Sermons of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, Volume 2

 Table of Contents


Preface to the English Translation

1. Jesus' View of Life for the Sake of the Restoration

2. Jesus Who Looks Back on Walking the Path of His Fate

3. Let Us Be the Ones Jesus Wants

4. Jesus Who Is to Establish Heaven's Love

5. Let Us Be the Harvest of Goodness Heaven Desires

6. What Kind of Resurrection Are You Trying to Accomplish?

7. Let Us Step Beyond This World That Has Become a Sacrifice

8. We Are the Ones Who Must Possess the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven

9. Let Us Untie the Knot

10. The Lord Is My Good Shepherd

11. For Whom Are We Living?

12. Let Us Become the Elite Troops of Heaven

13. On the Day of Resurrection (Summary of sermon)

14. Let the Sleeping World Awaken

15. Why Does the Lord Have To Come Back?

16. Let Us Become the Citizens Who Take Possession of the Kingdom of Heaven

17. We Who Are Searching for the Homeland, the Garden of Eden

18. Let Us Become People Who Participate in the Glory of the Lord

19. Let Us Be Strong and Bold and Restore the Lost Land

20. Let Us Be a Victor for God

21. The Person Who Is To Remain Before God's Will

22. Let Us Avoid Being Punished for Our Sins by Restoring the Original Nature of Goodness

23. Let Us Go Over the Hill to Enter the Original Garden

24. Jesus' True Heart for God

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