Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Peace

3. Reverend Moon's Philosophy of Peace [Part 3 of 3]

3.3 Philosophy of peace and love (continued)

The knottiest problem in the free world today is the order of love. Love that lacks an understanding of the process of history, a view of the future and the proper direction cannot become the source of freedom, unity and peace.

For example, two people love each other today, but become divided tomorrow. How can there be peace, unity or freedom in such love? Is there freedom there? Is there happiness? Is there peace? Is there unity? Just the opposites are present. Such love would bring about nothing but destruction. and is unforgivable. You have to be aware that this type of love is the strategic weapon of Satan. He twists the original ideal of love in the opposite direction to destroy humanity and the ideal of humanity. We have to know that it is the strategic method of the enemy who takes the real peace, the real freedom and the real unity away from us.

Seen through this view of history, we can deduce that America will also go to ruin if she does not correct such situations and repent. She is certain to fall. If the correct order of love is not established in America, there cannot be freedom, peace or the possibility of unity. We have to be aware of the fact that confusion, destruction and darkness are enveloping us. (104-140, 1979.04.29)

Countless people living on this earth are vaguely hoping for the ideal world to come. What is that ideal world like? People say, "it is a place where freedom and peace exist, so humanity can live together." Look, this is just a vague concept. However, it is not ambiguous in our Unification Church. We present specific content. People say they desire a world of peace, freedom and unity. However, which one comes first and which one is last? Some say that it? freedom and some say that it's peace. Some say, "how can there be unity when there is no peace?" and others say, "without freedom, there cannot be unity. Without freedom, there cannot be peace, either." I mean, they are all fine ideas. However, what the Unification Church suggests is the content that includes these ideas, but emphasizes that the first source is none other than love. We suggest that the noun called love becomes the center. Freedom that is centered on this love holds true in any place and is warmly welcomed everywhere. Moreover, the peace that is centered on love is welcomed wherever it may go. Unity that is centered on love also receives a warm welcome at all times.

Without this, one cannot establish an order. The concept of freedom is different in the democratic world and communist world. Their views of peace and unity are also different. Needless to say, however, even though the content might be different, they can be harmonized and appear in one form when love is brought in. Why is this so? What people in the communist world demand is love and what people in the democratic world demand is love as well. It cannot be intrinsically different. What kind of love is that love? It is love, which can connect cause and effect. It means that its nature does not change at all. (104-139, 1979.04.29)

You have to know why love is precious. In true love, we find collective responsibility and collective relationships. Bringing the world into unity cannot be done with great power or great knowledge. It can only be done with love. World peace is realized in the place people are willing to fulfill their entire responsibility even at the cost of sacrificing themselves. What is united through force will divide when the force no longer exists. However, what has been united through sacrificial love does not break up even when there is no force. (097-162, 1978.03.12)

Love in the satanic world is a love that violates, destroys and ignores everything. However, love in the world of heaven is a constructive love, an ideal and peaceful love in which every life moves actively. It's a reality quite opposite to the reality in the present world. Also, love in the satanic world is momentary. While to the contrary, God's love is an eternal love. When a movement occurs in which these two trends of thought collide and cross each other throughout the world, then one would be the world of hell on earth and the other would be the world of the ideal in heaven. (091-199, 1977.02.13)

As long as you fail to establish the order of love, problems will become serious. No matter how strong, powerful and competent one may be one will become a hopeless person when hit by a problem in terms of love. When love is disorderly, there can be no true peace and true happy families. (118-295, 1982.06.20)

The foundation of peace cannot be formed unless people are touched and submit tamely in front of love. That's why good always seems to be hit and yet has progressed. The strategy of heaven is to be hit and then receive what rightfully belongs to it. We know that the course of restoration has been a path of blood, sweat and tears through which the side of goodness for God has developed. It is the formula. (114-093, 1981.05.17)

True equality, true happiness and true freedom won't exist without love. Freedom exists only when there are equality and peace. One can never be free by oneself but has to find freedom in the relationship of subject partner and object partner. However, no matter how joyfully the subject partner and object partner may dance, taking pride in their freedom, it cannot be true freedom and happiness while they are existing in an evil, selfish realm. It is freedom that will fall and be destroyed.

Within the absolute authority that can guarantee freedom, there is a peaceful and happy freedom. When it cannot be guaranteed, there is no freedom. For example, when you have loving parents and supportive brothers and sisters, they will protect you from the harsh environment. This can become a type of eternal freedom. However, your freedom cannot be guaranteed in an environment when you are surrounded by enemies. In the end, the environment affects one's freedom.

We have known that God is the only subject partner who is eternal and unchanging. Equality, peace, happiness and eternal freedom exist within Him. No peace or freedom can be guaranteed in a world that has no love. This is because the spirit itself is changeable. (065-290, 1973.02)

Only the unification of thoughts centered on shimjung [heart], which is a unique noun in the Unification Church, can establish the heaven of peace and the kingdom of peace. In other words, it can complete the utopian heaven on earth that humanity has always desired. (109-133, 1980.11.01)

Toward where are we moving? We are moving toward the ideal world. We are also moving to a world of peace and a world of unity. What are words like unity, peace or the ideal all about? They mean one world. What is the center of that one world? Love has to be at the center of all of these words. Is the communist world a world of peace? Is the democratic world a world of peace? No matter how well an organization is united, it cannot be a world of true unity unless there is love. There has to be love. (124-025, 1983.01.16)

Once you inherit the great accomplishments of the creation, you come to have the authority of true love. By inheriting the great accomplishments of the creation, you obtain the authority to inherit God's true love. With true love, there is nothing you cannot do. You can even love your enemy. The power of true love does not involve fighting or compelling others by force, but brings others to natural submission. This power is stronger than any other power. There is no ideal standard or standard of peace higher than the concept of true love.

To what do ostensibly modest women completely succumb? It is nothing other than true men and true love. There is nothing impossible in true love. Everybody welcomes it. (124-094, 1983.01.30)

How are you going to assure equal rights? By force? Externally? Emotionally? Through love, women can be equal to men. Through love, a mother can be equal to her son even though the son may be the president of a country. We have to know the fact that where there is love, everything can be equal. In that sense, we have to understand that the central core of equality lies in men and women who hope for a family of peace centered on true love.

When men go home, they say, "I'm going to the house of my beloved wife. I'm going to the bosom of my beloved wife." The wife also says, "my beloved husband, come to my bosom." That is peace and that is equality. They become one right here. Husbands want to return to their wife's bosom and wives want their husbands to come to their bosom and be one. Here, nothing is low or high. They are indeed experiencing equality. Can there be equality at any other place?

We have to understand that the equal rights of men and women are only formed in a peaceful family. (129-049, 1983.10.01)

Historically, humanity has desired for peace, but wars still continue to exist in the world. Unfortunately, powerful countries or men of power have often misused the word "peace." While saying such and such about peace, they have actually caused people to worry and experience something that is not peace. In particular, communists have used the word "peace" as if it were their favorite word, while making it their business to provoke war. This way, the word "peace" has been used in many cases just as a means of realizing injustice.

True peace does not depend on external conditions such as knowledge, wealth, social position or political power. There is not an absolute standard in the world by which one can impartially judge matters of worldwide concern and interest, so it is impossible to maintain true peace in the changing world. True peace can be established only upon the foundation of true love, and we can experience the relationship of love only when we understand the God-centered absolute value that ties humanity together. (130-010, 1983.12.18)

The freedom that asserts itself with true love as its center is eternal freedom. Peace that is started with that true love as its center is eternal peace, and such happiness is also eternal happiness. We can also draw the conclusion that when the whole is united centered on true love, it becomes eternal unity. Then, the eternal peace will be connected to the eternal society and the world. (130-146, 1984.01.08)

When black and white are together in God's embrace, they will be united together of their own will. They will assimilate with each other. How peaceful and happy such people, countries and families would be? Why? It is because everybody and everything would then resemble God. Everybody wants to live in love with people of the world. People want to live with true love. This is the correct path, which nobody can change. It is eternal. No matter how difficult that path may be, people choose it. This is the only path of peace and the path that reaches heaven. There is no other path, just this one! (149-306, 1986.12.14)

"Poetic sentiment is seen in the face of a smiling grandfather." "Poetic sentiment is seen in the face of a crying grandfather." Which one is correct? The country of peace is developed on the path where laughter exists. However, the day laughter does not exist, the heaven of peace will change into hell. In other words, when we follow the right path of love, heaven will come into being both in heaven and on earth. (139-027, 1986.01.26)

Religion strives for things that pertain to the world. With humankind as its focus, religion tries to create the framework of peace. Therefore, religions head toward world peace. However, world peace is not the kind of peace centered only on human beings. God has to be able to feel joy there. This is where the standard of peace that God desires matches the standard of peace that human beings desire. The important issue is what the two are going to be centered upon in order to agree with each other.

If human beings had created the culture of love and a worldview of love based on love as its foundation, then "bloody liberation" as Communism argue for would not exist. Democracies center only on people and are all unrighteous.

While it is difficult to distinguish the front from the rear in a spherical shape, its center is evident. A spherical shape is round, but its center is certain. Every action has to pass through this center. What kind of center is this? It has to be the center of absolute love. So, I see that the origin of peace, the origin of happiness and the origin of the perfection of the whole lie here. (139-061, 1986.01.26)

What is it that people need most? People also demand what God needs most. Therefore, one cannot find the standard of perfect happiness as long as humankind fails to complete its task. How can there be happiness when you eliminate love? Can there be peace without love? Can you find happiness when you are exploited and your mind and body are separated? Can people feel happy with each other if there is no power that can pull them up to the place of equality? No matter who you are or where you are, you will receive the privilege by which you can be endowed with equal value when you have formed your realm of object partner with perfect love. Therefore, when you come to form a equal bond with God's love, all that God possesses will become yours. This is an amazing fact. (141-108, 1986.02.19)

Why is love necessary? We cannot enter heaven unless we welcome God's love and have a relationship with it. Love is precious, so in order to establish love, we have to love others by living for their sake. The principle of creation is part of God. The love of living for the sake of others therefore gives and forgets, and gives and forgets again. We have to become a couple who can do so, a country that can do so, and individuals who can live for the sake of each other. Only love in which people of the past, present and the future can live for the sake of each other, centered on God, can lead this world into peace. (143-283, 1986.03.20)

What would people want to do by loving? That women and men alike can receive the right of inheritance through receiving God's love is a surprising fact. That's your wish, isn't it? To become the master of heaven and earth. Rev. Moon has gone through a miserable course, but he knew this fact. The people said to Rev. Moon, don't receive God's love. Now the day has come when they say, "please receive God's love and the right of inheritance of the universe." If all nations would sing such songs of praise, then the world would become a peaceful world. (143-066, 1986.03.15)

Would the road true love follows be a road along which you go as you please or a road you follow according to a certain unchanging law? Would the road have been made casually or would it have a certain order, direction and purpose? Surely, it would have a direction that includes the past, present and future. Therefore, one purpose "joy and peace" as to be realized where there is true love. (161-293, 1987.03.01)

When human love has found its center, the world of peace will start and all things will be in harmony centered on love. What would have become of Adam and Eve if they had centered on God's love? God's love would have entered the hearts of Adam and Eve and that husband and wife would have inherited the blood lineage of God by realizing love centered on God's own love. Pastors of established churches still think that God is holy and we, His creatures, are evil. They say so because they are ignorant of this teaching.

Love is not something someone can have alone. Even God cannot experience love all by Himself. Even though a grandfather has earned the Nobel Prize and might have hundreds of doctorates, there is no peace in him if he is alone. He has no joy. He would feel happiness when he held his small grandson to his bosom. Men and women are born because of love. Then, why would they marry? They would marry to find God's love. The day they found God's love they would stand in a position equal to God's. (164-149, 1987.05.10)

Men have desire, so they think what is the greatest hope and which way is the best to fulfill that. In the end, they come to realize that everyone has the equal right by which they can make the universe their own. Knowing that they have to occupy God's one and only love, they challenge to do so, even giving up the world. The day you occupy God's love, peace and happiness will come automatically. (160-236, 1969.05.17)

Without love we cannot build peace. In love there are no walls. Even the absolute God will demand absolute peace and absolute happiness. Then, what can bring them? Is it money? We can make as much money as we need. Would it be knowledge? God is the king of knowledge. Power? God is omniscient and omnipotent. Then, what would it be? It is love, true love. Even the absolute God attends love absolutely. (196-319, 1990.01.12)

Something that one person might think is best may not be the best in the eyes of another. One may consider the worst thing to be the best when one is centered on oneself. However, what is the one common thing that everyone would like? People, of course, like eating, wearing nice clothes and buying things. However, such things are always two-dimensional and not something eternal. They cannot help maintain the nature of your eternal life. Therefore, for human beings themselves to exist forever, men inevitably need women, and women need men. Besides, if they don't prepare a basis for peace through relationships centered on a framework called love, there can be no true family, nation or world either. (193-133, 1989.10.03)

In the philosophy of love, there is no sound of two people fighting. The sound of love turns life into peace, unity, harmony and ideal love. When love is ruled out, the concept of eternal life is meaningless. One can achieve unity only in love. The ideal, eternal realm starts from the unification of love. Only then would one say, "I want to live with you forever." (191-220, 1989.06.25)

The Last Days are the age of parents. The age of brothers (Cain and Abel) is the age in which people fight one another. There has been a history of conflict, but when the age changes to that of parents, the quarrels will end. The age of parents will come, so children who are in a family that attends the parents cannot fight. The day you are fully aware of such love, you cannot possibly find anyone to fight with. The world of peace comes from there.

When a boy sits on his grandfather's lap, does the grandfather feel bad or good to see his grandson? In the place where love is shared, love is the master of you and me. You can't be happier than being ruled forever by true love. While being ruled by love you find yourselves spinning around, and you exclaim, "oh, I thought that I was down, but I'm now up. Oh my, I am now in the east! Now west!" Nobody would object to this.

Everyone wants a world of unity and every country wants a world of peace. Gold cannot be the central focus of peace. If it were, it would cause fighting. You have seen cowboy movies, right? In the final scene, partners who had been searching for gold, face off and shoot at each other in a duel that could cost them their lives. At the end of the movie, they are both corpses floating down the river to become the prey of vultures. How would you attain unity, and after attaining unity, how would you protect it? There are not usually any protective measures. When you make unity through true love, however, you can protect it forever. People would never leave that realm no matter how hard they may be pushed. (190-125, 1989.06.18)

You are all individual embodiments of truth, aren't you? Love is the public truth incarnation. The ideal is nothing when love is excluded. Unity, peace and freedom are all empty when love is removed. What is the freedom of wife and husband? It is to strip themselves bare. Stripping oneself bare is liberation, isn't it? When husband and wife occupy each other's most secret place, that is freedom, isn't it? Without love, would that be possible? The fundamental realm of freedom's liberation is love. (179-101, 1988.07.22)

Love is the origin of all life in the universe, the origin of ideal management, the origin of every alliance, the origin of everything. Without love, we would not have such things as happiness or peace. (183-196, 1988.11.01)

If true love were perfected in the human world, what problems could arise politically, culturally or environmentally? In the world of true love, there is no insurmountable problem. The world of true love is the world of freedom, peace and happiness replete with laughter and dreams. A world in which joy and happiness are infinitely and eternally disseminated through the right of the same position, participation and inheritance that comes through true love. The complex problems that beset humankind today can be fundamentally solved only through the perfection of true love. (294-065, 1998.06.11)

Everybody likes unity and peace. However, one cannot achieve unity with money. Then, what is the power which can unite the five sensory organs and all the body's cells and make them go in one direction? The power of true love is the only such force. Only true love can make unity and peace. (288-084, 1997.11.16)

When love is removed, the ideal of one body will break apart and all thoughts of equality will fall to pieces. When we say that heaven and earth are in harmony and peace, doesn't that mean that everything is in harmony with nothing left out? Then, what will everything be harmonized by? Nothing will be done without love. (209-029, 1990.11.25)

Although God may lay down His own theory of the ideal, He cannot develop a relational theory of the ideal. God cannot discover the theoretical basis for peace on His own. Here, God has to engraft a relational theory. What, then, is that? It is love. He wanted His object partner of creation to be better than Himself. This is an amazing fact. (229-319, 1992.04.13)

The standards of peace and unity are not found somewhere else. What is the use of the unification of North and South Korea and the unification of the world if your mind and body are fighting? The standard of peace and the unification of North and South begin from the point where the fight between your body and mind ends. What are we going to use to stop this fight? It cannot be done with the might of nations or the influence of money. Knowledge won't do it. Power can't do it, either. Only true love! True love makes everything into one. True love is that which lives for the sake of others. One has to invest more than one's life. (219-066, 1991.08.25)

Where do women try to find utopia and absolute peace? Where are men going to find their utopia? The question of where to find men's happiness, men's peace and men's joy is an important one.

Women's utopia cannot exist if men are excluded. Women's happiness and peace cannot exist apart from men. It is because there is love between women and men. Nothing will happen without love. No matter how wonderful a man or a woman may be, he or she must have an object partner. Everything is decided centered on that thing called love. A woman understands love by meeting a man and a man finds love by meeting a woman. Love is the source of utopia and the foundation of happiness and peace.

We think that God has absolute peace and absolute happiness since God, who is the absolute being, has absolute love. If He were a changeable God, could He be the base for absolute happiness and the ideal of love? If God were changeable, could unchanging dwell in Him? Unchanging peace? Unchanging joy? God Himself is an absolute and unchanging standard. He is the one center. Unchanging love, unchanging peace, unchanging happiness and unchanging joy are connected together from there. This is an important conclusion. This is undeniable. This is a formula and standard. (205-202, 1990.09.02)

The thing that can represent the great principles of nature is love. It is love that becomes the center of the universe. Wouldn't even the Absolute God feel like obeying and attending it completely? If God is an Absolute God, He has to become a king there as well. We cannot deny this logic. Since God is in an absolute place, omniscient and omnipotent, He has to be a great king not only in asking others to serve Him but also in attending others as well. If He denied such logic, He would be an absolute dictator. If so, there would be no peace and there would be no good base of logic. There would be no conclusion except that God is a despotic being. The conclusion of harmony, the conclusion of compromise and the conclusion of freedom would all disappear. (204-029, 1990.06.29)

3.4 Absolute values and peace

Through the revolution of human consciousness, human beings have to be led to use their research results for the sake of the peaceful co-existence of all humankind in a highly creative and productive manner. Human ideals can be realized only when they harmonize individual purpose and overall purpose perfectly.

People need to understand how central absolute values are to the universe in order to make their lives meaningful. With all humankind firmly establishing a new world order by which all are brothers and sisters and live as one human family transcending nation and tribe, we can enjoy the ideal world of true peace and happiness. (081-091, 1975.11.28)

As you are no doubt already aware, the more chaotic the world becomes, the more mankind thirsts for peace. Then how can peace be achieved? In today's world, orderliness has been destroyed. Therefore, to establish peace means to restore that order. To restore order, subject and object partners must find their positions and establish mutual, unified relations. (110-249, 1980.11.27)

Men desire peace not only on the world level, but also on the level of nations, societies and families as well. Even individuals yearn for peace between their minds and bodies. Of these various levels of peace, which should be established first? It is easy to think that if world peace were achieved first, then on that basis the peace of nations, societies, families and eventually individuals would also follow. But this is a wrong viewpoint.

Actually, the reverse of the sequence is necessary to establish peace. Individual peace must come first. Then familial peace can soon follow, and only on that foundation can we hope for the peace of societies, nations and the world. This is because individuals are the basic units of families and families are the basic units of societies and nations.

Frequently, leaders believe that through outstanding organization and superior thought they could restore both the social order and world peace. In reality, however, mankind can never find peace through these two means alone. International organizations such as the United Nations and thought systems such as communism and democracy have all tried to realize world peace in their own ways, but peace is still far from our grasp, and the world experiences more confusion with each passing day. (110-249, 1980.11.27)

Unless the quest for peace starts from the peace of an individual, it is bound to fail again and again. Then how can an individual achieve peace? Only by having absolute love and practicing it. Love is the precondition for all unity; this means that unity can be established on the basis of love, and then peace on the basis of unity.

Through relative love, unity can never be achieved; only through absolute love does unity become possible. The mind and body of an individual can come into unity only through absolute love. Then one experiences such emotions as calmness, joy, satisfaction and a sense of worth. Only from such an individual can one draw a standard for peace.

When the parents and children, husband and wife, and brothers and sister of a family all practice absolute love from their respective positions, the unity of that family will radiate in happiness and harmony and, above all, peace.

Accordingly, the society formed by such families of peace will be a society of peace. If the families within a society become harmonious and help each other, the society will surely shine with peace, because order and unity will reign. The nation formed by such societies of peace will also become a nation of peace.

Moreover, a nation is not merely an assembly of many societies; it is an organic unit comprised of and based on individuals and families of love. Within it, perfect order and unity must be established, and then the true peace of the nation can result.

To express it in other words, even a nation needs God's love in order to establish and maintain peace. Even though the families, which are the basis of the nation, may be centered on absolute love, the nation as an organic body must be able to practice absolute love on the national level. Internally, the government and the people of the nation should attain unity; and externally, the nation should unify with neighboring nations, thereby creating true peace.

Needless to say, the peace of the word develops only on the foundation of the peace of all nations. When each nation ceases to place all its emphasis on trade and other ways of securing its so-called national interests, when each nation begins to serve other nations and the world with absolute love, and when each nation consistently maintains such an international atmosphere, the eternal peace of humankind will be secured. (110-250, 1980.11.27)

Thus, it becomes apparent that world peace begins with individual peace and expands through families, societies and nations to ultimately become world peace. At this point, I would like to clarify absolute love and absolute values. On the foundation of love, the values of truth, goodness and beauty emerge. For example, when love is practiced, it appears as goodness. Therefore, it follows that the practice of absolute love, which is God's love, results in absolute goodness.

The actions of an individual practicing absolute love for the sake of peace constitute goodness. Likewise, the actions of a family practicing love for the sake of peace are also goodness. The same is true for societies, nations and the world. In other words, in order to make true peace a reality, the individual, family, society, nation and world must all manifest the absolute values: absolute truth, absolute goodness and absolute beauty. The practice of absolute goodness is most urgent, for it assures that no element of evil can intervene and destroy order.

Since the spiritual values of truth, goodness and beauty develop on the basis of love, without knowledge of absolute love, which is God's love, absolute truth, absolute goodness and absolute beauty can never result. And without these absolute values, there can never be true peace. Thus, for the true peace of mankind to be established, absolute love must be practiced. But before it can be practiced, it must first be understood. (110-252, 1980.11.27)

Absolute love is that which acts for the benefit of others, serves others and remains unchanging and eternal. Then, why does absolute love serve the whole and remain unchanging? And why can peace be realized only through love?

These questions require answers. But in order to answer them completely, we must clarify fully the absolute being and his motive and purpose for creating the universe and mankind. In particular, the motive and purpose for creation serve as the indispensable standards for the practice of love and the establishment of peace. Before any plans can be placed in action, a definite purpose must first exist: any action without purpose is meaningless.

If man was created by the absolute being and meant to practice the absolute being's love, then it is certain that there is a motive and purpose for the creation of man. In order to clarify that motive and purpose, we need an explanation of the absolute being, that is, a correct concept of God. By establishing the correct concept of God, we can discover His motive and purpose of creation and, accordingly, the reason why His love must be practiced in order to realize peace.

Thus, I submit that for the true peace of mankind to be realized, it is necessary to understand the absolute being correctly, practice His love and, finally, realize His absolute values. (110-253, 1980.11.27)

3.5 Good, Evil and Peace

The universe protects and nurtures good things. Freedom, liberation and peace are nestling there. Since sincere effort is there as well we have to know that there is a power that draws you in. (016-132, 1966.01.02)

Goodness is something the universe protects and raises. It exists along with life and authority. There is nothing in the heaven and earth that can destroy it. When you become good, you are not afraid of anyone, even the president of a nation. No matter what kind of laws may be applied, it doesn't affect you. That's why laws of the world are unable to reach the standard of the conscience. In other words, worldly laws cannot intrude upon the authority of goodness. (016-134, 1966.01.02)

What is the way? It is mind and body acting in concert with each other. What is goodness? It is respond to our neighbors. Peace and equality are the common goal all people aspire to achieve. What is the world going to start with? It must start from the right path of life and truth that correspond with each other. So, what is the new truth? Heaven and earth are in reciprocal relationship, up and down, above and below, front and back, left and right. The new truth that has a view of the world, a view of life and a view of living that allows it to correspond with any beings would be the absolute truth that can remain in the Last Days of the world. History began not with reciprocity, but from conflict. The curtain will come down on this sad history. (017-120, 1966.12.11)

Evil will be stopped. What would happen if it is stopped? It would have to disappear. There are uneasiness and fear in evil, unlike in peace. There is the influence of death, rather than of life. (016-135, 1966.01.02)

The standard of goodness is God who is the center of love. That humankind today is struggling to free itself from the reality of pain and confusion, while yearning for freedom and peace, shows that the original heart of humanity is looking for the standard of good and the center of love. Finding the center of love and thus realizing the world of eternal happiness on earth is the desire and direction common to a whole nation. (065-260, 1972.11.26)

Even though so many people are hoping for good, the world is still an evil world. To make this evil world into the world of goodness is a serious problem that humanity must solve together in the present time. Peace cannot come until this is solved. We cannot deny that until we get rid of evil we cannot build a new heaven and a world based on a new ideology. (016-105, 1966.01.02)

3.6 Freedom and peace

Today, humanity is yearning for peace. As individuals, we long for freedom. We want to live in a free society, a free nation and a peaceful world. Without freedom and peace of mind, there can be no true happiness. The one who walks the true path of life hopes to find true freedom, peace and happiness.

Today, we would all agree that we are not living in a peaceful world. Though humankind cries out for freedom, such a world of peace does not exist as yet. For this reason, we must concede that we have not, in principle, attained the true state of happiness that we yearn for.

We often feel the mind's desire for freedom, peace and happiness pushing and prodding us to strive for something higher in our lives. (007-014,1959.07.05)

America shouted about freedom but has declined. There is a principle to freedom. We cannot bring peace as individuals. Can we create our own personal freedom by isolating ourselves from others? No. Only by living for the sake of others can we find true freedom and the freedom that the universe desires. (187-096, 1989.01.06)

You speak of freedom, peace and happiness. What is freedom? What is the freedom that people generally speak of today? Some may say, "no do as I please is freedom," but how far would that go? Men in general do not live longer than a hundred years. Will they be free until they reach one hundred years of age? If there is no law and there is freedom to do as one pleases, where will that lead?

From this perspective, everything will go in search of that which has good origins, seeking out places of freedom and looking for happiness. It is not a road on which freedom, happiness or peace all travel separately. They have to go together.

There has to be freedom in the midst of peace. What if there were peace in the midst of freedom? Think about it. Peace in the midst of freedom cannot exist. Peace means two entities harmonizing with each other, and it can only be possible when they yield to each other. Do greedy people feel like giving and yielding? What is to be done with such elements of character? That is why the time has come when we have to understand the rules of freedom. (182-111, 1988.10.16)

There cannot be freedom unless we stand on a unified foundation. Let's suppose that you envision the possibility of freedom in front of you. Can you say that you are happy with that freedom when your mind and body are fighting each other? Can freedom come into being there? Not at all. So, where is peace? Peace refers to the state in which we have all things in abundance with nothing lacking. Then, is there a place for peace when your mind and body are in conflict? It is the same with happiness. Can you find happiness when your mind and body are in conflict? It is simply impossible.

When we see these fundamental problems, we have to understand that we can only have freedom when our mind and body are united in oneness. Only at the point where mind and body become one does the foundation of peace come into being. Also, only where mind and body unite does happiness come about. The dream of peace in the world and peace in the family can only begin when the husband's mind and the wife's mind and the husband's body and the wife's body become one.

If a pastor and a church elder hold a church service while at odds with each other, can there be peace in their church? God's spirit never appears in such a place. Clearly, such a place has already become a den of the devil, securely snared in the devil's net. (232-189, 1992.07.06)

As long as we remain preoccupied with Satan's world, there is no freedom. There is no peace. There is no happiness. There is no hope. There is no eternal life. One has to restore these things through indemnity. Freedom comes into being by restoring the rights of things, of people and of love. That is, body and mind have to be one. We must restore human rights. There is freedom only when mind and body are unite as one.

If there is no freedom, there is no peace. We have to restore every freedom that currently exists in Satan's world and bring it over to heaven's side. Only then, can there be happiness, dreams and eternal life. The ideal of freedom, the ideal of peace, the ideal of happiness and the world of eternal life will come about only when we enter the original place in which we engraft the rights of things, people and love in front of heaven. (229-355, 1992.04.13)

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