Sun Myung Moon's Philosophy of Peace

Chapter 1 - What is Peace? [Part 2/2]

The True Meaning Of Peace

1.4 God, the origin of peace

Humankind has never ceased to seek eternal and unchanging true love, true peace, true happiness and the true ideal to this day. However, as all of you probably know, the hope of finding the necessary conditions for the ideal love, ideal happiness and ideal peace that mankind has been reaching after in today's hostile and kaleidoscopic world is lost. We have to squarely face the fact of our having driven ourselves into a blind alley, smashing ourselves against the wall and injuring ourselves.

Man has tried all means to search for true love, true peace, true happiness and the true ideal. Nevertheless, we are well aware of the fact that we have fallen into a wretched and miserable condition in which the hope of fulfilling those things is lost. If there is an eternal, unchanging and absolute being who transcends the constantly varying ideal of man, that must be none other than God Himself. If God is active and alive, He must be the center of true hope, true happiness, true peace, true love and the true ideal. He has to be the King of love, peace, happiness and the ideal. To enter the position where God and man have the same standard of hope, are at the same place of hope, share life's sweetness and bitterness, we have to know exactly where the source of true love, true peace, true happiness and the true ideal is. If not, man cannot fulfill the ideal conditions he is looking for. (077-180, 1975.04.06)

The fact that man, who can be the object partner of God's love, ideal, peace and happiness, gains eternal life when he discovers he stands in a position where he can serve God as his subject partner, as his Father in Heaven is the most logical conclusion. If man today thinks that life simply ends after having lived on this earth for seventy or eighty years, he is wrong. Since God is eternal and man stands in the position of His eternal object partner and child, man must be awakened to the fact that he has to live eternally.

All of you have come to understand the subject partner-object partner relationship in which God is the subject partner and man is the object partner. If we take a step further, what is the problem? God, the King of wisdom, cannot help but ponder the question here, that is, where to place the source of true love, true peace, true happiness and the true ideal, centering on Himself.

The issue is that we need to know exactly where the source of true love is. Without truly knowing where the source of true peace, true happiness and the true ideal is, we cannot participate together with the eternal God in realizing His love, ideal, peace and happiness. When we think over the issue, we will realize that God cannot help placing that source in the place where He, the subject partner, can exist for His object partner. (077-185, 1975.04.06)

What kind of people are Adam and Eve, the ancestors of mankind? They are the incarnation of God. God dwells in their hearts. Thus, the internal and external masters meet and generate all the world's happiness, becoming the standard of universal peace and the absolute standard of happiness in complete union. (040-346, 1971.02.11)

Are there no true solutions to disentangle the great chaos of this earthly world? Must humankind abandon everything and merely await days of despair? Definitely not. There is a fundamental solution to the problem. It is based on the premise that there is an absolute God. The world that the absolute God had intended to substantiate on earth was a world of peace without disorder. However, the solutions currently available for the problems of the world, which denies God's existence and His creation, are not viable. To put it another way, the world has been thrown into utter confusion by man who was not aware of God's existence and the purpose of creation.

The world that God had intended to substantiate on earth was a true utopia abounding in freedom, peace and happiness. Cherishing the ideal of utopia in His heart, God searched for earthly man with frustration. Racked in agony, man roamed through regions of darkness in search of a utopia amid great chaos. As God's ideal, which He seeks, with much frustration, to bestow, and the ideal "which man is wandering in search of" is the same, utopia would be realized once they meet. Nevertheless, that meeting between God and man did not take place in any form, leaving man to groan in anguish eternally. (129-327, 1983.12.14)

What kind of a being is God's He is a God of Love. Saint Paul asked, "Who shall separate us from the love of Christ?" Even Christ is nobody without God's love, so we cherish God's love more than anything. God's love is the source of life, happiness and peace. You will know this if you have some spiritual experiences.

Dreaming of a world of peace being realized through man alone does not offer any hope. Faced with the utter confusion of the present day, the dream of a future world of peace, unity or oneness is no more than an illusion. Unless God exists, it is impossible. (121-284, 1982.10.29)

The omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God has been guiding mankind through thousands of years of history; yet how is it He cannot lead us to the world where the purpose of goodness can be fulfilled? Are we then moving toward a world of dejection and despair? This is a serious problem. We may even conclude that there is no God. If that were the case, would the ideal of utopia or a world of peace that man has been seeking be possible in the future? Numerous thinkers and philosophers have sought such a world throughout the course of history. For all that, considering the situation of our not having reached that goal, we cannot imagine how these people could bring us such a world of hope in the future. (130-018, 1983.12.11)

Whether Oriental or Occidental, people have persistently sought after eternal true love, peace, happiness and the ideal in the midst of sin, mistrust and confusion. Humankind has resorted to all possible means to secure the happiness that the original mind desires, driving away the temptation of evil desire and following the desire to pursue goodness. Through historical experience, man concludes that it is impossible to attain this end, yet his original nature does not yield easily. Regardless of race and tradition, we can see that the ultimate goal in life is but one way.

If this target cannot be fulfilled by man's effort alone, he will have to rely on an eternal, true and absolute being higher than man. Man is a unique being who knows his own limitations. Being incapable of determining his own destiny, transcending himself, man naturally has to turn to a subject partner, God, who knows only too well that this is something feasible. If He is a God who yearns for true love, true happiness, true peace and the true ideal, that goal is possible through Him alone. It is a natural consequence that in order to fulfill the ideal requisites man has sought after through God, he has to fully comprehend and actualize what God has shown him. If it is something people just desire, the transcendental force and the propensity for relationship with which God has operated from behind our lives, can pervade everything. Consequently, there cannot be two paths in life for the individual, family, society, nation and world. All roads point to an ideal world of love, happiness and peace. Love, peace, happiness and the ideal cannot be realized alone. They have to be established through mutual relationships. Even the absolute, almighty God cannot do this by Himself. (135-218, 1985.11.16)

Without realizing it himself, man today is looking for a world of peace and happiness while pursuing freedom. This is the evidence that he is still not standing on the fundamental foundation of freedom, peace and happiness.

If God lives, being the absolute and almighty God, then all things of creation including man, needless to say, must be free since God is free. If He is in a peaceful place, we should be standing in the same place, too.

We can deduce the fact that if there is no freedom, happiness and peace in the human world, God, its Creator, can neither be free nor happy, but must be in a miserable position. This is known as the fall of man in today's religious world. The fall is comparable to falling off the original foundation, from a position where perfection can be reached to an imperfect position.

Humans grow and mature by receiving parental love and subsequently giving birth to children through conjugal love. This is the way for humans born from love to walk, yet we know our lives have not resulted in establishing a family foundation for perfecting happiness, peace and freedom. (135-266, 1985.12.15)

The absolute God has to subjugate Satan, but not with the weapons of the world. He has to reveal the origins of goodness and evil, centering on the Great Principle of heaven and earth. There was only one absolute God in the beginning, but subsequently an evil god appeared. If that evil god had existed from the very beginning, we would have a world based on dualism. If the root had had two separate origins in history, there could not be a world of oneness, an ideal world or a world of unity. The world would have no choice but to develop through conflict. God would have been unable to design the ideal model of a world of oneness, peace and the ideal.

Today's communist world denies the existence of God, centering on dialectical materialism. It views God as something fabricated by man. If Satan exists, his one final assertion at the end of the world will be the denial of God. If mankind believes in and follows what Satan claims, the world of peace designed by the absolute God can never be realized. (149-086, 1986.11.17)

To those who say that God does not exist: if there were no God, you would still have to set up a false god to manage this world. You would control neither the democratic world nor the decadent world without creating a fake god. You could extend man? Present destiny only if you were to assume God exists. The world could survive if people took cognizance of the existence of a hypothetical god. If they deny God, they will be brought to ruin like Sodom and Gomorrah. Now is the time. That imaginary god is imaginary, not absolute. He has to be the center of everybody's mind. To do that, humanity must persist in absolute love, absolute ethics and absolute morality, which are connected with religions. Starting from an imaginary god, mankind can survive only by discovering the real God. This is what I am advocating. (164-294, 1987.05.17)

If God plans on teaching man peace, what kind of teaching materials will He look for? He will look for materials of love. To do so, He will look for a man and woman who have love, for love is invisible. That is an inevitable consequence. How does God dig up the notion that a woman can love a man more than herself? That is an important issue. How does He go about searching for the origin of unity and peace? Only the force of love can make it happen. Man has to elevate his object partner? Position through love by denying himself. What does God have to seek and put forth theoretically?

If we do not establish the logic that God created all things out of love at the time of creation, we cannot discover the origin of a unified peace. Even God is absolutely obedient in the face of love. You may question the truth of this statement. Being the subject partner of absolute love, He is absolutely obedient in the face of love. (193-153, 1989.10.03)

With what can we demolish the wall between races and realize the ideal world? How can we aggressively eliminate the obstacles to peace? Seeing how different individual opinions come out during a clan meeting, how difficult it must be to harmonize even within a family! We must find a clue to the solution. Where indeed is the takeoff point toward a world in which humankind lives as one great family, overflowing with happiness in the absence of war, harmonizing the world? diversified cultures and traditions? Man must be conscious of his source and root in God, the foundation of the universe, and seek the basic answers on the way of following heavenly principles. (190-320, 1989.06.23)

Everyone wants to be the best in the world. Do you not all want to be the best in the world? Where do you go to gratify that desire? You cannot satisfy that in the human world. A world of peace cannot exist as long as that unfulfilled desire is there. When we want to climb higher, our competitive mind emerges. Can we remove that? We do not know why it is there. Being unable to solve the problem, we end up denying God's existence. (177-060, 1988.05.15)

The realization of a world of true peace where there is freedom and equality is only possible when we find God, the source of true love, and unite with Him. A world of true peace that humankind aspires to is not realized from top to bottom, nor from bottom to top. When every individual lives in attendance of God, and establishes a true family, a free, peaceful, eternal world will be built for the first time. (271-090, 1995.08.22)

Who are the three great subject partners? God is the owner of owners, parent of parents, and teacher of teachers. This is different from the Juche Sasang (Subjectivity Thought) of North Korea's late premier, Kim Il Sung. Centered on the ideal of creation and love, the Three-Great-Subjects Thought encompasses the concepts of owner, parent and teacher. From the perspective of the nation, the parent is in the family, the teacher is at school and the master-owner is in society. How can they be linked? There doesn't seem to be anything that harmonizes them with love, but the Unification Church has the logical answer. Applying them to the nation, a world of peace in the nation will come. Applying this to the world, a world of peace in the world will come. Applying this to heaven and earth, a world of peace in heaven and on earth will come, centering on true love. (219-170, 1991.08.29)

God, our Creator, has a Will. That Will is to restore this world into the world of true peace. In other words, He will restore the world of His original nature and the ideal by re-creating the present world. For this reason, there is hope for true peace in the future. God's Will is to eradicate selfishness from each individual, then transform or re-create that person into His own temple, and make all men holy.

For this reason, true world peace between nations begins not at the national level, but with the perfection of the individual. Each person is perfected by becoming the temple of God. This is where world peace germinates. Each one of you, ladies and gentlemen, is the true beginning point of world peace. (219-117, 1991.08.28)

We should repent that religions themselves, representing the realm of the spirit, have not fulfilled their responsibility of bringing about a peaceful world. We cannot deny the fact that religions in their current state lack the life energy necessary for leading and purifying the world, and are sometimes even going against their original mission.

The God that I know has no attachment to the content of doctrines, which are put together according to human logic. Since God is the Origin and Parent of all of us, He does not discriminate between races or between religions.

Therefore, religious believers should completely follow God's Will of true love to realize the ideal world of peace and the salvation of all people. Given the contemporary reality, religious people should not lead comfortable lives. Instead, they must go on the way of a living faith, centered on true love and true-life energy, conversing with the living God. (219-110, 1991.08.27)

What is the origin of the existence of the universe? It is not an absolute existence, but an absolute love that can bind the absolute existence. This being the case, heaven and earth can create a world of peace. If we conclude that everything in the universe endures based on that love, it follows logically that peace and the ideal are also derived from love. (215-229, 1991.02.18)

No saint has asserted that the unity of mind and body is the basis of the unity of all things. As the saying goes, "Harmony in the family is the accomplishment of all things." If there are ten people in the family, all of them should become one, each with his mind harmonizing with his body. In the satanic world, however, these ten people live in mind-body conflict and form twenty separate entities. Peace cannot begin there.

Why is there this separation? This is so because the body goes where it wants to, and the mind goes where it wills. The directions of North, South, East and West diverge over 360 degrees. People live with their mind and body separated, with some centering on materialistic things, others on honor, and still others on their own authority. In this way, peace cannot dwell in an environment where the mind and body move in opposite directions, centering on self-interest. Peace originates in oneness, and that one source is the unique God. An individual or family centering on God's ideal is on His side. A person on God's side is one whose mind and body are united. (213-011, 1991.01.13)

What Rev. Moon is doing as a Korean is different from what Koreans in general are doing. The title of my sermon today is "The Unification of My Country and a World of Peace." My unified country has to be a part of the realm of world peace. Therefore, the things that I initiate are for the sake of world peace. Peace is not centered on any particular religious group. It is not the tradition of the religious realm in an age of history. Nor is it the tradition that the non-religious realm desires. By connecting to the God-centered heavenly tradition, peace must settle upon the earth. (204-166, 1990.07.08)

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