Mother of Peace, the Memoir - Hak Ja Han Moon
February 2020 - Draft Version

 Table of Contents

Contents and Preface (pdf)

Chapter 1. My Cherished Lifelong Wish (pdf)

Chapter 2. I came into this world as the Only Begotten Daughter (pdf)

Chapter 3. The Marriage Supper of the Lamb (pdf)

Chapter 4. God's Light Shines Upon a Path of Thorns (pdf)

Chapter 5. The Emblem of the Kingdom of Heaven (pdf)

Chapter 6. Creating the Road to One World (pdf)

Chapter 7. Today's growing pains bring tomorrow's sunshine (pdf)

Chapter 8, The Mother Builds the Family, the Family Builds the World (pdf)

Chapter 9. God's Kingdom in our midst (pdf)

Chapter 10. The challenge of Realizing a Heavenly World (pdf)

Chapter 11. The Restoration of Canaan in Heaven and on Earth (pdf)

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