Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Education

Chapter 5 - A Life Devoted to Education [Part 2/2]

5.3 The effort to reach out to the world

When I taught Japanese people our anti-communist ideology, their eyes opened wide with surprise. When Korea was under the Japanese occupation, I studied in Japan, so I am personally very interested in Japan. I told our Japanese members to enlighten their fellow citizens on the fallacies of communism. Will they not do it if I tell them to do so? All would be lost if nothing were done. When asked whether or not they are going to follow my direction, they have no choice but to agree and initiate the anti-communist activities, and they soon get the hang of it. Within about half a year, we will be able to elicit the support of various organizations associated with the ruling party. Realizing that they should have promoted such a movement themselves, they are now very much prepared to work with us. (022-100, 1969.01.26)

Presently, our members are educating members of the ruling party in Japan under my direction, including some 5,000 representatives who had been strongly influenced by communist ideas. A nationwide organization is absolutely necessary to counter the Communist party both quantitatively and qualitatively. To strengthen our external foundation, we quickly launched a daily newspaper. (074-295, 1974.12.31)

The purpose of our weekly and monthly magazines is to save America, the free world and Christianity. About 70,000 ministers went through our education program. We invested vast resources to supply 100 truckloads of Divine Principle videotapes to 300,000 Christian ministers. It has become a big issue. Being educated people, they were able to grasp the essence of the book, and thus came to understand how wrong their ideas had been. (137-173, 1986.01.01)

Why did I spend sixty million dollars to make the movie about MacArthur?

It was not because I had too much money, but rather to educate Americans and to give them a sense of direction. (125-328, 1983.03.31)

America has become the most influential country of the world because its educational system is based on strengthening the analytical ability of the individual, encouraging its people to develop a subjective mind in relation to their environment. This has catapulted America into its foremost position of creating a single world culture in such a short time. Christian ministers from that very country made a pilgrimage to Beomil-dong within Rev. Moon's lifetime, offering prayers on the historic Rock of Tears. When I used to foretell such a phenomenon, they took it as if I was just daydreaming. At the time I commenced my mission in that sub-district, a rumor was circulating among its inhabitants of "that handsome and intelligent but really crazy fellow up the hill of the Beomnetgol." How was anyone of those people to believe that the world could change so drastically? We were just destitute refugees then.

After forty years passed, everything I told the members at that time came true. With that as well as my own accomplishments, the Christian ministers concluded that something was missing in mainstream Christian theology.

Knowing that America needs Rev. Moon's ideas in order to survive, they come to be trained and educated. They visit the spots where I used to sit and eat, and cry their eyes out. Think about it: what does it all mean? Would such people come to us because we are throwing big parties or handing out sacks of gold? They come because they believe they can find the way for America, the leading nation of the free world to live again.

How miserable and pitiful must I have looked when I was driven out into solitude forty years ago? While others set out to achieve worldly success, nobody welcomed the lowliest Rev. Moon, who was about to embark on his new mission. No one. I have climbed out of the bottomless pit. I have also educated people who came out of it. Now you know why the academics of Korea and of the world have to study Rev. Moon's ideas. (162-292, 1987.04.17)

You all know that I have put a lot of effort into disseminating my ideas for the free world centering on our world headquarters in America, by creating diverse media organizations worldwide including The Washington Times, educating international journalists, guiding renowned professors, launching student movements, mobilizing veterans, and promoting the unification of South American countries as well as of the worlds's religions. (164-196, 1987.05.05)

I have taught Americans of all backgrounds. I am educating white Americans and black Americans, who used to want to kill each other, into people who would die for each other. Nobody has said that people's lives were ruined because of Rev. Moon through my doing this. People say that they came to become the people who can move freely between heaven and earth, East and West, and South and North. Those who once spoke ill of me now proudly testify to me. (177-030. 1988.05.15)

In America, Christianity is in the Abel position, while the nation is in the Cain position. Cain and Abel must be united. Communism is presently infiltrating the Christian culture. Originally, Congress, official government organs and educational institutions used to begin their working day by seeking God's guidance with a prayer service. Such a religious environment changed and disappeared in the 1970s and 1980s.

The Abel foundation of God's providence has become totally secularized. The Cain foundation dominated the Abel foundation in America. By that time, the persecution against the Unification Church started.

In spite of persecution, what has the Unification Church tried to achieve until today? We have established the foundation for the worldwide indemnity condition to give the new direction for Christianity and the nation. With this, our God-given mission, I went to America and educated young people to inspire the American nation and empower American Christianity. In the midst of all that, I even had to go to prison. The persecution reached its peak with my incarceration at Danbury prison, through which American Christianity believed to have finally obtained the upper hand in getting me out of me from America altogether. Instead, the opposite happened completely contrary to the hopes and expectations of the American government and American Christianity.

Running that gauntlet, I succeeded in enlightening prominent politicians in the government as well as highly influential figures in the religious firmament. Consequently, America rediscovered new hope through Rev. Moon's ideas. Churches that had been in decline turned around and were imbued afresh with a vision for the future.

As you know, we invited seven thousand Christian ministers from America and sent copies of the Divine Principle to 350,000 Christian ministers.

The transportation of all the books we sent out required exactly ninety-eight truckloads, with each truck measuring ten meters and weighing ten tons. We distributed the Divine Principle, God's Will and the World and Victory Over Communism to Christian ministers across the length and breadth of the nation. (207-319, 1990.11.11)

What are we going to do about communism? Gorbachev and Kim Il-sung dispatched 25 agents to assassinate me in 1987. The CIA intercepted them, however. Yet even while investigations were still underway, I rushed over to Moscow to meet Gorbachev and open the way for him! Today, the Soviet Union has so much hope centering on me. We gathered communist youth leaders numbering in the thousands to our seminars, with the objective of training 3,000 participants by this July to guarantee a bright future for their people. It is amazing that we should be the ones to be opening up the great gate of hope in the communist world. They are learning that the key for them to solve their society's greatest problems lies in investing themselves with the utmost commitment. (210-118, 1990.12.17)

We have entered the age in which world leaders will converge in creating a peaceful and unified world. For this to be realized, religions must take the lead. To this end, I founded the Assembly of the World's Religions, the Council of World Religions, the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace and two theological seminaries. The Unification Theological Seminary, based in Barrytown, New York, has courses covering not only Christianity, but also Islam, Buddhism and other world religions. (277-052, 1996.03.24)

The seminar we organized for Muslims from Syria was a most historic event, and created a great sensation. In effect, I gave strong guidance to those forty participants before coming over here. Is there any Christian who could host top-notch Islamic scholars? Our Muslim guests, who came away from the seminar highly inspired, continued to pray and sing their holy sons in reciting from their Holy Book, the Koran. People don't realize how destructive and counterproductive it is to be fighting among themselves. It is analogous to terminal patients in a hospital bickering with each other. Christians are not aware that they belong in that category. Persisting in that mode, they are headed toward destruction, coming to a dead end. (210-210, 1990.12.23)

Henceforth, we will teach the Principle to communists. They know only too well that they are going through a transition and that only I hold the key to their hopes. We want to place all available resources at their disposal for the task of preserving the original beauty of Moscow, and hence we have allocated considerable funds to finance training programs for Russian leaders in America.

I am investing for the sake of the Soviet Union. The Novosti Agency welcomed me, but so much happened during our short visit that we need another two months to digest it all. People do not always easily agree with my recommendations. So first I approach the professors. For instance, I visited Moscow University and established an association to represent Soviet professors. Right away they link up with other professors. Already we have had 300 people visit here from Moscow University. Soon Americans will visit Moscow University and hold a rally representing all universities.

Communist organizations want all young people to become their members.

Each university is concerned about that kind of activity on its campus, where Marxism-Leninism is to be taught. Now, in their place, students will be trained in Unification Thought, Godism and Head-wing Ideology. (217-289, 1991.06.02)

The younger generation of the former Soviet Union is on my side. Have not over 8,000 of them from the top universities of their country, all speaking fluent English, undergone our education program by now? The foundation we have established in ten former Soviet republics will never be dismantled. I am interested in educating the second generation in the right way. If we succeed in this, South and North Korea can be reunified. (226-288, 1992.02.09)

People of any intelligence will turn around completely by connecting with the Divine Principle and Rev. Moon's thought even just once. Look at the communist leaders: after just attending a five-day workshop, they came over to God's side and pledged themselves to follow Rev. Moon's ideas. Haven't the young people in America opposed Rev. Moon? Now look at the youth of the former Soviet Union. They have been completely won over to my side. Until now, American young people have been against me, saying, "How about that Rev. Moon? He is a cult leader and a heretic." Despite the chaotic and confused state of American youth; I believe there is hope. Not long ago, we flew Ivy League students over to Moscow, where they could study the Divine Principle for two weeks, taught by Russian students! Do you understand how shameful the American situation is? You should continue to develop that strategy now. (243-211, 1993.01.10)

The former Soviet Union is now stalemated. Even the Russian Orthodox Church is now not in a position to oppose the Unification Church. We are producing textbooks for high school students, undergraduates and army officers. This movement is spreading via Mongolia and into China. We have even established links in Manchuria from Yanbian to Harbin. (273-128, 1995.10.22)

The purpose of educational institutions in the world is to raise people of talent. We must follow the flow of world history. Without such an education, we will be ignored by the world. The age of egoistic nationalism is over. To counterbalance the European Union, the peoples of North and South America as well as Asia need to organize themselves into regional groupings. The way of going it alone as a single country has now become obsolete.

No developed country or any other nations of the world for that matter can stop the Unification Church. The reason I am telling you this is to open the way for Korea. Where will Korea go? Korea should go out onto the international stage. I talked to the people in the North Korea, "The former Soviet Union and China are moving in the same direction. I can raise up people in the space of six months so that they can go to the former Soviet Union and China to educate them. You must open up." The former Soviet Union and China are turning around. We must send teachers and leaders there. (287-045, 1997.08.10)

5.4 The reason for the investment in education

Because I know that I have to spend money for the sake of the nation, the world and the cosmos, land is being purchased in Chung Pyung. I am buying the land there for the sake of the world. The land I am buying will be used to erect a foundation for our work on the worldwide level.

Having passed through the era of nations, we are gradually entering the era of the world. We must, therefore, create an international educational institution. I can be proud of what I do because I am spending money for the world. Thus, no matter how much money I spend, I do not feel conscience stricken. (033-160, 1970.0811)

We are going to plant some trees in the remaining time. You must pour out all your heart when you plant the trees. Your descendants will happily enjoy the trees once they grow larger.

I am going to build a university. I want to make an educational institution. That is why we should plant trees here on this land with all our hearts. Even if we decided to build it in a different place, we would move the trees we are planting to that place. Otherwise, I will plant the seeds of these trees in the new place. Our land is the foundation upon which we can love, and keep our tradition and history based on internal principles. For us to endure for a long time and for the environment centering on Chungpa-dong, we bought the land here, and the land in Chung Pyung.

We must leave a legacy behind, a legacy that God cries with you when your heart is in pain. The descendants of that kind of people will never perish. This is my life philosophy. That is the lesson I was taught by God. You must know it is the truth I inherited from God. (043-060, 1971.04.18)

True learning should go beyond national boundaries and even history.

From that perspective, all the scholars of the world must come together to educate humanity by overcoming the limitations of national educational systems. We must overcome national limitations. Not the education for the sake of America or Britain but for the one, new world, the world of peace we all dream of. We must have an education system to develop a peaceful world. Unless we develop educational institutions with that goal in mind, we cannot educate people correctly. That is why I want to build a university. That is also why I want to establish a world university federation. (071-175, 1974. 04. 30)

I had the idea of creating the World University Federation based on the International Cultural Foundation (ICF) and the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA). As I have reached the actualizing stage, I am planning to build seventy universities in six continents, one by one. I want to raise and guide young people to live for a lofty cause. I will build a systematic network for exchanging professors, students and researchers between the universities in order to realize the idea of world peace where all humanity can be one family. (130-012, 1983.12.18)

My goal is to educate people to be people of goodness following God's Will. I want to raise young people with education in heart as well as an exceptional education in knowledge. I want them to be the people who love God, who love humanity and who love the nation so that they can be the owners of a new history. God's ultimate providence cannot be limited to certain people, cultures or areas, and especially not within religious or denominational boundaries. To overcome those boundaries we need young people who are progressive, open-minded and future-oriented.

That is exactly my expectation for CARP. (133-282, 1984.11.03)

You are at the Little Angels Arts school. The reason I founded the arts school is that I wanted to communicate the ideal of the Unification Church through art and culture; that is, the foundation of culture and creation. Art and culture can be the best tools to cooperate and exchange ideas with others. The goal of this school's education is simple: to raise up people so that they can love God, love their nation and love all people. My idea of education is to connect all humankind together as one. The Little Angels is very well known in Korea, and also in Japan and throughout Asia. (135-261, 1985.12.12)

Having studied in this seminary for two or three years, you are leaving this place to embark on a new mission as pastors with the hope of realizing God's Will. Before I congratulate you, I would like to give my thanks to God who allowed this day of blessing and, at the same time, many thanks to all the professors who have brought about this astonishing educational result by putting in their very best effort. In spite of its short history, our university has developed unique characteristics that I can proudly announce to the world. This seminary has developed the model of educating people transcending religious differences. Students can share their ideas from many different religious backgrounds with invited professors from different religious backgrounds. We are building up a model to break down the academic barriers between different religions. This is indeed a historic achievement.

In the near future, we are going to build up departments in which students can study all the great religions of the world. God has created many religions with which to guide people to realize the ideal world of creation. In the Last Days, God wants all religions and denominations to achieve harmony. God has created the Unification Church as the tool to realize God's Will completely. The Unification Church was not born into this world by human will.

I have visited many places to find the right place for this seminary. This place was not found easily. Because I know that the spirit of mountains and rivers positively helps students to shape their personality, I wanted to find a place surrounded by nature in all its beauty.

Ever since we started the seminary, I have visited here many times so far, to pray and to directly teach the students. I have put my heart and soul into the trees, plants and even small stones near the Hudson River.

Especially, I put all of my heart into this campus. You carry out your studies here day after day under the protection of the good spirit world, breathing a reviving spirit from God. I hope that you will leave this place not only with the intellectual knowledge you have accumulated over the years, but also with God's hope and my expectation for you to be able to practice love as ministers in different areas. (167-098, 1987.06.30)

Universities are supposed to be the places where one learns the highest truth. What is the highest truth? First, you must know about the heavenly world and, most of all, about God who is the center of the heavenly world. Second, you must know about mankind who are the center of that world. Third, you must know how to realize the ideal nation with God and humankind together. How can we possibly realize such a grand goal? We can conclude that only love is the solution. So I chose the motto of education as "Ae Cheon, Ae In, Ae Guk" (Love God, Love Humanity and Love the Nation).I teach people that true education is to fulfill those goals. Along the same lines, I have founded a professors association and a students association. (195-051, 1989.11.03)

The entire world, including Korea, is struggling with numerous problems because of a decline in moral values. I have been advocating the absolute standard based on love to the world famous scholars. I also proclaimed Head-wing Thought to correct the mistaken positions of both the left and the right. I have guided all to move forward to the world of moral values with this new goal. For several decades, I have been working with professors through the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) and the Professors World Peace Academy (PWPA), as well as with students from CARP. They have been asking me to establish a worldwide university to realize my educational ideas in Korea, my homeland. I have been putting effort into establishing a university for more than a decade, as you know very well.

Having gone through a lot of difficulties and opposition, we finally have approval to build a university. From now, we must move forward quickly. Sung Hwa University [name later changed to Sun Moon University] must rank with the world's best with the educational purpose of loving Heaven (God), loving humankind and loving the nation (of God). We must educate students thoroughly so that they can right the wrongs of the democratic world and re-educate those who remain from the end of the communist era. It should grow to be the most historic university in the world. (195-052, 1989.11.03)

The reason I founded the seminary is to save America, not as a business. Theological seminaries in America today have no power to save America.

In the future, people from our seminary will inspire the nation. The same goes with university education. The university level education of today cannot change the course of America. We can re-educate people.

Christianity itself does not fully know God's Will. They do not know the core of what God's Will is. We know it. Therefore, we must take responsibility to educate people anew. American presidents and all the people working in the administration cannot beat our education theory.

There is nothing we should fear.

I understand America, religion and politics. I know how the future will turn out. We have significant power in the political, religious, theological and philosophical worlds. The atomic bomb cannot be compared to what we have. There are numerous organizations, including organizations of world renowned academics, media organizations, religious organizations and cultural organizations founded by myself. (216-045, 1991.03.09)

My wife and I founded the World University Federation (WUF) to train young people of the world to be the great leaders for the future society, with the goal to bring harmony transcending nations and religions. I expect that my dream will come true centering on Sun Moon University and the University of Bridgeport under the wise guidance of the university presidents, Yoon Se-won and Richard Rubenstein.

PWPA was founded in 1973 for scholars to actively involve themselves with research and studies for the realization of world peace. I have tried to provide opportunities for the development of university societies (clubs), with a view to furthering the cause of world peace.

Numerous problems of the world are waiting for solutions from scholars of conscience.

Professors should not only teach theory but also teach character and moral values. Professors have great influence in the shaping of students' character and their general development; therefore, they should feel responsible for the education of their students. Through the World University Federation I believe that students will learn directly from the world's best scholars and that professors will be teaching students beyond the borders of nationality. This way they will contribute far more meaningfully to the future. (271-079, 1995.08.22)

Since World War II, American families have been having fewer and fewer children, with even no children at all in some cases. Many of them think that having children is too much of a burden. American families are in a state of serious breakdown. At the same time, the student population is decreasing in universities. What should people do about it now? People should bring good students from China, Korea or Japan. It is a serious problem if top universities do not have enough students.

Seminars held at the University of Bridgeport were attended by well-known professors who are seeking alternatives for universities with decreasing enrollment. We can develop brotherly relations between universities in different countries. We can bring good students from other countries. We can have their government pay for their school fees.

I am also planning to create a high school. You should study when you are young, before you reach your thirties.

Even those who are above the age of thirty can enter doctoral programs at prestigious schools such as Harvard University if they study hard at the University of Bridgeport. So, I want to develop the World University Federation (WUF) centering on the University of Bridgeport. It is my hope that the University of Bridgeport be the place for the development of world leaders.

I believe that the Unificationist members must stand on the front line to inspire the world to move together. We have the power to digest any ideology. Unificationist members are better equipped ideologically than any communists, believers in democracy or Japanese nationalists. I am thinking that in the future I must train people to be leaders who can inspire the world. That is why the World University Federation is something I am contemplating. (247-261, 1993.05.09)

I would like to see a United Nations university established, based on the University of Bridgeport. The purpose would be to provide talented leaders for the UN. If we could work together with the Ivy League universities, we would be able to educate many people who could devote their lives for the high cause of the UN. They could contribute to creating a world of harmony and unity. (252-284, 1994.01.01)

What do you think of the name Sun Moon University? Sun Moon is my name backwards, from Moon Sun Myung. I am certain that it will grow to become one of the best universities. It is not easy for Korean students to study in America, but it is part of the official program at Sun Moon University for students to go to study in America. Students can study at Sun Moon until their sophomore year and be trained to be fluent in English. American professors are teaching students in English there.

There is nothing to lose; you can only gain by sending your children there. I am planning to raise the university up to a world-class level.

At the University of Bridgeport, they are developing a long distance education program.

Now we are making educational videotapes. Starting with several world renowned scholars, we are making videotapes of their lectures. I am planning to make such tapes with content ranging from 3 hours to 50 hours. That way people can have access to the teachings of scholars who have a worldwide reputation. If we develop that kind of program, we can reduce the time of schooling, let's say from ten years to three years.

How long does a person have to study to get their doctoral degree? Six years of elementary, six years of middle and high school, four years of university and generally four years of graduate school. Altogether twenty years. It can even take longer than that. We should offer opportunities for students to study from the world's best to reduce their schooling time.

Is it not the case that video shops make more money than bookstores in Korea? We should create a curriculum so that people can learn through broadcasting. I am also establishing a college combining both western medicine and oriental medicine. These programs will scientifically test the effects of acupuncture.

We are investing a lot for public causes such as the ones I mentioned above. I have been trying to save the world because God loves the world.

All the foundations I have established are for the purpose of helping to save the world. (285-052, 1997.04.19)

I have established the World University Federation ... My vision is to create a network of a thousand universities. I want to create a program for people who cannot easily make use of the school systems, like farmers living in the middle of forests distant from civilization. As long as they have electricity like anyone living in cities, they can have the same educational benefits. I am thinking of creating programs for such people to earn not only their bachelor degrees but also masters and even doctoral degrees through courses taken through broadcasting, if they pass the exams. I am also planning to create a Unification School of Medicine where people can learn about western and oriental medicine at the same time. (289-167, 1998.01.01)

We must expand the family of true love movement under God's blessing in order to realize a global culture of heart, by educating people with true love and True Parents' ideology thus helping them become people of integrity. Only those with true love, who can give love again and again, can create ideal families. True love is the only way through which people can be free of misguided individualism, self-centeredness and material-centered, fallen ideas. This is the only way people can have the hope of a bright future. This is the only way people can stop the corruption of immorality and the consequent breakdown of families.

Mothers of true love are educating people by example through the activities of the Women's Federation for World Peace (WFWP). Women are responsible for raising their children with the heart of a true mother, to realize true family ideals. It is time for women who have been awakened by God's Will to educate fallen men. This movement will grow worldwide.

The role of religion is very significant in the process of realizing a world of heart-based culture. There is no way for humanity to realize world peace without realizing harmony and cooperation among the different religions. I have been working on this issue for a long time.

I am planning to set the example on the frontline to realize peace among the different religions by breaking down the barriers between them.

I will support the Inter-Religious Federation for World Peace (IRFWP) and try to educate people by distributing scriptures of all religions to religious people. I will thus show that there is common ground upon which all religions and denominations can meet. I believe that is God's will for all religious people at this time. There is great need for active support and the setting of sacrificial examples from scholars with a pure conscience, in order to educate young people. This can be done through the International Cultural Foundation (ICF), the International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences (ICUS) and PWPA ... That is also why I am supporting and managing many educational institutions and scholarly activities. (260-129, 1994.05.01)

What is the founding spirit of Sun Moon University? First, you should love Heaven (God). Second, you should love humankind. Third, you should love your country. (282-140, 1997.03.11)

If you have mistreated your wife until now, you must repent. You must repent for the sin of not bringing God into your daily life from the time you got married, and that you did not give birth to children who understand God because you, yourselves, did not love God or know God.

You must repent. You cannot just allow yourself to be dominated by the mundane things happening in your life. You must take full and active responsibility for your lives. I am not saying that it is enough to simply know God, but you must love God. God needs an object for His love. God wants to embrace all people on earth -and even our ancestors who passed away and who are presently in the spirit world - as His own sons and daughters. What God wants the most is to be able to embrace and to love all His children. He wants to shed tears of joy with the entire human race. He wants to experience the joy of finally meeting, as a Father, his children with whom He will live together happily for eternity. After the Fall, humankind never had the chance to love God freely. Is this not true?

What comes after loving God? Loving humanity. What does it mean by loving humanity? It means as much as we love God, we must love God's children as well. It means that we should make unity among people who cannot make unity among themselves. If you really think about it, our education motto is really remarkable! What do you think?

Do you think it was a good idea to establish educational institutions under the motto of loving God, loving humanity and loving the nation? If you have not thought of it as being good, you should think so from now on. God and all people must unite as one and establish God's nation on earth. We should forever love God and humanity. To establish God's nation, there should be family foundations. When there are family foundations on behalf of God, there can be a nation. Each of you must try hard to realize a family foundation that can be the base for the tribes and peoples of harmony and unification, and eventually contribute to creating the heavenly nation. Those who bring peace and harmony are God's children. Those who bring conflict and struggle cannot be God's children. Those who go the way God wants them to go will prosper. Those who go the other way will eventually perish. (282-173, 1997.03.11)

You must love God. To do that, you must subjugate your body centering on your mind. Even if you have to sacrifice your own family or fortune, you must discipline your mind and body. Unless you do your absolute best to subjugate your body with your mind, you cannot have the right relationship with God.

What is the purpose of marriage? It is to unite East and West. Man and woman are two halves. Those two halves must be united. The two must be completely and absolutely united. What must the completely united couple do next after they achieve absolute unity? They must invite God. When there is a perfect horizontal dimension, the vertical can join in anytime. God is free to join such a relationship. You should create the perfect conjugal relationship between your own mind and body. Then man and woman must create the perfect conjugal relationship. Once that is achieved, God can come. When a man weds, he can obtain the other half of the world through his wife, and vice versa. When the two halves are united, they can be a whole.

When we can love God in perfect unity, then God can come to us. When every single part of our body is in perfect unity, God has no choice but to come to us. When we make unity horizontally, God has to come to us.

Once God, who is the most powerful dominating power in the cosmos, comes to us our conscience will have more than enough power to dominate our bodies. Love has limitless power. You must want to master that love. You must also be proud of being part of the school that was built by the spirit of loving God, loving humanity and loving the nation (God's nation). (282-175, 1997.03.11)

I have been leading the movement worldwide. But what it all comes down to is education. Education is important. We must give people education.

A blessed man and wife must realize complete unity centering on the Principle. Parents must create unity with God. We should have the education that can unify the entire family of first, second and third generations, right through until seven generations. How can we make such a powerful education system? That is the real problem.

When we deal with the education system, we are dealing with two different categories, one is internal and the other is external. We need schools to offer education in both. This is the reason I founded Sun Moon University and that PWPA took on the University of Bridgeport.

Centering on those universities, we can build up an education system under God.

There are about 1,700 newspapers in America. The Washington Times is not sufficient by itself. It is my hope that The Washington Times will achieve a more influential position. It must be able to reach out not only to the entire nation but also the world. However, it has not reached that level yet. The holding of media conferences is supplying support for building a worldwide network to inspire not only one nation but also the world. The Washington Times should play a central role.

There needs to be a media organization that can inspire the whole world.

The universities I am supporting should have a vision of the future unlike any other ... There are universities, media and church foundations that can teach people principled ideas. I have been working very hard to establish these foundations, and once they come into a cooperative relationship with each other there will be no problem.

The problem is that there needs to be some relationship. So far, these foundations have worked with separate directions during the period of indemnity. Because we passed the 9.9 Jeol [in Korean, Jeol means a special celebration day] and 3.10 Jeol, we can now go beyond the indemnity period. We can and should unite the various foundations, both internally and externally. (312-129~131, 1999.10.7)

Young people must be able to speak three languages fluently. You must get busy learning. If you cannot make it to that point, your children must take on your responsibility to participate in the worldwide providence. That is your responsibility as parents.

I am taking responsibility for all people in the position of a parent.

That is why I want to help those universities become world-class universities. I am also planning to build an Interfaith Graduate School of Theology at Chung Pyung. I want to build a hall for the world's cultures so that people from all over the world can feel right at home in Chung Pyung. They must come there and receive the education necessary to inspire the world. That is my vision. I am daydreaming. I will make these dreams come true though. If you do not do your part at this time when the grand vision for the future is coming true, you will perish. No one will feel sorry for you if you ruin yourself that way. (319-034, 2000.03.16)

5.5 Pure love education

A Pure Love College for both men and women will be established at Sun Moon University, providing scholarships for its students. Our ambition is for Sun Moon University to be as good as any in Asia.

We live in a society of distrust. This world is the substantiation of hell on earth. Who will save its families?

We must stop AIDS! Korea must not follow in America's footsteps. America is doomed if I do not reach out and help. I know that when I say this it upsets Americans. How could they say that Columbus discovered America?

Were the native Americans not human beings? They let those natives die.

Did they all die of disease? I know only too well that you do not want to listen to what I have to say to you, but I am not afraid of anyone. I say what I have to say without any hesitation. It is the heavenly principle that words of truth bear the fruits of truth. (273-267, 1995.10.29)

We have promulgated a students' code of conduct at Sun Moon University.

Even smoking is prohibited, let alone drugs. Dating is not allowed. We have launched a revolutionary movement. Should you follow me or follow the world? If you follow the world, you will definitely end up in the trash heap. If, however, you follow Rev. Moon's teaching, you will one day take center stage among the foremost leaders of this world. (274-091, 1995.10.29)

If blessed children families fall, they, their parents and their grandparents - all three generations - will have to pay the price. It is too sad to contemplate. I do not even want to think about it. Preserve your sexual purity at all cost. (275-214, 1995.12.30)

How is it that a woman was appointed as the president of Sun Moon University? To create the Pure Love College. I want to then involve ten other women university presidents, followed by men. I want to inspire people centering on the Pure Love College in Sun Moon University. (290-308, 1998.03.04)

It will not be easy to get into Sun Moon University in the future. It has my name on it. Sun Moon University and the University of Bridgeport will be all the young people's dream schools. Bridgeport is a providential word. Bridgeport means the ports bridging different places.

What does Sun Moon mean? The Chinese character for Sun is made up of two components that represent the sea and the land respectively. I have gone out in boats for the past twenty-five years, day after day, waking up at dawn and being out until past midnight.

If I tell you to go out in boats for fifty years, will you do it or not? I will have those Ph.D. holders go out in boats. We have carried out large scale training programs on Jeju Island.

I am going to establish a Pure Love College for both men and women. How did the Fall occur? Did it not begin when the Archangel seduced Eve? The Pure Love College will not just be for women but also for men. Will you men marry pure women or fallen women? It will become a world-class college. Prominent politicians and distinguished academics alike will come looking for suitable sons and daughters-in-law from among the graduates of the Pure Love College. Searching for a chaste woman is like prospecting for gold. Satan is behind all the destruction and misery. (292-074, 1998.03.28)

The World University Federation has been inaugurated in South America, Europe and Asia, and it will eventually be taken to all six continents to spearhead a pure love education youth movement centering on love pure universities. This year is witnessing the inauguration of the Pure Love College in Sun Moon University. I am anxious to hasten the implementation of this program on the global level. (295-074, 1998.08.17)

The Pure Love Education program being in its nascent stage needs to be fully staffed with qualified lecturers. We need to identify key personnel in each school who can educate others through the way of Hoon Dok (reading and learning). After the third or fourth reading session, they will naturally want to have ownership of the pure love program in their school. It must be possible to form core groups of teachers and students who will catch the vision and take the initiative to spearhead the pure love movement in their schools on their own steam.

Let us strengthen the foundations of education and restore the authority of teachers. Make a stand for public order and discipline and blow the whistle on delinquent students. Work together with school principals and teachers to make the pure love movement a powerful force to renew the society.

Work together also with students and educate their parents, playing a supporting role in parent associations. Sun Moon University will be responsible for the publication and distribution of literature that will facilitate people's understanding of the Fall, the Principle of Restoration and the Second Coming through brief explanations.

The Principle will become easily accessible to the public through broadcasting stations, whether on primetime television or popular radio shows. Even the educational authorities can get involved in disseminating pure love education by way of the media. A sustained long-term approach will definitely have a healthy effect if we persevere in our efforts to make daily readings available to ever wider segments of the public. (295-098, 1998.08.17)

The Pure Love College has been established. Among other things, it will serve to empower women to become those who can inspire the world day and night wherever they go, educating them to be just like True Mother who truly radiates both internal and external beauty, humility and dignity.

Such women will be truly qualified, both spiritually and physically, to lead the way in reeducating their men. (302-233, 1999.06.14)

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