Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Peace

2. How Is Peace to Be Attained? [Part 2 of 2]

2.3 Mind-body conflict, and peace

Where is the source of our peace and happiness? You misunderstood that it is in a future you are searching for. It cannot come from there. Why? If you, whose mind and body are in conflict, established a family, then it would be like four people with four different purposes fighting each other. Four family members imply eight purposes (each person having a mind and a body), a hundred members imply two hundred purposes, 100 million implies 200 million, and 3.5 billion implies 7 billion purposes. The nation and world are established like that in the human world, but that world absolutely cannot be the ideal. (056-156, 1972.05.14)

Where is the base of the solution that will bring peace? You have to know it is not in America or Russia. The question is where the base is. How can a man whose mind and body are in conflict ever take the view of the universe of peace and the view of a happy world of peace to heart? This is a very important issue. (085-302, 1976.03.04)

Is your mind at loggerheads with your body or not? [Yes, it is.] Does that indicate there is peace or conflict? [Conflict.] When will the problem be solved? When will wars in the world end? Have you given it any thought? That's not necessary. When and how do I completely end the war within my body? The wars of the world will end when I put an end to the war within my body. The peace of my body is directly linked to the achievement of peace in the world. (082-135, 1976.01.04)

What is a hard-fought battle? The First and Second World Wars were horrific wars. Which has been the fiercest war? The fight with Satan centering on myself is the fiercest war. You must know this is the severest war. World peace will not exist before this problem is solved. We have to sing songs of peace, of complete liberation and of complete victory. Until we can establish such a realm of the victorious Prince, a world of peace will not arise on earth. Where does peace come from? It comes from true religions centering on God. This is the most theoretical conclusion. From where? From Korea? From my home? From my father and mother? No. It begins with me. As heaven is in my mind, I have to make it appear as my own heaven. (076-108, 1975.02.01)

My body is Satan's front line in battle and my mind is God's. Wars break out from there. As long as I do not discover the flag of peace within my body, world peace cannot come. (048-086, 1971.09.05)

All men have two conflicting entities within themselves. If two people are fighting like cat and dog, how many sides will be formed? Four. When five people have an argument, we get ten opposing sides. If the entire population of 3.6 billion fights, we get 7.2 billion adversaries. As each and every one is in the sphere of dispute, how can peace and unity be achieved in the world? We have to address that problem. (023-102, 1969.05.14)

When you look at your individual self, the person of your mind and the person of your body are different. These two "People" are in your individual self. If we look at the husband and wife of a family, there are actually four "People" fighting. Ten members would mean twenty "People" were fighting. Can peace and happiness be found in that family? (038-225, 1971.01.08)

In the Bible, mankind is referred to as being orphaned, countries without owners. Does Korea have an owner? You may think, "My country will last for a hundred or a thousand years. My people will live for a thousand or ten thousand years" ?you think like this but this is nonsense. You do not know when some robbers might take over the nation. We cannot trust our countries. We do not know when our families will be violated. Hence, we cannot put trust in our families, tribes, cultures or lifestyle. We cannot live in an atmosphere of horror in which we are unsure when or how things will go. Moreover, our mind and body are on bad terms. Therefore, they cannot become the basis for peace. (023-164, 1969.05.18)

The source of misery is the self. When has your mind had a peaceful time? My mind and body are always at war. If there are two people in the family, it will be divided into four warring factions. A family of five will be divided into ten. As the population of Korea stands at 30 million, 60 million protagonists are in fact residing in this nation. As the population of the world stands at 3.6 billion, 7.2 billion fighters are living on the earth. So, does there seem to be peace here? It is out of the question.

We cannot tell when we will run across someone with the nature of a thief. Does there seem to be peace, happiness and a sweet home in such a place? (023-124, 1969.05.18)

Though God has long been waiting for peace, just by leaving the body of troublemakers as they are, unity is absolutely inconceivable. To achieve an ideal, a unified world that all nations desire, first the mind and body have to be united. Again, unity cannot be achieved just by leaving the mind and body in a divided state as they are. It is the same for the mind and body. Between the mind and body, one of them is a combatant. Do any of you like combatants? Everybody feels mad at the mention of fighters; we like pacifism that does not advocate fighting. However, there is a combatant in our bodies. The reason for its existence is the fall. Just by looking at my individual self, elements pointing at two purposes, one of goodness, one of evil, are in my body. Though there is a mind oriented toward goodness, there is also a body oriented toward evil that acts to the contrary. If we cannot solve this in the course of history, the body "as monstrous enemy" ill forever remain in that state. Caught between two purposes, what a man needs is to reach the point at which he can be connected to one purpose only. Only that will be in accord with the original purpose of man's existence and God's purpose of creation. Because of the fall, man was torn between two purposes, and old age creeps upon him without his being aware. His life becomes one in which peace and happiness cannot dwell. Not only is life a sea of agony and anguish but also an ocean of tragedy and lamentation. Connected to the present in this way, God cannot help but look for a way of dealing with man on this earth. (018-318, 1967.08.13)

All of you are fighting now. You are firing a cannon centering on your life. Your mind and body are fighting before facing the world. How can you do it peacefully? Does the body win the fight, or does the mind win? You must become people who can say, "my mind definitely wins." A person whose mind wins is on the side of goodness. Likewise, a person whose body wins is on the side of evil. (036-061, 1970.11.15)

Mankind has walked a course where each person has been in conflict based on the mind and body. It failed to see the day when peace and unity reigned, a day when they followed the heavenly law and ran toward their clear purpose. In other words, since the struggle between mind and body has been the author of history to this day, this has inevitably let to a division into two worlds [of good and evil]. (020-165, 1968.06.09)

If we were originally born as people whose mind and body are in constant conflict, the ideal, philosophy and peace would all be nothing but impractical theories. They would all be futile. If mankind were not originally created thus, these things would be feasible, but if man were originally created in this state, they would be in vain. Man is a resultant being, not a causal being. Since his creation was due to something, the result must be one with the cause. Cause and effect cannot be different. As effect occurs with cause as its content, they unite. Therefore, the course has to be in unison, too. This is scientific. (086-035, 1976.03.04)

In the future, where will the base of peace be established? How must we solve the fundamental questions? Someone said, "oh, our society has deteriorated, so we have become like this." That is not true. This world turns out like it is today as an effect of man's image planted in the individual self. When the mind and body of a person are fighting, then if two people meet, it becomes a gang of four fighters. Then, how can we make them one? With money or authority? Men have even killed their own sons to gain power. The fundamental problem is how to unify them. The world where 4 billion people live becomes a fallen world where 8 billion entities are slogging it out. No matter what we do, peace cannot come. We have to tackle the problem from the fundamentals.

Your mind and body have become the battlefield of good and evil, God and Satan. Intense fights are taking place. Rev. Moon has a maxim, "Before one can hope to dominate the universe, perfect domination of the self is necessary." How do we get rid of our habits? Koreans are addicted to hot pepper paste and soybean paste. Can we overcome this? We have to work during the day and sleep at night. Could we not go without sleep? This is a problem. We have to overcome the desires for sleep, food and sex. Without overcoming myself, heaven will leave. How do we liberate man's image, which is surrounded by fog and concealed behind a wall? We have to first make the wind blow to clear the fog away, and then detonate the wall. Who do you ask to blow up the wall? Not me. It will be done automatically. Satan has erected the wall; it is his to demolish. (137-155, 1986.01.01)

As these are the Last Days, the world is divided into two and is in conflict. Unless it becomes a world of unity, we cannot survive. None of you thinks the world of mind has to become one, too. This is a problem. Looking at the world externally, a world of peace and unity, an ideal world, has to come; but we do not think that in the world of mind. The external world has to become a world of unity and at the same time has to unite with the world of mind. How do we unite the world of mind at this point in time when we have to leap toward a world of unity? (140-013, 1986.02.01)

What is Korea's vision and the world's vision in the twenty-first century? It is a world of peace, a unified world. This is the sublime utopian world in which the ideal is reality. Even if there are 4 billion people living in different countries, they have a common hope. Prior to creating a world of unity, North and South have to unite. Prior to North-South unification, our individual selves have to become one. Even if North and South have achieved a union, or the Republic of Korea is a unified nation of peace, if the individual self cannot become one, the North-South unity has nothing to do with me. Even if that nation is a happy nation of peace and that world is a happy world of peace, if I myself am in agony, groaning in uneasiness, that happiness and peace have nothing to do with me. Even if the nation and world have become one, and if my mind is struggling in great pain, I cannot participate in a nation or world of peace. (143-206, 1986.03.18)

If you look at fallen men, their minds and bodies are fighting. If you see a population of 4 billion living in this way, 8 billion contenders will be formed in the end. Is this unity? It is impossible to become one. You may sing of peace all you like; unity is out of the question. So many philosophers have appeared throughout history. They have advocated many ideologies, ideals and teachings and have exerted themselves to build a better world, but they gradually went into decline. (143-157, 1986.03.17)

Can people who have not achieved unity of the mind be peaceful and happy, even if they were to welcome a unified environment in the nation? It is impossible. In an environment where the nation is not unified, even if the world has achieved unity, can we be happy and in an ideal state? The answer is no. (143-045, 1986.03.15)

Rev. Moon has the maxim "Before you can hope to dominate the universe, perfect domination of the self is necessary." He has fought for decades. That was my first motto, too. Is it all right to fight within my heart after unifying the world? I should be spraying perfume, dressing myself up and going to a dance hall. Nevertheless, where can I go in rags and tatters? I feel ashamed. The universe "the four seasons" does not want that. I have the responsibility to direct the fundamental strife and battle in my individual self, which has a shameful history, toward peace. (196-023, 1989.12.24)

Yin and yang, internal nature and external form have a reciprocal relationship and cannot be in contradiction. Nevertheless, in today's fallen world, we can hear the sound of the mind and sound of the body. The mind and body have not become one yet. How did the mind and body of a man and woman born to resemble God become divided? This is a problem. As God is an absolute being, the mind and body have a central role to play, becoming absolutely one and being assimilated into God's entire world. How did they become separated into two? If the mind and body had freely divided themselves as they pleased, then God does not exist and we cannot find the basis for unity, happiness and the ideal. (195-304, 1989.12.17)

Even Saint Paul lamented, "I find it to be a law that when I want to do right, evil lies close at hand. For I delight in the law of God in my inmost self, but I see in my members another law at war with the law of my mind and making me captive to the law of sin which dwells in my members. Wretched man that I am! Who will deliver me from this body of death?" (Rom. 7:21-24) I am not able to set out on a voyage toward happiness if I do not have the base of peace in a mind and body that are not at war. (196-020, 1989.12.24)

Wars are not a means to shorten the path to world peace. Not even the UN could do that. Centering on fallen men of the world, who behave according to their individual desires, no matter how many ideals we design they are always buried in a history of confusion and strife. If this problem is not eliminated, we cannot find a path to peace. To do that, we have to know the fundamentals, that the historical background is smeared with dispute. Due to the fall, history began with the war between God and Satan. We must eradicate this. (300-108, 1999.03.02)

There are human laws as well as heavenly laws in our lives. If human affection exists, heavenly affection ought to exist, too. These two harmonize all the time, and a peaceful world would not come if contradiction occurs between them. No matter how peacefully people try to live their lives, if they do things as they please, it will call forth the judgment of God. (039-238, 1971.01.15)

2.5 Peace, the point of mind-body unity

No matter how hard you try searching for happiness, if your mind and body are not one, it is just a daydream. Even if you try to design peace, it is merely a vain hope. Freedom is only achieved from a unified position. A subject partner and object partner are in the environment. They exist in a pair system, don't they? When they are mutually giving and receiving, there is freedom. Is there freedom in a place of conflict? There is freedom in a place of unity. If an argument erupts within a married couple, assuming that they sleep in separate bedrooms [as was traditional in times gone by], is the one spouse free to enter the other's room that night? It would cause a disaster. Many circumstances are blocking the way. If you have lived for forty years, forty years of experience are blocking the way.

A couple's freedom cannot exist in a place where there is no unity. It is the same for peace. If you want to see peace, your mind and body must be absolutely one. This is Article 1 of the Rev. Moon's teachings. No saint or sage has ever thought that the whole world except he or she was evil, or that Article 1 was wrong. If husband and wife were not one, the world would spit at them. If husband and wife are one, if your first to third generations are one, the world will come and seek you out. (243-169, 1993.01.03)

We know God is a neutral Subject of dual characteristics. God possesses both positive and negative characteristics, which have to be one within Himself. From a unified standard, the base of peace arises. If we achieve harmonious union of mind and body, we will not feel agony. Therefore, love takes off for the first time from the position where God is the Subject in whom the dual characteristics of positivity and negativity are in total harmony. (076-041, 1975.01.26)

In realizing heaven, what is the one important standard? What is the one element that can realize heaven? That is unity. If unity does not go through a principled course, heaven will not appear. Only in a unified position will heaven come. All conditions of peace and happiness that mankind desires today are fulfilled from a unified position. As we all know, in a situation where the mind and body are not united, no matter how much one tries to be happy, he cannot be. No matter how hard one tries to keep the standard of peace, he will not be able to. Hence, you have to know that unifying yourself is more important than anything else. (082-272, 1976.02.01)

For all things created by the absolute Creator, receiving love from Him and becoming one with Him is their purpose. If man today wants to stand in the position of dominating all things of creation, he must represent God's Heart. When he faces all things from that position, he can be connected there, but if he is not in unison with God's level of heart, no matter how much he tries to be connected, he leaves behind traces of misery and conflict. Then, happiness, peace and joy cannot exist there. On that foundation, if a man and woman whose mind and body are united become one, centering on love, as it is unified love from that God-centered source, they will be united with God's heart of hope that intends to see mankind's happiness and world peace, with the central focus being God's love. At that point, God can rejoice for the first time. (082-274, 1976.02.01)

A man has a mind and a body. Centering on the discipline of his original mind, the body becomes one and if it cannot be separated, he would be a perfected, unfallen person. The mind and body would not have separated without the fall in the Garden of Eden, but they have been fighting to this day. Since the dawn of history, the mind and body of each person in the world have been at war. There is resentment at not being able to create the union of the mind and body. If they are not unified, peace cannot exist and we cannot dwell in happiness. Hence, life is one of misery and grief; life is full of irritations and worries.

Assuming the mind and body of a man are unified, if his eyes are the subject, the things his eyes see would be the objects. The state of peace and love, in which you can gaze at the original things of creation and give love to them as a man and as their master, would dwell in the midst of your line of vision, in the atmosphere and environment. The sounds you would hear would be so, too. You could sing songs of peace from the sounds you hear, and you must be able to taste sweet love there. You must listen to those sounds. Likewise, you must feel and think. (081-281, 1975.12.29)

You know very well that the world we are living in today is not a world of goodness. You can feel in your life that an individual fails to become the womb of peace. You will discover that the direction your mind wants to go differs from that of your body. If you find another person is your type, what could you do for him or her? You must know how to set up standard for the entire world that measures whether that other person is indeed suited to you or not. Yet, do you bicker over a small piece of land? The mind has to exist on the worldwide level. You must be able to say, "the world suits me well." You can have a peaceful life if you and the world are well suited. (036-051, 1970.11.15)

When we look at our own family, though every family hopes to be prosperous, we also see ruined families. There are more evil families than good ones, and more discordant families than peaceful ones. It is the same if we look at our individual selves, we can see there are more miserable conditions than happy and favorable ones. (038-299, 1971.01.08)

Many people today are hoping for the world to be one and groping for a world of peace. However, as individuals, societies and nations that cannot achieve unity, how can we ever search for a world of peace where we can be one? If I reflect on the fact that my individual self, which could be the cause and source of realizing world peace, cannot be one, needless to say, the world of purpose, namely, the world of effect that we desire cannot be unified as one. (038-223, 1971.01.08)

If the individual, who is the necessary element for mankind to be good, cannot first be good himself, it does not make sense. If the individual cannot be good, mankind can never be better. In the end, men become good, one by one, and standing in a true position, either become the motivation for peace or forever stand in the position of creating a good effect. If not, no matter much how they hope for a peaceful world, this world could never be such. (038-300, 1971.01.08)

There are two people in each of you. When the person of your mind and the person of your body fight, two groups will form. When four such people begin to fight, how many groups would there be? There would be eight groups. Do you think peace could exist there? If there are 3.6 billion groups, then 7.2 billion groups will land up fighting, how could there be peace? It is absurd. (039-175, 1971.01.10)

When we say there are a person of the mind and a person of the body in an individual self, as long as they fail to unite, peace cannot ever be realized. Religions are dealing with the question of how the mind and body can achieve unity. (039-186, 1971.01.10)

The standard of world peace is not inherent in the Last Days, but, rather, is set through being victorious in the struggle between mind and body. If we cannot accomplish this, the unchanging, utopian world will not come. Can you possess an unchanging self while having a changing self? That contradicts logic; it is absolutely impossible. The problem is whether I have discovered my realm of unity and a happy self, prior to looking for an ideal world. (139-095, 1986.01.28)

Looking at the future world, we cannot find the path to peace within the realm of social activities. Then where should we search for it? The issue is how we discover the realm of union, where the mind and body can be one, in the original world of mind. (140-254, 1986.02.12)

The issue now is how I make my mind and body one. Before I complain about the world and shout for peace and true happiness in the world, the problem is whether I am creating a source of peace by uniting my mind and body, or whether the sole source of peace has become God. It is not enough for the source to only consist of the mind. I have to be the body that can be in unison with that God-centered mind. (140-015, 1986.02.01)

With the central focus being true love, we have to unify the spiritual sense organs and physical sense organs. Without true love, we cannot make the world of mind and world of body into one. The world where the mind and body, on dividing, declare war against each other is the fallen world. The mind must absolutely be the center, and the body must absolutely not complain. The body has to always assume the negative (-) position, and the mind the positive (+) position. If the plus stands in front, there is perpetuity. The body, centering on the force of the mind, must create that place. If not, you cannot be connected to the ideal world even if the world becomes a peaceful world. Of special importance is how we make the mind and body into one, centering on the axis with true love at its center and the axis of vertical love. God exists as the center of the vertical axis. (217-316, 1991.06.12)

Only on a unified foundation will there be peace, happiness, freedom and hope. Your mind and body are not one yet. Is freedom there? Even at your place of work, your mind and body are engaging in world wars and cannot settle down. Is freedom there? Even freedom itself hates the word "Freedom." When my mind and body are fighting each other, will happiness reside there? All of you are suffering from your problems of life. This is the major fundamental problem. At a place where the mind and body are not one, where can we find happiness and peace? All problems stem from this line between mind and body. Peace, happiness, freedom and hope are achieved there. On the day when this line is crushed, everything breaks. When Marx, Hegel and the Communist groups saw the struggle between the mind and body, they thought it was the essence of man, but did not know it was due to man's fall. The concept of conflict, therefore, originates there. (242-060, 1992.12.27)

The ideal of a man whose mind and body are unified is established when he completely possesses God's true love. From the place where the mind and body are unified centering on true love, the true ideal of freedom and peace can take off. On the foundation of the mind and body being one, a free and peaceful individual, family, clan, tribe, society, nation and world are achieved. This is why we have to seek for the source of peace, not from the nation or world, but from between the individual mind and body. (234-270, 1992.08.26)

What is the most imperative issue in today's world? The world wars have come and gone. The strife between nations comes to a halt in the Last Days, but the never-ending war between the mind and body goes on. No saints or sages have ever pointed this out and declared that they would rectify the matter. Only one person, the Rev. Moon, proclaimed this. If you listen and follow what he teaches, you will totally subjugate your body centering on your mind. The criterion of peace lies there. The base of peace on which fathers and mothers can become one eternally, husbands and wives can become one eternally, relationships between fathers and sons can become one eternally, and kith and kin can become one eternally is set up. Only when that base of peace, transcending the individual, family, clan, tribe, race, society, nation and world, reaches that standard will world peace come. Therefore, revolutions for the reform of humanity are necessary. (203-350, 1990.06.28)

Languages divided because of conflict. After a quarrel, the father said to his son, "I hate to even see the bread you like." So he did not call it "Bread," but "Rice cake" or "Pancake" instead. He called it a different name. After an argument with his spouse, the man told her, "I do not want to see or talk about what you like, so I'm going to call it something else!" Languages became divided because of conflict. Therefore, when everything becomes one, entering an age of a world of peace and an age of unity, language will have to be unified. (208-084, 1990.11.17)

So many saints have come and gone until the present time, but they did not know where the enemy was or where the standard of world peace was. They failed to see that the battlefield of struggle with demons and with Satan is within us. Rev. Moon advocates the union of mind and body. (202-088, 1990.05.06)

2.6 Emphasizing the internal and the spiritual

The Republic of Korea determined to revive its economy in the 1970. It should not put emphasis on materialistic things alone, however, but ought to more greatly elevate the spiritual aspects which could be supportive of an economic revival. This world has been divided into two. Can it last forever in this state? If all people were to live in such a perpetually divided state, they would be wretched. If they are not headed toward a clear goal, no purpose can be fulfilled. So long as the purpose remains unaccomplished, neither happiness nor peace can come to that individual, nation or world. If contradictory elements remain between two people, happiness cannot come. (028-156, 1970.01.11)

The ideal world is not something that centers on a certain hope alone. As it is a source of peace and happiness, it will be realized only on the foundation of stressing the spiritual sphere. Let us assume there was someone who has authoritative power in a certain world. No matter how much power he had, could he be happy alone? No. He would be a miserable person. If, based on conditions of relationships, he stood on the foundation of heart on which he could pledge ideal global values deeply, widely and highly, his external authority would shine internally. If he had an external standard but no internal standard, he would instead bring misfortune on himself. (048-208, 1971.09.19)

We are living in the fallen world. Through what did this world become fallen? Within the fallen realm, not only the world, but also the country, nation and family are found. The question is how these fell. We can form the conclusion, beyond the shadow of a doubt, that it was a spiritual fall. Up to now, we have been seeking world peace and happiness in the external world, but have not been able to find them. As we have sought them with our central focus being on the external world, the end result is our having lost everything. (050-021, 1971.10.24)

We have to accomplish absolute, internal unification rather than external. If heart is taken away from happiness or peace, nothing is left. The heart has the highest authority. Transcending history, it starts out from an absolute standard. (016-274, 1966.06.26)

Your mind and body are waging war against each other, are they not? Your individual self fights all day and all night. Multiplied by two, it forms a family; numbering in the tens, it forms a village; in the thousands and tens of thousands, it forms a race; in the millions and hundreds of millions, it forms mankind. Peace has to be restored from the individual. We have to dispose of the physical things and reinforce the mind's desire. Religions, therefore, begin from where we completely deny all physical conditions. (035-057, 1970.10.03)

Our original mind craves for peace, happiness and oneness. This is an unchanging truth. What changes and gives rise to problems? Our body is the problem. It travels to the north, south, east and west, and makes changes of 180 degrees. The more frequently it changes, the closer it gets to evil. Similarly, the less frequently it changes, the closer it gets to goodness. This is logical. (094-250, 1977.10.01)

If you can subjugate your body, you can unite your clan and tribe. The most difficult thing is to subjugate one's body. Thus, Father's motto for the work of the providence: "Before you can hope to dominate the universe, perfect dominion over the self is necessary." No matter how much you may long for the world of peace and happiness, it will not come without your subjugating your body. (106-334, 1980.01.27)

Our body is the kingdom of Satan. Thus, God teaches, "Subjugate your physical self." Unless we can unify ourselves, world peace will never come. Today, people are attempting to establish the world of peace and unity centering on democracy or communism, but that is the wrong idea. The world of peace cannot be made amid the battle between mind and body. True peace begins from oneself.

The body originally inherited God's blood lineage through true love, but then inherited the blood of Satan, the enemy of God. As a result, humankind was taken to hell. In other words, the family, the garden of peace and happiness centered on God, changed into the garden of unhappiness and hell centered on Satan. God was thereby expelled from the family. (072-120, 1974.05.26)

We believe that our conscience and body are alive; yet we are the dead, who cannot practice goodness in our daily lives, and who are captive to Satan. Thus, we have to destroy the barriers Satan has erected and escape. Moreover, since our mind is host to two owners, we cannot live in peace, and the suffering continues. What should we do in this situation? Since the prison holding us is our very body, we should escape by pushing aside our bodies through our consciousness. That is what the Last Days entail.

For the sake of human beings, who are prisoners, God has established religion and led people to be able to live according to their conscience. Even though human beings are living in the world of death, God has carried out His providence through saints and sages, who have been leading people toward a new world of peace. (012-085, 1962.11.01)

2.7 Men and women, and peace

Only Rev. Moon's philosophy can bring peace to the world. Both communism and democracy have failed. The only concept that can save the world is the philosophy of living for the sake of others, true love emanating eternal life, and self-recognition of having the same value as God. The eternal and peaceful kingdom of heaven can be established only based on that ideology. (204-230, 1990.07.11)

If men and women could have followed the eternal true way, the complicated problems of the world would not have occurred. All the problems derive from the relationship between men and women. If they unite with the original standard of creation, the world of peace will be established soon. No matter how good an environment may be, if your mind and body are fighting each other, the good environment has nothing to do with you. The problem lies in you. This is a serious matter. (273-208, 1995.10.29)

The sun, the moon and the stars never rest. They are in constant motion, marking the days. Those who move forward like stars will develop, while those who do not will perish. The purpose of moving forward is for the sake of the world of hope, love, peace and happiness. You should know that there is no peace and happiness without love.

We have to restore the ideal family in order to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Because Adam's mind and body were divided, and Eve's mind and body were divided, the couple became each other's enemies, and their children hated and killed one another. Since the family was destroyed, there was no way to establish the ideal world without restoring the family. The base of peace is neither the country nor the tribe; it is the family.

Rev. Moon's motto is, "Before you can hope to dominate the universe, perfect dominion over the self is necessary." Peace starts from oneself. You should be strongly determined to fulfill your responsibility as the basis for peace, happiness, true love and the restoration of the country. (271-161, 1995.08.28)

You should know that all the problems in the world were derived from the problems between man and woman. What should the Youth Federation for World Peace do toward establishing a world of peace? Through solving the fundamental problems between man and woman, over 80 percent of problems of the external world will be solved automatically. Because of the man-woman problem this world is confused and has deteriorated. Why do mind and body fight each other? Because mind and body pursue different respective purposes, and the desire of the body is stronger than the desire of the mind. Why did this contradiction occur? That must be clarified. (267-227, 1995.01.08)

The problems of a man and woman in a family brought about the problems of society, country and world. If the family were to be regained, all problems could be solved. The world of peace would be established soon. If an ideal man and ideal woman, approved under the Principle, form a family, the world would be happy and peaceful. You should know that fighting in the family, by extension, means world war. Without stopping the fighting in the family, no peace and happiness is possible in the world. God cannot dwell where people are fighting one another. (271-258, 1995.08.28)

The world, having lost its direction and peaceful center, is struggling in the agonies of death and of evil. The individual, family, society, nation and world became sinful. The world became evil because the fight between mind and body started at the beginning of history and has continued until now. History started from conflict within the individual and the sinful world has resulted. Since the body is the headquarters of hell and the mind is the headquarters of the Kingdom of Heaven, we have to unify our mind and body, and have to inherit God's blood lineage so that we may enter the bosom of God. (254-102, 1994.02.01)

What is the fundamental problem in human life? It is how to solve the problem between men and women. This is an important problem that religious leaders, political leaders, scholars and other kinds of leaders have to solve. No matter how the church or country may develop, the world of peace cannot be established without solving the man-woman problem. (242-014, 1992.12.27)

The world of peace should start from oneself. One has to have a peaceful mind, which could not even be exchanged for the whole world. Human desire is limitless so that we may wish for all of heaven and earth. Man wants to be in a position of central value. In order to achieve this, one has to follow a public course toward unity, by which one can arrive at the destination. No matter how great one's desire may be, it cannot be realized without such a course. The system of the universe is governed by such laws. Scientific development is also based on such laws. (230-317, 1992.05.10)

The origin of unity and peace is oneself. Many sages and saints have come and gone, but no one taught or emphasized the importance of the unity of mind and body, as has Rev. Moon. Even though many saints educated people to deal with social problems, they did not teach them to complete themselves and be seeds for a peaceful world. Only Rev. Moon teaches to unify oneself before wishing for a peaceful world. (220-016, 1991.10.13)

If God exists, where would He want to go? He would want to dwell in the place where husband and wife love each other and where parents and children love each other. Peace starts from you. If you say that you will be a changeable person before the unchanging God, you defile Him. To seek changeable love in front of the subject of unchangeable love is to defile Him. You should know that to seek changeable peace in front of the subject of unchangeable peace is a profanity. The problem is within "Myself." (205-204, 1990.09.02)

As True Mother resolves Eve's inability to fulfill her responsibility, a women's liberation movement will start. We should create a national foundation through woman's liberation within three years. Because we brought 360,000 blessing couples from Satan's realm, Satan's world will begin to decline. Rev. Moon's ideal of the family will become the mainstream of history, and people of the world will know that Rev. Moon's philosophy is the shortcut to liberating mankind and building a world of peace. (272-050, 1995.08.30)

Since the Last Days have come, Heaven's side is constrained to advocate the time of women? liberation. Thus, the Woman's Federation for World Peace was established centering on True Mother on April 10, 1992. Men are not the ones who can establish world peace; women are. The global trend is shifting, with the central focus being the second generation under the realm of woman. The first generation is dominated by Satan. As the second generation and mother unite and advocate the liberation of women, Satan's world will collapse. (242-120, 1993.01.01)

When society is purified by woman leaders and the world of peace is established through true love, the unification of the world will be achieved. (234-264, 1992.08.26)

When True Parents come, war, violence, oppression, extortion and crime, which were brought about by men, will end, and the leading roles in establishing the ideal world of peace, freedom and love will be filled by women.

Today is the time of the return of the Messiah, the unification of South and North Korea through true love and truth, and the unity of religions. God will bless you, woman leaders, who are called to create the new world of peace transcending race and ideology. (229-082, 1992.04.10)

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