Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Kobe CARP Center Visit

December 9, 2004

Please sit down. What comes to your mind when I say we have to create the Culture of Heart? It is the path of offering jung-sung (making conditions to offer sincerity) and going the right way. In the Unification Church, we think only in terms of the arts when we say "culture," but the "culture" I am talking about has a much deeper meaning than that. When I say we have to create the Culture of Heart, the internal aspects are more important than the external aspects. It means cultivating the internal character.

Living for the sake of others means the mind and heart have to be one with God first, and then body follows that mind and heart. So whatever you do, you will be living for the sake of others. Why? Because God is the king of living for the sake of others. That is why there is a deeper meaning when I say the "Culture of Heart." Do you understand? [Yes.]

I am so high-spirited and excited because I am with you. (Applause) Here, so many interesting things... (Applause) (Laughter) You are young so you like exciting and fun things, right? [Yes!] (Laughter) I really like your energy. [Whoa!] Because you are so full of energy, I think the heat is coming this way. I am sweating, too. (Applause) I did not even move around but I am sweating just after seeing you. (Applause) I need to drink some water. (Laughter)

"Alignment" Is Important

What should I speak about? [Shim Jung(heart)!] (Laughter) (To the student who answered shim-jung)"Shim-jung" is the only Korean word you know, isn't it? (Laughter) But it is okay if you just say, "Shim Jung! Shim Jung!" without knowing any other Korean words. (Laughter) Because you have to become the owners of the Culture of Heart, right? [Yes.] So it's okay if you say, "Shim Jung, Shim Jung!" Who are these people in the back? (Laughter) [They are CARP staff.] Are you staff of the Kobe CARP? Okay. Among the people here, raise your hands if you have been in CARP for one year. Those who have been here for only one year. Whoa! Put your hands down. Second Generation kids of Blessed Families, raise your hands. Are you in STF? Two people. Who have been here for two years? Since I asked for one year at first, how about two years? And three years?

Is CARP fun? [Yes!] (Laughter) Do you all want to become owners of the Culture of Heart? [Yes!] Looking back at the last one, two, three years, do you think you have changed a lot? [Yes!] In what direction have you changed? (Laughter) [Owners of the life of living for the sake of others...] Becoming the owners of living for the sake of others means the changing of heart. Are there people in this world who live for the sake of others? The path of living for the sake of others may be difficult, but your mind will be at ease. If you live for your individual self, your physical body may be comfortable, but is your mind comfortable? [No.] Why is that? We all have original minds and so want to be close to God. But in order to be close to God, you first have to have a character that is similar to God's. What kind of a character is that? It is the character of the Culture of Heart, living for the sake of others. So especially people who live for the sake of others...

It is also written in the Bible that those who seek to die shall live and those who seek to live shall die, right? It means that although you may walk a path that is hard for the body, you can do it if your mind is happy. Because your mind is comfortable, because you are close to God. Even if your body is comfortable, if your mind is not, then it is like hell. Isn't that right? Therefore, from the secular viewpoint a person may seem to be living a good life individually, but do you think that person is truly happy? Is that person truly joyful? No, he is not. His mind is not at ease.

What do you think? Do you think God possesses everything or not? Do you think He has everything or not? He has everything, but the thing that God wants more than anything else is true love. No matter how great one may be, one cannot feel true love alone. One needs an object partner. That is why God needed people to feel true love. It is the same. Do you think you can live happily by yourself, alone, as individuals? [No.] No, you cannot. Especially if you want to become owners of true love, you have to live for the sake of other people. That is the only way you can be happy. That is the path of living for the sake of others. Do the CARP members here feel that way more and more? [Yes.] How much? (All CARP members stand up and raise their hands to cheer.) Please sit down. Oh, you are very well aligned. [Whoa!] I think I am teaching very well. (Laughter)

How important is alignment? Two days ago, I visited a place where Japanese samurai practice swords, and they were slicing like this (Hyun Jin Nim motions to slice with a sword). I did not know samurai set that much jung-sung. This old grandfather was shorter than I was, (Hyun Jin Nim points to his chest) but he was the teacher and he cut three bamboo trees this thick very easily just like that. I was surprised, too. He looked weak, but... When he prepared, he put the sword like this and offered jung-sung first. The mind and body became one. He was making the sword become aligned 100 percent like his body.

In order to cut well with the sword, you have to cut in a special angle. Because he put in so much jung-sung and became one with the sword, it cut just like that in a swish. Watching that small old man cut it so easily, I thought, "Oh, it is too easy. I am stronger than that old man." (Laughter) I tried with just one, and when I hit it like this... You know what bamboo is, right? The bamboo was fixed onto a support. When that old man cut it, it sliced just like that, but when I hit it, the support at the bottom broke. (Laughter) But the bamboo was not cut. That old man was surprised, too. (Laughter) Then I thought, "Ah, this is not done by physical strength. You have to set jung-sung. You need jung-sung, not strength. That is why that old man made jung-sung for ten minutes and then prepared to cut it." Then, I asked him, "Bring it one more time," and instead of physical strength I set jung-sung first, and then I could cut it easily. [Whoa!]

What is it that you have to know well? When you try sports or other different things, the most important thing is for the mind and body to become one. No matter how strong you are and what kind of techniques or abilities you have, you cannot be aligned if your mind and body are not one. Especially, my training you by making you go out to fundraise and witness is making this kind of jung-sung. You are becoming one with God's will. It is the same as alignment. So when you become one, especially with that Vertical Axial Line -- in other words, become one with God, True Parents, and True Family -- then God can work through you. Do you believe that? [Yes.] Are you going to make such alignments? [Yes!] (Hyun Jin Nim points to the First Generation) You should learn, too. [Yes!] (Laughter)

This is really a new era. (To Sam Nagasaka, Vice President of W-CARP) When you were a CARP member, were there any CARP members who were this much aligned? [Yes, I was like that.] (Laughter) It has changed now. What is different with you now is, even if you do not know anything else, if you are aligned to this Vertical Axial Line, God can establish His will in Japan through you. What matters is not the knowledge that you know in your heads but how much you have become one in your hearts. That is why I told you to become owners of the Culture of Heart. You have to know that well. Do you understand? [Yes.] So are you going to run away because it's hard or are you going to stay in CARP? [We are going to stay.] You are going to stay? [Yes.]

We do not know what difficulty is. Challenge! Then you can grow individually as well. And you can establish God's will on this earth. How good is that? Amen, no-men? [Amen!] (Laughter) Whoa! You have to establish this kind of alignment. (To the staff of W-CARP Japan headquarters) Do you also think it is good for you to go to the CARP center? I probably would want to work at the CARP center more than working at the headquarters. (Laughter)

Let's Become Owners Full of Hope and Conviction

Especially men like me are the ones fighting on the frontline, in the very front. Did you attend the rally yesterday too? [Yes!] Did Hyun Jin Nim move the Unification Church? [Yes!] Did Hyun Jin Nim move those rigid First Generation? (Laughter) [Yes!] Because there was a very deep history until now, moving the First Generation is 100 times harder than moving Mount Fuji. It is like moving that mountain 500, no 5,000 times. But did I have fear? Do I run away? [No!] Or did I move on with conviction and with hope? [Yes!] Do you want to be like that too? [Yes!] I like that kind of a spirit.

We have to establish heaven now, but without such determined spirits, we cannot even change one person. How can you change the nation without that kind of a spirit? That is why you have to have that conviction first and think of God's will as your own will. You have to fulfill your responsibilities on your own as owners. If you move forward with such minds, nobody can stop you. [Yes!] (Hyun Jin Nim talks to the First Generation parents) Oh, watch what happens in the future. (Laughter) Since CARP will move forward with this kind of spirit now, people will become big.

Originally, these kinds of words are not for CARP. However, at first, the First Generation did not really believe me. You are Second Generation, right? Second Generation, young kids. The First Generation are originally my younger brothers and sisters so you are my nephews and nieces. The reason I am teaching you like this is to change your parents. Think about it. Would your parents oppose after seeing how you change? So we have to change your parents as well. How? How? In the head? [Shimjung!] (Laughter) Yes, that is right. Soudesunae: That is right)! (Applause) I keep sweating because these kids arc so full of energy. Open the windows a little.

What should I speak to you about? When do I have to leave? [You have to leave at three o'clock.] I have to leave at three o'clock? So we have 45 minutes left? [You also have to take pictures.] Hey, so you mean I only have 15 minutes left? I want to spend more time with you... [Whoa!] (Applause)

Are you going to give me hope or should I give you hope? [We will give you hope.] If you want to give me hope, what should you become? [Owners of the Culture of Heart!] Oh! Yes, that is correct! (Applause) If you become the owners of the Culture of Heart, God can trust you. And the will of God will be fulfilled through you. I believe in that. So have determination to become the owners of the Culture of Heart! [Yes!] You have good alignment!

Now bring all the First Generation, elders and parents in the FFWPU, to the CARP center and show them your alignment and how full of hope you are. [Yes, we will!] (Laughter) (Hyun Jin Nim points to the First Generation) Look at you, why do you lack energy? You are sleeping because you are tired. Look at this. Can you move the kids with that kind of energy? (Laughter) There is no energy, no power. If we have such hope and conviction in the Unification Church now, the time will come to move the nation. Do you believe in that too? [Yes!]

Let me ask you one question. Even if you do not see me for one year, can you still move on with such hope, with such power? [Yes!] Even if you do not see me for two years? [Yes!] If you do not see me for three years? [Yes!] If you do not see me for four years? [Yes!] Can you still do it if I send you off to more difficult places? [Yes!] Oh, you are all crazy. (Laughter) But I like those kinds of people. [Yes!] (Applause) Because I am like that too. (Laughter) Okay, we can end now. You know it, right? You have to become the owners of the Culture of Heart. Okay, you promised, right? [Yes!] Okay, then let's sign quickly and take pictures. 

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