

Awareness of this is more important than anything else. The basic rule is that awareness precedes knowledge, not the other way around. When we are cold, we first feel cold before we think, "I am cold." We do not first think "I am cold" before we feel it. Isn't that so? Likewise, because God exists, you must be able to feel His existence with your cells. Reaching that state is what matters. In other words, the issue is how we reach the state in which we can experience these things. (58-291, 1972.6.25)

You should be able to cry out "Father!" even in your sleep and even when you are by yourself. When in your daily life you forget to eat or sleep, and exclaim "Father!" with a deep longing, you will be able to hold His hand. Magical things will happen. When you call out "Father!" He will embrace you.

You must know that in your life of faith, the most precious thing is how you tap into those feelings that bring you those deep experiences. The degree and amount of your experience and feeling can be the measure of your faith. If you have such a heart of love, when you determine, "I must accomplish this," God will already be supporting you even before you ask, "Heavenly Father, please be with me." Feeling His support, you will say, "Thank you, God!" (58-297, 1972.6.25)

The Unification Principle teaches that God is the invisible, absolute Lord with dual characteristics in harmony. As a being of dual characteristics, God created Adam and Eve as manifestations of His duality. He intended to be their vertical center when they grew up and connected horizontally through love. In other words, when Adam and Eve reached maturity, God's masculine characteristics would have entered Adam's mind and God's feminine characteristics likewise would have entered Eve's mind. This does not mean that God is divided. God can be present in Adam's and Eve's minds because He is the Lord with dual characteristics. (138-245, 1986.1.24)

We say that God is a being who harmonizes dual characteristics, don't we? But I have not yet talked about Him as a unified being of love in addition to one harmonizing the dual characteristics. We need to add the fact that He is the unified being of love. (223-268, 1991.11.12) 

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