Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Suida Church Visit

December 9, 2004

Suida Church? Suida Church desune. It is... [Whoa!] (Applause) That is how I learn. If you have a young heart, you continue to learn. Those who attended yesterday, raise your hands. [Yes!] Oh, all of you were there. There are only young people here today, right? [Yes.] (Applause) Since there are only young people, I should give a message for young people. [Yes.] (Applause) What kind of a message do young people like? Do you like a message about the things we have done until now? Or do you like a message that is about what our vision is for the future? [Message about our vision for the future] If you believe that we can establish the nation of Cheon Il Guk and if your minds... [Yes!] (Laughter) I have not even finished what I am saying and you say, "Yes!" Oh, the alignment is good, these kids. (Applause) This alignment is hope, hope. Since the alignment is this good, can I leave now without speaking any further? [No!] (Laughter) The reason why alignment is important is God does not have a body. So how does God do work? It is through people. Especially, if you strive to live for God's will, then God can come into that place and work through you!

Korea, the Country God Has Prepared

Why does Father want to find a nation? Originally, God prepared Korea as the father nation for all the nations in the world. Consequently, you will be inspired when you look at the history of Korea by how God had been preparing. Christianity, instead of coming to Asia, came to Europe and America to find Korea. I will explain briefly the content of how God did this since I promised not to talk about the entire history because you are young people. (Laughter) But think about the countries Father has chosen -- Korea is the father nation, Japan is the mother nation, and America? [Elder son] Yes, that is correct. Christianity was transmitted to Korea through America. There is an important meaning to this.

There are Catholicism and Protestantism in Christianity, right? And between the two, Protestantism is the Abel type, right? If you look at the American continent, the North is Protestant and the South is Catholic. American missionaries from this northern Protestant side came over to Korea and planted the seeds. That is why there are not that many Catholics in Korea. Korean Christians are on the Protestant side. Also, the Christians who witnessed the hardest in Korea were from America. So the reason God established America... Christianity first crossed over to the northern part of Europe. Then Catholicism flourished and split into Roman Catholicism and Protestantism, and Protestantism became rooted in the island country of England. Catholicism spread to South America and Protestantism spread to North America. And it again spread from North America to Asia.

The Philippines was the first... (Pointing to one member) Here, you are a Filipino, right? Wasn't Philippines Catholic at first? It was mostly Catholic. However, after the war between Spain and America ended, more American Christians came and had influence, right? But Korea's Christianity was spread from the Protestant side. Consequently, Korea and America's Christianities (making a motion of clasping fingers) are close. 50 years ago, no, maybe it was 60 years ago. (Laughter) 60 years ago, America was the strongest country, right? At that time, Russia, as much as America, was... And America was a Christian country. However, it was not an ordinary Christian country but an Abel-type Christian country, right? Korea's Christian foundation has an intimate relationship with America. That is why even just looking at this content only, we can know that Father's words, "If we became one with Korean Christianity and became one with this country, we could have moved the world through this country," is not an impossible story.

What kind of an era is it now? Originally, if Christianity had become one with Father and this country had become one with Father, Father's family would not have broken... Father's first family was broken, right? And the country was broken too. Because of that, the Korean War took place, and North Korea and South Korea divided. At that time, everything that symbolically showed the worldwide flow was focused in Asia. The Korean War also was a war that brought to surface the ideological discord between capitalism and socialism.

I wrote a thesis on the Korean War when I was a fourth year in college. So I read a lot of documents published by the U.S. State Department. But the funny thing is that the events that were taking place in East Asia had a huge influence on America's foreign policy related to the Cold War. Events happening in the Asian region were controlling the policy of the world's strongest nation, America. Was this simply because the situation at the time was like that? The entire world had been prepared on the stage of Christian foundation. If Christianity had become one with Parents at the time, Korea would not have been divided and America's worldwide foundation would have become one with Parents. If so, there would not have been any divisions, and no ideological conflict between communism and democracy would have taken place. Instead, a new alternative movement would have appeared and Cheon Il Guk-God's unified nation -- would have arrived in that era.

When I think about the history of Unification Church, the history which is now over 40 years long, the feeling I get is this. Originally, this was a history that should not have been. What is the legacy of True Parents? What was the mission of True Parents? [To establish Heaven on earth!] Looking at it from God's position, True Parents' mission was to realize God's dream and the ideal of establishing a true, ideal family. Yes, so how would you go about making a heaven on earth? [We will make it!] (Applause) These kids would make it even if they do not know anything, because they are well aligned. (Laughter) Yes, you are correct. You can even move Mount Fuji if you align yourselves 100 percent and take on the role of owners of true love! (Applause)

Importance of True Lineage

What did God want to establish? True, ideal family. Within it lie true love, true life, and true lineage. What do you think is the most important out of these three? [True love! True love!] Yes, that too is correct since you cannot establish true life without true love. But what is the most important? In order to find this one... The other two are also necessary, but what do you think is the most important among them? [True love!] [Lineage!] [Heart!] Heart? Love? When Father was giving a speech at a meeting, he asked the same question to the Christian ministers who were there. Because Christian ministers thought Jesus was the king of love as well as the king of peace, and because they thought Parents were also the king of true love, a lot of them answered, "True love is the most important," to Father's question. But Father told them, "You are all wrong." The most important thing is true lineage. What happens when there is no true lineage even if there are true love and true life? Everything ends in one generation.

True love, true life, and true lineage -- eternal lineage -- were what mankind originally had to establish. What God wanted from Adam and Eve was for them to become true parents. However, the only way they could become true parents was for Adam and Eve to give birth to children, the substantial object partners of parents' love, and to inherit parents' heart. That is how God Himself could experience the love of grandparents toward grandchildren. That is when the dream of realizing the ideal family that God wanted from Adam and Eve comes true.

The only way to establish an ideal family is to become husband and wife and have children. That is how the three objectives of true love, true life, and true lineage can be substantiated. This is the reason Father talks about the Three Great Kingships. "Three generations" means lineage but, at the same time, it represents the continuum of time -- in other words, past, present, and future. Past, present, and future is a concept that includes all times. In other words, it includes the concept of eternity. Do you think so? (STF members answer enthusiastically) [Yes!] (Laughter) That is why children are so important. However, Adam and Eve were not able to establish this kind of family. Instead of establishing a family centered on true love... You become one with God through true love, the first impulse and through that substantiate true life. That is how you come to establish true lineage. It is by this true lineage that God's right of ownership toward humanity is realized. However, all this was lost.

The first impulse was not the stimulus of true love but false love, a stimulus of self-centered love. This became the seed to false life, self-centered life, and created false lineage. Moreover, it not only became the seed of false lineage centered on Satan, it turned human nature into the nature of Satan. That is why God has carried out the history of Restoration so far in order to claim especially that lineage as God's through creating the ideal family. It is because lineage represents the right of ownership toward humanity. When Father talks about the history of Restoration, he talks about the changing of blood lineage, right? It is because it was through blood lineage that love, bloodline, and right of ownership became centered on Satan. Lineage had made Satan's right of ownership possible by connecting one generation to the next.

You Have to Gain Victory in the History of Restoration on the Individual Level

Even though Parents have victoriously cleared all of Satan's false charges toward humanity, this is what Father says: "Although the history of the Providence of Restoration is cleared and we are facing a new era, there still remains the history of Restoration that you have to gain victory over on the individual level." What is the meaning of these words? "Let us become the owners of the Culture of Heart" is something I have mentioned and pointed out in this speaking tour as well. Also, Father, while asking what we have to restore, has said that we have to overcome our fallen nature and restore the original nature that resembles God's nature. What do you think the original nature is? The original nature is a character centered on heart. The Culture of Heart is the original nature.

What must you do to have victory on the individual level? We all have five-percent portion of responsibility. Even though Parents have separated you from Satan's lineage, you still have the five-percent portion of responsibility to restore the satanic nature to God's nature. It is the same in the Garden of Eden. There was no such thing as hell at the time Adam and Eve lived. They started at zero point. However, they eventually became distanced from God. It is the same case with the Second Generation. Although they were born without original sin, they start from the zero point. To inherit God's original nature, you have to become vertically one with God and choose the path to becoming God's absolute object. It is the same for you, too. That is why I am delivering the message to become the "owner of Culture of Heart" -- because through this "heart" it becomes possible for all Blessed Central Families to complete the Restoration on the individual level. Along the same line, I say that education does not start from here (head) but from here (heart) when I mention education. l say so because it is in our hearts that God's nature is rooted. It is not the head, but the heart.

Save the World's Cains through Life of True Love

There probably are people in here who have heard that I dislike theology. Theology has its roots in the effort to understand God's original nature, but the basis of that premise is wrong. Do you think we can understand only with our reasoning that God is an absolute, omnipotent being and an unchanging, universal being? That God is someone who moves based on heart rather than reasoning is more important. Do you understand what I am saying?

Think about how old I am. The age difference between Father and me is almost that of a grandfather and grandson. There is that much of a generational gap. Despite that, he is my father. Do you think I understand Father on a rational level? No. Understanding is possible through the heart. How about God? How can you understand God? Can you understand Him through the head or through the heart? That is why to truly know someone means knowing through the heart, not by the head.

All the new educational programs for Second Generation that I initiated were started on the basis of epistemology, which is a theory about knowledge. In a way, this method is like a revolution. It is so if you compare the educational method used in the past and the experience-based educational method used now. That does not mean that the education on the cognitive level is being ignored. The educational method is becoming advanced. You come to have ownership not only through understanding the concepts but through directly practicing and experiencing. The ownership you get through experience is more profound. Accordingly, if you want to become the owner of the Culture of Heart, you have to live a life of true love. If you live that life and if that becomes the groundwork for your cognition, then that will become exactly the content I am speaking of now. That kind of person will be vertically aligned with God and can understand God more deeply. That is also God's heart and the meaning of God's providence.

If you have understood the fact that God's dream and providence toward humanity was to create an ideal family, what is your goal as Blessed Central Family? You stand in the position of members of the extended True Family. You have been engrafted onto True Family. The reason Satan cannot claim right of ownership to you any longer is that the satanic lineage has been cut off from you. In addition, it is because you have been engrafted onto the new lineage rooted in the victorious foundation of ideal family. In other words, you have come to stand on True Family's victorious foundation.

If Adam and Eve had completed a true, ideal family, Adam and Eve's family would have become the root family of humanity. However, they were not able to complete an ideal family and the history of Restoration became the process of restoring Adam and Eve's sons and daughters. Your lineage has been continued from Adam and Eve's lineage, right? God needed a substantial true, ideal family before anything else to restore and cut off that wrong lineage. And He engrafted you onto this True Family to make all of you members of heavenly family. However, is this kind of blessing only for the Unification Church? Do you believe that God's providence is something to save all of humanity? The Blessed Central Families representing the Unification Church are in Abel-type positions in relation to the Cain-type people in the world. Therefore, in order to understand God's will and to substantiate it on this earth, we have to realize that we are blessed and put in the Able-type position not only for ourselves but because God wants to substantiate His will through us.

Think about it. How can you move the minds of the secular people who have lived insensible to God for a long time? The most powerful weapon is -- you experienced it yesterday, right? The most powerful weapon is true love, life of living for the sake of others. If you want to move another person's heart, you have to be in the position of living for the sake of others. This is the way to move the apathetic minds of Cain-type people. If you listen really carefully to my speech, you can know that the content of my speech is ultimately that a Blessed Central Family's life itself has to be the testimony that it has lived solely for Cain-type people in order to restore all humanity and return them to heavenly families.

This is the reason I say that we have to become the world's index and first lead our lives that bring out God's original nature on our own in order to move people's original nature and bring them to God's bosom. The best way to accomplish this is, as I have said before to the members and the leaders, to attend and live with God, True Parents, and True Family within ourselves. It should not be simply a concept but we have to practice it in reality.

Can you become the owners? [Yes!] Oh, these kids, the alignment is good! You are all young people! [Yes!] Oh, you already know everything even if I do not keep on speaking, right? [No!] (Laughter) You can move people if you live for the sake of others. You move their hearts. The heart moves. How can you save Cain? You save them heartistically, by true love. If you look at the world we live in now, especially if you look at Japan, are mothers over the age of 40 thirsty for true love or not? (Laughter) I do not know. Are they thirsty or not? They will become crazy once they drink that love. (Hyun Jin Nim raises both hands and jumps) They will become like this. (Laughter)

We Can Move the Nation If We Become the Owners

I witnessed an incredible scene yesterday. (Laughter) A 70 year-old grandmother (Hyun Jin Nim raises both hands and cheers) shouted "Yes!" like a young girl; how great is that? (Laughter) It is hard to even walk around for most grandmothers at that age, but I saw grandmothers jumping like this as if they were young girls. Where did that grandmother get that kind of energy? She had energy and even jumped as if God was pulling her from the top. There is that kind of energy in love. No matter how difficult challenges and moving people are, if you go forward centering on true love, you can win it all. That is why I am confident that if you become the owners of true love, you can even move this nation. What do you think? [Yes!] (Applause)

Is finding the nation of Cheon II Guk the responsibility of only Parents or ours? [It is our responsibility!] Is that responsibility something we have to fulfill because Parents gave it to us and we have no choice or because we want to? [It is because we want to!] Because you have made that goal your own? [Yes!] (Laughter) Oh, I have done a good job of heart-washing you! (Laughter) If secular people criticize that the Unification Church brainwashes people, then please tell them this instead: "Hey, look. If you want to criticize, do it correctly.

We do not have any interest in the head. What we are interested in is the heart." Then those people who were speaking endlessly will stop talking and (making a dumbfounded look) stand still. They will not answer. It is different from brainwashing.

It is because of heart, because they feel the heart and love that people follow God's will. Is it because of the head? No. It has nothing to do with brainwashing. Do not worry. History is behind especially those people who become the owners of the Culture of Heart. Therefore, have confidence! [Yes!] (Applause) God has already prepared everything in this country as well. Cheon Il Guk is an era when God's history begins; should you, who live in such an era, say, "Oh, this is hard," without any energy or say, "Hey, we have to move faster!"? [We have to say, "Hey, we have to move faster!"] Oh, I do not believe you. (Laughter)

Let's take an example. Let's say we are running a long marathon. When we have run 90 km, maybe 100 km, have no energy left anymore and become like this (walking very tiredly), we have to pull ourselves together and run harder. Then you can become number one. (Applause) Do you want to be number one or number two? [Number one!] (Laughter) Number one? [Number one!] Really number one? [Number one!] You have to continue to push, push, and push forward. Isn't that so? With conviction and with spirit! Amen, no-men? [Amen!] Those who want to do so, stand up and say, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!" [Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!] Try jumping, too.

The hotel manager came and said, "I would like you to stop," yesterday because we were jumping too much and shouting, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" He said the floor was going like this (motioning with hands to move up and down) because we were jumping too much. (Laughter) If we can move that huge hotel like that, do you think we can move this nation as well if we go forth with the same spirit as saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes! Yes!"? [Yes, we can!] Yes, that is right. You have to become number one. [Number one!] Number one! [Number one!] Amen. [Amen!] We are finished now. (Applause) 

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