Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Peace

3. Reverend Moon's Philosophy of Peace [Part 1 of 3]

3.1 Peace is realized through reciprocal relationships

God is the absolute and the only One. Did God, who is the only One, make the standard of goodness Himself alone? If He had done so, the ideal of creation could not be realized. Joy and happiness do not occur alone, but require a reciprocal partner. When mother and children become one, there is happiness. Since the word "Peace" has the meaning of being flat like the horizon, peace includes the meaning of relationship. (136-104, 1985.12.22)

Why did God create the universe? God is the absolute subject, but, when alone, He cannot feel joy. Peace, happiness and joy do not come when one is alone, but occur through reciprocal relationships. Thus, on His own, God does not play the role of creator. (058-210, 1972.06.11)

Throughout history, we have always pursued peace. However, this world is filled with distrust, capriciousness and enmity; we are at an impasse in establishing a world of peace. Therefore, we are forced to think of an absolute, unchangeable and eternal being that can realize our ideal. The being must be God. God must be the subject of love, happiness, peace and the ideal.

From this point of view, human beings are necessary for the completion of God's peace, love and happiness. We did not know this fact. In order to perfect God and man's reciprocal ideal, there is no other way than our uniting with God's direction. (074-046, 1974.11.27)

Completed individuals can fulfill God's ideal of creation. God did not create all things just to look at them, but to derive joy from them. Joy gives happiness to people, and happiness gives rise to a peaceful environment. Thus, the crucial point of obtaining joy and solving the problem of peace is to make a reciprocal relationship with the absolute God. (063-155, 1972.10.14)

If Adam and Eve had completely united with God, their love would have been absolute love. Since their children would have been born in the realm of absolute love and grown up receiving absolute love, they would have naturally lived in the reciprocal realm of absolute love. In such an environment, parents and children can be united, and people can praise God's love, and the four-position foundation can be formed. (051-168, 1971.11.21)

When True Father prayed in the old days, with a serious mind he asked God, "What is the root of the universe?" At that time, God answered, "The relationship of parents and children." When that relationship is perfected, the universe will be united and the world will be peaceful. (104-099, 1979.04.15)

Let's say this is a meter. You cannot arbitrarily make your own "meter" deviating from the standard length. Distance is measured according to that original standard. Words and deeds should conform to the original standard. When they do, the foundation of peace and unification can be built. (051-079, 1971.11.01)

Peace is impossible without the origin. If God exists as the subject of love, life and the ideal, He has to establish a level at which He can be united with man through love, life and the ideal. The most valuable things to us must be true, eternal love, life and the ideal. We know that people have pursued love, happiness, peace and the ideal throughout history. However, today's people have tired of seeking such an ideal and love. One can find the unchangeable ideal and love not in this changeable world, but from the unchanging God.

No matter how omnipotent God may be, He alone cannot establish the world of peace, happiness and the ideal. That world can be made in reciprocal relationships. Even though God is the origin of peace, happiness, love and the ideal, God alone cannot make such an ideal world.

The relationship between God and people is the reciprocal relationship of parent and child. We have to restore such a relationship from now, therefore. Even sinful people desire that love, peace, happiness and the ideal be eternal. In the same manner, God, as the eternal subject partner, also wishes that we, as His object partner, be eternal. If God has eternal love, happiness and the ideal, there must be a world of eternal love, happiness and the ideal. This is called the Kingdom of Heaven. (069-075, 1973.10.20)

Who are the unfortunate ones? Those who are unable to give and receive, as they would like to, are unfortunate. Happiness does not arise by itself. Peace, love and happiness can never come about when one is alone. Because they occur through a reciprocal relationship, perfect peace, perfect love and perfect happiness must emerge through a perfect object partner.

Where can people find the perfect level of love and peace? It is impossible to find absolute love and peace in this capricious world. People throughout history have sought unchanging love and the ideal, but now they recognize the impossibility of establishing an absolute world and are stifled. (082-290, 1976.02.21)

From this point of view, if we think that people cannot establish the ideal world of peace, or of true and eternal love, and the absolute, eternal and unchanging being exists, there is no other way except through that absolute being. That absolute being is God. Since God is an eternal, unchanging and unique being, the love, ideals, peace and happiness that He desires must be likewise. (074-161, 1974.12.07)

We can see here clearly that things such as love, happiness, peace or the ideal are not realized by words alone but are substantiated through reciprocal relationships. Even God would find it meaningless to love, to have an ideal or to have peace and happiness all by Himself. They would mean nothing without an object partner.

We come to the conclusion that in the universe only a human being can stand in a reciprocal relationship with God. We have not understood that we are indispensably valuable beings needed to accomplish God's ideal, God's love, God's happiness and God's peace. (074-161, 1974.12.07)

If we could prescribe a formula for happiness and peace, what would that ideal formula be like? This is what matters. In the course of your life, you surely have had such questions as "What in the world are human beings?" or "What has become of me?" "Right." How is a view of life, of the world, of the universe or of God formed? You might have thought, "Oh, no, a viewpoint of life! I don't even know about human beings. What am I going to do for a viewpoint of a nation, a viewpoint of the world, and so on." Also, what about a viewpoint of the universe or a viewpoint of God's? Still, people cannot stand in an isolated position. They are going on a predestined road in which they have no way but to make subject partner-object partner relationships in the realm of reciprocal relationships.

We have been aware of that since time immemorial. Humanity has been longing for eternal, true and unchanging love, happiness, peace and the ideal.

God is the one that can become the King of love, the King of ideals and the King of peace and happiness. We can draw the conclusion that we have to learn and follow what He suggests if we are to accomplish through Him the ideal which humanity has been pursuing. This is a natural conclusion.

When we think about it, we know those things like love, peace, happiness or the ideal are not realized by someone on their own. Rather, they are accomplished in a reciprocal relationship. Therefore, although God is such an almighty, absolute being, He cannot realize the love, peace, happiness and ideal that He desires, all by Himself. It is inevitable that even God Himself needs an object partner.

The conclusion is that if somebody asks what, of all the things in God's creation, can be the substantial object partner of God, the answer is people. We are the object partners that can accomplish His ideal of love and complete His happiness and peace. Of what use is it for God to love all alone, for Him to find the ideal all by Himself or to feel peaceful and happy all alone? He cannot accomplish these things without people.

Today established theologians are saying the Creator and His creatures cannot stand in the same place. If that is true, through whom are we going to realize love and through whom are we going to accomplish happiness and peace? These cannot be accomplished without an object partner.

Furthermore, if God is an eternal, unchanging and absolute being, can He say to people, who were made as His object partners of love, "You are necessary to me only when I need you for a moment and according to my situation?" He cannot think that way. Since God loves them, and they are His object partner of happiness and the fulfillment of the ideal, He and they have a relationship as the subject partner and object partners of peace. His object partners should also be absolute and unchanging beings just like God, who is not temporal but absolute, eternal and unchanging. We have to understand this fact. (077-116, 1975.04.01)

We know that from ancient times there has been no one among the countless people living on earth who has not sought after true, eternal and unchanging love, happiness, and peace the ideal. However, at this time of change and confusion, we are facing the fact that we have come to a dead end. We are stifling in our effort to find the ideal in a society where antagonism and jealousy exist.

If God exists, He Himself cannot help wishing for true love. Moreover, He cannot help desiring true peace, true happiness and the true ideal. It is certain that God would be the very king of love, king of the ideal and the king of peace and happiness. So, I think that the world of true love, happiness and the ideal cannot appear in our world unless we follow God's requirements of love, peace, happiness and the ideal and find a way by which we can align ourselves with His demands. Although God does exist, such things as love, hope, happiness or the ideal cannot be established by God alone. These are words that can be realized only after a reciprocal relationship is formed. Therefore, no matter how absolute God may be, a reciprocal existence is surely needed to fulfill His love, peace, happiness and the ideal.

If someone were to ask what in the universe is God's object partner, anyone would answer that people are. God cannot perfect His love, happiness, peace and ideal by Himself. It is only possible through a reciprocal relationship, and it is only people that can stand in that reciprocal position. Until today, we have not thought of the fact that without us, God's love, ideal, peace and happiness cannot be fulfilled. We must recover our original value. Today, the one that you refer to as "I" is absolutely needed to realize God's ideal and love. (077-100, 1975.04.01)

Let's suppose that God is here. Can He fulfill love by Himself? The answer is no. Can He fulfill the ideal by Himself? Can God enjoy happiness and peace all alone? The answer is no. As you know, this thing called love is not something one realizes by oneself. Things like peace, happiness or the ideal are not realized when they stand alone, but are fulfilled only in reciprocal relationships. Therefore, there should be an object partner for the realization of God's ideal.

There should be an object partner in perfecting God's love. Likewise, God's happiness and peace cannot be realized without an object partner. What would be the use of loving, fulfilling the ideal, being happy or being peaceful all by yourself? We come to the conclusion that these are possible only by having an object partner.

Until today, we have been ignorant of the fact that, although we have thought that we are insignificant, without each of us God cannot fulfill His love. Without "Me" God cannot fulfill His ideal and we are necessary in perfecting God's happiness and His peace.

Here we must realize once again that, although we are immature, we are beings of high-dimensional value that can complete God's love, happiness and peace. (077-182, 1975.04.06)

There has not been a single day until now when we have not been waiting impatiently for true, eternal and unchanging love, happiness and peace and the ideal. These ideals cannot be realized through changeable human beings. This is a fact we can see vividly in the current state of the world.

If the absolute, eternal, unique and unchanging God does exist at this time, we cannot but ask for the origin of true love, true happiness, true peace and the true ideal from a new viewpoint in accordance with such a God. Looking from that perspective, we would finally be able to receive the world of new peace and new happiness from understanding God's view of Himself, God's view of life and God's view of the world of matter. What is the issue here? Even though God is indeed absolute, it is impossible for God to fulfill things like love, happiness, peace and His ideal by himself. Love, happiness, peace and the ideal do not materialize by themselves. They are fulfilled only in reciprocal relationships.

Therefore, we come to the conclusion that when there is no object partner for the absolute God, even He cannot fulfill the absolute love, absolute peace, absolute happiness or the absolute ideal that He desires.

From this viewpoint, what beings in the world of creation can appear as an object partner for that absolute God's We cannot think that it could be any being other than human beings. We have been unaware of the fact that we are the only object partners who can fulfill God's ideal and perfect God's true love and that we have the value of object partners who can complete God's happiness and peace.

God is the subject partner and we are His object partners. We have to understand that in front of God, we, who are His object partners, are beings with infinite value. (077-260, 1975.04.14)

The question is how we can be linked with the ideal conditions He demands. From ancient times, people have in their own way sought after true and unchanging love, freedom, peace, happiness and the ideal. However, they now find themselves running into a blind alley, unable to have hope. Moreover, we are facing a hopeless situation in which we have to lament not only over ourselves but also over the world.

God and human beings alike are hoping for happiness, true love, true peace and the true ideal. That being the case, when is it that this world of love, the world of happiness and the world of peace and the ideal will be fulfilled? It is when God and man are united as one.

When we ask who the subject partner is and who the object partner is, God has to be the subject partner. As subject partner, God has to clearly make us realize the conditions He demands and find human beings that can be united with Him according to the standard He requires. Thus, unless He remolds human beings to that standard, the true love, true happiness, true peace and the true ideal that God desires cannot be realized. This is the natural conclusion.

Therefore, you now have to follow the content God suggests. What matters here is that God is the subject partner and we are the object partners. Then, what about concepts such as true love, true happiness, or true peace? Are we talking about these things separately? No. For example, love is created only when there is a relationship of subject partner and object partner. As for peace, can a person feel peaceful alone? Here again is surely the need for a subject partner and an object partner. Also, can there be an ideal when one is all by oneself? There cannot. Here again is the need for a subject partner-object partner relationship. Also, we have to know that we do not have the concept of the happiness of one individual alone. Happiness is realized only in terms of the subject partner-object partner relationship.

Therefore, even God cannot attain true love, His ideal, happiness and peace without His object partner. What would be the use of an ideal to God by Himself? What would be the use of peace or happiness to God if He were alone? We come to understand that God also needs happiness, peace, love and the ideal and can achieve them only when His object partner is there.

The one thing that I hope that you will understand is that each individual is indispensable in completing God's true love, peace, happiness and the ideal. We have been unaware of our tremendous value. With this knowledge of our value, which is precious, awesome and lofty, and which can bring love, peace, happiness and the ideal, even to God, please become people that can praise themselves and feel reverence for themselves. (077-313, 1975.04.30)

True happiness, true peace and true freedom: even when we find ourselves desperate and upset we pursue them. However, what is the reason for our failing to fulfill even one of them? No matter how hard we try, these things are not to be found.

True love does not come from human beings. If there is an absolute God, true love must come from Him. True ideals do not come from us, but from the absolute God. True peace, true happiness and true freedom do not come from us, but from the true God. Therefore, we can expect that those that are not standing in line with the Will of God or who are in a situation where something is wrong, cannot reach such a place. From this point of view, we cannot deny that love, freedom, happiness, peace and the ideal are not established by ourselves, but only within reciprocal relationships. (078-104, 1975.05.06)

If there is an absolute God, If God were alone could He say, "Wow, this is love!" If God were alone, could He say, "Were is my ideal. I am happy. I am the center of peace? He couldn't". We have to understand that an object partner is absolutely needed. Even almighty God, who created and moves the entire universe, cannot fulfill His love without an object partner. Without people, He cannot attain His ideal, happiness or peace. This is a logical conclusion.

You will leave here having found the most precious thing at this time if you realize that, "I am an amazing being who can perfect God's love. I am an amazing being who can realize God's ideal. I am an amazing being who can accomplish God's happiness and His peace."(078-103, 1975.05.06)

Everything such as love, peace or happiness is established in a reciprocal relationship only. It cannot realized by one person alone. If someone were to say, "Love! Oh, I am in love by myself" he would be considered insane. If someone were to say, "Peace! Alone, I am at peace" he would also be thought insane. Also, can one be happy alone just by saying, "Happiness! I am happy all by myself." He would be called a lunatic. It has to be connected to a reciprocal relationship and love. If one finds love, happiness and peace will be there automatically; peace will arise as a by-product. (085-055, 1976.03.02)

Throughout history, people have sought the world of eternal, universal and true love, and sought happiness, peace and the ideal. In modern times, we are no less waiting for this to be realized. However, we are well aware of the fact that we are standing in a place of declining hope. We also know very well that people are thus discouraged and are now driven to the limit saying, "The world is finished. It can't go on."

Although the desire for true love, true peace, true happiness and the true ideal may not be realized in this changing world of human beings, it is certain that, if an absolute God transcending human beings exists, He will surely accomplish them. There is no other way than this.

When we think this way, God Himself cannot but be the king of love, the king of peace and happiness and the center of the ideal. Therefore, when human beings are blocked in their search after such things, there is no other way except through God.

When we think of such things as love, happiness, peace or the ideal, they are not something that one being can accomplish alone. They cannot be realized without a reciprocal relationship. This being so, would God be able to achieve them all by Himself? Even God cannot realize them by Himself. Accordingly, somebody in the universe has to stand in the position of object partner to another in establishing reciprocal relationships.

In this context, if we suppose God to be the subject partner of the universe, there is no being other than human beings that can stand in the position of His object partner. Then, we can reflect on the reality that the perfection of love that God desires is not achieved by God's love alone, and that the peace, happiness and ideal of God are similarly not to be fulfilled by God Himself without us. We come to feel that there has been no one in all of history that has thought about this deeply. (072-010, 1974.05.07)

Is God a being of devoid of love? No. God has love within Himself. However, the problem is that He has not had an object partner He could share love with. One can never feel love or happiness by oneself. Peace is also meant to exist through the reciprocal relationship between countries that are in a relationship of subject partner and object partner to each other. (145-267, 1986.05.15)

When people say "Peace," what are they talking about? They are not talking about peace itself, but a reciprocal relationship. There has to be love there. Nothing peaceful can exist unless there is love. (175-196, 1988.04.17)

When people talk about world peace, they think of it as a reciprocal relationship. In other words, people talk about peace that is centered on East and West. The peace that is centered on the East is unilateral peace and it cannot be overall peace. Words like "quality" or "balance" are all formed when things are connected in reciprocal relationships. Therefore, what we call "Peace" is also achieved when a man and a woman become one.

From this viewpoint, if there is one thing that can realize the point of equality, it is love. It is the same with equal rights between men and women. People often use the phrase "women liberation." Women generally cannot match men in physical power. Men and women are equal in love, however. (166-037, 1987.05.28)

Without investing one's own resources and sacrificing oneself, the world of peace and unity will never come. What about individualism? There is not one part of us that we can claim to be our very own. When children grow from their mothers' ovum, receive their parents' love and are born, 99.999 percent of their being is their mothers' bone, blood and flesh, and the other 0.001 percent is added from their father' sperm. There cannot be a concept of self. No one had the concept of "me alone" when they were born. (299-119, 1999.02.07)

The ideal form of peace cannot be realized by one being alone. Why do you think bees or butterflies came into being? What would happen if there were no bees or butterflies in the world of plants? What would happen if there were no winds? Could plants multiply? What would be the use of honey or scent? Why are there bees and scent? Everything is meant to help each other with their right to survive in reciprocal harmony. There are women and men, and males and females in the world of animals, right? Are the organs of males and females the same as those of people? They are different in their appearance, but isn't their nature the same? Don't males and females bring forth their young by becoming one? What about human beings? A baby is born through a woman and a man becoming one. (230-320, 1992.05.10)

3.2 Peace that comes when living for others

The order of existence in the universe is rooted in acting for the sake of others. The world of true peace, true love and the true ideal is both the ideal of God's creation and the desire of humankind. Therefore, the origin of happiness and peace lies in living for the sake of others. (135-233, 1985.12.11)

Where one insists that one exists for oneself, two cannot be united. For people to be able to achieve the goal of peace and to be in a position to console one another, it is necessary to take the stance that "exist for you." Peace is drawn only at the place we say, "I am here for you."

Only when parents are there for the sake of their children is a peaceful nest created for them. When the parents are there for their own sake, the nest of happiness and peace is ruined.

If the children think that their parents exist for the sake of the children, but that they, the children, exist for their own sake, their home cannot be a place of peace and happiness for the parents. As more people think in this way, misfortunes will arise and there will not be a foundation for peace. In other words, only where family members live for the sake of the other members can the basis of peace and the conditions for happiness blossom. (060-021, 1972.08.01)

Once you have practiced the principle of living for the sake of others, a family of peace, a family of freedom, a family of happiness and a family of love will be realized, and, in society, a society of peace, a society of freedom and a society of happiness will result. This is the same with the nation and the world. You have to know that the conclusion is a matter of course that, wherever you are, happiness, freedom, peace and love will dwell so long as you are acting on this principle of acting for the sake of others. (070-307, 1974.03.09)

God is the king of wisdom and is omnipotent. Therefore, He has to either decide on the origin of true love, true happiness, true peace and the true ideal of the world of humanity from the standpoint of being centered on the subject partner in the subject partner-object partner relationship, or from the standpoint of the object partner. By that, I mean that God has to decide on the matter with the eternal ideal world in mind.

We come to realize that, rather than an object partner attending the subject partner, God inevitably takes the position that He Himself exists centered on His object partner. Then, everything becomes one. Since everything follows the principle of development, the almighty God had to decide the standard of peace, happiness, love and the ideal as "existing for the sake of others."

Therefore, happiness, love, peace and the ideal do not dominate others or place others in the position of serving them; rather they put themselves in the position of existing for another's sake. Only then can true love, true happiness, true peace and the true ideal begin. The principle of the creation of the universe is thus established. (072-014, 1974.05.07)

If a man and a woman who are going to spend their lives living for the sake of others became husband and wife, that couple indeed would be an ideal couple. Isn't that so? Such a couple certainly sets the standard of true peace. That a husband and wife can be a truly happy couple is proved by such a couple. They can surely become the subject partners of eternal and universal true love.

Let's apply this principle to see what the ideal parents are really like. If there are parents who think that they were born for their children, they have always existed for their children and they would end their lives devoting themselves to their children instead of trying to exist for themselves and spend their life for their own sakes, certainly, such parents could not but be true parents. These parents are indeed parents of true peace, true happiness and the true ideal. To the contrary, if there are children who think that their having been born was for their parents and that they will live for their parents and die for the sake of their parents as well, they cannot but be filial children. These are definitely children who can receive true love and be children of true happiness, true peace and the true ideal. (072-015, 1974.05.07)

We have now learned about two types of beings, God, who is the subject partner, and human beings, who are the object partners. Also, we have learned that these two have to become one by all means. Here, the question of where to put the source of true love, true happiness, true peace, true freedom and the true ideal must be a problem for God Himself as well.

Therefore, neither men nor women are born for their own sake, but for their object partners. We have to understand that love, happiness, peace and the true ideal exist in our existing, living and dying for the sake of our object partners. I have known that this is the basic truth of the universe. Where this principle is applied, that is, if this is applied to the relationship of father and son, there are true parents and true sons right there. It is certain that the place of happy parents and children is established only in such a relationship.

We may say that if a loving couple says to each other at the time of their marriage, "I was born for you, have lived until now for you and will die for you," the couple would be an ideal couple, a happy couple, a couple of peace and a couple of freedom at that place and at that moment. (073-191, 1974.09.17)

"Existing for the sake of others" is the principle of the origin of the universe. Considering the fact that this principle constitutes the foundation of the ideal, one can receive abundant happiness, peace and love only when one stands upon this principle. (072-028, 1974.05.07)

Let's suppose that I have done something that was of benefit to a Mr. Park that we will give the measure of 100 percent and he came to know of this. Then, he would feel like returning 110 percent to me. When he returns 110 percent, I come to feel like responding to him with 120 percent. Here, the concept of eternity begins. True love will go on forever. Happiness also goes on forever. The ideal also goes on for eternity. Peace, too, goes on forever. Besides, where there is acting for the sake of others, there is development. There is development and prosperity. (073-193, 1974.09.17)

You are asked to follow this principle of existing for the sake of others. Peace in yourself as an individual, the peace of a family and, further, the peace of a tribe and a nation will be right there.

If there were a group of people that did not tire and continually adhered to this ideological basis, in Asia such a group would be in the limelight as one that could endure a path of suffering. That group could exist for the sake of the world and save the world while overcoming the course of the world's ordeals. (077-125, 1975.04.01)

Here is a husband and his wife. Where can we find a true married couple who are eternal and unchanging? We can find a true husband and wife, an ideal husband and wife or a husband and wife of peace and happiness only in a husband that is willing to exist, live and die for the sake of his wife, and only in a wife that is willing to do the same for the sake of her husband.

It is the same with parents. When parents feel they were born, live and die for the sake of their children, there can as appear true parents, ideal parents and parents who become the origin of happiness and peace.

It is simple. Where do we establish the origin of peace and the origin of happiness? Every knotty problem in the universe will be solved once we find that we were born not for ourselves but for the sake of others. (074-163, 1974.12.07)

Where between subject partner and object partner does God, who is the king of wisdom and the center of everything, place the origin of things like true peace, true happiness or the true ideal? This is inevitably a problem. If there is a subject partner, there is an object partner, too. As the Creator, God would have found it a challenge to decide where to the conditions of the ideal are to be found, whether in serving the subject partner or serving the object partner.

So, in realizing true peace, true love and the true ideal, God thought about whether to put the ideal origin in the object partner acting for the sake of the subject partner or in the subject partner acting for the sake of the object partner. If He were to establish the ideal origin in the position of having the object partner act for the sake of Himself, the subject partner, it would be tantamount to His telling all people in the position of a subject partner to ask their object partners to act for the sake of the subject partner's let alone the question of whether it would be right for God to act in the same way. If so, the way to becoming one would be blocked. That is, the road would divide. Where would the road through which two can become one and the road that can become the source of peace be? God could not help establishing the principle that not only God but also true people have to exist for the sake of others. Therefore, we cannot find true love, true happiness, true peace and the true ideal without acting for the sake of others. We have been ignorant of the fact that this was the original principle of the creation of heaven and earth.

What kind of people are true parents? We may say that they are those who were born for the sake of their children, live for the sake of their children and die for the sake of their children. Only then is the love of a true father and mother formed and only then can they appear as the ideal parents in front of their true children. Further, they would become the center of peace and the standard of happiness for their children. In the meantime, where are we going to establish the standard of true filial piety? It is in the opposite position. Children that were born for their parents, live for their parents and offer their lives for their parents can become true filial sons and daughters. Only when they do so can they become the ideal children for their parents, children whom their parents can truly love and the object partner of their parents' happiness and peace.

At this point, if we suggest a formula from this perspective, we may now guess that these ideal conditions "that is true love, true happiness and true peace" an be found only in existing for the sake of others. (075-318, 1975.01.16)

If we expand the formula that one has to act for the sake of others and thus realize a world where people act for the sake of others transcending nationality, the world is sure to become the world of utopian love, the ideal world, the world of peace and the world of happiness that we have been longing for. The principle of existing for the sake of others will find its way into every aspect of life. (075-325, 1975.01.16)

What is a true husband like? If there were a husband who has taken the position that he has been born for the sake of his wife, lives for the sake of his wife and is willing to die for the sake of his wife, the wife could not help praising him as the master of true love, a husband of the true ideal and a husband who is indeed the source of true peace and happiness. It is true from the opposite side as well.

We have to understand that problems do arise when we ourselves are not confident of this principle. I am aware that God, who is the great supervisor of the creation of heaven and earth, has established this as the principle of creation, so without following this principle one cannot enter the world that is good, true, happy and peaceful or the world of love and the ideal. (075-319, 1975.01.16)

When the family of Cain acts for the sake of the family of Abel and the family of Abel is grateful to the family of Cain and thus a traditional bond is made, which cannot be severed, their sons and daughters can finally become one and live in a natural situation without contradictions. A nation of peace will begin from there, since when those conditions are met, one finds a country at last, and the stage on which one struggles with Satan does not exist in the realm of that country. (058-186, 1972.06.11)

There are people who say, "It's better to get rid of everything and make oneness, even by the sword, rather than leaving the evil world as it is and failing to unite." Why was Hitler branded a dictator? Was it wrong that he was labeled in that way? No, it was not wrong to label him a dictator. He said that Europe had to exist for the Germanic race. He should have had the idea that the Germanic race must exist for Europe. That's different. He insisted that Europe exist for the Germanic race and nothing else was allowed. However, the fact is that Germany should have existed for the peace of Europe. If he had said that Germany existed to serve the interests of Europe, evil would not have resulted. Had he been such a ruler, he would have left behind a reputation as a historic politician. This is where the difference lies. (057-055, 1972.05.28)

God is the subject partner and we are His object partners. What God has to think about as regards the relationship of subject partner and object partner is from where to have the standards of true love, happiness, peace and the ideal spring. I mean, God who is the king of wisdom must take seriously the matter of where He would place their origin. True love does not lie in asking someone to act for the sake of others. The standards of true peace, true happiness and the true ideal do not lie in asking someone else to act for the sake of others. Rather, it starts from my trying to act for the sake of others. Therefore, a true husband and wife, true parents, true teachers and true patriots do not originate from their pulling on others with themselves as the central focus. They originate from investing themselves. Creation itself is investing. (077-105, 1975.04.01)

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