Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Hoon Dok Hae on December 8, 2004

December 8, 2004

You probably know well why I established Service For Peace. Service For Peace is for Tong-ban-gyuk-pa. [1] If the Blessed Central Families especially become owners of the Service For Peace movement in actuality instead of just in thought, we can accomplish Tong-ban-gyuk-pa. The difference between Service For Peace and other service activities is that Service For Peace can change people. Why? Because it teaches centering on heart first. And then you give them cognitive education. It makes that frame. So Service For Peace is a service activity that teaches the way to develop the heart. That is why alignment can be established. Then you become one. Even if the outside people do not know the Principle, if they work centering on such a teaching, they can become aligned as well. It is not important how much you know. If you resemble God's character in the heart, you can become aligned. That is what Father said, right?

Time to Create a New History of True Love

What Jesus taught through words was to live for the sake of others. Father's teachings are of the same content. The content of Father's words from 1950 until now is all similar. What is the core theme? True love, living for the sake of others. It is an important theme especially in this era of Cheon Il Guk. You also have to know it well.

What kind of an era is this? It is the time to establish God's history. What did God want to establish through Adam and Eve's family? [True family] What kind of a family is true family? It is a family that owns the Culture of Heart. In other words, it is a family that owns true love. You have to become members of this family. You have to become owners of the Culture of Heart because you have to become the members of that family. You have to live for the sake of others. Then every door in the satanic world will open. The most important thing is a person's mind and heart. If you hold on to it tightly, you can change a person. So if you become owners of the Culture of Heart and create true love movements, you can change people and change the nation. You can also change the world. And next, you offer it all back to God.

The Family Pledge says the same thing, right? Centering on what can you become true filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters? It is centering on true love. If you do not know this, you cannot do it. That is why I keep telling you this. If you want to become someone who God can acknowledge and use, in other words, become filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and divine sons and daughters, then you should become someone who God can trust to move forward for a greater cause, right? In order to do that, you have to live for the sake of others before anything else. You have to live centering on true love. You have to understand this well.

Continue reading. (Hoon Dok Hae continues)

We Have to Educate Our Second Generation to Become Strong People Whom God Can Trust

When you look at Second Generation kids, do you think of them as your children? I was with Second Generation kids yesterday... Joon Ho (Joon Ho Moon, Vice President of YFWP Japan), where are you? When you were educating Japanese Second Generation kids, you said that they were too weak and did not know the will of living for the greater good, that they only live on individual level, right? You parents taught them that way. And the church taught them exactly the same way. That is why they do not know God or True Parents very well. They do not really understand God's will. They do not live for the sake of others. Second Generation kids of Blessed Families were born without relation to the satanic lineage, but they became unrelated to God because their minds and hearts were not close to God. So I am telling you this. It is most important to become one with the Vertical Axial Line. They have to build the alignment. Then those Second Generation kids can become people God can use. They can fulfill God's will. That is why I made STF. You feel it more now that I explain this content to you, right?

When STF was just being started, how much did the Blessed Central Families of the Unification Church oppose it? Why? They thought, "Now Hyun Jin Nim is trying to make our kids suffer as well." But the thought that I am making them suffer is wrong. In the history of Restoration through Indemnity, God trained those who were most precious to Him the hardest. Do you think God trained them the hardest or not? Then why did Jesus walk a path of such suffering? God gives the hardest training. Father has said that God sent him to prison every time God promised him a big blessing.

It is the same for me. Looking back at my life, why did I have to suffer like that? God gives harder training to the more beloved children. It is to develop that person to be capable of an especially big task. So if you think of it as suffering, then you lose the heart of living for the sake of others. You may think you are just suffering on an individual level. But when you are liberated from there, you will have the heart of living for the sake of others and you will be able to think, "Oh, God is training me like this for a greater will." Then would you think that it is hard? No, right? You will be grateful. That is why I like to climb mountains and hunt. I do such training. I do jungsung (making conditions to offer sincerity) for God's will, more than doing Hoon Dok Hae like this, going to church, or listening to words. These people (Second Generation leaders) did not really understand it. Climbing mountains and going through such training is church for me. Why is that? It is building jungsung and alignment. Why? If you know true love only through the head, it becomes just a concept. God cannot establish His will through that person on this earth. You have to understand that well.

Second Generation kids especially go fundraising and receive opposition. You receive opposition from this world, right? This world is so full of crap. What a trashy world this is. That is why there is opposition. But you have to overcome that opposition if you want to become a leader. You have to have such conviction and hope. Then God can establish all His wills through that person.

Especially you have to understand this well. How does God work? God works through people. The foundation has to be solid in order to construct a tall building, right? The foundation has to be solid. In the same sense, in order to fulfill God's will through people, those people -- the foundation -- must be strong. If not, God can not trust those kinds of people. You have to understand that well. So the reason I give training like STF is to raise and train your children as leaders, leaders of the Unification Church. In other words, what does that mean? It means that they will become someone whom God can trust and use as the center. You have to understand that well.

I do not know how much you know about the great people in the outside world, but what becomes the biggest problem while trying to do something well in the outside world is not the head. And it is not the body either. The most important thing is the spirit. Without that, you have no hope and cannot do anything. What distinguishes the great athletes is their "spirit." What do you think you need to become the CEO of the best company? Good grades? A degree from Harvard? That you are smart and have a lot of experience? More important than those is the "spirit." That is all you need to become a CEO. That is the most important condition. If your spirit is not strong, you cannot do anything. You will just be talking and worrying. You have to understand that well.

I am interested in swords, guns, and archery so yesterday I watched and learned how the samurai use their swords. Oh, it is very interesting and fun. (Hyun J in Nim motions to wield a sword) Swish! (Laughter) But you do not use your strength to actually cut something but you have to unite your spirit and body. That is how this small samurai... What style is it? What do you call fighting with actual swords? [Using real swords is called kobudo. (Kajikuri Masayoshi, Vice President of W-CARP Japan)] Right, that kobudo master was a small person. He was about this tall (Hyun Jin Nim points to his chest height). (Laughter) So I am much stronger than he is. But the strength of using the sword arises when your mind and body are one. The sword should not be a sword anymore but should become a will.

You cannot even imagine how much jungsung that samurai put into preparation before using the sword. I was very moved. He was sweating even though he was preparing slowly. He was not moving fast but he was still sweating. And this small person was slicing three bamboo trees in a swish without much effort when other people usually cannot cut even one properly. I tried it with one, and I could not cut it because I was using only physical strength. The support for the bamboo tree was broken, but I could not cut the tree. It would not cut. (Laughter) But if the mind and body are one, you can slash it completely with one stroke without strength. It is true.

You also have to understand that well. What is most important? It is not just spiritual people like us who think that way. There are many people in the outside world that feel it. Spiritual world and physical world are originally one. So if you want to excel in a sport in the secular world, you have to stand spiritually upright first even if you do not know anything. You don't like that, do you?

It is the same with shooting a gun. Just because you have a big build it does not mean that you can shoot well. You don't necessarily shoot well because you are strong. I actually know many women who shoot well. You do not need physical strength.

The most important thing is to focus. That is why you have to build alignment spiritually and physically. Then you can shoot well. There are many bulky fellows or body builders who cannot shoot very well. They have no focus because they only think externally. Whatever it is, if you want to do it well, it is important for your spiritual and physical sides to become one.

(To one leader) You have been a security at Han Nam Dong (True Parents' official residence in Korea) so you have done martial arts, right? Who wins in a fight? [A person with a stronger spiritual strength wins.] That is right. I know since I have fought many times. (Laughter) Especially when the two opponents are on similar levels, the spiritually stronger one wins. We watched Pride (mixed martial arts fighting championships) yesterday. A person with better techniques lost because his spirit was not strong. He was in a favorable position in many aspects but could not finish. (Hyun Jin Nim points to his chest) Because he was too weak here.

It is the same when training our children. Even though they graduate from the best schools and have great external talents, do you think they can do great works if they are not spiritually strong? Hyun Jin Nim graduated from Columbia University and has an MBA from Harvard; why does Hyun Jin Nim who went to those great schools say such things? I understand it well. To be honest with you, about 80 percent of my fellow graduates from Harvard MBA will not become great people. Yes, they may be superior to the average person, but they will not be able to do great work. What is the difference? Harvard MBA is the hardest school to get in even among the Harvard schools. It is harder to get in than the law school. So these people were the brightest and the most talented in the world. But 80 percent of them cannot do great work. People who value external things perceive the "I" too much.

What is very strange is that the Unification Church, which is not a "church" but "Blessed Families" who believe in God and who seek to fulfill His will, does not really know this. When you listen to Father's words, he continually says this, but they do not believe it. They do not believe it sincerely. They have not made it their own. Their children are like this because they do not believe. They opposed it when I said that I would make a training course like STF because they did not believe, because the "I" was first, because they did not know this. You have to know it well. Do you understand? If you do not make my message your own, it does not mean anything. Why? Because if you do not become the owners, you cannot live like that on this earth, and the will of God cannot be accomplished on this earth through you. You have to know that well. Okay, continue. (Hoon Dok Hae continues.)

Education Is to Make One Live for the Sake of Others

What do you think education is? Educating through Hoon Dok Hae, educating to do kyung-bae (bow) in front of True Parents' picture; why do we do these things? For what? For what kind of education? If you did not have any relation to Satan, you could know it all through your hearts. Why do you have to do Hoon Dok Hae or kyung-bae? You take time off sleeping to do jungsung in front of God and True Parents everyday, right? Why do you do that? To teach what? To receive what kind of education? It is to teach living for the sake of others.

The physical body only values individual things, right? In a family, when the father is hungry, it is only the father who feels hungry, right? Does anyone else become hungry because the father is hungry? (Laughter) That is why it is an individual thing. But living for the sake of others is forgetting about the individual things. True Father also gives such examples that when you have bread, you should want to share it with others. If a father had bread, do you think he would eat it all by himself? Or would he share it with his wife and children? I do not know. Tell me. [He would want to share it with the children.] That is why you have the heart of wanting to live for the sake of others.

Why do you think God wanted to establish a true, ideal family? What kind of school is true family? What kind of school is it? What kind of education do you receive? [You learn true love.] Right, it teaches true love necessary to become owners of the Culture of Heart. So what kind of an education is Father talking about now? Why do I keep on saying that the Unification Church is too institutionalized and self-centered? Unification Church members do not know why I am training them like this. They only think that such training is done as one of church formalities, and they do not know what kind of an education it is. It is the education of true love and living for the sake of others.

Why do you study? Studying exercises the mind. Then how do you exercise the heart? You have to continue to live for the sake of others. You have to make such an effort. As we live, the activity of growing the heart is to live for the sake of others. Keep reading. (Hoon Dok Hae continues)

The Unification Church Did Not Realize the Value of True Family

Do you agree? Do you think that you have to love your enemies' children more than you love your own children? Do Blessed Central Families sacrifice themselves for the world? Or do they not care about for the world? Did Parents bless the Blessed Central Families in the Unification Church for your own sake? When you think about that, you have to move forward to allow all of humanity to find God. If you are in Abel-type position, they are in Cain-type position. The secular world is Cain. Did you think like that?

You started witnessing recently -- who was the reason for it? I do not know. Thinking back to six years ago, there were no leaders who were thinking of the secular world or of witnessing. I said, "We have to witness again!" And I made Service For Peace saying we need activities to live for the sake of others. Isn't that right? But nobody thought that way before then.

The reason Blessed Families receive good fortune is not because of themselves. It is because of True Family. What did Blessed Families do? Jesus also began Christianity through his disciples because he started to feel that the Jews were trying to kill him. Do you know how ignorant those disciples were? But when you look at Christianity, the Christians have believed in them as saints. They probably do not know how dirty and fake their lives were before they met Jesus. And you don't know how ridiculous the theology is as well.

Think about it. God wanted to establish Adam and Eve as true parents. But they did not become true parents and that is why humanity does not know God today. That is what happened!

Why didn't the Unification Church know True Family? Why didn't they know what kind of a family it was? If you are Blessed Families, you should be members of True Family, but why didn't you know? That is how much you did not understand God's will. Think about it. Although I knew it all, I had to walk the path of servant of servants for you.

You do not know anything. Knowing with the head is not what matters. You have to know through the heart. Your children, especially the young kids, are much better than you. That is why these kids can be in alignment even if they do not know anything. Why? What kind of education is most important? Which education is most important? If you paid attention during Hoon Dok Hae, you would know.

Do you think the contents of what Hyun Jin Nim is saying right now are wrong? If they are wrong, how can I have conviction and say it like this? I know. Even if you do not believe in what I say now and do not become owners, ultimately, God will open the way because it is in accordance with God's will. And things will change. Wait and see. It is not important what you think. You have to know that well.

I said during the 21-Day Workshop, "What do you think True Parents' legacy is? Do you think external things like being the founder of Washington Times and the founder of FFWPU are True Parents' achievements? That is how I started the speech because people did not know. But in God's viewpoint, the most important thing is True Family. You did not understand this well. That is what you thought until now, right? Not everybody but most people thought that way, especially the leaders. The way I see it, Blessed Families all belong to that category.

In America as well, do you know how much the members criticize True Family? They did not protect True Family but saw with individual eyes, and made it harder for them. Think about it. Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden. But at that time, there was only one Satan. When Parents established True Family, the foundation of Christianity could not unite with Parents and the history of Restoration through Indemnity was prolonged again. So the True Family with that much value was thrown into history of Restoration through Indemnity. The responsibility was not only on Parents alone. The whole family carried the responsibility. That is why there are many difficulties. So Parents also explained that a historical family is connected to not just the history of that one family but to the nation's history, the world's history, and God's history.

Because Christianity did not accept Parents, Parents' family as a whole had to drop to that place to liberate the history of Restoration through Indemnity. Father said that the nation was divided because Christianity did not become one with Father. Why? Parents and Korean history are one. He said that Father's family was divided just like the history of Korea. That is how the first wife left. Then Father found True Mother. Is that not right? It is the same.

You did not know anything. True Family is a historical family. But you thought only on the individual level without knowing this, and that is how you taught it to my family -- that True Family is neither special nor historical, but the same as you. Didn't you think that way? If there is someone who thinks that way among my siblings, who taught them? That is your responsibility.

Is that how security at Han Nam Dong thought? They lived with and attended True Family, but how imperceptive they were. While Heung Jin hyung (elder brother) was alive, did they really know who he was? Did they care? What is strange is that you bring up Heung Jin hyung's name in your prayers now that he is in the spiritual world. I am at a loss for words. I feel like they are hypocrites when I hear those prayers; how would God think? Do you pray like that because other members are inspired by it? When you pray, who are you praying for? When you do a representative prayer, do you pray in order to inspire other people who do not know anything? You have to know well. Do you understand? It was nonsense.

Heung Jin hyung became the elder brother in heaven because he was part of True Family. That is why he could become a historical elder brother. Do you know how much he was criticized in the Unification Church? What good have you done? Where are those kids now? Heung Jin hyung sacrificed his life for those kids even though his life is hundreds and thousands of times more important historically than theirs. If you look at it through God's will, True Family cannot even be compared to those Second Generation kids. But where are those kids and what are they doing now? They are not grateful at all. Heung Jin hyung thought of them especially more and loved them because they did not have a father. Who would befriend such a friend?

Think about it. This is just one example. Do you think there are many unfortunate incidents in True Family or not? [There would be many.] There will be no end if I start. When I look at you, you are my enemies, but the reason I walk this path for you once again is true love. I cannot go on without centering on true love. You don't understand that well.

How do you think True Parents have walked the path of liberation? Do you think they would have motivation to liberate when they have so many problems in their family? When I look at Parents, I think they are the most pitiable people. You call them "Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind," etc. Do you think Parents will be happy when you say that and pray like that? Do you think God will be happy? In truth, Parents are the most pitiable people. They invested the most important things. They not only invested, but they sacrificed, right? I fought against Satan many times over this because I know it well. Why? Because my family has been living like that as well. Do you know that I am going through an equally hard time because you are not aligned? You have to pull yourselves together. You have to really understand how God's will works. Read it again. Let's finish up quickly. I do not feel good when I talk about this.


1. "Tong-ban" is the smallest unit of a town in Korea, and "gyuk-pa" means to smash into very fine pieces. Tong-ban-gyuk-pa- means to pull out the satanic lineage settled in the tong-ban level and change it to God's lineage. 

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