Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Celebration of Victory for Southern Japan Rally

December 10, 2004

You are making me speak again? (Laughter) Did you like the speech today? [Yes!] How much? (Hyun Jin Nim opens his arms a little) Did you like it this much?

(Hyun Jin Nim opens his arms a little wider) This much? (Hyun Jin Nim opens his arms as wide as possible) This much? Are you going to believe in these words as just words or are you going to become owners of these words? [We will become owners!] If you become owners of the words, these words will substantialize through you. You will live according to the words. Do you think God's will is for you to go on believing in God conceptually? [No.] Especially since God does not have a physical body, for God's will to substantialize, you have to live according to His words.

You have come to know what God's will is through today's speech, right? Before anything else, God wanted to create a true, ideal family. He wanted to establish true love, true life, and true lineage through that family. In God's viewpoint, Parents are the greatest people because they established True Family. That is how God is able to come closer to people now. However, in order to further change this God's house and to make all people in the world members of God's family, you have to educate centering on true love. You have to become owners of the Culture of Heart.

Owner of the Culture of Heart Is Key to All Liberations

The age of Cheon Il Guk is when two people become one. So how should you behave in this era? You have to resemble God's character and live for the sake of others. As you can probably sense, history of Restoration through Indemnity has no relationship to God. It is the last history God wants to think about. Think about it. If God's will was to love people, would God have wanted the entire humanity, His beloved sons and daughters, to live without knowing God for 6,000 years? [No.] It happened because of the Fall. Therefore, this is a sad history. This history has nothing to do with God.

Then what kind of a history is this age of Cheon Il Guk? Do you think it has any relationship with the fallen history, the history of Restoration through Indemnity or is it a new history centered on God? This is a history centered on God. Therefore, you especially have to truly understand what God's will is. You have to know what it is that you have to become one with centering on that will. You have to know where you should be aligned. You have to be aligned to God, True Parents, and True Family. Blessed Central Families were able to emerge from here. It cut off the blood lineage of Satan. That is when you could finally become members of God's family.

But you also have a five percent responsibility on the individual level. You have a history of Restoration through Indemnity on the individual level. You have to resemble God's character individually. What kind of a character is that? It is the character that practices true love and lives for the sake of others. People living only in a self-centered way have nothing to do with God.

What does it mean, "We, Blessed Families, have to become owners of the Culture of Heart. Our members have to become owners of the Culture of Heart starting from the individual level"? It means you have to resemble God's characters on the individual and family levels and to substantially live that way instead of only giving love conceptually or in thought. Can you do that? [Yes!]

Do you understand now? Many regular members are probably here; what goes through your minds when you see the STF kids? Do you not think, "How nice it would be if such a path would open up for my children, too!"? I will open that path. I know that you have been working so hard until now. However, you do not enter heaven individually. The family has to become one. Do your husbands oppose you? Do your children believe in what you do and support you? How can they feel it? No matter how much you explain it to them in words, they cannot feel it. You cannot move people in the head. But if they make an effort heartistically and receive education, their rigid minds and hearts will soften. Do you believe that too? Therefore, the path of becoming the owners of the Culture of Heart is the path to liberating your families. This is the path of liberating God, True Parents, True Family, and your families.

Especially the parents of Blessed Central Families have been worrying till now, right? You were worried that our kids were drifting away to the secular world, weren't you? Is there hope in the Second Generation kids in STF or not? Can you see God's will being accomplished through these kids or not? I do not know. (Laughter) Ask yourselves. Your heart will know before anything else.

The most important thing is to be heartistically close to God.

In STF, you fundraise and witness. You have to understand that fundraising is a training to forget the self. You forget about individual needs. What is witnessing? I like witnessing because one can acquire the heart of a parent through witnessing. In order to become a parent, you have to have the mindset of living for the sake of others on the individual level first, right? Therefore, in the Principle viewpoint, this is the best course, especially when teaching the children. Why? Because you have to cultivate their hearts. Therefore, in order to develop a character resembling God's, one has to forget about the self and live for a greater will.

When I first said I was going to give such training to Second Generation kids, did the parents oppose or not? They said, "Oh, why are you trying to make our children suffer as well when we have suffered for 10, 20 years?" You may think these kids are suffering, but these kids do not think they are suffering. They feel more comfortable because they think, "When I go through such a course, my heart will be close to God." Consequently, they can overcome thinking of suffering as a challenge and not as suffering.

But how can you feel these things? You have to exercise true love, too. True love exercise! You have to study to be smart, right? What is studying? It is exercising the head, right? You have to exercise to be physically stronger. You become stronger if you work out. How about your heart? What do you think? Do you think it takes effort or does it just happen all of a sudden? If it just happens, then we humans do not have five percent responsibilities. Isn't that right? [Yes.] Therefore, we have to make an effort. That is how we should live.

It is easy to teach the head when you are educating children.

However, in order to educate a person, you have to educate the heart first. Knowing something is value-neutral. Thus it is the "person" that makes the decision to walk the path for God's will or to go against it. That is why it starts from there.

How did the Fall come about? Centering on love, centering on false love. All paths after that start with the heart, not reasoning. Why did Adam and Eve fall? Because they liked each other centering on false love, they forgot about God and created a family centered on Satan. So that is where it started on the individual level. Because I know this, no matter how much opposition I receive... I made a promise to the Unification Church. When I was inaugurated as the Vice President of FFWPU six years ago, I made a promise to educate your Second Generation kids, did I not? For these six years, did I keep that promise or not? [Yes, you did!] (Applause) If you want to educate someone, you have to educate the heart first. Many members and wives are in Japan, but do not worry. If you become the owners of the Culture of Heart and open such a path, the way to liberate your families will open as well. Amen, no- men? [Amen!]

True Culture Is God's Culture

Did you become more exhausted today or did you become young again? Did you become young ladies? (Laughter) Are you younger than these kids now? [Yes!] After I came here to the nation of Japan and gave a talk to our members, older members like those sitting up here became younger and their hearts became gentler. They came to dream big like when they were younger. They feel hope on their own so they shout (Hyun Jin Nim jumps) "Yes, yes, yes!" This is a very strange phenomenon. Why? What kind of hope is this? This is not a hope of human beings. This is hope from God. Amen, no-men? [Amen!]

I came here to Fukuoka... Where is this? Fukuoka? [Minaminihon (southern Japan)] Minamimihom or Minaminihon? (Laughter) Okay, create a new culture from here so that the entire Japan can feel it. What kind of a culture is that? The Culture of Heart. The Unification Church thinks of "culture" as only singing and artistic movements that make you feel good, but the "culture" I am talking about is not that. The "culture" I am talking about has a bigger meaning.

Then how do I explain that "culture"? I explain it like this. (Hyun Jin Nim points to one Japanese member) This person is Japanese, right? Why is he Japanese? It is because he is living in the traditional Japanese cultural area. So when he meets other people, he does this (Hyun Jin Nim bows his head down) like a Japanese person, laughs like this, and when he speaks, he starts soft, becomes gradually louder, reaches the loudest peak, then lowers his voice again, right? Therefore, it is easy to connect like this centering on culture. However, what if he meets someone who does not really know about this culture? It is like meeting a foreigner. Their cultures do not match. In the same way, when God looks at the satanic world, He thinks, "Oh, these people are foreigners," because God's culture and Satan's culture have no relationship with each other. Then what is a true culture? True culture is a culture that God can understand. What is the culture that God can understand? It is the Culture of Heart. That is why its content is deep and broad. What is the most important thing? It is to move the person not externally but internally.

The culture I talk about holds such content. Do you understand? [Yes!] Therefore, if the entire Unification Church membership become the owners of the Culture of Heart, would there be distinct Japanese members, Korean members, and American members? Would there separately be European members? No. Everybody is a Cheon Il Guk member. We would all be members centered on the Culture of Heart. Amen, no-men? [Amen!] How would people in the secular world think when they see us like that? Do you think we can move those people living with rigid heart? [Yes!] Absolutely yes. Therefore, we have to become owners. [Yes!] (Applause)

We Should Be a Family That Can Attend God

Look at these kids (STF members). How full of energy are they? There are many older Second Generation leaders who follow me, and they envy these kids. They say, "How nice it would have been if we had such an education system in our church 20 years ago!" How many kids have drifted away to the secular world until now? Those kids do not even know who they are. I scolded the mothers in Korea a little. When I was little, the Korean mothers... (Hyun Jin Nim points to one sister) Here, you are Korean, right? I know.

When I was little, Father always said, "Women are the problem, women are the problem, women are the problem." But I was too title to understand it then. I did not really know about the world of men and the world of women. However, as I grew older, when I look at women again, and especially Korean women, I think Father was right. (Laughter) Among 36 Couples, women from the Ewha Women's University are very strong. When we eat with Parents, the men sit very quietly, but the women talk loudly nonstop. So how scary are they? (Laughter) And they have so much greed for their children's education. Greed is not bad, but that greed is for going to good schools and doing this and that externally... Some kids have drifted to the secular world because of that.

What is the most important thing? What is important? Studying? Studying and learning are the easiest things to do. However, shaping a person takes a lifetime. That is why education has to start from the family. A life of living for the sake of others has to first start from the family. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and instead formed a family centered on God, what do you think would have happened? Do you think we would do Hoon Dok Hae and read words? [No.] Then, would we read the Divine Principle? How do you think we would have learned? We would have learned by practicing true love as owners of the Culture of Heart and living that way. Therefore, we have to establish true love from when we are young so that we can live our entire lives as owners of the Culture of Heart. True Parents taught us that there are Four Great Realms of Heart in a true, ideal family, did they not?

Think about it. The closest relationships in the world are found inside the family. You say, "This friend is like my brother or like my sister" when you talk about a very close friend. And you say, "This person is like my father or like my mother" to an older person you are very close to. Likewise, if you are a parent with children, you would say, "This child is like my son or like my daughter" about a child you really love, right? Therefore, when we want to express a very close relationship, we do so centering on family, do we not? In the end, we learn centering on the Culture of Heart. If parents and children, husband and wife become one especially in that family -- in other words, if they become owners of the Culture of Heart -- that family will become the school of true love. That is what God wanted to create. That is how you learn -- even if you do not know anything.

Think about it. In the Garden of Eden, Adam and Even did not know God's will, not even as well as Lucifer did. However, heartistically, centering on love, they were closer to God than Lucifer was. That means Lucifer did not really know who God was. He knew God's will, but he did not know God's heart. Therefore, how should parents teach their children? You cannot teach them with just words. You cannot teach them only in the head. You have to show them with heart. You have to show them how to love. After that, when your children reach the age to receive formal schooling, they will go to church and the church will teach them the same content. Then those kids will become owners naturally. Why did so many Second Generation kids drift away to the secular world until now? Because such a system did not exist. That is how I thought even six years ago. In order to educate the children, that family has to be educated first. I have educated your children already so I am now coming back to visit you and educate you.

Providential Significance of Hyun Jin Nim's Speaking Tour

Before starting this tour, I especially told Jin Man (Jin Man Kwak, W-CARP Executive Vice President) and W-CARP staff, "I am not doing this tour as the president of CARP." I did not come as the Vice President of FFWPU either. In the providential perspective, it is now the fourth year of Cheon Il Guk so you should connect to True Family and be able to establish a family that attends God. That is why I am doing this tour as an elder brother to educate all Blessed Central Families of the Unification Church. (Applause)

We have to make families that can attend God. Why? Family is the house of God. It is a house that can attend God. Because God is the king of love, the house of God is True Family. You as Blessed Central Families have been engrafted onto True Family and therefore, are members of the extended True Family. But did you think that before? To become a member of True Family, how should you live? You have to resemble God's character. You have to establish God's culture. You have to establish the tradition of God's family. What are the character, culture, and tradition of God? It is true love, the Culture of Heart. I came to see you because of that. (Applause)

Therefore, in the historical viewpoint, this tour has great significance in the history of Cheon Il Guk. How much did I speak in Japan? I did not just speak in the five rallies. I spoke during morning Hoon Dok Hae, then when I visited a church or a CARP center, while eating lunch, and while eating dinner. I really spoke a lot. All those contents were recorded. It was the same in Korea. So there were five rallies in Japan, and were there five in Korea as well? Was it held in five places or four places? It was five places. I visited churches and CARP centers and spoke all the time in Korea as well. Young Jun (Young Jun Kim, W- CARP Vice President), where are you? Young Jun followed me and recorded everything. I especially spoke in Korean a lot this time so make it into a book soon and let all the members learn this content.

You have to become the owners. You have to become the owners of Cheon Il Guk. Then you can liberate God, liberate True Parents, liberate True Family, and liberate your families. Amen? [Amen!] If we can put everything in order like that, do you think we can attend God in the Unification Church family or not? [Yes, we can attend Him.] Are you going to attend Him like a foreigner from far away or like a happy and close family member? [We will attend Him like a close family member.] Then God's will is being fulfilled because that is how God originally wanted it to be. Do you understand? [Yes!]

Since I have explained this much, can I finish now? If you want to know more, I gave many messages this time so read the book. Then you can know all the contents of my messages in Korea and in Japan. However, you cannot try to understand it in your head. You have to know it heartistically. Who you are, what God's will is, who God is, who True Parents are, and who True Family is -- all that content is in there. And it also has in it what our responsibility is in the age of Cheon Il Guk. Therefore, you have to become the owners. Amen, no-men? [Amen!] Okay. Then my work here at Fukuoka is done. (Applause)

Raise your hands if you can absolutely align yourself with God, True Parents, and True Family 100 percent. [Yes!] Oh, whoa, okay. Let's finish now. (Applause) 

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