Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Peace

3. Reverend Moon's Philosophy of Peace [Part 2 of 3]

3.2 Peace that comes when living for others (continued)

What are true parents like? They are the parents who think that they were born for the sake of their children, they have lived till now also for the sake of their children and will die as well for their children. When the parents stand in a place where they have lived for and will die for the sake of their children, they are surely true parents, parents of love, and ideal parents. They are parents who consider what is necessary for the peace and happiness of their children.

Then, who is a true filial son? He is the son who lives with the idea that he was born for his parents, is living for his parents and will die for his parents. We can determine who is a true filial son when he commits his loyalty and life from the position of having been born only for his parents, is living only for his parents and will die only for his parents. When the parents look at that son, they will find that he is a filial son of love and an ideal son that parents want. Also, their interaction with him becomes a source of peace, and the parents can be happy. We cannot deny the fact that in the creation of the universe, God established the ideal origin. Beings have to adhere to the principle of living for the sake of others.

What is a true husband like? It follows the same rule. The husband who says that his birth was for his wife, his life is also for his wife and his death will also be for his wife is a true husband. It is the same with a true wife. "I was born for you, my life is for you and my death will also be for you." This way, if a family member can keep the principle of acting for the sake of others, going beyond the individual self, the family will inevitably be the ideal family and surely a family of love, happiness and peace.

People have been unaware of the fact that God has established such a natural principle. If those of you who have attended this meeting tonight want to have a mind that longs for the world of love, happiness, peace and the ideal, take the road that can change the direction of your life. Then a world of possibilities will open before you.

Here tonight you have found a formula. One is meant to be able to accomplish the ideal only by going through the process of acting for the sake of others. Therefore, no matter how wonderful one may be, one cannot pursue happiness and the ideal apart from this formula. Just as people cannot avoid the road of death, it is a fact that one can find love, happiness, peace and only the ideal by following the standard of this natural principle, which God has established. Now in your course of life, when you form a judgement about all things centered on one official standard, you will find that in realizing the ideal conditions that people desire, nothing will be done without going through this process. (077-106, 1975.04.01)

We have to know that God is indeed the king of wisdom, so He established the secret of creation and the natural principle that one lives for the sake of others. I would like you to understand that true love, true happiness and true peace are formed only at the place of existing for the sake of others. Let's apply this formula and see. (077-188, 1975.04.06)

We can find a principle by which God created the world of the ideal in this. I am hopeful that today you remember that only by existing for the sake of others can God's true love start. Only by existing for the sake of others does God's ideal object partner manifest itself, and only through existing for the sake of others are peace and happiness realized.

For example, who are true parents? I mean, who in the world are true parents? True parents are not somebody special. If they have stood in a position in which they were born for their children, are living for their children, can die for their children and can do everything for their children, they cannot help becoming parents of true love, parents of the true ideal, parents of true happiness and parents of true peace. We have to understand that unchanging and eternal love, peace, happiness and the ideal are established only where one is existing for the sake of others.

When such a husband and wife appear, they will be able to receive God's love and become the object partners of God's peace. It is also certain that they will become a true, eternal and ideal husband and wife, a husband and wife of love, peace and happiness who can become the substantial object partner of God's ideal. (077-186, 1975.04.06)

No matter how many religious books may exist in the countless religions, their conclusions are all epitomized in the words "exist for the sake of others." If we draw a conclusion as a whole from the entire sixty-six volumes of the Old and New Testaments, it would end in the words "exist for the sake of others." Jesus said that he came not to be served, but to serve. Why? It is because God set the principle of the creation of heaven and earth and the ideal standard as existing for the sake of others. Accordingly, the Son of Heaven, who has to adjust himself to the law of the original world, representing heavenly law, has to be so. That explains why he emphasized that he came to act for the sake of others. It is said that those that wish to go higher will decline, and those that wish to go lower will ascend. It is said that if you give up your own life for the sake of your friend there is no love greater than that. In short, the conclusion is "exist for the sake of others." (077-190, 1975.04.06)

Love comes from the object partner. Without an object partner, there can be neither happiness nor peace. That means that these always come through an object partner. Love and the ideal, which are more precious than one's own life, come from an object partner. Accordingly, one has to be humbly prepared to receive that precious thing. You have to understand that God thus could not help establishing the law that instructs us to live for the sake of others.

God who is the king of wisdom knows that where one is acting for the sake of others, eternity appears at the center, the origin of peace and unity, true love and the ideal. We shall have to know that God could not help establishing the principle of existing for the sake of others. (077-192, 1975.04.06)

With what will we educate the young people of today's Unification Church? The secret of creation lies here and we know that love and the ideal are here. This being the case, if you would like to meet God, have His love, or participate in His peace and happiness, become a person who exists for the sake of others. There is nothing else. It is not because Rev. Moon is someone special or he has some special ways or ability. He is following this philosophy and so even God can stay with him; it is a philosophy whose road God cannot but follow. Individuals and families alike ought to follow this philosophy. (077-195, 1975.04.06)

We have to follow the will of the heavenly law of existing for the sake of others. If there is someone who serves his country more than any other, you should lead a life in which you attend him as God and the Lord. If not, live such a life yourself in which you serve your country more than any other person. Then, heavenly peace will nestle in your heart. You will recognize God's infinite love and His reality and receive the environment of the ideal of heaven on earth, where you live embraced by God. I mean this! Happiness will be there and the place of tranquility will come into being right there. To work while longing for individuals who can be like this is the road our life has to go, and, further, to long for such a country and thus hope to fulfill God's will is the paradise on earth that humanity and God desire in the end. (077-203, 1975.04.06)

When you go to the spirit world, you will find that God exists as the central being of heaven and earth. You will also see that the more you are governed by Him "for one thousand or ten thousand years" the greater our happiness. If you cannot believe this, why don't you die right now and see? We have not been aware of this. We have not been farsighted enough to see that if there is someone that can wholeheartedly govern us for our sake, there could be true peace. We shall have to know the fact that a being that acts for the sake of others will become a central being and thus can create a completely unified environment.

Peace, happiness, true love or the ideal will be realized only when you go to the place where you can say, "the most precious God is there for me. God's greatest love is there for me."

The world where this is possible and the place where people can live for the sake of others everywhere and on every level, including the individual, family, society, country and the world, is the very state of the supreme ideal that we desire. The world where there are true love, true peace, true happiness and true freedom is the ideal world that we desire. Also, when such a world comes into being and is united with God at the center, it cannot help being heaven on earth. (077-272, 1975.04.14)

God, who is the king of wisdom, created people, who are His object partners, and then found He had a problem. He had to think of where to put the origin of things such as true love, peace, happiness or the ideal after He had created man. "there in the world should I put the origin. Where is the origin of truth?" It was a question of where the origin of the true ideal, true happiness and true peace lay. The origin of these things, which God Himself has established, must exist.

Since God created things with this principle of the universe as the origin... God, who knows that a peaceful family exists through the relationship between subject partner and object partner, and that a peaceful society, a peaceful country and a peaceful world would develop in the future, had no choice but to decide on the origin of true happiness, once and for all. There were just two alternatives; one road where the subject partner acts for the sake of the object partner and the other road where the object partner acts for the sake of the subject partner.

The fundamental principle and true origin of the universe starts from here. True love and the ideal can result only from existing for the sake of others. Furthermore, peace and happiness can exist only through action for the sake of others. Those who say, "do things for me," cannot really exist. I would like you to remember the fact that God established existence for the sake of others as the fundamental starting point of the universe's creation. (077-290, 1975.04.25)

Can a minister of an established Christian church love Rev. Moon more than he loves his congregation? If so, everything is bound to be attracted to them when they act for the sake of others. Why? When you act for the sake of others, there will be greater love, a greater ideal, greater happiness and greater peace. That is why people who are looking for the road of greater love try to find heaven by contributing their lives where they can do more for the sake of others. This is possible when one acts in accordance with this principle. (077-300, 1975.04.25)

Having put the relationship of subject partner and object partner on an equal footing, God encountered a problem. God is the king of wisdom, the king of life, the king of the ideal and the king of peace. So, if such a being, who is the subject partner, makes a mistake in enacting the principle of heaven and earth, it would create a serious situation. Then, God, who is the king of wisdom, had to think about the problem of where to put the origin of love, the starting point of the ideal or the starting point of true happiness and true hope. Listen carefully. This is a matter we have to think about.

When we think about God Himself, He is the subject partner, so an object partner will stand in front of the subject partner. Thus, is God Himself going to stand in a place that serves the object partner or ask the object partner to serve Him since He is the subject partner? When there are two roads, one being the subject partner going toward the object partner and the other being the object partner going toward the subject partner, where should God put the origin of true love, peace, true happiness and true the true ideal? God had to consider this matter.

Where does the ideal start? It starts from God. Therefore, the ideal appears and true love, true happiness and true peace can be established only at the place of investment. This is what we already know well in our everyday lives. If God were to stand in a position of saying "hey, object partner! You shall exist for me," there could never be unity. If all were to stand in such a position of asking their object partners to act for their sake, everything would split apart. Therefore, God, who is the king of wisdom, made the principle of acting for the sake of others the root of the ideal. I hope that you remember the fact that God had to set up the principle of subject partners existing for the sake of object partners.

In this way, true love can be found only in establishing the principle of existing for the origin of love and the ideal origin of the creation of the universe. Why? It is because God is a being of principles. We can find the true ideal only there. Why? It is because God is a being who lives for the sake of others. We can find happiness, peace and true love only there. Please remember the fact that this principle of existing for the sake of others becomes the origin of true love, true freedom, true happiness and the true ideal, as I have mentioned before. (077-318, 1975.04.30)

If human beings had not fallen at the outset, they would have received God's tradition of living for others and developed this world into a world of peace and of heaven on earth. Instead, however, they walked a course of discovery centered on themselves, and this is what we call the fall. (077-325, 1975.04.30)

If 110 percent is returned from your having done something that benefited a man to the tune of 100 percent, you return more than 110 percent to him and he reciprocates with more than that and so on. This is achieved only when people exist for the sake of one another. We have hitherto not known that the concept of eternity is established only in this way. The concept of eternity appears here. Therefore, things like love, peace, happiness or the ideal have to be eternal. As such, God, who is the king of wisdom, had to establish the principle of existing for the sake of others. Please remember this. (077-328, 1975.04.30)

God is the king of wisdom. Not only that, He is the king of love, king of the ideal, king of peace, happiness and freedom. At some point, a problem arose after such a God had recognized His object partners, human beings, as having the same such value. Where in the world should He have put the origin of true love? Where was He to have put the foundation of the true ideal? And what about true happiness and true peace? I would like you to remember that such fundamental problems must be of concern to God Himself. This is the question that concerns you most as well.

Where did He put the ideal origin? Once you clearly grasp the origin, you can also receive love, happiness, peace and the ideal, just as God does. That matters. Why don't you speak of such things from now on?

The principle that one exists for the sake of others applies both in heaven and on earth. Where this works, the ideal dwells, true love appears and true happiness and true peace dwell. This is God's view of existence in the world of creation. Therefore, it would be impossible for beings to realize the ideal unless they follow such a principle. When you think that this is the secret and the formula of the creation of the universe, you should realize that this is a great discovery. (078-111, 1975.05.06)

Which kinds of religions lead into true religion, a religion of love, the ideal religion, a religion of happiness and a religion of peace? You have also reached the conclusion that religions that exist for individuals, families, tribes, nations, countries, the world, heaven, earth and God are true religions, the ideal religions and the religions that lead all people to the place of peace and the place of happiness. (078-117, 1975.05.06)

When you come to stand in the position where you exist absolutely for the sake of the standards of supreme love, the supreme ideal, supreme happiness, supreme peace and everything of God's that has been kept hidden, you can finally possess the love that has been kept hidden within the infinite God.

Therefore, one dislikes everything except possessing God's love. Right there, human conscience will finally say, "I shall now rest forever." It will take place within the realm of life itself. This is the utopian heaven that we desire. I would like you to believe that when this is realized on earth, we will call the world "Heaven on earth."

Please understand that heaven on earth, a new future and hope on a higher level will appear only when people live for the sake of others. I sincerely hope that you will practice this principle and thus possess God's love, happiness, peace and the ideal that are on that high level. (078-128, 1975.05.06)

If all the 240 million American people wanted love for themselves, 240 million quarrels would come into being. However, if they were to think that they want to live loving all the other 240 million people, a world of peace would be realized without fighting. (105-080, 1979.09.23)

Men never return precisely the amount that they have received. For example, if someone has received ten parts of love, he would invest himself and return eleven, twelve or more parts. Therefore, we come to the conclusion that the person who loves rather than the person who receives love, becomes the master that can expand the conditions for peace in the world. (039-236, 1971.01.15)

Those who get into debt never thrive. If there is a person in the family who likes to get into debt, the others will all push him out of the way. If there is a family member who lives in such a way that others are indebted to him or her even more than his or her parents are, the parents would feel like bequeathing everything of theirs to that child. That would be the way that the world operates. This means that wives should not be indebted to their husbands and husbands should not be indebted to their wives. We have to know that the world of eternal peace comes from the family where each member endeavors to live in a way in which others are indebted to him or her. (085-237, 1976.03.03)

Don't get into debt due to your eyes, your mouth, your hand, your heart or your face. If there is any way by which you can let your environment be indebted, try for it twenty-four hours a day, day and night, thinking that it is your obligation to do it no matter what becomes of your reputation. Then, your descendants will be such that they will be able to embrace the whole world and still do more. Also, after such people die, a garden of prosperity and peace, not a desolate garden of death, will develop. Heaven comes into being from there, from the place in which you are not indebted. (084-337, 1976.03.01)

Then, where does the unity of the world start? It is from the place of living more for others. What about the standard of peace? It starts from where you can drive the turning point of evil to the other side of the world. What is that? The world will become peaceful automatically once it goes beyond national boundaries with the thought of living for the sake of others when this is expanded to the worldwide and heavenly levels and finally has changed into the thought that can keep in touch with heavenly fortune. Simple, isn't it? It is simple once you think about it. (126-335, 1983.05.01)

If living for the sake of others is something that can become the standard of peace for the world, would that be enough? Would living for the sake of others be all? At its center, there has to be the love of living for the sake of others. Without being centered on the love of living for the sake of others, it will be impossible to deal with the world. (138-075, 1986.01.19)

What should the attitude be like of those who pursue what we call a world of peace, happiness and the ideal? They have to become those who can serve an ideal world. Those who can serve the universe and act for the sake of bigger things can develop a larger realm of object partners. I see that those with the heart of acting infinitely for the sake of others have the potential to expand the realm of possession toward the world of infinite object partners. (138-077, 1986.01.19)

Where are we going to find a true person? I mean the kind of true person whom, beyond country, the world can protect; the kind of true person whom, beyond the world, the universe can protect and the kind of person whom God can trust as a true person, if God does indeed exist. If this is not possible, one cannot find the origin of peace. (143-266, 1986.03.20)

World peace or the world of unity is not somewhere out there. It is within your body. You have to find the love through which your body can act for the sake of your mind, and your mind can act for the sake of your body. Intrinsic love will nestle inside you from there. Since men were born for women, they have to love women more than their own life. It's the same for women. That is the ideal world.

Only on the road of love that acts for the sake of others do we meet God, true men and true women. Also, it is where true families, true children, true parents, true tribes, true nations, true countries, the true world and a true heaven and son cannot but be realized. This is the principle of unity. This is the principle of peace. Without this, even so-called great men will all pass by. (144-167, 1986.04.12)

Would the people of the world be united with America? No. They will all kick America. But if America sacrifices herself for the world, invests and invests again, unity will come automatically. It is simple. The question of world peace is simple. Which ideology would rule the world in the future? The ideology that acts for the sake of the whole will rule the world. Let's suppose that somebody is going to go to Germany. He will be opposed if he is going to ruin Germany. However, if he is going to be of some benefit to Germany, who would oppose him? America, too, is welcoming Rev. Moon, since they have found through their experience that he does not do damage to America. (195-284, 1989.12.10)

What is a dictator? We call a man that requires people to act for the sake of only himself, a dictator. What is the antonym of a "dictator" We have nothing but a "pacifist," or a "man of sacrifice and service," In general, we say "pacifist." Well, what is a pacifist like? He is a man who does good to everyone. He is not a man who asks others to do good, but he himself tries to do good. This kind of person is close to what I earlier meant by a "good person." (172-151, 1988.01.10)

The kingdom of peace and the kingdom of the ideal are realized when we act for the sake of others even under difficulty. When family members like the grandmother, mother, father, husband, son and daughter act for the sake of each other, the family will go to heaven. Where members of a family ask others to act for the sake of themselves, there cannot be harmony or accomplishments in that family. Rather, what needs to be developed is the situation in which each member is trying to act for the sake of others. This is the closest truth and an easy truth at the same time.

It is good to live for the sake of one's son or daughter. However, one has to live for the sake of the country before living for the sake of one? son or daughter. One has to act for the sake of the world, heaven, and the larger entity and follow the road of logical principle. (171-087, 1987.12.06)

Good things never come into being where one asserts oneself absolutely. That is why dictators start with misfortune and end with misfortune. How many people have been sacrificed by dictators setting up their power-bases! Nobody likes someone who establishes himself by sacrificing others. A world of absolute peace or unity cannot be realized that way. (063-102, 1972.10.08)

It is impossible to realize the world of peace, happiness and the ideal, as desired by God's will, through a philosophy of asking others to act for your sake. Only the philosophy of trying to act for the sake of others will do. It is because God is like that. God exists as such a subject partner, so God, who is the subject partner, will protect such a person. Accordingly, such a person can develop and be eternal, as is God. (277-161, 1996.04.15)

Those who act for the sake of others become the people in positions of responsibility. Since Rev. Moon is investing and investing again to a greater degree for the sake of the world, the whole world is supporting him. The world is not asking people to act for the sake of themselves. If this were the case, there would be no grandfathers, parents, peace or money. Let's suppose that a husband and wife are quarreling. If the wife is such a person who acts for the sake of her husband and children, everybody will console her. If one is living for the sake of others, the object partner is clear. However, when one asks others to act for the sake of oneself, everything breaks apart. As husband and wife, do you want to fight or love each other? When you have the heart of living for the sake of others day and night, there will be freedom, even if you get into battles. However, when there is the reverse of living for the sake of others, this will demolish freedom, destroy everything and damage peace and love. (276-242, 1996.02.24)

No matter how holy and wonderful a religion may be, Heaven will restrain it and try to get rid of it if it runs counter to the primary purpose and direction. However, when its value is in line with the primary purpose and direction of peace in society, and if heavenly fortune and God do exist, God will protect and nurture it.

Even with a great saint or a great president of a nation, the force of heavenly fortune and the force of the universe will restrain them if what they do runs counter to the direction of the country, the direction of their continent and the direction of the world. However, if they become the center of their nation and the world, they must move in the direction in which the entire continent can go and try to accomplish things centered on the movement of that continent and country. One's rise or fall depends on whether one is trying to achieve unity centered on oneself or centered on the entire world of peace. (224-199, 1991.11.24)

One has to raise one's son and daughter like a prince and princess, and attend one's mother and father like a king and queen. Also, what do you call the grandmother of the king? One has to attend her better than one does the queen. This is the law of family in heaven. Can there be fighting there? The fundamental thought behind the family is to exist for the sake of others. If not, peace cannot come. Rev. Moon's teaching is eternal truth, and all the people here cannot help but be fully involved. So far, you have asked others to act for the sake of yourselves. What is it that you should change around, 180 degrees? Without my teaching it is impossible. (218-261, 1991.08.19)

The white-clad folk [the Korean people, who traditionally wore white clothing] are not supposed to have the feeling that they are the best. Rather, they have to make a movement aimed at becoming one centered on all nations in Asia. When they think from the standpoint of peace or equality based on this enormous region called Asia where hundreds of million people are living, they have to invest their nation for the sake of Asia in order to stand in a position where everybody can live well together. Also, Asia has to invest herself for the sake of the world stage. (213-070, 1991.01.14)

"Peace" is a word that comes from a relative concept, as does the word "happiness." One cannot be happy all by oneself. In this context, the entire universe will find happiness when I become a unified being. Our ideals, such as peace, will all start from the point where I become one. (208-231, 1990.11.20)

You cannot have peaceful ties in the human world through human power alone. Why? Everyone wants to be better off. Everyone is trying to take advantage of others. Everyone is pursuing his own interest and wants to get good things centered on himself. How about those of you who have come here? All the people including national assemblymen, teachers and students alike are struggling for hegemony centered on themselves and making a fuss for their own interest. This has become the main thrust of life. Fighting will continue in a world where the environment is such that people center on themselves. (200-078, 1990.02.24)

Did these eyes come into being for themselves? They came into being for their object partner. Did this mouth come into being for my sake? It came into being for the sake of its object partner. Did these ears come into being for my sake? They came into begin to listen. These hands did not come into being for me. They came into being to act for the sake of others. Peace exists from that point. (200-253, 1990.02.25)

3.3 Philosophy of peace and love

As the source of the universe, which comes first, life or love? When we examine this matter, life cannot be first. God is the source of life. This being the case, on what foundation would God like to live? He would like to live on the foundation of peace. What can establish a foundation of peace? Is it life, or is it something else? It is not life. There is something that can recognize the common base in all things, transcending orderly stages and the rank or position of subject partner and object partner. What is it? It is true love. (173-084, 1988.02.07)

What is the ideal core of the universe? It is love. It is the core of peace. Christianity talks about love and Buddhism talks about mercy. Confucianism speaks of benevolence, righteousness, propriety and wisdom. The word "benevolence" speaks of two people. Naturally, it means love. The Chinese character for "heaven" includes the characters for "two" and "person." (164-153, 1987.05.10)

Where there is no love, there is no peace. Where there is no love, naturally there is no happiness. Where there is no love, there is no joy, as well. That explains why we say, "God is love." The center of the universe can be established only through love and no being can exist without a center. That is why it is natural to say that God is love and human beings are love. (076-047, 1975.01.26)

People who live striving to see the object partner of love do not grow old. Only the power of love will transform the universe into a spring-like flower garden of love. Thus, the time is not that far away when we will strive for a peaceful world centered upon the universal and supranational God. (086-330, 1976.04.18)

The being who is the core of love is God. Human beings must have a nature that corresponds to God's nature in order to become beings who resemble God. Accordingly, the human mind must possess the nature and character that reflect the core of God. Where does its essence originate? It is rooted in the essence of love. Peace stems from love. Happiness and joy also originate from love and not from money! (035-057, 1970.10.03)

The ideal world is one in which God's original purpose of creation is realized. This ideal world must also resemble God. This is why human beings long for a harmonious, peaceful life where love is constantly present. It also why humans strive to improve the environment and ceaselessly create new things. Creation does not simply mean manufacturing something, but includes the entire creative process of formulating, planning, improving and finally producing a new creation.

We may say that human beings resemble God in terms of creative abilities, which can be seen in remarkable scientific developments. However, our creative abilities have not fully resembled God's unconditional love, and have consequently led to sadness, pain and misfortune. Since harmony is inherent in love, harmony cannot be found where there is no love. Likewise, where there is no harmony, there cannot be peace or happiness. As a result, history has been filled with misery and suffering. (065-259, 1972.11.26)

There is no rank or position in love. Therefore, when you exist in the domain of love, you have the authority to possess the whole even though you may not yet stand at the center. There is no discrimination in the world of love. Being large or small or high or low is not a problem since the world has infinite peace, infinite equality and infinite value at all times. These qualities are linked together eternally in a give-and-take relationship for goodness. Therefore, there is nothing that is not united or harmonious in the world of love. So, we must find the place of the victorious leader who is centered on the love that is rooted in such standards. We have so far failed to find such a place; we must strive to do so. (014-249, 1965.01.01)

This concept applies to the relationship of parents and children as well. Babies bite their mother's nipples when feeding. Can you mothers let this happen without love? You can?. You feel, naturally, profound happiness when your babies feel their parent's love, as you embrace them. Still more, when you feel that heaven and earth are all entering that state of peace, and things that are good for the general environment are budding around you, you forgive your biting babies and let them do so with a generous mind, no matter how hard they may bite into your breast. That is why parents can love their children infinitely. (049-050, 1971.10.03)

Love naturally develops the more it works. This power of love is also a kind of power of nature, but it is a three-dimensional power and one of increasing action. This applies only, however, to human beings. It does not exist in animals. Because of this, we are the lords of all things. We can have a relationship with the universe and can dream of the kingdom of peace. (039-334, 1971.01.16)

Peace does not emerge just because one person does well. The energy of men and women have to combine, revolve around each other, and rush toward the center. That rushing toward the center is the power of love. When an object partner appears, the heart that desires to love emerges within the being. (019-305, 1968.03.10)

Nobody wants a unity that is centered on a temporary purpose. People want unity to last forever. Then, what is the factor by which people can be united eternally? It is love. Love is the foundation for making unity. It is the basis of happiness that can be pursued forever. Without love, there is no happiness. Without love, there is no peace. Without love, contradictions arise. When love is complete, everything becomes harmonized. (050-113, 1971.11.06)

God is the same. If God loves human beings, it is natural that He would not want to love them from a lonely and painful place. We can conclude that God would find a road of love at the place of freedom and peace where all things in the universe can praise the love and glory of God.

If there is someone whom God can love, He would like to love the person in a free environment and in the original place of a peaceful heaven. What kind of love would He like? It would be the supreme love. Wouldn't God and humans desire the supreme love to which heaven and earth can bow in respect? (051-315, 1971.12.05)

Even though you may occupy a part of God's love, you would have to give precedence to the person who can command all of God's love. Can you talk about peace, happiness or the ideal without mentioning love? Needless to say, the supreme place that God desires and we can reach is the place of love. (053-108, 1972.02.11)

What is the standard of the common denominator? If someone said, "let's establish it with God's authority!" and people followed it, equal rights would still be lacking in such a place. One may, of course, force others to follow such a standard and the people may even say, "yes." However, you would not find the reciprocity or equality there. In short, the factor that can generate the ideal of mutual peace is love and nothing else. (083-157, 1976.02.08)

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