Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Welcoming Address - Hideo Oyamada President of FFWPU-Japan

Welcoming Address of the Northern Japan Rally, held at Koriyama Gymnasium in Sendai on December 12, 2004, the last day of the tour in Japan.

Beloved members and parents of the Northern Japan region gathered here today! Hyun Jin Nim, representing the True Family, is paying a historical visit to Japan to educate us as you have seen through the video. Today, we face the last day of the speaking tour.

We have often heard that we passed over the Era Before the Coming of Heaven and have just entered upon the Era after the Coming of Heaven. Yet, it is True Parents and True Family, including Hyun Jin Nim, who are actually showing us the model of how we should live in this Era after the Coming of Heaven. Through Hyun Jin Nim's words, we are realizing the wrong attitudes we used to have in our lives. During this speaking tour, about 26,410 Blessed Central Families are hearing from Hyun Jin Nim directly.

The most core content we should learn from Hyun Jin Nim is that we should become "owners of the Culture of Heart." Moreover, Hyun Jin Nim tells us that only the experience of living through heart, not through the head, is what makes a human being anew. We can learn this from the testimonies you have just heard from the parents or the Second Generation participating in STF. As the leaders of Japan, and as one of the leaders concerned about the issues of the Second Generation, we believe that STF and CARP are our hope and the greatest breakthroughs in opening the road to the future. We thank Hyun Jin Nim for initiating that breakthrough.

I believe Hyun Jin Nim will be talking about it, but we are in the position of thieves of love who have stolen the love from True Children. We have turned away from that Vertical Axial Line; nevertheless, Hyun Jin Nim has forgiven everything and is striving to liberate God, True Parents, and True Family. More important than anything else is how we could become one with the Vertical Axial Line. We should not forget Hyun Jin Nim's teaching that we, as parents, should become the models for our children in order to complete that task.

Through listening to Hyun Jin Nim's words and watching Hyun Jin Nim in his daily life, I realized and repented again what great disloyalty and undutiful the past twelve years of not being able to attend True Parents in Japan has been. Hyun Jin Nim is acting exactly the same as how I thought True Parents would. If we can prepare a new breakthrough from this cold northeastern region Hokkaido, I am confident that the "Parents Association of the Culture of Heart" that can complete Father's will as the mother nation will be organized. We have been preparing for the last two years to create the "Parents Association of the Culture of Heart" according to Hyun Jin Nim's directions. As the Providence's and your circumstances permit, we would like to spread this "Parents Association of the Culture of Heart" nationwide.

Let us receive the words of Hyun Jin Nim who has come here as the representative of True Family, the central axis of the new age of Cheon II Guk, and open the way toward the year 2012 with those words. I would like to end my remark by sincerely welcoming Hyun Jin Nim. Thank you.  

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