Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Fukuoka Church Visit

December 11, 2004

Can I drink some water before I start? [Yes.] I am continuously speaking, speaking, speaking. (Laughter) How can the words be substantiated? If you cannot become owners of the words, then the words cannot survive. If I speak to you today, will you become owners of those words? Can you promise? [Yes.] Are you going to just listen to them as words or do you want to become owners of those words? [We will become owners of the words.] If you promise that, I will speak.

Are there people who attended the rally yesterday? Raise your hands. Whoa, all of you were there? And you want to listen to my words again? [Yes.] What words do you want to hear? Do you want words that are bitterer than yesterday's words or deeper than yesterday's? [Bitter words] (Laughter) Oh, you are all out of your minds. (Laughter) Why do you like messages that are bitter like medicine? Because it is good for you, right? The medicine that makes you healthy is the good medicine, right? Is good medicine usually bitter or sweet like candy? [It is bitter.] Why? It is disagreeable to the mouth because it has to kill the bad things inside the body, right?

See with the Eyes of Heart

I told you yesterday to become owners of the Culture of Heart.

From that message, what are we creating right now? What kind of an era do you think the age of Cheon Il Guk is? Does God like the history of Restoration through Indemnity? Is it a history that God wanted to establish? Do you think God has any relationship to the history of Restoration through Indemnity? This history has nothing to do with God. It is not a history that God wanted. Then what kind of history did God want to establish?

What kind of a history is the history of Cheon Il Guk? To understand this well, you have to know what God's will was at the beginning. I talked a little about that content yesterday. Then let me give a test to see how well you paid attention yesterday. The mother here, what was the will of God? [It was to practice love by becoming the owner of the Culture of Heart.] How? Through the family of Adam and Eve, how? I also heard it in Hoon Dok Hae today. The content of today's Hoon Dok Hae was about the Family Pledge. I looked carefully at the people, and they were letting it go in through one ear and out the other ear when we were reading the important parts and instead were writing down only the unimportant contents. (Laughter)

Think about it. True Parents have set many conditions in the history of Restoration through Indemnity, but do you think that that itself was the will of God? That was setting conditions to prevent further indemnity. Then what is God's will? I read the Cheon Seong Gyeong during Hoon Dok Hae, and the first chapter is the most important chapter. The history of Restoration through Indemnity is not more important. Of course, you should know the history too, but such history is not the most important thing especially for you who are living in the age of Cheon Il Guk. Today during morning Hoon Dok Hae, I was listening with my eyes closed, and opened them out of curiosity. We were reading an important part, but all the members had their eyes closed. (Laughter) But when the unimportant parts came up, they wrote them down.

(To Kyoung Hyo Kim, President of W-CARP Korea) The Father's words that we read today are from 1995, right? But strangely, the content of my speech yesterday are almost 100 percent similar to those words. If you read those words and then read my speech, you would not really know which was which. If you take out the speakers' names, you would not really know if I said those words or if Father said those words. Then who do you think taught me this content? The Unification Church? The First Generation? 36 Couples, 72 Couples, 124 Couples, or 430 Couples? Do you think I learned it from them? Did Parents teach me? Did Parents have time to spend with True Children? East Garden is a public place, so Parents were with the members everyday, every month and every year.

You do not learn it in your head. If you really want to know God, know True Parents, and know True Family, you cannot try to understand them in your head. You cannot know with your head. You can know in your heart. If you do not see through the heart, you cannot fully know the person. I said this in Korea that people are like icebergs. What you see above the water is smaller than the part you do not see underneath the water. Someone who sees only a little part of it from the front and thinks he knows the whole is a fool. In order to know a person, you have to know the lower part of the iceberg. Then with what kind of eyes do you think God sees people? [With the eyes of heart] That is right, that is how He sees. Therefore, how would He distinguish this person from that person? Through what kind of eyes? Through the eyes of heart!

We Have to Resemble the Nature of God Who Created Humanity Because of Love

Why did God create human beings? It is because of love. Then why did He begin the Providence of Restoration when Adam and Eve fell? The mothers here, give me an answer. For what did God begin the history of Restoration through Indemnity? Because He is the most powerful? Because He is the smartest? Because He has the most money? For what? Do you think He began the history of Restoration through Indemnity in order to accomplish the unfulfilled will because He is of the Principle? [For humanity] In order to save humanity? I will tell you. It is because of true love. It is because of love.

God is an absolute being. God carried out absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience for humanity. How many times did humanity fail again and again throughout the history of Restoration through Indemnity? But God continued to believe. He continued to give us love. He still fulfilled all His responsibilities toward the people. Why? Because of true love. Therefore, it is not just you who are keeping the absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience that Father tells you about. God is the one who kept absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience most absolutely. Therefore, if you want a character like God's, you have to return absolutely to God. You have to become owners of the same character as God and return. That is why I use the word "alignment" a lot in particular. Why? Because you have to become the owner on your own and return them to God.

It is not something you do because you have to and have no other choice. Are you doing it because someone held a gun to your back and forced you, "You have to do this"? No. You are doing it on your own because you want to do it. Therefore, to become an owner, you have to work for God's will. Would you have han (sorrow and grief) if you walked the public course with such a mindset? Would that course be tough? It will not be difficult. Why not? Because you have the heart of wanting to live for the sake of others. You have to live centering on true love. You have to become owners of the Culture of Heart. You have to understand that well.

We Have to Become Owners of the Culture of Heart through Experience-Based Education

The contents of my message yesterday have special significance, especially in this era of Cheon Il Guk. Even if you do not know anything, you can be closer to God if you become owners of the Culture of Heart and live for the sake of others. You can be closer to True Parents and you can be closer to True Family. You can do that even if you know nothing. Do you understand? Therefore, you have to create true love movements. If you do, your faith will become deeper, broader, and bigger. That is why I mastered the epistemology of the educational system before anything else.

Epistemology refers to the philosophy of knowledge. Epistemology has its basis in the method of learning. There are two methods in learning: experience-based learning and cognitive learning. Then which one teaches the heart? Education through experience does that. How can you know that something exists? In order to really understand something, you have to form an actual relationship with it. You come to know it by forming a relationship. How does God teach? God teaches the most important things through experience.

Think about it. If you look back at your lives, those things are actually influencing you. Were the experiences that most influenced you good experiences or bad experiences? Then how can you train the heart? You have to go through many good experiences. Then a person's mind will become purer and the heart will become stronger. However, that is not enough. You also need cognitive education. Experience-based education and cognitive education have to operate as subject and object. Cognitive education provides the frame for experience.

The changes in STF kids are based on this epistemology. I changed the education system as a whole. The Unification Church has been learning the Principle only in the head until now. However, despite how well you know in the head, you cannot make it your own if you cannot become the owner of the words. How do you become the owner? You become the owner through experience-based education.

Why do I say to you that family is the first school? Why do I say to you that Blessed Central Families have to become owners of the Culture of Heart and you have to become owners of the culture of true love? The reason I call family a school is because it is the place where husband and wife, brothers and sisters, and parent and child live for each other and learn true love. Would a father who carries out his role as a father centered on true love say to his children, "I am the father, so respect me!"? No, he would not. If the children feel that their father really loves them, they would naturally want to be more filial to their father. It is the same. Instead of saying, "Since I am the man, you as a woman have to follow me! You have to serve me!" If the husband lives for the sake of his wife, his wife would naturally stand in the position of object and would want to attend her husband. Isn't that right? Therefore, the subject and object are established centering on true love. Do you think it is correct or not? [Yes, it is correct.] That is how you learn. The center has to be love. You have to become the owner and be able to make it your own.

Why do I tell you to become owners of the Culture of Heart? What is the reason for me telling especially the Blessed Families to become owners of the Culture of Heart? It is because you have to live with your children in that kind of culture. So these kids would receive the education in their families before they come to STF. The most important thing in the age of Cheon Il Guk is living for the sake of others. Knowing that is most important. Blessed Families have to know that well. You have to know it not simply in your heads but in your heart. You have to be the owners. That is why we have to create a culture of living for the sake of others centering on true love.

It is very strange. Until now, all lectures and educational systems in the Unification Church tried to make you understand the Principle only with the head, right? Therefore, when I educated the young kids in the beginning, I told them that they can get closer to God if they go forward centering on true love even if they do not know anything. And Father says the same words. You, First Generation, were probably very surprised to hear that at first. However, it is true. If Adam and Eve had established a true, ideal family without falling, do you think we would need Hoon Dok Hae? Why do we have to do Hoon Dok Hae? Hoon Dok Hae is needed because Restoration through Indemnity on the individual level still remains and because satanic natures have to be taken out of you.

But how do people originally learn? If Adam and Eve became one with God, they would establish true life centering on true love, form a family on that foundation and establish true lineage. Therefore, Adam and Eve would inherit God's nature and bequeath it to their children. How would they teach their children? Through just words or through living? You teach through living. Therefore, the words do not stay as a concept but become substance. That is what heaven is.

Think about it. If such a family were established, could you even imagine a war? Why did Cain kill Abel in Adam and Eve's family? It was because the seed of love centered on Satan was planted. False life was created with self-centered love -- false love -- and a family was formed centering on that false life to establish false lineage. That is why original sin and fallen nature came about.

What is fallen nature? Think about it. What kind of love is free sex? Is it not self-centered love? It is love that only thinks about the self without thinking about how it influences others, is it not? Such love has no relationship with God. If the powerful people in the secular world were to use their power centering on themselves, they would have no relationship to God at all. If you want to create a peaceful world, you have to change the people first. How do you change them? In the head or the heart? You change them in the heart.

Why is it called the tree of knowledge of good and evil? You can go this way or go that way with God's will. If you go in a self-centered way, you go this way (Hyun Jin Nim points to the left), and if you have the same character as God you go this way (Hyun Jin Nim points to the right). The age of Cheon Il Guk is zero point. It is the same as the time before Adam and Eve fell. Therefore, you have to become the owners of the Culture of Heart in this age. Do you understand? [Yes.] Then you can know God. You can know who True Parents are. You can you what kind of family True Family is.

True Family Is the Substantial Blood and Flesh of True Parents

Do you think of me as a historical person? [Yes.] Did you think that before too? [Yes.] (Laughter) I do not know. Think about it. How was Heung Jin hyung (elder brother) able to become the elder brother in heaven? How is he in a position to teach even Jesus? It is because he is a member of True Family- because he is the son of this significant family. Especially if you know the history of Christianity, you probably know how Jesus started Christianity. Jesus held the last supper before he died, right? And at that supper, Jesus said, "This is my flesh of flesh and my blood of blood," right? Jesus could not establish true, ideal family on earth so he established it spiritually. Therefore, Jesus held this ceremony to save the people at least spiritually centering on him. This is where Christianity began.

But how about True Parents? Parents established a substantial True Family, did they not? [Yes.] Therefore, True Family is not the symbolic or spiritual blood and flesh of Parents but the actual blood and flesh of them. Is Parents' blood and flesh standing in front of you or not? (Applause) You have to cut off the satanic lineage through this family, this Vertical Axial Line.

Every human being has five percent portion of responsibility and therefore still has to walk the path of individual indemnity. You have to live for the sake of others to cut off the satanic characteristics. You have to become owners of the Culture of Heart. That is why I came to Japan. This is the path that can liberate God, liberate Parents, liberate True Family, liberate your families, and liberate your children.

You do not really know it, but I am supposed to walk this path with you, not with Second Generation kids. Second Generation kids are my nephews and nieces. You are supposed to attend True Family. Why? You, First Generation, have to unite with and attend True Children because you are younger brothers and sisters of True Children. Centering on True Parents, Second Generation kids are third generation, right? You, First Generation, are originally second generation. If you do not know God's will and don't understand the Principle, the wrong history will repeat itself. That is why I am going backward, teaching these kids first to change your minds through them.

The Unification Church also started its history centering on the second generation of Christianity. Consequently, there are many First Generation members in the Unification Church that received opposition when joining the church, right? And in the early days of Unification Church, many children of ministers or famous Christian families joined, right? We received a lot of opposition because of that too. However, the parents of those people were supposed to attend Father. Therefore, the Unification Church is using the words first generation and second generation incorrectly. I use those words because people have been using them for so long that they might not understand if I change them all of a sudden. However, that is not the original relationship. You did not know that, did you? There are so many things you do not know! (Laughter)

The purpose of this speaking tour is to transform our Unification Church families into families that can attend God. The age of Cheon Il Guk is an era in which we can attend God directly. What God wants the most is to live together with people as a member of the family. However, do you really know who God is? Do you think He is just a being far away? Do you feel close to Him? That is why God is such a piteous being. If people, who God wants to be the closest to, do not know God, how pitiful is that?

When you attend True Parents, you may think, "True Parents are the Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind, so how great they are." However, I think Parents are the most pitiable people. They have even sacrificed their family to establish God's will and walked this far, but is the Unification Church united at this time? Do we really understand God's will? Did we become owners of the Culture of Heart? Are we working for God's will or do we have a different purpose?

When I was young, I saw many members who thought of True Parents as their personal Messiah. Some people said that they walked this path to save their families. If you joined the church with such minds, can you say that you resemble God? Did God suffer until now in order to save just the Unification Church? Is that how Parents think? No. God has been suffering to fulfill His will. What is that will? It is for all humanity to establish God's family. Is that not right? That is why Father gave Blessings and created these foundations. That is why God established True Family first. However, did we know such content or did we forget it? This is the same as a blind person walking the wrong way still thinking that he is going the right way. Therefore, the Unification Church has to become one through this message. You have to know it well. You have to know what your responsibility is. You have to know who God, True Parents, and True Family are. You have to know the relationship between you and the Vertical Axial Line clearly. You have to know it not in your heads but in your heart.

Let Us Become Owners of the Culture of Heart with Conviction and Hope

This is the third week of my speaking tour, right? Yes. I spoke a lot during this tour. Some of the messages given in Korea have deeper contents because Korean churches have a long history. Japan has no relationship with Christianity, right? Can you understand if I talk about Christian history? This tour is historically very important. These messages are for attending God in the Unification Church. These are for your families to attend the Vertical Axial Line of God, True Parents, and True Family properly. Since I could not tell you all the contents in Japan, please read the book when the speeches of this tour are made into a book. But you should not read with your head. You have to feel it in your heart and become owners of those words.

Then I do not have to speak anymore, do I? I usually do not talk much. I like to take action more than I like to speak. It is now time to finish. I have another rally scheduled so I do not have much time. I am sorry. But I have to hear your promise before I end. Can you promise? [Yes!] Will you become owners of the Culture of Heart? [Yes!] Why don't you have confidence? You have to promise with confidence. You have to have confidence to become an owner! And you have to have hope. Let's try it again. Can you become owners of the Culture of Heart? [Yes!] Can you move forward with the mindset of an owner no matter how difficult it is? [Yes!]

(To the kids sitting in the front) Why don't you answer? (Laughter) I especially like to climb mountains because when I go up the mountain... I climb mountains to offer jung-sung (making conditions to offer sincerity) even though the body is tired. People who are not like that cannot climb again after just three days. I have climbed for longer periods of time. I have even spent about two months in the mountains. When I wake up in the morning, sometimes I really do not want to get out of the sleeping bag. It is difficult because the body is too in pain and the weather is too cold. Since I cannot take showers, the head gets itchy, the body tickles. Strangely, however, I like to climb mountains. It is because the mind is relaxed. The creation is not fallen so everything is according to the Principle. Therefore, when I am in nature, I am at ease.

However, strangely, I do not feel comfortable when I meet people. I can be comfortable here externally. However, even though it is comfortable, my mind is not at ease, so I look for mountains again. How do you think God is? If you, the Unification members, become owners of the Culture of Heart centering on true love, do you think you can attend God comfortably even if you are going through hardship? [Yes.] (Laughter) I believe so as well. (Applause) Therefore, are you going to become owners of the Culture of Heart? [Yes!] Raise your hands if you want to become owners of the Culture of Heart. Okay, that is good. Let's do mansei now. 

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