Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Peace

4. Prerequisites for the Realization of Peace [Part 2 of 2]

4.4 Religion and peace

Our conscience knows that human beings have to be one. It knows that human beings have to aspire for peace. It also knows that all people are brothers. The law of conscience knows everything. Today, we have to awaken this conscience and initiate a great revolution. God has been mapping out a plan in order to establish a day of peace in front of a new humanity and has been working hard till now in search of an ideal society, family and individual. Centered on the religion based on conscience, God has intervened to lead the work. (151-136, 1962.11.01)

What is religion for? It is to establish such a historic standard. Religion that cannot establish such a historic standard is not necessary. If Almighty God just stands by idly in front of human beings who have fallen into extreme distress, then God would get struck by lightning. Then, what does God have to do? He has to guide these people to the road of peace. Also, there has to be some traces of God's effort to guide human beings to the road of peace in the course of history. If He did not do such work, what kind of a cruel God would He be? However, the record which tells us that He did do such work is the religion. (023-125, 1969.05.18)

When we look back on history, we come to find that Confucianism, Buddhism, Christianity and Islam have each cleared away social unrest and confusion in their own era and glorious civilizations in those eras flourished on those foundations of peace and safety. Let? take some examples. The Confucian culture of the Han Dynasty in China was such. The Christian culture in the medieval Europe was such, and the Buddhist culture in the age of King Ashoka [third monarch of the Mauryan dynasty d.238] in ancient India was such. Also, the Islamic Saracen civilization in the Middle East is an outstanding example. (122-299, 1982.11.25)

The ultimate purpose of every religion is to realize a happy and ideal world. The purpose of today's politicians gathering, racking their brains, having a conference, discussing, etc all lies in how to make an ideal world in which everyone can feel happy. In other words, they are searching how to achieve a kingdom of peace so that people of the world can live as brothers. Therefore, any religion which cannot introduce this kind of thinking must pack up and go. (023-122, 1969.05.18)

America has to make a strong national solidarity in the name of God. I could not help doing this work in America since I am thinking about such a high-dimensional world of peace centered on the name of God. We see countries declining now even though at one time they were proud of the Christian or Judaic tradition. We have to go on with a high-level worldwide religion that can be united in the name of God. (086-208, 1976.03.29)

What is the ultimate goal religion has to strive toward? There is some reason, of course, in asserting the purpose of an individual's seeking truth. However, it has to go further and involve the whole family. First, religion has to find a family who can liberate humanity, which belongs to the evil sovereignty of sin. It has to find a family which, in the true sense of the word, represents history, represents an era and represents the future. Also, it has to build the foundation for the family and establish the standard of the right path upon which all of humanity can feel joy together. How the system of the family should begin and where it should go has to be decided. So long as things do not go this way, one cannot build a way of peace on earth. We have to know that no matter how well external things might be achieved, they can be ruined in the family. (023-010, 1969.05.11)

Today? Christianity has to achieve God's desire and the hope which humanity pursues and thus solve the starting point of peace. So long as God's desire is such, history cannot but develop centered on Christianity. (027-305, 1969.12.28)

Unlike other religions, Christianity has walked the road of martyrdom. For what does a martyr die? He does not die centered on himself, but on God's Will. Countless people have shed blood as martyrs for the sake of the one world which human beings and God have been searching for, for the sake of building a foundation upon which God can cast an anchor of peace upon this earth, and for the sake of peace. (029-018, 1970.02.15)

Religion hopes for this world, which started from selfish desire, to perish. Religion seeks one unified world of peace, and has been crying for such for thousands of years. (036-071, 1970.11.15) Who has to pull up this root of sin and evil and realize the world of peace and put an end to the evil sovereignty? It is the Christian believers. Then, how should they do that? They can accomplish the work only when they receive the Messiah, after having prepared a road on which they can receive the coming Messiah. (054-147, 1972.03.22)

Unless we resolve to be with God even though the democratic world might go to ruin and die, we will make the lord die again even though he does come on earth. The time has come now. The Lord will come and make one free world centered on Christianity, and He will win the Islamic and evil communist world over to his side instead of killing and getting rid of them. The heaven of peace will be built on earth only when the Lord is welcomed through holding a worldwide party of peace. He has to do so when he comes again since he died amidst fighting. (054-127, 1972.03.21)

The road of religion is to teach sacrifice. The automatic realm of liberation for a peaceful world occurs here. If you follow the way of history, though, and expand your dominion through power and conquest centering upon yourself, you will perish. That age of history must end. If God exists, the end of that era must come. (059-200, 1972.07.16)

If God did not exist, we would have to make something be the standard, as a substitute for our longing and love something around which mankind could unite. There would be no way to bring unification other than that. From that viewpoint, we would have to create an imaginary god and have him be our subject partner. This is the reality we would have to pursue. Otherwise, we would never find any peace or happiness; we would never find our dreams or the ideal. How great it is that God exists! (072-210, 1974.06.23)

No one else thinks the mission of religions is the elimination of Communism and the building of a kingdom of peace on earth. I am working in all areas of human life, including the realms of politics, culture and religion. Our movement has set up businesses. Why do I do such things? It is not only religion that can show the direction for resolving everything. We must be trained for this world. (099-324, 1978.10.01)

Most religious people cannot escape from the confines of their denominations, even though everyone on earth seeks for one world of peace. Looking from God's viewpoint, this is a hindrance. (093-199, 1977.06.01)

To this day, religions have denied the importance of the family, tribe, nation and world. They have thought only of the spiritual world. On the other hand, while the Unification Church thinks the spiritual world is important, it also says that heaven on earth must be realized. There must be peace on earth. (118-248, 1982.06.13)

Had atheism appeared and there had been a religiously based United Nations, that atheism would soon have disappeared. If that had been the reality, we could have gone on to develop the world at a new level of peace centering on the United States. As that was not the reality, Satan could attack through Communism. If we cannot accomplish our responsibility, Satan can always attack us. Under those circumstances, God has no choice but to allow Satan to do whatever he wants. (122-244, 1982.11.16)

As the purpose of creation is absolute, the purpose of restoration must absolutely be accomplished. The messianic ideal is not vague and must be realized in our concrete, everyday lives. Thus, the purpose of religion is the realization of God's purpose in our lives. God has been expanding the realm of goodness through religions appropriate to the age, the race and the circumstances of the larger providence of salvation. The sole, awesome purpose of religion is to bring about peace on earth. Religious bodies must be concerned about the salvation of the world, the Will of God, before thinking about salvation for one religious denomination or one individual. This is the time when we must reinvestigate the true Will of God, transcending the boundaries of all religions. (135-220, 1985.11.16)

Through long reflection and prayer for the world and mankind, I feel the enthusiastic desire of God and experience miracles of the Holy Spirit. These tell us that the world must be renewed through the global unity of religious leaders, a growing movement of all religions taking the position of a true offering, and a movement of service. (135-221, 1985.11.16)

Up till now, I have been restoring this world following the providential directions of God and have made the utmost effort to realize God's ideal on earth. I have mobilized the entire capacity of the Unification Church and supported the purpose of world peace through unity among the faiths. I truly hope that your religions will also actively support this. This does not mean that I will cease my efforts in this area, nor will I hold back the financial resources of the Unification Church. By mobilizing all the spiritual resources and creative abilities of all the faiths, focused in the direction God's desire, we will advance toward the realization of a world of peace. (135-222, 1985.11.16)

There are many religions in the world. On the other hand, there are people who neither have a religion nor know much about them. From this point of view, there are two kinds of people's believers and non-believers. And we know that there are various nations that are generally made up of those from the one type or the other. These nations don't live in peace; they are in conflict and have various problems that they must solve. All people on earth are entering the future without knowing exactly what will happen.

I have been asked many times about the reason we were born and the purpose of life. There has always been the problem that we cannot make this world peaceful or ideal through our own effort and research.

Why can't we form a good world? Each person insists on things according to the circumstances they themselves are living under. There are differences between what people from the East and those from the West insist on. We can say the same thing about nations. When we study the history of a nation, we can see that the direction of history changes according to these special interests. The ideal world we wish for must not be changeable and must bring peace to us all. All people must become one in order for this to be a peaceful world. (149-080, 1986.11.17)

We do not know precisely about the world in which we live. However, if there is a God, we can imagine that what God wants might be actually the same as what humans essentially want in life. He wants to give us a homeland and create a world of peace. If God exists, He would work to gather in one place those nations that have been divided and in conflict in their history. He would bring this about through religions, so it is inevitable that we need religions.

Then, which religion does the world long for? It longs for the one that can actualize peace. It is not possible to become such a religion just through being concerned with the individual, with possessions or personal desires. A religion like that is no different from those religions whose central focus is only their native land and their own race and who are dominated by a subjective view of their nation's history. To be different from those nations and religions, It's saying, "sacrifice yourself!" From this viewpoint, it is impossible to find a unified homeland in a world that is based on nations built by people through a history of conflict. However, on a much higher level of the religious world it may be possible to bring about one world, and to form one homeland for all people. This is the way for any religion that emphasizes individual sacrifice and seeks the true way through self-denial. In religious life, people do not just live their lives centering on their own ideas about things. To walk the religious path, people should work to realize peace for eternity. The higher the level of a religion is, the clearer the teaching on that point. (172-143, 1988.01.10)

There is chaos in the dimension of thought. Despite the chaos in this world, the time has come for us to seek one world of peace. The four great religions have established the four great religious paths, but they cannot lead us beyond this world of chaos. Religions are currently unable to stand in the position of leading nations and guiding national ideologies. Thus, great chaos has arisen and a great reformation must occur.

In the quest for a peaceful world, the traditional religions might become obstacles. We cannot find one clear way with these religions. So, we are looking at chaos. Intelligent young people cannot help but abandon their life of faith. Such people think that it is quicker to solve the problem by bringing unity within society, nations and the world, rather than to solve it through religion. Religion has retreated and great chaos has arisen. (229-263, 1992.04.13)

All people throughout history have longed for peace and the ideal, but who can open the door of peace and to the ideal and liberate us? This will not happen through money, knowledge or power. The only thing that can transcend the realm of religion and families is true love.

A religion must be able to teach how to create a good family. It must be able to explain how to make a peaceful family. Looking at all the religions, we cannot find a religion that has fulfilled such a mission. All the religions, such as Buddhism, Confucianism, Islam and so on, are standing in the same position. (229-173, 1992.04.12)

The history of religion is based on philanthropy. From the point of view that they are on God's side, we can call religions the mainstream. That is why they should teach love, mercy and virtue.

So, religions should not try to expand their denominational influences; but they should invest themselves for the evil world, for the sake of the public interest and, eventually, they should change the evil world to be godly and bring it to God's side. The world should not be an evil place where people fight each other, but should be a place where people create harmony and peace where there is a harmonious atmosphere.

As you know, in the Sermon on the Mount Jesus says, "blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God." (Matt. 5:9) If a husband and wife who have been fighting reconcile, it means they have expanded the heavenly side in their family. What does this mean? To confront this world of vice, religions must invest everything, wherever their influence is needed. Investing everything can bring harmony, unity and peace to the family. This is the main teaching of virtuous religions. (213-007, 1991.01.13)

Isn't it true that where man's desires end, God's Will begins? Then, is there any religion or other group that can inherit God's Will? Do the great religions, which have transcended national borders, have the capacity to inherit the Will of God's If there is such a religion, we have hope; but if not, it is the end of the religious world. In line with this way of thinking, the age is approaching when all religions must learn the way to realize an ideal, unified world of peace. (219-289, 1991.10.13)

Christianity has come over the hill of death and developed throughout its history. It began on the hill of death. This new religion developed from the most miserable position. Death through the shedding of blood. Christianity had to walk such a miserable path to implant the right foundation for its purpose, because the ideal of Christianity is a peaceful and united world. Sacrifices were therefore necessary. Christianity has risen from a situation of bloodshed, and wherever Christians went, they have had to start from the lowest position. They were persecuted. They have battled on for two thousand years and established a worldwide foundation.

The United States is an independent, Christian nation. Triumphing over the objections of various countries and centering on Abel in the battle between Cain and Abel, more than a hundred people crossed the Atlantic on a ship, the Mayflower, seeking religious liberty and peace. The history of the Puritans is miserable. (206-012, 1990.10.03)

Since teaching the attendance of parents centering on God and meeting spring again (restoring the Garden of Eden) is the way of religion, the fact that a religion has a long history doesn't mean it is the most valuable. You must know that there is a religion representative of a servant, that is a representative of an adopted child, that is a representative of a child through a concubine and that is a representative of children of the direct lineage. From that foundation, the religion of parents must come and lead humanity to the peaceful Kingdom of Heaven in the 21st century. It should teach the right way for people in the servant's position to be good servants. The same goes for people in the children's position. It should teach them how to make their parents happy, and how to create families of eternal peace and prosperity. The core of the religions is the same; however, they are not all the same. (204-022, 1990.06.29)

4.5 Peace within the individual, family, society, nation, world and cosmos

There is but one key to opening the cosmos of peace. That key is neither the world nor a nation. It is one individual. One individual representing the world, a nation, a race, a tribe, a family and him or herself, is always the key. (082-134, 1976.01.04)

There must be no disturbance when one ascends through the levels of the individual, family, tribe, race and nation to that of the world. A family must inherit the victory of the individual, the tribe that of the family, the race that of the tribe, the nation that of the race and the world that of the nation.

Without such a consistent, unchanging formula appearing on earth, we cannot achieve the final point of providential victory that God's wants. Without this, there is no hope of peace coming to the earth. You must know this. (057-068, 1972.05.28)

This world is big. But a seed sown by someone bears fruit in the world. There cannot be peace when the internal and external aspects of a person are in conflict. This is not what God wants.

God, who has carried out the providence in history on behalf of human beings, must be able to show us a new type of plan to create unification. A movement like that must arise on earth. If it does not happen that way, there should at least be an ideal foundation of hope in the course of history. That is religious culture in history. (020-169, 1968.06.09)

The world today longs for peace. All people dream of a unified ideal world. Such a world must begin with us as individuals. We must establish a firm ideal foundation as individuals and expand that until we reach the world level.

Moreover, as we see that mind and body are in conflict in people, we must find a way of creating peace and unity within them. Unification has no starting point if a person cannot become a unified being fully representing heaven, earth, a nation, a race, a family and all humanity. Having understood this process of history, we know that one individual holds the key to everything.

A person like this is the central personage representing heaven, earth, history, humankind and the whole and has the character of being a unified person. No matter how hard we long for unification, the ideal, a peaceful world, without such a person, that world cannot be realized. (061-247, 1972.09.01)

We cannot have one unified direction or path when our hearts are full of self-centered desires. Without finding one system of thought that is connected to the philosophy of absolute value that can guide you to recreate your lives by uniting your consciences and bodies, you will never be able to create the one unified world, the world of peace. (060-262, 1972.08.18)

Everyone is longing for happiness, liberty, peace, love and the ideal. No one is longing for changeable ideals, but change often occurs in the world and we are living through a changeable history. Everyone is tired of seeking for the ideal, for love, liberty and virtue and has come up against a wall. If there is a true master of liberty, peace, happiness, virtue, love and the ideal, that master must be greater than we are. And he must be the absolute central existence who is unchanging.

God must be the great king of liberty, peace, love, happiness and the ideal. Then if we ask God, "where would You put the standard of liberty, love and the ideal if we become the masters of those?" What would He say? Even though God exists, He cannot feel happiness, freedom, peace, love or His ideal by Himself. The conclusion is that every being needs another with whom to develop a relationship of mutual interaction.

Thus, God is the subject partner and man is the object partner. Is the true standard of love set by someone living for himself, or for someone else? That is the point where we discern true love. Because God is the king of wisdom, He cannot make a rule that people must live for their own sakes in order to create a peaceful and happy world. If He were to make such a rule, the world would not be one of peace and joy. God cannot help giving away His true virtue, ideal, love, happiness and liberty according to the principle that we should live for the sake of others. (070-303, 1974.03.09)

The world we are living in does not really matter; it is too far away. The nation does not really matter, either, nor does the society, family, husband or wife. The crucial issue is what kind of foundation for unity we should make. From this viewpoint, if you want to have a peaceful, unified world, you must first unify yourself. It does not make sense to have a relationship with a unified world without first unifying yourself. (128-076, 1983.06.05)

The Second World War is not the problem. Russia and the United States are not the problem. The problem is how to bring an end to the restless conflict within ourselves and build peace. You must know this is of the greatest importance. If you cannot achieve this, then even if the world became peaceful, it would turn into hell. My first motto upon starting on this path was "control myself before seeking to control the universe." If you cannot control yourself, then you cannot control the world either. (131-032, 1984.03.11)

There is no way for you, the descendants of fallen ancestors to create a good family without individual level sacrifices. If you don't sacrifice yourself entirely, you cannot make your family the foundation for peace. If there is no spiritual foundation of your willingly sacrificing yourself for the family, your family cannot be the base that can go to the national or world level. It cannot be the foundation for God's ideal. So, the family must be the foundation for God's providence to develop towards the national level. You must go through your tribe to reach the national-level development. (168-112, 1987.09.13)

Where is the palace of peace? When Jesus was asked where heaven was, he answered that "the kingdom of God is in the midst of you." (Luke 17: 21) Heaven is in your mind, but if the center of your focus is only your mind, you cannot reach the Kingdom of Heaven. What we have insisted is necessary is the unification in one individual and then, the unification of a family, a tribe, and a nation. Only on those bases will the unification of the world be possible. This is our teaching. It says that the most fundamental point to starting the Kingdom of Heaven is achieving unity within an individual. This has to be the standard.

Then, has there been a family that has satisfied the condition to be the family of unity on earth at any point in history? How could it have come and disappeared? The situation in which we live is full of conflicts. When couples meet, they sometimes fight each other. When small groups meet, they often cannot unite. In fact, the entire population of the world can be said to be fighting one other. How could you dream of the realization of peace in this kind of situation?

As God has knowledge and is aware of all circumstances, where does He place the starting point of peace? Through religion, He established a movement for restoration centering on the individual. Seeing this, we can know He is very great. He didn't make the world, nation or tribe the starting point of peace, but the individual.

If there were a family on earth created by a man, a complete plus, and a woman, a complete minus who had both reached the mind and body unity necessary to be the origin of peace, and were completely united centering on God's love, who could ever break that family apart? There has never been a family on earth that has completely centered on God's love, which is the origin of power to sustain the family. (160-263, 1969.05.17)

You should unify your mind and body centering on your mind. Your family should unify centering on an individual that has reached complete unity between mind and body. A tribe should be unified centering on a united family. A nation should be unified centering on a united tribe. The world must be unified centering on a united nation. Do people in the world live in peace and unity? The answer is simply "No." Why? Because of the fall, everything turned out badly. So we must throw all this away someday and get rid of it. We must unite our minds and bodies as individuals. Those whose minds and bodies are united must create families of unity, then a nation and the whole world. Only then, can we have a world where everybody sings a song of happiness, peace and liberty.

God cannot stand seeing people in such pain. He has sought out individuals who can sing a song of peace and happiness by unifying their mind and body through the providence of salvation. He cannot but carry out the providence of restoration for this world so that the cosmos can become the original world of His desire. This is realized through organizing a family centering on the individual, a tribe centering on the family, a race centering on the tribe, a nation centering on the race, and then progressing to the cosmos. (155-195, 1965.10.30)

The course of unification is very simple. It occurs when we unify our minds and bodies. When an individual with a unified mind and body creates a family, the family can be the family of peace. And when that family becomes one with their society, the family can be a source of true happiness in that society. When the unified society becomes united within a nation, those individuals who made it possible will be respected throughout that nation. They would be the center of the unified realm. Moreover, if those people of unifying power are united with all of humanity, the Kingdom of Heaven can be realized thanks to them. (199-237, 1990.02.20)

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