Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Chubu Region Rally

December 4, 2004

I would like to start off by asking you a question. Would you like to hear a speech that can deeply affect the rest of your life in terms of your relationship with God, True Parents, and True Family or would you like to hear a message that will make you feel good? Which one? The first one or the latter one? [The first one] Okay, sit down. So you asked for the first one, right? Even if it is bitter, bitter, bitter medicine, it is okay? [Yes.]

God's Dream toward Humankind

You know that deep in your heart, being one with God, being one with True Parents, and being one with True Family is your true home. Do we all have original minds, yes or no? [Yes.] Do we all have original character, yes or no? [Yes.] Many times we say that our original character speaks through our conscience. Doesn't our conscience always seek to do right and good? Although we know that the world is fallen and we struggle with fallen nature every single day, our conscience speaks to us, tells us to become closer and closer to the original center of God's heart, does it not?

Many of you, I believe, came out here today to listen to my speech, especially I heard that a storm is brewing and coming to Japan. Yet you took the effort to come to this stadium to listen to my speech today. Either you are crazy people or there is something precious here that drew you here. I like to think that this storm is not a literal storm but a symbolic storm that will come and cross the face of this island nation of Japan. And in its wake, instead of leaving destruction and despair, it brings a revolution of heart that will align the nation and the people of this nation to the will of God. Amen, no-men? [Amen.]

Now where shall we begin? In order to understand this speech title, "Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart," where should we begin? Before I begin, I want to ask how many Blessed Central Families are in the audience today. Raise your hands, Blessed Central Families. Oh, so many Blessed Central Families in the auditorium. Lower your hands. What about non-Blessed Families? Raise your hands. Okay, this message is originally for Blessed Central Families. Since there are so many Blessed Central Families in the audience here today, I shall give a very bitter, bitter, bitter medicine. Is that okay? We should have good training by now to be able to digest bitter medicine. We should know that since we have tasted so many bitter medicines, that bitter medicine actually tastes the best and is the best for our spiritual and physical life. So where should we begin? (Pointing at the stairs connected with the stage) Can I go down here? [Yes!] (Applause)

So where should we begin? In order to understand this age, especially the era of Cheon Il Guk, what do we need to know? Do you think God's history of Restoration was a history that God intended for humanity to undergo? If one believes that to be the case, think how ridiculous it is, especially if you believe that the same God is a loving parent and had created humanity, His loving sons and daughters to be the object partners of His love. Do you think such a God would have intended for humanity, starting with Adam and Eve, to have endured a course of separation from their divine Father and have their lineage, their seed undergo 6,000 years of Restoration to once again find their original home in the bosom of God's heart? Do you think that the divine God, the divine Father of all humanity had this intention for His son and daughter, the beloved son and daughter? The history of Restoration had nothing to do with God. It was a history that God never intended for humanity. Then what was the history that God intended for humanity?

What was the dream that God intended for humanity? That dream was rooted in the family of Adam and Eve. What did God want to create through Adam and Eve, His beloved son and daughter? The Principle teaches us that God wanted to have a direct object partner of love because love which God manifests, who is the supreme king of true love, needs two partners: subject and object partner. So the Principle teaches us through the Principle of Creation that God wanted, through Adam and Eve, to substantiate a love partner. Then what did God want to feel through Adam and Eve? Adam and Eve, the Principle says, should have achieved individual perfection as ideal man and ideal woman. What does that mean to achieve perfection?

Once again, what was the intention for God in creating Adam and Eve? To substantiate love partners. How do you substantiate true love? When the subject partner of love and the object partner of love come together in absolute unity centered upon living for the sake of others, it brings true love. Is that not right? If Adam and Eve had established that loving relationship between God and themselves, do you think Satan could have come in? True love would have made them one. So when we talk about perfection, we are talking about substantiating the divine love of God, which is true love, living for the sake of others, in our original human nature. So if Adam and Eve had reciprocated that true love from God, they would have inherited God's original true nature which was rooted in true love, and thereby reciprocated that love as ideal object partners. However, this was not the case.

Through these two individuals, if they had achieved individual perfection, God wanted to substantiate what? Did God just want Adam and Eve to be individual object love partners to God? Did God only want to share the parent and child love with humanity? (Pointing at one woman) The mother here, what do you think? Through Adam and Eve, God wanted to substantiate the ideal family. Why? Because God wanted to substantiate true love, true life, and true lineage. Although God is the source of love and the source of humanity, He does not have a physical body, He does not have substantial form. So it was through the creation of this ideal family that God wanted to substantiate His love, His life, and His lineage. Parents say that if you do not have children, you can never understand parental heart. So too this principle existed in the beginning of human history. The reason why God wanted Adam and Eve, who represented both the subject and object quality of God, to come together as husband and wife centered upon true love is because God wanted them to inherit the divine love of parent to their children, Cain and Abel, thereby substantiating the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships.

Why three generations? Why the "Three" Great Kingships? Why, in this family, did God want to create the Three Great Kingships? Because the Three Great Kingships represented the continuum of time; past, present, and future come together in three generations. At any one time, at any one moment when we want to explain the continuum of history and time for all eternity, if we say past, present, and future; everything exists there. God wanted to substantiate the substantial love of grandparents to His substantial grandchildren. He wanted to experience that love as intimately as your family experiences that love with your grandparents. God wanted that intimate love. He did not want to be an aloof, distant God, an omnipotent God, but wanted to partake in our very humanity.

The divine spark that would uplift humanity to be an equal object partner to God is true love. If the seed of true love had been planted in that original individual by the perfection of Adam and Eve, then through that foundation the seed of true love could have been planted in that original family through the Blessing of Adam and Eve under God, then the substantial Kingdom of God would have been established on the edifice of Adam's family. Adam and Eve would have stood in the position of true parents and their family would have stood as the original true family of all humanity. From that point on, based upon the substantial victory of true love, true life, and true lineage in that original family, then the culture of humanity would have grown out of that original family. What do you think that culture would have been? What do you think that tradition would have been?

It is said in the Bible, "A man reaps what he sows." If what was sown in the original family, starting from the individual perfection of Adam and Eve, had been true love, living for the sake of others, the very love that resembles God's original nature, what would have been the original nature of humanity? The original nature of humanity would have resembled God's original nature which would have been living for the sake of others or true love. Thus from that family, the dawning of the Culture of Heart would have been begun. Humanity would not have endured a history of war and conflict as we see today. This was God's original ideal for humanity centered upon humanity's ancestors, Adam and Eve and their family.

Seed of Self-Centered Love Planted by the Fall

That is why if you look at the Bible, the Genesis story in the Bible only talks of two generations of Adam's family. Why? Because the first generation would have been represented by God. Thus it only talks about two generations; yet, you see the deformity of God's will in those two generations of Adam's family that planted the seeds for all the problems that we see in human history for the last 6,000 years. Instead of this original will being completed and substantiated centered upon true love, what happened in the Garden of Eden? What was the impulse that prompted Satan to seduce Eve and initiate the reaction that led the Fall of humanity away from God? We said, or we came to the conclusion that the impulse that God had for creating humanity in the first place was true love, living for the sake of others. Then what was the impulse that initiated the Fall of humanity? What was the seed that was planted? Self-centered love.

Satan, God's helper in the beginning of creation, knew God's will. Although Adam and Eve did not know anything, he recognized the love that God had for His son and daughter. Instead of realizing that the liberation of his heart would have been manifested though Adam and Eve and their family, he felt jealous centered upon self-centered love. And before Adam and Eve achieved individual perfection by becoming absolutely one with God, Satan infected their youthful heart and youthful mind. Thus the seed that was planted in the original family that led to the Fall of that original family was self-centered love. So it says in the Bible, as Jesus talked to the nation of Israel, "You belong to your father, the devil," because the seed that was planted had nothing to do with God.

When we talk about "fallen nature," what is it? Many times Father tells you that although I have cleaned all the conditions of the history of Restoration, you still on the individual level have to be victorious, to overcome your fallen nature. What is he referring to when he talks about your fallen nature? Father gives an explanation by explaining that in order to overcome your fallen nature you have to have the right relationship between mind and body. Do you think God originally intended the separation of mind and body of humanity? Why is there a separation between mind and body of humanity? Because of the false seed that was planted in the beginning of human history in that original first family.

What was that false seed that led to our fallen nature, our fallen character? Self-centered love. Self- centered love can never realize God's ideal of true love bringing two to one. Self-centered love leads to the breaking apart the two. That is why when that seed was planted that led to the Fall of Adam and Eve, the history of opening the gates of hell began. What is hell? Hell is the loneliest place where you do not feel the warmth of God's divine love, where you do not dwell in the house of love. Where is heaven? Why is heaven such a distant place for humanity? Because heaven is a place where one is warmed by the light, hope, and depth of true love, the divine love of God.

Why am I saying this? As I mentioned, Father said that the conditions of the history of Restoration have been restored through True Parents' victorious foundation and you as Blessed Central Family, your blood lineage no longer carries the taint of Satan's blood and your children no longer carry the burden of original sin. Why then do True Parents still say you have to walk the course of Restoration on the individual level? Because although the conditions of Satan over our Blessed Central Families have been cut, still on the individual level, based on our five-percent responsibility, we have to separate from Satan's original nature and character.

Instead of succeeding Satan's nature and character, we have to inherit the original nature and character of God. And what is that original nature and character? It is the character and nature of true love and living for the sake of others. We have that five-percent responsibility just as Adam and Eve had in the Garden of Eden even before the Fall of humanity. In order to be in absolute alignment with God, to have any connection with God, we have to resemble -- through our effort, through the merit of our life -- God's original character so that we will not be a foreigner as we enter the house of God. Isn't that true?

When you as Japanese members, who have grown up in Japan, who have inherited the cultural, traditional patterns of this nation, meet people from a foreign land such as America or Europe or whatever other country, you look at their cultural, historical patterns and say, "Oh, very strange." Is it easy for your heart to become one with them or is there some distance? What about one who has fallen nature? Do you think when you come to face with God, you will look like a foreigner or you will look like somebody that God can completely relate with?

There is one common misconception that people have in what happened and transpired in the Garden of Eden as humanity fell away from God. Many times, even our members or leaders preach like this: God chased Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden. (To one woman member) What do you think? Do you think God chased Adam and Eve out of the Garden of Eden? Because of the Fall, Adam and Eve became foreign to God although God desired Adam and Eve to be His son and daughter. Because of the Fall, they inherited the fallen character of Satan. They had nothing to do with God. It is like even our members sometimes get tired and then they slowly, slowly fade away, heartistically become further and further away from God and True Parents. Is that not right? Why? Did True Parents say, "Get out of here!"? Just on their own as they fell away, their hearts became more and more distant, distant. Isn't that right?

Liberation of God's Heart Is Possible through the Perfection of True Family

When Father first started the ministry, when he was speaking on behalf of God and praying on behalf of God, he said, "God is the most miserable God! God is the most sorrowful God!" Yet, at the same time, those prepared Christians were preaching, "God is omnipotent, all-powerful, He is all-knowing." If you understand the providence of God from the very beginning, the Principle of Creation, and the will and dream that God had for humanity, how can you not come to the conclusion that God is the most miserable? Because although God is all-knowing, omnipotent, has everything, what He does not have is He seeks the most.

What He does not have is He wants the most! And what do you think that is? Not to be this distant God of humanity but to embrace humanity as one will embrace the bosom of someone that one loves within their own family. God wanted to establish that intimacy, yet that was what was lost from God at the Fall of Adam and Eve. Therefore, the sons and daughters that should have been God's and would have been intimate with God became foreign and distant. What is the most sorrowful thing for a parent? When their beloved son and daughter do not even recognize them as their parent, denies them as their parent, heartistically moves away from their parent -- isn't that right? If God had endured this pain from the beginning of human history, then how sorrowful would be the heart of God.

Thus what do you think brought about the liberation of God's heart? As True Parents celebrated God's coronation and God's liberation, what was it, what was the legacy that True Parents created? What was the victory that True Parents brought, that brought about the liberation of God's sorrowful heart? This goes directly to the question of what is the legacy of True Parents. I say that the liberation of God's heart came about through the substantiation of God's original dream which was to create the ideal family. It was through the creation of this ideal family that God was able to substantiate true love. The emphasis is in the word "substantiate." Remember God is a divine spiritual being. For God to have substantial ownership over humanity, God needs to have a substantial object partner. Through the victory of True Parents in creating an ideal family God substantiated true love, true life, and true lineage. It was centered upon this family that God, True Parents, and True Family was able to extend this Vertical Axial Line to the rest of humanity and cut off the hold that Satan had on humanity through the restoration of blood lineage.

What was the Providence of Restoration? I have two questions: What initiated the Providence of Restoration, what was the original impulse behind the Providence of Restoration? And what was the purpose of the Providence of Restoration? Big questions, right? If you can answer these questions, then you will understand God's providence more than even some members who have been following True Parents for 50, 60 years. (To one woman member) What was the impulse behind the Providence of Restoration? Don't be scared. (Laughter) It is not a test. I am just asking you to teach people here. (Hyun Jin Nim makes a scared face) She looks too scared. (Laughter) Okay, fine. I will not give you that kind of pressure. (Laughter) You might get a heart attack. You are too young to get a heart attack. (Laughter) So I will give you the answer. The impulse behind the Providence of Restoration that God initiated was once again true love. It was not because He is a God of the Principle, He is an all-knowing God, He is a purposeful God. It was because of true love.

Then what about the second question? What was the purpose behind the Providence of Restoration? If you are a Unification Church member, if you are really a Blessed Central Family, you should know the answer for this one. If you do not, you got an F, F, F. If you understand the Principle, this is like kindergartner question. Let me find the oldest-looking. Who is the oldest member here? Let me see. Who has been in the Unification Church for 30 years? Raise your hands. Okay. Mr. Inamori (Ichiro Inamori, President of YFWP Japan), I see you. So let me ask you this question, Mr. Inamori. Actually Mr. Inamori is not such a good choice. He has been following me around, hearing my speech already. He is cheating. (Laughter) I need to find somebody who has not heard my speech. How about somebody over here who has not heard my speech, who has never heard me speak? Okay, over there. (To the person who raised his hand) You have never heard me speak? How many years are you in the church? [40 years] 40 years? Good test! (Laughter) Okay, let me give you a test. What was the purpose behind the Providence of Restoration? [To create the perfect ideal family, true family] I give you a C. C is just passing grade. What happens if you go to spirit world and say, "I got a C on Hyun Jin Nim's test"? If there are eight levels in spirit world, where would you stand? (Laughter) I am just joking. The spirit world has become one now. The reason why I say C is because he probably already heard my speech.

The purpose behind the Providence of Restoration was to restore blood lineage, because it is through lineage that Satan had ownership over humanity. Then how do you restore blood lineage? The reason why Satan had ownership over humanity's blood lineage was because Satan planted the seed of false love in the original family and built the Four Position Foundation centered upon him. And instead of substantiating true love, true life, and true lineage, he substantiated false love, false life, and false lineage. It was the ownership over this lineage that perpetuated his fallen seed throughout all history of humanity. That is why the Principle refers to original sin as being the burden that is passed from generation to generation to generation.

In order then to restore this lineage, what do you need to create? And this is where your answer is right. The only way to restore lineage, fallen lineage is to substantiate the ideal, true family where true love, true life, and true lineage exist. It is upon this foundation that truly the era of Cheon Il Guk can come. That is the providential importance of True Family. If True Parents have not created True Family, they would not have been able to cut the satanic lineage of humanity and bring about the substantial salvation of humanity through engrafting of the Blessing. So those of you who are Blessed Central Families, your identities begin first from your relationship to this Vertical Axial Line of God, True Parents, and True Family.

The Reason Hyun Jin Nim Is Walking the Public Path

How many of you as Blessed Central Families knew this content? If you are a Blessed Central Family and you did not know this content, then you do not know who you are. If you do not know who you are, then how do your children know who they are? Didn't many people think, "We, the First Generation, lived for and served True Parents. And now the time of Second Generation has come. The Second Generation should unite with Hyun Jin Nim and serve him." Yet if you think like that, then who am I working for? Why am I walking this path? Are there two paths or is there one path in the substantiation of God's ideal? I will put it simply for you: the reason why I take on this kind of public mission, face all this kind of difficulty.

Many times I say the Unification Church is my enemy. Especially as True Family grew, we were the forgotten people. The outside world scorned us because of our parent and our heritage. Many of you faced persecution as members of the Unification Church in your society. But do you think you can ever hide from the dark light of scrutiny if you are the son of Rev. Sun Myung Moon? At the same time, how many Blessed Couples and members really understood the heart of True Family or the course of True Family? Many thought, "Oh, you live in big house in Han Nam Dong (True Parents' official residence in Korea) or in East Garden. You must live a very sheltered life." Yet did we live a sheltered life? I try to forget about that past. Parents have loved the Cain-type children. So when I look at my brothers and sisters, they are the loneliest people that I know. They grew up without feeling the warmth, comfort, and nurturing of love. They were abandoned by their parents, abandoned by the Unification Church, abandoned by the world.

This time when I was in Busan, grandmother Kang (President Hyun Shil Kang), one of the first members of our movement, came to Busan to give reflection on the first church that Father built. And she was reflecting on how small it was and how dirty it was. All I could think about was, "I would rather live in that small house centered upon true love rather than a big house where there is no love." What is hell? Hell is the place where you feel the loneliest. That is the path that True Family has walked. So in order for me as a member of True Family to walk this public course, to overcome all those mountains and burdens, to come in front of you and teach you this content...

In fact, who do you think taught me this content? Did I learn this content at UTS? Did I learn this content from the oldest members of the Unification Church? Did I learn this content from Parents? Although this kind of difficult course I had to walk, why am I walking this kind of course? Answer is simple. Because of true love. It is because I love my grandparent, Heavenly Father. Actually, if I have to give my personal testimony, the one that held on to me the most was God, my grandfather. It is because of love of a son for my parents. And it is because all of you as Blessed Central Families stand in the position of my younger brothers and sisters since you have been engrafted onto the True Family-therefore, centered upon this true love, I am walking this path to be an elder brother to you, my younger siblings.

What do you think the original relationship between the Unification Church and True Family should have been? In reality, you are second generation. The First Generation now are second generation. Centered upon True Parents, you stand in the position of second generation, in the position of younger brothers and sisters to True Children. So your children are in the position of third generation. So right now, for me educating your children is like educating the sons and daughters of my younger brothers and sisters. Originally, True Children stood in the position of Abel, Blessed Central Families stood in the position of Cain. Especially when I gave this content to the Unification Church in Korea, many older members cried. They could not stop crying because they did not understand this very basic mission, nor did they understand this original dream and intention of God. They believed they were living God's providence, yet did not understand what God's providence was about -- so they cried and cried and cried.

Why am I giving this message now? Because this is the era of Cheon Il Guk when two have to become one, when the substantial victory of God has to be proclaimed throughout the world, not through voice but through substance. In other words, in order to build this substantial house, which becomes the testament to God's substantial victory on earth and His substantial presence in our humanity, we have to get this Unification Church house in order. That is why many times I give the analogy. This speaking tour is historic because I am awaking a sleeping Unification Church to understand this inflection point in history, this new age in history.

This is the fourth public speaking tour in Japan. My first was "Inheritance and Development." I did two tours based upon "Service For Peace." Now I am doing this tour, "Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart." What are the themes that run through this? Maybe you can reflect. How many of you have read my speech book? Raise your hands. Not that many. Then how can you know? The basic content, although deeper now, is the same content I gave four years ago at 21-Day Workshop. How much effort have you made to know who you are in front of God, True Parents, and True Family? When Father gave prayer for the opening of this speaking tour, Father especially prayed to God that this speaking tour was a time of atonement, a time in which our Unification Church family can become one centered upon God's original ideal.

Inheritance and Ownership

Let me ask you this question. Although True Parents stands victorious before heaven and earth, do you think Parents are the most elated, happy, fulfilled or do you think they grieve as much as God grieves? (Pointing at the children sitting by a member) Here, are these your children? [Yes.] If your children fight, as parents, can you find peace, can you find liberation? [No.] Never. Regardless of how glorious you are as parents, you will never find peace. How do you bring about the liberation of Parents then? How does Parents substantiate the position of king of peace?

When Father was doing a speaking tour in America, he gathered all the Christian leadership, Muslim leadership, Jewish leadership and quizzed them. He asked, "What is more important among true love, true life, and true lineage?" Some people said, "True love is the most important." Some people said, "True life is the most important." Father said, "No, you are both wrong. What is most important is true lineage. Because even if you have true love and true life, after that life ends, after one generation, it ends." Even though True Parents stand in the glorious position of king of kings, king of peace, liberator of God's heart, if the substantial fruit of True Parents' love does not inherit that victory, do you think that victory will live on? What do you think? That is why I try to educate your children more than try to satisfy you. Centered upon True Parents, you stand as younger brothers and sisters to True Children, second generation; your children stand in the position of third generation. Why am I educating you this?

Today before this rally, I told the preparatory committee of the speaking tour, "I am not coming and speaking as the president of CARP or Second Generation youth. I am not coming to speak as vice president of Family Federation for World Peace. 1 am coming to speak as an elder brother to all Blessed Central Families." So this education, this message I am giving you is not only educating you but also for the purpose of educating the next generation. Why? Because in order to find the settlement of God's family, we need to substantiate three generations. That is why ownership has to be established in all three generations.

How do you get inheritance? First, you have to own. As I told you over here, the reason why I am walking this public path is because of true love. Yet, in order for me to have the strength to be able to walk the path of living for the sake of others, I have to inherit the dream all the way from God. True Parents, to build this foundation, had to inherit or own the very dream that God had for humanity from the beginning of human creation. In order for me to walk this path, to substantiate the position of filial son, what do I have to do? I have to own the dream that Parents have, that originally was the dream that God had. Thus the substantial inheritance can take place for three generations.

Why is it that especially in the education of these young kids as well as your education here today, I have over here in the banner, "Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart"? Because for inheritance to be substantiated one has to own it! So one becomes a self-propelled engine. One does God's purpose, one fulfills God's will, not because he or she believes that he or she will receive something in return but because he or she is the owner of it and has a firm conviction and commitment to the substantiation of that dream that True Parents had and that God had. Amen! [Amen!]

What is the fundamental difference in the education of these young people that did not exist in the education in the young people of the past? Do you think they are walking this path because of obligation, duty or because they want to take ownership over God's providence? What about our Blessed Central Families? If you understand your relationship to True Family, you stand in the position of members of the extended True Family. The ideal of God, centered upon this family, is to create one world under God, one family under God, one culture under God, one tradition under God.

What then is that tradition? What then is that culture? It is a tradition that beckons for peace, that leads to peace. It is a tradition of Culture of Heart, a tradition of true love, living for the sake of others. Thus it is said in the Family Pledge that one should seek to become a filial son, one should seek to become a patriot, one should seek to become a saint, one should seek to become a divine son or daughter. What does a filial son do? He lives for the sake of his family. What does a patriot do? He lives for the sake of his nation. What does a saint do? He lives for the sake of the world. What does a divine son or daughter do? He or she lives for the sake of God.

So where do you stand as Blessed Central Families? What tradition do you have? What dream do you have? Just to be a filial son? Just to be a patriot? Just to be a saint? Or do you have a dream to become a divine son or daughter of God? If you want to become a divine son or daughter who has ownership over God's dream by making it mine, my dream, you have to understand what that dream is. That is why I am giving this message today. You have to understand how to substantiate that dream. You have to understand what you need to substantiate within yourself to be victorious to inherit that dream.

The Importance of Education in Heart through Living for the Sake of Others

How did we start this speech today? I started this speech by asking you the question: What is the original nature of God? The original nature of God is rooted in the Culture of Heart which is true love, living for the sake of others. Those of you who want to become the owners of this Culture of Heart by practicing true love, living for the sake of others, raise your hands and say "Amen." [Amen!] Wow! How strong is your conviction before heaven? Let the heavens shake and thunder and rain in rejoicing that a revolution is dawning, that a tempest is brewing, that the hearts of the Blessed Central Families that have been asleep are awakened and a new age is dawning through the substantial manifestation of God's culture and tradition! Thus let's build the house of Unification Church that God can dwell in and call his home! Amen, no-men? [Amen!]

Wow, great. What do you think about this medicine so far? Do you like this medicine or not? Do you want more of this medicine or you had enough? (Pointing at STF members) It is these young kids that always want more and more. I see some of the same faces I did the first rally. (To STF members) You participated in the previous rally, right? [Yes.] Are you going to keep following me? [Yes.] (Laughter) But do you get inspired when you follow me and listen to the same speech? [Yes.] Does your faith become stronger or weaker? [It becomes stronger.]

Our First Generation were heartistically asleep for a long time. So I often joke to Father that the Unification Church members have big heads and small faiths. You, the First Generation, think that you know the history of Restoration through Indemnity well, right? But think about it. The history of Restoration through Indemnity originally has no relationship to God. What kind of a person do you need to be to have a relationship with God? A person with a big head? If your heart is big, then you can go over any difficulty, right? [Yes.] But if you are big-headed with a small heart, can you go over that difficulty? [No.] You would be agonizing everyday like this. (Nodding the head slantwise) "Why is it so hard? Why is this so difficult? Why is it so challenging?" (Laughter) However, if the heart is big, you can digest any difficulty. The word "digest" here connects to the "challenge" that I taught you.

You grow more as you face more challenges. The heart and mind deepen and you become a stronger person. At first, one lives for small things, but one goes over that to live for a greater good, then lives for an even greater good, and ultimately, how big would that person become? How much confidence would that person have? Therefore, if a person wants to grow, one should become bigger in heart first. The heart has to grow before the head. (Applause) Isn't it the best movement that our Second Generation kids live for the sake of others in the outside world? I think this is the greatest movement we could do. The children who are educated through these movements can become filial sons and daughters, patriots, saints, and ultimately divine sons and daughters of God. Movements to develop the head cannot do these things. Does it seem right? [Yes.] (Applause)

The Family Should Become One and Move Forward

The mothers here are especially interested in education of their children; do you want to send your children to STF? Do you want this kind of education for them? (Laughter) (Applause) How nice would it be for a family to become one and work together? From what I have heard in Japan, the mothers work hard for God's will, but the children or the husbands do not understand them. If you look at the 6,000 years of history, women had many responsibilities, especially in the relationship of mother and children. If mothers and children work together for God, can you change the rigid minds of husbands or not? How could you change it? Would it work if you continue to insist that you are right by mouth? If you work hard on your own to live for the sake of others centered upon true love, then the door of family, nation, and world will open. How inspired do you tink your husband will be to see that? Then the husband will want to do the good work together. Amen, no-men? [Amen.] (Applause)

Something special happened during my speaking tour in Korea this time. I was walking and speaking like this at Sun Moon University, and a grandmother held on to me and said something quietly. But I couldn't hear anything because she spoke so softly. I asked, "What is it grandmother?" and she repeated that she was originally a Buddhist but came to my rally because of her children. Her children were not living properly, so she said, "Please give the Blessing to them and save them." So I said, "Are you really a Buddhist? Do you know who we are? This is the Unification Church that everybody is so scared of." Then she said, "No, I can tell from the young people here. So please give the Blessing to my son and daughter." So I told her that they have to be educated first to receive the Blessing, and she asked me to educate her son at CARP. Amazing, right? How she found that location I was giving the speech and asked... Now the people in the outside world all know as well. If we live centering on true love, our original nature will already come to know who is a good person and what is good and what is bad.

Compared to our children, do the kids in the outside world today know the importance of family? Do they know that nation or world is important, that God exists? Or are they just living not much differently from animals? People and animals are different because of divinity. People have divinity because they can resemble God, but how about animals? Can they have the mind to live for the sake of others by their own choice? People can have the mind to live for the sake of others by their own wish. That is the character similar to God's. God lives for the sake of others because of love. We can also live for the sake of others because of love. That is why ultimately we can resemble God. Why do you want to live in a small house full of love rather than in a big house without love? Because it is close to God. Amen, no-men? [Amen.]

I will open the way for the suffering wives. I will open the way for the children to receive that kind of education. STF education is not only for the Second Generation of Blessed Families. Currently, our CARP centers are educating this content to the second generation of the outside world. But how nice would it be if our members receive such education as well? What do you think? (Applause) Would True Parents be happy if your families broke apart? If you want to go to heaven, your family has to become one. If your children realize the importance of God's will and try to become great people, the fathers, when they see that, will not oppose anymore. Wouldn't that be good? (Applause) I will open up that way. Are you happy or not? (Applause)

The First Condition of a Leader Is to Live for the Sake of Others

How can you become a great leader? Can you learn it in school? I believe that if you try to enlarge your heart, you can become a great leader. Someone who wants to know a lot studies hard to train the head, right? Similarly, if you want to broaden the heart and make it great, you have to work that hard and take part in movements of heart. You have to continue the movement of working for the sake of others. I am a leader of a company and church, so I know a little about how to develop people.

It is not important how much that person knows. What is important is invisible. That is why heart is important. A leader has to stand in the very front and has to face fierce winds. Since you have to stand in the very front and move forward, how strong would the wind be? In order to walk straight in that condition, the mind or the heart has to be big. It has to be so in order to go over everything. One has to continue the movement of true love, working to live for the sake of others, in order for the person to become stronger and for convictions to grow. That is how a person can move straight forward without swaying to severe opposition. Other people can trust such a person in character and integrity, so the people above or below that person would support him as the leader even if he does not have money or position. [Amen.] (Applause)

(To STF members) Do you want to receive such training as well? [Yes.] Young kids always answer "yes." But there are probably people here who do not believe in what you say. They would think, "You are young in your 20's and answer easily." (Laughter) Even if some people think like that, are you going to work hard or no? Are you going to show them or not? [Yes, we will do it!] (Applause)

I always taught that in order to be a leader, you have to learn to live for the sake of others before anything else. You cannot become a leader if you do not know living for the sake of others. Therefore, the education these kids are receiving is the education of becoming leaders. When I was going through hardship, I received hope when I looked at these kids' faces. Are there young people in the outside world who want to work to establish God's will? Are there kids who want to live for the sake of family, nation and world, and furthermore, want to establish God's will? However, such kids are growing in the Unification Church -- what big hope is it not just in the Unification Church but in the world? Amen, no-men? [Amen!] (Applause)

There is not much that these kids know. They do not know the Principle very well either. (Laughter) If I give them a test on the Principle, you would see many C's. But their strength is the heart of living for the sake of others. When these kids go out and meet people, the people approach them closely because of such hearts. People feel, "Who are these people? They are my age but have big dreams, live for the sake of others, want to become owners by themselves, and have teamwork. They look great. I want to be like them." Kids in the outside world are coming to our church because of these kids. In the past, we had to bring them like this (pulling a brother), right? We had to make them listen to the Principle, tell them to believe in God, and say, "Come with me, come with me," (motioning to pull by force). But interestingly, seeing these kids, peole want to come on their own now. It is very stange. (Laughter) The reason is that this is a new era.

Let's Become the Champion of Heart-Washing

How do you move people? Do they move when you say, "I know the most so you have to listen to me!"? The way I see it, that is not a good method. If you want to move someone, you have to move the heart first. The heart has to be open to receive. Therefore, a person moves by love. Like the topic of today's speech "Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart," if you try with true love, who can oppose you? (Applause) Such a time has come now. (Applause) So those who want to become the owners of true culture, stand up and raise both of your hands and say "amen." [Amen.] Amen! [Amen!] Amen! [Amen!] (Applause) Wow, sit down. (To W-CARP Vice President Sam Nagasaka, who is translating) What time did I start? [At two o'clock] It has been one hour since I started. [You spoke for two hours. (Vice President Sam Nagasaka)] Two hours? I thought it was one hour... (Laughter) I did not know time passed by so fast. (Applause) Did you have fun listening? [Yes.] (Applause)

A person who moves because someone comes at five o'clock to knock (motioning to knock on a door) and say, "Wake up, it is time for Hoon Dok Hae," is not an owner. An owner is someone who does it by himself because he personally wants to. Can you become such a person? Amen, no-men? [Amen!] How much do you want to become such a person? (Opening his arms a little) This much or (opening his arms little more) this much or (opening his arms widely) this much? (All of the audience opens their arms fully) Wow!

If people who do not know much about the Unification Church were here, they would probably think like this: "Over 1,000 people are gathered here, and the son of Rev. Sun Myung Moon is brainwashing them well just like his father." (Laughter) But I am actually not interested in the brain. What I am good at is not brainwashing but heart-washing. (Applause) So if you want to cuss at me, do it properly and call me the champion of heart-washing. [Amen.] (Applause) Since you have to become the members of True Family, can you become the champions of heart-washing? [Yes!] (Applause) Those of you who want to become champions of heart-washing, raise your hands and shout "amen!" [Amen!] Wow, it seems like we really started a revolution.

It has been two hours already since I started so I will make the conclusion now. I said I am going to give you bitter medicine, but it looks like I have given you too tasty of a medicine. (Laughter) If you know the content of my speech and can become the owner of that message, our future will develop. Live believing in that. Promise me one thing before we finish. Those of you who want to take ownership of the Culture of Heart through practice of true love, living for the sake of others, thereby substantiating the culture and tradition of the ideal family, standing as members of God's extended True Family, those of you who pledge to take ownership over this Culture of Heart, stand up, raise your hands and say once again "amen!" [Amen!] Amen! We are finished now.  

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