Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Education



1 What Is Education?

1.1 The true meaning of education
1.2 True teacher, true education
1.3 The purpose and standard of education

2 How Has God Educated Humankind?

2.1 How God has tried to teach humankind
2.2 God's sorrow at humankind's ignorance
2.3 Three general principles: tradition, education, practice
2.4 True parent, true teacher, true owner
2.5 Religion as God's means to teach mankind
2.6 Nature is the best teacher

3 Reverend Moon's Philosophy of Education

3.1 Education: what are the problems?
3.2 The world of love where education is unnecessary
3.3 Education in how to love others
3.4 Go where your conscience leads you
3.5 Education in sacrifice, service and public life
3.6 The responsibilities and attitude of a leader
3.7 How education should change

4 The Family and the Education of Children

4.1 The family is the best place to learn true love
4.2 What are children?
4.3 The importance of the family and children's education
4.4 The responsibility and attitude of a blessed couple
4.5 Important matters in the education of blessed children
4.6 Parents are to set the example
4.7 Never quarrel in front of your children
4.8 Not everyone can educate the young

5 A Life Devoted to Education

5.1 Why Reverend Moon is working to educate people
5.2 Koreans - Awaken!
5.3 The effort to reach out to the world
5.4 The reason for the investment in education
5.5 Pure love education

6 The Purpose of Education in God's Providence

6.1 The path of learning blessed families must walk
6.2 Women and education
6.3 Hoon Dok Hae (gathering for reading and learning) and the education of all humankind
6.4 The future world blessed families must build

7 The Education of Reverend Sun Myung Moon

7.1 In what environment did Sun Myung Moon grow up?
7.2 A child with much curiosity
7.3 Determination and insight
7.4 Empathy and compassion
7.5 Character formed through diverse experiences
7.6 What kind of education did Sun Myung Moon receive?
7.7 Agonizing over life's questions and the spiritual encounter with Jesus
7.8 The education Reverend Moon received from Heaven
7.9 How did Reverend Moon educate his family?

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