Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Unification Movement Leaders Meeting

December 6, 2004

What message should I give today? Kyoung Hyo Kim (President of W-CARP Korea) and Young Jun Kim (Vice President of W-CARP), who have followed me, have already reported to you; do I have to speak again? (Laughter) Is it okay if I just end here and leave? [No!] Oh, how unmannered is it making someone who came from afar work like this? (Laughter)

A Young Person Is Someone Who Advances toward a Dream

There are no young people here. Yesterday when I went to the CARP center, I saw faces of young people, but now I am having the worst dream. The worst dream is speaking at a place with old people. I do not necessarily think that your age has to be young in order for you to be a young person. I do know young people who are aged. There are people who may be of young age but whose mind is old. Is there anyone who is in the 20's? Raise your hands. Those in your 30's, raise your hands. Next, those in your 40's, raise your hands. Oh, you have the most people! Those in your 50's, raise your hands. Oh, there are a lot of you in your 50's, too. Those in their 60's, raise your hands. Those who are over 60, please leave the room. There is no hope. I am joking, a joke. (Laughter) No matter how old you are in your age, if your heart is young, then you can meet God there.

Jesus also said this as well, right? He said that you need to have a heart like a child's to enter Heaven. It is the same for you as well. Who do you think is the youngest person I know? [Father!] Why do you think it is Father? Father is 85 years old, 85! Think about it. Since I am 36 years old, the age difference between Father and me is almost that of a grandfather and grandchild. Therefore, how big is the generation gap? So how can someone with such a big generation gap be the youngest person? Nevertheless, it is true.

What is a young person like? Do old people have dreams? Even if they do have dreams, are they big dreams or small dreams? Do they think looking forward to the future or do they only think, "How have I lived up to now?" In contrast, how do the young people think? Do young people have bigger dreams than do the old people? Do young people always look forward or backward? Since they have not lived on this earth for that long, there is nothing to look back at, is there? That is why they keep looking forward. Especially when we think about God's will, is God's will always moving forward or halting? [It moves forward.] Then, knowing that God has been moving the entire human history centering on His will, do you think He is someone who constantly looks back or someone who looks forward, works and tries harder to consolidate His will?

How about our Unification Church? Is our Unification Church currently looking forward or backward? If neither, then are we just looking at the ground or just sleeping? [We are sleeping.] Are we sleeping? [We are looking forward.] Think about it. If we are sleeping, are we moving forward or moving backward or standing still? If we are sleeping, then we are not moving, are we? Then is our Unification Church currently sleeping, moving forward or moving backward? How are we moving now? What do you think? [We are moving forward!] Are we moving forward? [Yes!] Only the Koreans think that. (Laughter) I am losing my voice more and more because of you.

Have to Know in the Heart, Not in the Head

When I went to the CARP center yesterday and spoke with the young people, those kids were really good with timing even though they did not really know what I was saying. (Laughter) They did not really understand what I was asking, but whenever I just made an expression like this, they answered, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" However, now I am trying hard to speak but the timing is not right. When I ask a question, you go (Hyun J in Nim makes a blank expression), "Oh, that is right, that is right." That means you are not aligned. There is no alignment. Are you listening to my words now with the head or with your heart? [With the heart!] Is that true? Then the timing should be good. (Laughter) Think about it. It should be like this if you are 100 percent aligned. (Hyun Jin Nim points to his arm) Since this is my arm, it moves this way even if I do not order, "Hey, hold the cup of water!" when I want to drink water because it is one with me. It happens like that even if I do not consciously think it. That is alignment.

Although the young kids do not know anything, they can answer, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" when I only make an expression like this because they listen with their heart. That is how well aligned they are. But the interesting thing is that there is hope for you as well. I saw it myself yesterday. I saw old grandmothers, grandmothers who were over 80 years old, become young again yesterday at Toyota Church. These grandmothers became so young that they stood up, raised their hands and went, "Yes! Yes! Yes!" Although they did not have much physical strength, they even jumped. If we can revive grandmothers like that through heart, why can we not move this nation? (Applause)

Think about it. There is such a saying: "It is harder to move a person than it is to move a mountain." How do you move a person? Through the head? Do you think we can change the Christians with Unification Church theology? I tested our professors, especially the theology school professors, when I went to Sun Moon University to speak this time. I have said numerous times that I dislike theology. Christian theology is all nonsense. You probably have heard that I graduated from UTS and also that I graduated first in class. However, I hated the two years that I went to UTS the most. Are you not thinking, "How can Hyun Jin Nim say that!"? I will tell you. The reason I dislike theology is the premise of theology itself is wrong. What is the premise of theology? Is it not that you can know God through the head, through reason? But do you really think you can know God through reason? How can you know love through the head?

(Hyun Jin Nim points to one leader) This Korean leader sitting here has a really round and big head, right? Then how much space would there be inside the head? Do you think he can know God well with that big head or not? (Laughter) Even if you have a head as big as that of ho-bbang-man (a cartoon character with a big head), you cannot know God with the head! How can you know an absolute, eternal, and unchanging God with reason or the head? The only way you can know that kind of God is through something that is absolute, eternal, and unchanging like God. Interestingly, the Bible says something like this. The expression, "This man knew this woman," from the Bible has the verb "to know" in it, but that verb does not simply mean to know by the head like we might think. It means to come to know with love. In other words, the word expresses husband- wife relationship. Consequently, to truly know something is not to know by the head. It is to know with love. It is to know by the heart. Therefore, especially if you want to know God, how you have to know? Is it to know by the head? It is to know by the heart. It is to know with true love.

Think about it. How big is the age difference between Father and me? It is like that of a grandfather and a grandchild. So how big of a generation gap would there be? Then how can we become one? By reason? In the head? We can become one through love. Think about it. How large do you think is the distance between you and God? It is both historically and heartistically. Do you know who God is at this moment? Did you attend Him as if he were your grandfather? Are you close with Him as you are with your grandfather? Do you know Him well? Do you know what kind of a being He is? You are all people who call out "God! God!" and pray hard and work hard centering on Parents. However, do you really know who God is? True Parents especially have been sacrificing walking the path of living for the sake of others until now and have cleaned up completely the entire history of Restoration through Indemnity, have they not? And now they are "Parents of Heaven, Earth, and Humankind," but do you really know who Parents are? When I use the verb "to know" I am not referring to knowing in the head. To truly know is to know heartistically. In that sense, do you know who True Parents are? This is the problem.

God Wanted to Find True Lineage through True Family

Do you think God thought, "Since I am God, let me create lovely son and daughter and then have them fall so that they live on without any relation to me," when He was creating Adam and Eve in the very beginning? Do you think that is how God wanted it? In the Principle, it says that God created humans to find object partner of true love. You need two people for love, right? Therefore, centering on what did God create humans? True love. Is that not why the Family Pledge starts like this: "As the owners of Cheon Il Guk, our family pledges to...centering on true love." Centering on true love! What age is the era of Cheon Il Guk? In order to know what kind of an age this is, you have to know well the original will of God prior to the human Fall. That is why I liked the Principle of Creation the most whenever I listened to the Principle ever since I was young. I had no interest at all in the fallen history. It was because that history had nothing to do with God. God did not want the Fall.

What kind of an age is the era of Cheon Il Guk? It is the era that would have been established if Adam and Eve hadn't fallen and instead had created a true family. Therefore, this is the era when God's history newly opens. The history up to now originally had nothing to do with God. Consequently, now you have to know well what God's will originally was.

Where is the water? I'm losing my voice because I am shouting when I speak since you are not aligned. (Laughter) Do you know why I use the word "alignment" a lot? Japanese people think, "We must do this because we can live only if we set conditions as we walk the course of Restoration through Indemnity," right? That is why you smile happily in the front but think, "Oh, oh, oh, this is too difficult," on the inside, do you not? Isn't that right? In that sense, Korean people are a little better. In case of Korean people, if it is difficult on the inside, it comes out straight as words. (Laughter) No matter how difficult it is, Japanese people bear it like this (Hyun Jin Nim makes a smiling expression). They do not show it. However, when Korean people are in a bad mood, it is written on their faces, "I am in a bad mood right now." Therefore, you can know what that person is feeling when looking at his face.

Japanese people are like women. Women are always painting their faces like this. (Laughter) Mrs. Kuboki (wife of Mr. Osami Kuboki, former president of HSA-UWC Japan) here too, although she is a grandmother, probably put on make-up for about two hours in front of the mirror before coming out here. (Laughter) If I asked her, she would probably answer, smiling like this, "No, No, it only took me about 30 minutes," but I know that it took two hours. (Laughter) Men just say, "Too bad if I am ugly. Yes, I am ugly." Do men go to hair salons and buy lipstick and stuff like that? However, women always try to look good in front of other people. Because Japan is a female nation, it has that kind of character. It it not true?

Do you think men have more power or women have more power in the nation of Japan? [The women] Before coming here, I heard that in Japan, some wives, after diligently serving their husbands, when the husbands retire from their work, give them divorce papers without saying a word. They probably hand it to them smiling like this. When I hear stories like that, it is really shocking. (Pointing to one Japanese woman leader) This Japanese lady is nodding her head. My goodness! (Laughter)

I have forgotten what I was speaking about, talking about these stories. (Laughter) Were you paying attention? If there were young kids here, they would already realize it and say to me, "Hyun Jin Nim, you were speaking about alignment," if I remained still for just a while even without having me ask them what I was speaking about and what direction I was going. They are very well aligned. Why is that? They can predict how I am thinking because they listen heartistically. Is it the same with you? Or, (making a blank expression) do you feel dull? So try listening not with the head but heartistically.

Think about it. If Adam and Eve had not fallen and attained true love, do you think we would be doing Hoon Dok Hae every day at five o'clock? How would we learn if Adam and Eve had not fallen? What was God's will? Why did God create a son and daughter -- Adam and Eve? What did God wish to accomplish through them? It was true, ideal family. From the Principle viewpoint, it is the Four Position Foundation. What is the meaning of that? It means establishing the family, the true family. Why did God wish to create true family? The true family is a family centered on true love, true life, and true lineage. You do not fully know -- no, you would probably know if you had been doing Hoon Dok Hae. You probably do Hoon Dok Hae more faithfully than I do. Then how come you do not know these contents? It is not something you can know by the head. You know it with your heart. Why did God wish to establish true family? It is because there are true love, true life, and true lineage in true family.

True Father once asked this question. While speaking to famous clergymen in America, he asked, "Which is most important in a family among true love, true life, and true lineage?" What do you think is most important in a family? True love, true life, or true lineage? [Lineage] Wow, you speak so well like a parrot. (Laughter) But do you know its meaning? When you teach a parrot to say "lineage," it will repeat, "Lineage, lineage, lineage!" right? However, the parrot does not know its meaning at all. (Laughter) When Father asked that question, the clergymen answered, "True love is most important," "True life is most important." Father said, "No. Of course, all three of them are important, but the most important one among them is lineage." Why is that? If one lives centering on true love and true life only, then only one generation will survive, right? However, true lineage is eternal. It continues from one generation to the next generation, to the next generation, and to the next generation.

Why do I say the word "ownership"? Do you think you can inherit if you do not have ownership? Can you inherit if you do not become an owner? You cannot! That is why Satan spread his original nature, which is the original sin or fallen nature, through blood lineage. Therefore, what kind of a history was the history of Restoration through Indemnity? It was a history of cutting off Satan's bloodline and establishing new love, life, and lineage. How do you establish blood lineage? True, ideal family has to be created. Therefore, what God wanted to fulfill through the history of Restoration was establishing true, ideal family.

Jesus' Hope 2,000 Years Ago Was Also to Create a True Family

What kind of a person is Messiah? Messiah is a true Adam. Jesus was born as the Messiah 2,000 years ago, but Father told Christians that Jesus had not completed God's will. Father received a lot of opposition because of that statement. Then why did Father make that statement? If God's will was to create a true, ideal family, then although Jesus came as the true Adam, he did not fulfill God's will because he did not establish a true, ideal family. So what happened? What did Jesus do at the Last Supper? What did Jesus do after knowing that Judaism and the Israelite nation were going to kill him? What did he do? He held the Last Supper. Christianity calls it the Eucharist Ceremony. Jesus said, "This is my blood of blood and my flesh of flesh." What does it mean? Why did Jesus go through such a ceremony? Why did he make such a condition with his disciples? It was establishing Jesus' family spiritually through the disciples. That is where the saying that Christianity is a church of the bride comes from.

What was the content of Jesus' teaching? Phrases like "God is the king of true love" and "God is the king of love" emerged from that time, right? There was no such content before then. Why was that? God wanted Jesus to open the gate of a new era on the 4,000-year foundation of Judaic and Israelite history. What kind of an era was that new era? It was the time to create true, ideal family and begin the age of Cheon Il Guk. God wanted to re-establish a new family through a new Adam and a new Eve, and then begin a new era through that family. However, the Israelite people killed that Jesus. Because Jesus' body was gone, that condition was set spiritually and conditionally.

You may not know it, but Peter and other disciples were the lowest people of the society at that time. At the time of Jesus, the Jewish people who had been living centering on the Old Testament were the cleanest people. However, why did Jesus establish Christianity through the lowest people? Why did he choose those kinds of people as central figures? Jews at that time were people who had diligently kept the words of the Old Testament centered upon the Mosaic Law. However, they were sleeping. They were not awake! Not only were they unable to sense the fact that God's will was opening, they could not accept Jesus even though God sent prophets like Elijah because they were thinking centering only on Judaism and Israel. If people do not understand God's will, the wrong history will continue to repeat. Why is that? It is because it has to be restored. Therefore, what happened? Jesus had to start over again centering on the low people. It is because only they believed in and accepted Jesus.

God works through people. He works through central figures. Why is that? It is because He has to form the foundation of substance. Therefore, Jesus said, "No one comes to the Father except through me." This means that in order to go to God, one must go through Jesus, right? However, despite how much Jesus proved who he was by performing miracles, they did not believe. What was the hindrance? They did not understand not only God's will but the fact that God's will opens through historical central figures and not them; therefore, they could not realize that the new age that God had been preparing had arrived. Consequently, they did not accept Jesus in the end.

It is the same. How is it when we look at the history of our True Parents? What kind of a history is that? If you are Unification Church members, you are the ones who have to know this history the best, but the way I see it, it does not seem like it. The history of Restoration through Indemnity was prolonged again because Jesus could not form a true, ideal family, and God has been making the foundation to prepare the Lord of Second Advent throughout the 2,000 years of Christian history. Because Father knows God's will, Father knows that Jesus did not complete God's will. And he also understands what mission the Lord of Second Advent has to accomplish.

Do you know how ridiculous the Christian theology is? Christian theology can be divided into two big categories: Christology and Soteriology. Between them, Soteriology emphasizes the mission of Jesus. However, Christian theology does not focus on this Soteriology. It focuses on Christology. Christology tries to explain Jesus ontologically. As a result, it deals with mysterious contents like Trinitarianism. Is it not true? Therefore, how much would the Christians oppose if anyone said that Jesus did not complete God's will when they believe in Jesus like God? However, does God understand it in the way Christians do? Do you think that is how God thinks? If the people who opposed Father asked Jesus, Jesus would be ashamed. This is the reason Christians could not accept Father and opposed Him.

The Blessing Is Impossible If True Family Were Not Established

Did God send Father to this earth to start the history of Unification Church and develop it? Did Jesus come to start the history of a Christian "Church"? Then why did God send Father to this earth? Unification Church members did not even know this much, did they? It was to establish True Family. That is why

Father told Christian leaders that Jesus had not completed God's will. In order to complete God's will, Jesus was supposed to come as the true Adam, meet a true Eve, and fulfill the Four Position Foundation. What is the Four Position Foundation? It is establishing the true family. True family is where true love, true life, and true lineage exist. Father also said that true lineage is most important. Because it is centered on lineage, fruit comes from the seed. Then what is that fruit? What did Parents have to establish first to give you the Blessing? If family is not established, it fails in the third generation. Then True Parents cannot give you the Blessing. You may not really understand, but True Family is a historical family. True Children exist in order to establish God's will. If Father had not given birth to True Children, True Parents could not stand in the position of True Parents and you could not have received the Blessing either. Furthermore, the will of God could not be accomplished. Do you think it is correct? [Yes.]

However, is that what you were thinking? All this content is in the Principle too, but did you know this? Who were the forgotten people in the history of the Unification Church? Who were the ones that received the least love but the most persecution? If Parents received persecution and opposition, don't you think that their family and their children would receive the same opposition and persecution? Most oddly, I have heard Unification Church members say many times that True Children are being brought up affluently inside a greenhouse like East Garden or Han Nam Dong, and so True Children do not know suffering. Do you think that I lived without hearing those words? It shows how much you do not know.

It is very strange. The people who actually knew how True Family felt were not Unification Church members but rather people from the outside world. Especially those who opposed Parents and the Unification Church understood well how we felt. When Parents were doing Ocean Providence in Gloucester 20 years ago, we went there often, too. At that time, people who were fishing used to hit our members, throw bottles at Morning Garden (True Parents' residence located in Gloucester, MA), and scorn at us. I met one of these people who had persecuted us three years ago in Alaska. That person said that they had really opposed us at that time. And he came to Alaska about ten years ago, received education and became a hunting guide, and I met him there when I went to hunt. That person knew who I was. One day when he and I were sitting quietly, he said to me, "You probably went through a lot of hardship because you are Reverend Moon's son." I thought at that time, "This is very strange. The person who opposed me the most, the one who I could trust the least in a sense, understands how I feel the most."

Think about it. The First Generation work for True Parents and the Second Generation work for Hyun Jin Nim -- is this not how you First Generation and the Second Generation thought before I came here? Then who am I working for? Do you think I am doing this work for myself because I want to do it? Oh, you do not know anything. One cannot walk the public course without the mind of living for the sake of others. One cannot walk that course without centering on true love! Therefore, I cannot be in this position if I had not overcome all the han (sorrow and grief). If I look at you with eyes of an individual only, you are my enemies, my enemies. However, why am I telling you this? Why am I saying that you have to know in the heart and not in the head? If you know heartistically, you can understand what God's will is, who I am, and how to open this path; that is why I am standing here like this! You have to understand that well.

Overcoming the persecuted history cannot be done individually. You have to move on centering on God's will because true love exists there. True love is much bigger than God. That is why you can endure all difficulties and overcome them and turn them into the same love. No matter how difficult it is, you feel comfortable if you move forward centering on true love. Your mind is at ease. You do not really understand this, do you?

Becoming One with Creation Is the Site of Heart of Encountering God

Raise your hands if you like creation. Then let's all have a workshop in Alaska for a month and see how much you love creation. I want to see how much you love nature. Love means you can go joyfully even if you die while walking that path. Is it not true? Therefore, if parents love their children, they can always go on happily no matter how hard it is, right? Is it not true? If you center on love, you would go joyfully, so you can overcome any suffering. It has that kind of power. Since you said you like creation, we should all go to Alaska and... Alaska has the biggest bears in the world. How many people are here now? 730 people? If I bring all of them to Alaska, 70 of them would probably be eaten by the bears. (Laughter) That is about ten percent. Is that okay? [Yes.] I keep a promise when I make one.

(Laughter) Is it okay if you are eaten by a bear? Do you love it that much? [Yes.] (Hyun Jin Nim points to one female leader) Oh, this lady is not answering. (Laughter)

Mountain people have that kind of minds, so their minds are at ease. Why do I like creation? I become stressed when I meet and speak to you. I become frustrated. Think about it. While I am here, I can sleep in a nice hotel, but I do not feel comfortable and become very stressed, so I go looking for mountains again. Consequently, I always go to climb mountains. When I go to the mountains, it is hard on my body but I feel comfortable. Those who followed me probably did not really know either. Actually, I never mention the hardships when I talk about hunting. I always say that it was fun and that I like it. (Hyun Jin Nim points to the Second Generation leaders attending Hyun Jin Nim) However, when I tell them to give a report after hunting with me, they always talk about how hard it was. Yes, it is honestly hard. It is very hard on the body. The body aches. However, we can find fun in it because the mind is at ease. We can win over no matter how hard it is. That is offering jung-sung (making conditions to offer sincerity).

Think about it. Why do mind and body of the people living in this age fight so much? Why do those people think God does not exist? If they know the mind exists, how can they think that God does not exist? However, there are people who think that way, aren't there? However, there are no atheists among people who live within creation and who live close to nature. There is not even one person among them who does not believe in God. Why is that? Why? Because creation did not fall, we can see the fingerprints and footprints of God through creation. We can feel them. Therefore, it also states in the Principle that we can know the artist's mind by looking at the artist's work. I really like those words.

I caught many animals in Africa this time and recorded the hunting scenes on video. When I told Father I was going to Africa, Father said, "When you catch animals, shoot it with a video camera. I want to watch it." So I recorded when I was hunting and gave it to True Parents when I came back, and True Parents watched it with the young people who attended Hoon Dok Hae. They watched it together when the CARP kids came to Hoon Dok Hae.

Is there countryside here in Japan? Is this the countryside? [This is a city.] But is there countryside in Japan? Is there countryside in Korea? America has real country sides. How many people live in this small city? 300,000 people? The total population of Alaska is 360,000. There are 360,000 people living in that huge land. Therefore, if you go there to witness, you cannot see people. You cannot call the ambulance when someone gets hurt. However, I like those kinds of places. I went to Montana, and the total population there is also less than one million. It has about 900,000 people. I spent about two weeks in the mountains, and I met exactly two people. So I did not feel good. I thought, "Why did these people come into this pure world of creation when I am here?" (Laughter)

Think about it. God gave the Three Great Blessings, right? Be fruitful, multiply, and have dominion over creation! According to these Three Great Blessings, human beings have to become owners of the creation -- complete individual perfection, family perfection, and thirdly, have dominion over creation. We have to be able to continue to go out to the world, challenge, and overcome it in order to live centering on these Three Great Blessings, right? If you truly love, you can discover joy no matter how difficult it is. You feel comfortable. Therefore, though climbing the mountains is difficult, you are making jungsung because your mind is at ease. That is God's will.

I hunted in the mountains for two weeks to prepare for this speaking tour. I caught two elks this time. Do you know how big elks are? Each one weighs about 700 to 1,000 pounds. Think about it. What do you do after catching such big animals up in the mountain? Can you call people on the phone to ask them to come up and help you move that animal, or do you have to carry it down on your own back? Have you been up a tall mountain? It is so high that it is all rocks and covered in snow. It is so high that even grass does not grow there. Climbing that mountain is hard enough, so how hard do you think it is to come down with a huge piece of meat on your back? You probably will not understand even if I told you. You have to experience it yourself. (Laughter) Then you will understand.

I walked 20 miles to catch that elk. (Hyun Jin Nim draws a line of motion with his hands) I climbed up a mountain, came back down, climbed another mountain, and then caught the elk in that second mountain. Then I had to climb down that mountain and go back up to the campsite since it was night by then. That kind of a situation is not something you can prepare for by working out. That person's will is important. That day, we left at 4:30 am. and arrived at the campsite at midnight. We had a quick meal, slept, and as soon as it was morning, we went down that mountain, climbed the other mountain, cut the elks we caught into pieces, and came down with about 100 pounds of meat each time twice. It was not easy. We could not rest either, because the weather was getting warmer and so the meat would go bad if we did not bring it down fast. It took us two days to do all this, but in the end the meat rotted because the weather was too hot. We had to throw everything out. However, if someone asked me, "Hyun Jin Nim, do you want to go elk hunting again?" I would answer, "Let's go! Let's go right now!" Why would I do that? I do not think I suffered, because I love creation. Therefore, I do not think of it as suffering. I think of it as fun and as a challenge.

I taught this to Second Generation kids as well. You, the First Generation, may think of it as suffering, suffering, and suffering, but the Second Generation kids think of it as a challenge. Because they think of it as a challenge, and especially if their hearts open centering on true love, they can win over anything. And they will develop more and become stronger. They will become thicker and deeper. This is making jungsung. Do you want to do that too? [Yes.] Only a couple of people are saying "Yes" like this (Hyun Jin Nim nods his head). Those of you who want to do it, raise your hands. I saw who raised their hands. (Laughter)

Position of Leader Is a Position of Living for the Sake of Others through Love

Now we have to set a new leadership paradigm. You cannot become a leader if you cannot live for the sake of others. No matter how well Young Jun (Vice President Young Jun Kim) explains leadership paradigm, you cannot learn everything through a workshop. You cannot learn through only words. It means you cannot learn it only in the head. Then how do you learn? You learn by standing up against challenge and defeating it. Therefore, you learn through experience. What is very interesting is that God teaches us through experiences in our lives. If the Culture of Heart had been realized through Adam and Eve's family, that is how people would learn. Then how do you learn? You have to move heart first. The head comes next. However, the Unification Church did it all backward. We taught the head first. Consequently, the heart is too weak. It is too small. So I joked to Father a few times that our Unification Church members' heads are too big and their hearts are too small. It is especially true with the leaders.

The biggest nightmare for me is speaking to leaders. Don't be mad. The reason I am telling you so honestly and care about you is... Think about it. Without care and interest, can you say you love someone? Do you have interest if you love someone or not? My telling you honestly and straight out means that I care about you. When children make a mistake, do their parents correct it for the children's sake or not? Does sunlight come down straight or crooked? You have to understand this. You have to become a straight person if you want to become a person with no shadow. Your words and life have to be the same. Therefore, the reason leaders are especially important is that God works through those people.

You are representatives of God, True Parents, and True Family. Therefore, you have to be aligned 100 percent if you want to represent God, True Parents, and True Family. You absolutely cannot have the concept of "self" in there. Can such a leader be the standard centering on God, True Parents, and True Family in front of the members? Can such a leader show the True Culture? Can such a leader show the True Tradition? Such a leader will only show them his individual standard. He will show them his wrong culture. He will show them his wrong tradition. That is why leaders are important. You have to understand this well. Therefore, you have to be 100 percent aligned, more so than the members.

I have seen many elements of the Unification Church, so especially when I teach these kids (Hyun Jin Nim points to Second Generation leaders) I tell them not to become leaders who go after positions. I teach them that it is wrong to become a leader for the sake of position or money or perhaps to be complimented and recognized by the Unification Church members. If those are the reasons, I tell them not to become leaders. I teach them that if they want to become leaders, they first have to live for the sake of others. One cannot become a leader if one does not become the owner of living for the sake of others. Even if that person has a position, God cannot trust him and those following him do not trust him either. That is why a leader is so important. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Do you want to become true leaders or false leaders? The most important thing for you is to become aligned to this Vertical Axial Line. Why do I use the word "alignment"? The reason I use the word "alignment" is that if there is a goal, you have to become the owner of that goal and become one centering on it, whether you are the subject or the object. That is why I talk about alignment. The reason the object is doing that work is also because that person wants to do it on his own. Not because he has to, but because he wants to: "Because I want to do it, because I am the owner -- that is why I do it." Therefore, he thinks, "This is not just God's will, not just Parents' will, not just True Family's will, but it is my will!" As a result, he can move forward joyfully, with his own strength. That is how important alignment is! Without alignment, you can become crooked individually. You have to understand that well.

Blessed Family Should Be a House God Wants to Dwell in

The speeches given during the tour in Korea and Japan this time are not for the Second Generation. This tour is originally for Blessed Families and parents. Why do I give these speeches? Do you know what kind of a family a Blessed Family is? If you do not know this Vertical Axial Line, you do not know what Blessed Family is. If you do not know God's will, you do not know what kind of a family Blessed Family is. That is the reason I asked those questions. When God visits the house called Unification Church, would He look at you and feel that you are members of His happy family or would He feel like He does not know you? Why did God want to establish true family through Adam and Eve? It was because He wanted to live together with humanity as one family -- like a family, like a grandfather, like a father. Therefore, no matter how great God is, no matter how great Parents are, if you do not attend them centering on true love, they become the most pitiable people. You have to understand that well.

Father taught you that God is the most sorrowful and pitiable being. Why is that? It is because God is a being that searches for true love but could not establish it, because He did not have a family. Therefore, no matter how great of a being God may be, He is most pitiable if He does not have a family. He cannot be liberated. In the same way, Parents... You have children, right?

(To one leader) Do you have children? [Yes.] How many do you have? [I have five.] Five! Wow, you had many children like a rabbit. (Laughter) However, do you think your family can be liberated if those children do not become one? No matter how great the parents are, if their children and their family do not become one, if they do not become a family centered on true love, that family cannot be liberated. The parents cannot be liberated, children cannot be liberated, the grandfather cannot be liberated, the grandchildren cannot be liberated -- nobody can be liberated. No member of that family can be liberated.

Is the Unification Church family one or is it divided? Do you think God would want to visit this kind of family or not? What do you think? When God comes here, do you think God will feel, "Oh, I know this family very well," or will He feel, "Whose house is this? Whose family is this?" Therefore, especially if you want to liberate God, True Parents, and True Family, and stand upright in the position of that family member, you have to become owners of the Culture of Heart.

Walk This Path for God, True Parents, and True Family

You have to live centering on true love. For whom? For yourself? No, it is for God, True Parents, and True Family. Why do you have to do that? If you are a Blessed Central Family, you are a member of the extended True Family. You are a member of True Family. You don't know this very well, but it is the First Generation, not the Second Generation, who are more related to me. The First Generation are my younger brothers and sisters. Second Generation kids are third generation centering on True Parents. Therefore, Second Generation kids are the children of my younger brothers and sisters. Did you know that? You didn't know that, did you?

The 36 Couples, who are the oldest, are also younger brothers and sisters of Jeong Jin. That is how Heung Jin hyung (elder brother) is in the position of the elder brother in the spiritual world. There are probably people who are thousands of years older than him, but how can Heung Jin hyung sit in the position of the eldest brother? It is because he is a member of True Family. Heung Jin hyung can sit in that place because True Family is the central family. You have to understand this well. If you do not understand this, you do not understand who you are, you do not know who the Second Generation are, and you do not know how to liberate God and True Parents either. This is where you have to start first.

What kind of an era is the age of Cheon I1 Guk? Father explained it in this way: Cheon Il Guk is two people becoming one. What does that mean? How do two people become one? They can become one centering on true love. What kind of a culture is the culture of true love? It is the Culture of Heart. That is why I am giving you a message with the content to become owners of the Culture of Heart. Are you glad that I came or not? [It is good.] Look at how bad your timing is. You have to clap now. (Applause)

How long did I speak for? One hour and 25 minutes. I have not even started... (Laughter) You have to understand this well. Because this is a time of a new era, it is not good for you to have burdens. It is not good to carry a burden. You have to be born anew. You have to become young people again. Therefore, ask yourself once more. Why did you join the Unification Church? Did you join in order to save yourself? Is it because Parents are your personal Messiah? Why did you join at first? Even if you had other wrong reasons until now, find a new reason in this era. Why did you join the Unification Church, and why you are sitting in a leader's position? Have the mindset that you are in that position to live for the sake of others. Who is it for? For yourself? No, it is not. Raise your hands if you determine to have the mindset that "I am in this position for the sake of God, True Parents, and True Family." [Yes.] Oh, are you lying, or are you being sincere? [We are sincere.] Then a person who sincerely makes a promise is someone who keeps that promise, right? Can you keep that promise or not? Let me hear it! [Yes!] Good. (Applause) Why are you getting up? We are not finished yet! (Laughter)

Oh, this person here is a professor of PWPA. He probably used his head for so long that my saying that you have to know with your heart sounds like a foreign language. I challenged the professors at Sun Moon University especially this time. I asked them a few questions, especially to theology professors. However, when I ask a question, they try to hide and they try not to look at me. When I go close to them, they do this (Hyun Jin Nim imitates turning the head and trying to hide). So I said, "Why are you so embarrassed? You have doctorates but I do not even have a doctorate. Why are you so diffident when I only have a master's degree? Why are you so diffident when you also teach students? Why are you so diffident when you have your own students that you teach?" but they continued to do that. It is very interesting. This is how much they did not know.

The Role of Mother Is Important in a Family

Mr. Oyamada (Mr. Hideo Oyamada, President of FFWPU Japan), where is your wife? She likes studying, doesn't she? She thought, "Oh, I did not go to school so I wish my daughter would go to a good school." Right, Mr. Oyamada? However, that is only searching for the mind. Unification Church women are very scary. They like studying too much. I am not sure about Japanese mothers, but I know Korean mothers very well. When I looked at Korean mothers when I was young, especially Father also said this back then -- that women are the problem. I did not know anything back then, but when I was looking at Korean mothers' faces, I got the feeling that Father was right. (Laughter) How pitiable the 36 Couple husbands are, and 72 Couple husbands as well. Especially when women from Ewha Women's University sit at True Parents' dinner table, their husbands sit quietly like this (Hyun Jin Nim puts his head down), and the women keep on talking. (Laughter) Oh, how great the Unification Church women are. Who wants to many these women? (Laughter) Therefore, I also had the thought, "When I get blessed, do I have to marry one of these Unification Church women?"

Yes, women have to do well. How greedy are Unification Church women? When I heard the tiny grandmother Kang's (President Hyun Shil Kang) report in Busan this time... How short is that grandmother? However, she is so brave. When she was 26 years old, Father built the first church on a mountain top in Busan. You have seen that picture too, right? There were no other houses in that mountain at that time, and Father was living alone in that mountain. A rumor started that a young, handsome, crazy man was living in a small house on the mountain top. So this small, 26 year old woman went looking for this crazy man. Oh, how brave is that! Why look for a crazy man at that time? How brave is that small grandmother? And how strong do you think her character is? She went looking for that man because she wanted to witness to Father. Oh, how strong she is. (Laughter)

However, when she was giving a testimony, she talked about how small the house was at that time, how dirty it was, and what kind of clothes Father was wearing. Do men think about those things? Even if the room was a little dirty before getting married, does he care what that room looks like? However, she kept on talking about it. She continued to talk about those things again, again, and again. I thought inside, "Oh, no matter how brave and confident a woman she is, all women have the same character." (Laughter) And one more thought I had was, "No matter how tiny the house is, if that small house has love, I want to live in that house. I want to live in a small house full of love rather than in a big house with no love." Therefore, it is not a matter of the building or how poor the house is, but if it is a family centered on love, then that family is a family of king and queen. Especially now the Unification Church... Now women are not laughing anymore. I do not think they are feeling very good. I am sorry. Raise your daughters a little better now. (Laughter)

However, I am thankful to my wife for many things. Because how hard is it to live with a man like me? I have seen many women like that, so I could have thought there was no hope for women. (Laughter) However, God works in very mysterious ways. Because the woman I liked the most was my mother. (Applause) Father's character is very much like a typhoon. If you do not know that, you do not really know Father. (Laughter) In contrast, how gentle is mother? Inside the typhoon, she is the calm eye of the typhoon. (Applause) I am Father's son so I probably have typhoon-like characters too.

I am not a person who stays still. This time, too, I left home for five months to go around and work. So how hard is it for my wife? However, she supports me quietly. To live with a man like me is very... Other women probably would have called and said, "Why aren't you calling me? Honey, what are you doing? Blah, blah, blah, blah..." Women, do you do that? When a man is out working and feels lonely, he wants to call his wife to gain energy, right? However, if the wife says, "Why didn't you call yesterday? Blah, blah, blah, blah..." do you know how dispirited he becomes? (Laughter) Why are you laughing? Do you do that? Why is your face so red? (Laughter) Oh, I am going to get in trouble with Unification Church women soon. You will probably make gatherings to oppose me... (Laughter) Nevertheless, women also have good characters. Since I have talked like that until now, I have to say some good things too. (Laughter) (Applause) Especially women are more interested in pretty things, pretty earrings, and things like that, but when they find a man they love, they invest all that for him. Japanese women here, do you think it is true?

Think about it. Who is more important in a family between father and mother? The father or the mother? Mrs. Kuboki is happy now. (Laughter) Now she is smiling like this (Hyun Jin Nim nods his head). Before, she was smiling like this (Hyun Jin Nim forces a smile), but it seems like she is really smiling now. (Laughter) Who is the most important to the husband? His wife is. Therefore, it is the woman that acts as the backbone of a family. And who educates the children? Yes, it is the mother. That is why it is very important for mother and children to become one.

Japanese wives struggle a lot in Japan, right? Do you or do you not struggle? Do you struggle? Why do you struggle? It is because you go out by yourselves. Think about it. What needs to be liberated in order to liberate these wives? Their families have to be liberated. If the family works together instead of working only individually, don't you think those wives can be much more liberated? Therefore, I said I would open that path now. It will not be easy to change men because they have pride just like Satan. However, if mothers become one with their children, the path will open. The path to liberate that family will open. So train your children in STF or CARP. I will open that path for you. Send your children to those programs. Loneliness is the hardest thing. You heard the report from Kyoung Hyo (President Kyoung Hyo Kim), right? One kid was witnessed to in Korea, and next, that kid witnessed to all of his family. His parents and his family were the most important people to him before meeting the Unification Church, so he wanted to witness to those people first. It is the same. Even if these wives are going through hardship for God, True Parents, and True Family and they are receiving lots of inspiration, they do not feel at ease when their families are opposing them so much. So I will open the path for you and your families.

We Can Change Everything If We Become Owners of True Love and the Culture of Heart

If the Unification Church becomes the owner of true love and makes true love movements and becomes owners of the Culture of Heart, all these difficulties can be solved. I believe that. [Yes.] I do not know if Kyoung Hyo (President Kyoung Hyo Kim) made the report, but W-CARP Korea had not been witnessing properly for the last ten years. However, this time they witnessed to 100 people. (Applause) These people are core members. Therefore, it means that under them there are many associate members who think positively about our church. Until now, people tried to witness only to this (head). However, they were able to jump over the limitations they had until now because I told them to witness to this (heart) through the Core Values.

Here in Japan, especially women in the outside world are thirsting for love that lives for the sake of others, right? If not, why are there people like yon-sama (nickname of famous Korean actor Yong Joon Bae in Japan)? Women over the age of 40 in particular like him, right? And a very interesting thing is that young Japanese people also have a lot of interest in Korea. They are very interested in Korean food, Korean music, Korean pop culture and movies. Strangely, Japanese mothers and sons are very interested in Korea. However, men are the problem, Japanese men! They are in the position of archangel. However, if we make movements centering on true love, we can move these Japanese mothers and children first. And if these mothers and children live for the rigid husbands centering on true love, do you think those rigid hearts will open or not? [It will open.] I think we cannot move this nation unless we do not move forward centering on true love. It is the same with Korea.

The history of this nation and the history of Korea are connected to each other. You have to understand that well. You have to move Japan if you want to move Korea. It is the same. You have to move America as well. Therefore, especially if you want to become owners of God's will and put in more effort as keepers of that will, you first have to become owners of the Culture of Heart. You have to create true love movements. Then we can find the nation of Cheon Il Guk! I believe in that. [Amen!] (Applause) Okay. Oh, the alignment is getting better. [Amen!] (Applause)

Since the alignment is getting better, are your hearts becoming younger now? [Yes.] (Applause) Can you see hope in the Unification Church? Can you show me the hope? [Yes!] (Applause) Instead of just seeing hope, can you become owners? [Yes!] How much can you become an owner? You have to become owners. If you do not become owners, the will of God cannot be accomplished through you. It will not happen no matter how much you try. There is already a foundation and ground work in Korea and in Japan. God has already prepared it. If you believe and go out as owners, you can fulfill your dreams. [Amen!] (Applause) I think I have reduced your ages about ten years, I have made you that much younger... If you were 60 years old, now you are 50 years old. Then how can you go back to being in your 20's? How can you be in your teens again? You can become younger and younger if you make true love movements. Are you going to do true love movements or not? [Yes, we will do it!]

Parents Have to Support the Second Generation so they Walk the Way of God's Will

Mrs. Furuta (wife of Mr. Furuta, President of True World Group in America), your son is doing CARP activities right now, but you probably did not want to send him at first, right? You probably wanted to make him study further. Think about it. There are many greedy mothers of the Unification Church here, so I will especially tell you just one thing. Which is more important in order to become a great leader -- knowledge or heart? [Heart] What kind of a person would people want to follow? Someone who knows more or someone who can move people's hearts? Then where do you learn such a thing? You have to make that kind of an effort. It is the same with studying. What is studying? Studying is training the head, right? How do you train the heart? You have to continue to live for the sake of others. Even though you receive persecution and opposition, if you can overcome them, you will become bigger and bolder, establish hope, and earn confidence. You cannot learn these things in school! That is why I made STF and I am educating the kids like this. This education is supposed to start in the family. You have to understand this well.

Mr. Oyamada, you also thought it was better for Honi (President Oyamada's son-in-law) to go to school just like your wife and daughter thought, because he works at the CARP center now, right? [Yes.] (Laughter) I like Mr. Oyamada because he speaks honestly like this. After hearing that, I also told Mr. Oyamada. Honi is the spouse of Mr. Oyamada's daughter, and he cannot become a leader if he does not have this kind of an experience. No matter how much I want to give him a position, he cannot be a leader without that kind of an experience. As the leader, are you going to occupy the highest position and borrow the power of those under you? Therefore, you have to be strong on your own, have conviction, experience, and know how to live for the sake of others! Then your family can go forward like that. Do you think that is true, Mr. Oyamada? [It is true, it is true!] So are you going to stop telling Hori to stop the work he is doing now and study? [Yes, I told him so.] When I saw Hori in Japan, he had many struggles in his mind because of his spouse and her parents. Mr. Oyamada, you know that, right? [Yes, I do.] (Laughter) I felt sorry for him after talking to him so I called his spouse and taught her and also told you.

Especially if you want to become a leader, you have to represent your family as well and not just your individual self. It has been four years since the STF program restarted in America, but what is very embarrassing is that the kids who were causing the most problems were mostly children of the leaders. That is pretty embarrassing. Leaders are the ones who attend True Parents mot closely. Do you attend True Parents wholeheartedly or do you make the members do it while you just take care of your own individual family? That is why I say it has to become one. What you think, what you say, and what you do, all have to become one.

When I look at older Second Generation kids, they all went to good schools. They all graduated from good schools. (To Vice President Young Jun Kim) You graduated from Seoul National University, right? (To President Kyoung Hyo Kim) You graduated from Yonsei University, right? Many kids graduated from Seoul National University, Yonsei University, and Korea University. Many graduated from Harvard, Yale, and Princeton... However, where are all those kids? Where did they all go? And many of them were close to True Family too, right? Those kids who grew up with me as friends, where are they, where did they all go? Especially if you look from God's perspective. I explained everything, did I not? I explained what kind of a family the Blessed Family is and what God's will is, right? But where did all those kids go? Therefore, even if they studied well, what relationship do they have with God, True Parents, and True Family? They have none. Those parents were greedy for their children, weren't they? But what is ironic is that though they put so much emphasis on teaching, their kids could not even learn this much properly. That is why those kids all drifted away to the secular world.

Think about it. When Adam and Eve fell, did God drive them out or did they drift away on their own? Think about it. If one does not establish true love, is that person related to God or not? No matter how much God wanted to become one with Adam and Eve, even though He wanted to establish them as His object partner of love, He cannot do anything if Adam and Eve do not accept it. It is the same. No matter how much God, True Parents, and True Family want Second Generation kids to establish themselves, what relationship is there if they cannot feel it and do not become owners? Did we close the door on them? Did we kick them out? Their hearts became more and more distant. Therefore, Blessed Families have to understand this well.

Originally, greed was not a bad thing. However, it does not end well if one develops individual greed. If it is the greed to live for the sake of others, then it can be liberating. It is also written in the Bible that "Those who seek to die shall live and those who seek to live shall die," right? [Yes.] You have to understand that well. Especially your family and your children have to know this.

When I think it, I cannot understand why the parents opposed me when I started STF. I cannot understand. Originally, the parents were supposed to teach all of these contents. You were supposed to teach these things to your children. Then God could have carried out His will properly centering on your families, but you did not do that. How many Second Generation kids drifted away to the secular world because of that? Where did all our children go? Second Generation kids, especially older ones, lived and thought only individually. Who taught them that way? This is the responsibility of Blessed Families.

(To Mr. Hyuk Suh Kwon, Itinerary Worker to Japan) You are a 430 Couple, right? The most shameful part about 36 Couples, 72 Couples, and 124 Couples is their children, the children. Isn't it the same with 430 Couples too? Isn't that right? [Yes.] It is the most shameful thing. No matter how well the parents have been following... The kids drifted away because they thought centering on the self and because that culture was wrong. If that family really lived for the sake of others and for the sake of God's will, the kids would not have turned out like that. Who do the children learn from? Who do they watch and learn from? They first see and learn from their parents. They learn from their parents.

STF Raises Our Second Generation to Become Owners

I know this well because I grew up with our Second Generation kids. Therefore, when making STF, I believed that if Blessed Families knew God's will, they will think of STF as a great program and as a program that can liberate their families; however, everybody opposed me at first. I was dumbfounded. I was shocked.

I am not someone who just talks. I believe in that. That is why I sent Shin Won (Hyun Jin Nim's first son) and Shin Ae (Hyun Jin Nim's first daughter) to Jr. STF. All of my children will go. Shin Bok (Ye Jin Nim's first son) and Shin Choon (Ye Jin Nim's third son) went this time as well. When Shin Won came back from those programs, they changed so much that my wife felt it right away. So she called me and said, "Oh, you made Service For Peace and STF very well. They are really good." (Applause)

If you think blood lineage is important, think about it once again. There is the five-percent responsibility. Second Generation kids have no original sin and no satanic blood lineage, but they have this five-percent responsibility. Think about Adam and Eve. Hell did not exist then. However, despite that, they fell in the Garden of Eden. They fell away from God and they came to have no relationship with God. Why did that happen? Because there was the five-percent responsibility. Your children also have the five-percent responsibility! They have the responsibility to become one with this Vertical Axial Line and to become one with God's will. They have to become owners of that. How can they become owners? They have to resemble God's character first. They have to make effort to live for the sake of others. That is why I made STF. Therefore, you have to become owners. You have to know that well. When I think about the year 1998, I kept all the promises I made in front of the Unification Church then.

Send all the children to STF. Especially the leaders here have to be the examples for the members. Raise your hands if you are going to send your children to Jr. STF and STF. Are you going to become owners of STF? [Yes!] Are you going to create the Culture of Heart in your families? [Yes!] Ah, okay. Then I can finish now. (Applause) Let us do three cheers of mansei. Stand up. 

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