Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Chung Pyung Trainees Meeting

November 30, 2004

Are you all participating in the 40-day workshop? [Yes.] How many days has it been? [It is the tenth day.] If I were giving you a 40-day workshop, you would all probably run away. (Laughter) Let's see which countries the members here are from. (Hyun Jin Nim checks the nationalities of all the trainees: Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Germany, Congo, Ukraine, France, USA, Brazil, Puerto Rico, Spain, Panama, Mongolia, etc.) Wow. (Laughter) Representatives from all around the world are here.

Then what language should I speak today? English or Korean? Since I went to America when I was four years old, which language would be most comfortable for me? English or Korean? [English] I have to speak continuously wherever I go. I have to give words when I eat breakfast and again when I eat dinner. So how many times have I spoken? 80 or 90 percent of the times I have spoken until now, I spoke in Korean. (Applause) The reason I speak especially in Korean is that I want to scold the Korean mothers. (Laughter) Is that okay? [Yes.]

The World's Culture and History Are Divided Due to the Fall

How many countries are there worldwide? Germany has Germany's history and America has America's history. Korea has Korea's history, and Mongolia has Mongolia's history, right? What do people learn in such histories? They learn that country's culture and tradition, do they not? Consequently, how strange would these foreigners appear to the Korean people, especially those who were born in Korea and were living in Korea? I went to Mongolia two years ago, and although the Mongolians have similar faces to Koreans, you have no idea how different their culture is. Since Mongolians are nomads, they pack and ride on horses to migrate. I personally like people who have such a culture.

Korean people have big butts and short legs so they like to just sit around. (Laughter) But I have a pioneer-like mind, long legs, and small butt so I like moving more than I like sitting. I really like moving around. I especially like climbing mountains. Moreover, I like horses like the Mongolians. (Laughter) But what would the Koreans think about those Mongolians? They will probably feel that the Mongolian culture and tradition, as well as the way of thought, are very different from theirs. Wouldn't we think the same way when we look at different countries of the entire world? That is why it is so hard to become one. The Japanese people would think exactly the same way, right?

(To a female member) You are a Korean mother? Why do you live in Japan? Your husband is Japanese, right? You could not even communicate well when you first met and lived together, right? Korean people are quick-tempered so they want to say everything that is in their minds, whether they like it or not. (Laughter) Korean people are people who especially move heartiscally. In contrast, Japanese people are very stiff. (Laughter) Japanese people continue to smile like this (making a smiling expression) even when they are thinking deeply about something on the inside. (Pretending to stab W-CARP Vice President Young Jun Kim) They are people who would say, "Oh, I am sorry" and stab one more time. (Laughter) There was such a history in Japan, wasn't there? [Yes, there was.] The Korean people have been living immersed in Korean culture and the Japanese people are immersed in Japanese culture and tradition. However, did God establish such cultures and traditions? Did God create such different cultures and traditions for His will? When looking at the world history, is it God's history or some other history? The history up to now has no relationship whatsoever with God. It is not the history of God. Why did such a history come about? It is because of the Fall.

True Parents' Legacy Is the Establishment of True Family

Let me ask you a question. How do you think when you look at True Parents and True Family? What do you think when you see True Parents? What kind of people do you think True Parents are? The founders of the Unification Church? The founders of Family Federation? The founders of Washington Times? The founders of CARP? The founders of the Unification Group? How do you think of them? Do you perhaps think of them as your personal Messiah? What is True Parents' legacy? Who are True Parents to you? (To a female member) Who do you think True Parents are? [True Parents are the Messiah.] So what does that mean? What does the Messiah mean? Think about it. Did God create the word "Messiah"? Did God want the history of making His dear son and daughter, Adam and Eve, fall and sending a Messiah in order to revive them? When God first created human beings, the word "Messiah" did not exist. Then why do we now have the word "Messiah"? We have to know this clearly.

What is True Parents' legacy? If you want to know this, you first have to know what God's will is. What did God want to create through Adam and Eve? What God wanted to create was true, ideal family. The Principle also states this. God wanted to fulfill the Four Position Foundation through Adam and Eve. What does that mean? What is the meaning? It means that He wanted to create true, ideal family because true love, true life, and true lineage can be substantiated in that family. How can you become the owner? How can you look at your children's faces and think, "Oh, these children are my dear sons and daughters. My blood is flowing inside these children"? You can know because of lineage. Consequently, the family must first be established in order to establish the vertical foundation.

God wanted to establish the true, ideal family, but Adam and Eve failed to become one with God on the individual level. That is why we say Adam and Eve did not reach individual perfection. They failed to become 100 percent one with God. They did not reach the stage of perfection but fell while in the growth stage. That is why many religions emerged through history until now. What is the goal of religions such as Confucianism, Christianity, and Buddhism? These religions only concentrate on the individual level in spiritual aspects. Why is it so? It is because Adam and Eve lost the relationship with God on the individual level. Consequently, those religions are preparing salvation on the individual level in order to prepare the way for the Messiah to come. It is because Adam and Eve fell on the individual level.

Who is the Messiah? Messiah is the true Adam. Therefore, he must find and establish the first son and daughter that God had lost. Then family is established. That is why Father said in front of Christianity prepared by God for 2,000 years that Jesus could not establish God's will. But truthfully, how shocking is it for the Christians to hear that "Jesus did not complete God's will"? They probably thought, "How can this man speak so rudely?" about the one that they were attending like God.

Then why did the people of Jesus' time oppose Jesus so much? They opposed because they did not know God's will. They did not know that God's will was to find and establish true, ideal family on this earth. And they did knot know that Adam and Eve's position needed to be restored first in order to find and establish it. That is why True Father also revealed the reason Jesus could not establish God's will -- because he could not find Eve. Why did he need to find a woman? In order to establish a family. If True Father could not establish True Family, you could not receive the Blessing either.

What does it mean being a Blessed Central Family? What kind of a family is a Blessed Central Family? Blessed Central Family signifies a member of the extended True Family. The lineage was restored by being engrafted onto the Vertical Axial Line. According to Father's words, why is the Providence of Restoration through Indemnity in process? In order to change the blood lineage, right? If Adam and Even had simply done wrong on the individual level, why is the providence of changing the blood lineage needed? It has to be changed because they established false love, false life, and false lineage centering on Satan's love. Lineage is connected through generations and generations. So the Providence of Restoration through Indemnity can be seen as the process of making a new axial line in order to cleanse out these things. Then centering on what is the new axial line made? It is made centering on God, True Parents, and True Family.

We Must Not Repeat the Mistake of the Jewish People

Unification Church members have to repent a lot. The reason why history is being repeated is because you do not know God's will. You do not know it very well. God prepared the Jewish people for 4,000 years in order to send Jesus; however, those people who supposedly believed in God the most could not receive Jesus. Look at the New Testament. Who were the people that believed in God the most? It was the high priests and the leaders of the Jewish nation. Those people were the ones who had the most faith in and followed the Mosaic Law the best. They were the most sterile people in the secular view as well. They were the most exemplary people even when looked at in terms of the commandments that God gave the Jewish people. Yet, what they did not realize was that God's providence was unfolding through Israelite nation over 4,000 years and God made the promise over and over again to those people that there would come a day when the Messiah would come, in other words, His son would come. That was why the word of Elijah was so crucial.

When Jesus started his ministry, the reason why the Jewish leadership did not accept Jesus was because it seemed that as if his teaching was contradictory to the commandment that God had given to the Jews. Jesus said to them on Mt. Sinai, "You have heard that it was said, 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' But I tell you not to resist an evil person. But whoever slaps you on your right cheek, turn the other to him also." Who was referred to when he was making those implications? He was referring to the Jewish leadership and the Ten Commandments. They did not realize that that command was given for the unfolding of God's providence that God had when mankind fell away from God -- the providence to restore ideal family. That is why Jesus, even you would be in Christian circle, is considered to be "king of love" because what he taught was true love.

What do you think the ideal family represents? What do you think is the family that God wanted to create through Adam and Eve? What kind of a family did God want to create? If anything represents this ideal best, it is the explanation that Father gives, talking about the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships. The family is a school of love. It is the place where one learns not only his or her own identity but also the legacy, the culture, and the tradition from which God originally intended to bestow upon humanity. And what was that? True love.

Jews thought they would be filial, faithful to God by maintaining the commandment that God had given to them as they were making the Exodus to the Promised Land. Yet that was not God's original intention or desire for the Exodus out of Egypt. It was to prepare a nation for the coming of His son. So they did not realize that God was moving through their history and that a new age would come, therefore God sent many prophets to the Jews to alert them to this coming. Yet they did not listen because, in one sense, they became institutionalized. Instead of being mission-focused and wanting to substantiate God's will on earth, they focused on everything else that was meaningless to God's providence. Do you think this is right? [Yes.] How do you know if it is right? Can you say with confidence that it is right? [Yes.]

Second Generation Need to Become Stronger

Do I look like a religious leader? I do not look like a religious leader, right? How can such a young person be a boring religious leader? (Laughter) I went to America when I was four years old. So I was five years old in Korean age. There were not that many Asians in America at that time. So I fought a lot with the Western kids. How much more persecution do you think I received especially for being the son of Reverend Moon who was brainwashing the young generation? But could I run away? I really received a lot of opposition. Normally, the small Asian people try to run away when Americans push them like this (imitating to avoid and run away), saying, "Ouch, ouch." But how is my personality? When American kids pushed me like this (pushing Vice President Young Jun Kim) thinking I was the same as the other Asians, I pushed them harder. (Laughter) Those kids made a huge mistake. I am that much of a scary person. How can such a person become a religious leader? (Laughter) (To Vice President Young Jun Kim) Are you okay? [Yes.] I did not push you that hard... (Laughter)

This is how weak the Second Generation are. In my view, the Second Generation who attend me are also too weak. In Su (In Su Choi, Special Assistant to Hyun Jin Nim), where are you? [Yes.] I thought In Su was strong since he was part of a special attack corps in Korea and was a master of Won Hwa Do... I took him a couple of times when I went to the mountains. Climbing the mountains and hunting is very hard. It is very hard for the body. In Su would express it when it hurts just a little, crying (holding his back), "Ow, ow, ow." (Laughter) A person like me does not show it unless the pain is really bad. That is how strong the mentality is. I know well how hard it is. But it is training.

Think about it. How much strength would be needed in order to change the fallen world? How strong do you think Jesus was as the person who had to sit in the throne? You probably would not know. Where was 1? (Pointing to Special Assistant In Su Choi) In Su fell once riding a horse and he kept on making a sound like this, "Ouch, ouch, ouch." (Laughter) So I looked at him and said, "Hey, come on, get up." He got up (imitating to get up painfully) saying, "Ouch, ouch, ouch." (Laughter) How can God trust such a weak person and work out His will? I am sorry, In Su. I am using you as an example to show how weak the Second Generation are. (Laughter) It it not just the Second Generation kids but most of our members are too weak. Especially Americans are like that, too.

We Must Wake up from an Institutionalized State

I can see Dr. Carlson (Dr. David Carlson) over here. Especially when I went to UTS, do you think my experience in UTS was a good one or a bad one? I should stop making fun of UTS because nobody is going to go to UTS from now on. (Laughter) But the reason why I bring that up is because the standard, the tradition, and the culture were not right, and the purpose was lost and the mission focus was lost. Many ways, the message that I am giving today is similar to the message I gave four years ago at UTS in 21-Day Workshop. How did I speak that speech? What did I say about the legacy of True Parents? I explained clearly what the legacy was. It was the legacy of being the first son and daughter of God that was able to substantiate God's substantial first true family upon which they could extend the Blessing to the rest of humanity; therefore they could bring the substantial restoration through blood lineage, changing blood lineage of those Blessed Families, thereby having them come in the position to stand with God because originally God wanted to dwell with humanity. That was the essence and the crux of that speech. It is very similar. Yet do we as Unification Church know that?

Why are you doing what you are doing? It is because True Parents are your personal Messiah who brought about your personal salvation? How many members think like that? Even to those people, I would say, "You are wrong!" Just because you say you believe in True Parents, do not think that you will stand close to them or God in spiritual world.

There are many Second Generation kids that might live in a sterile, clean life. Yet how many of them really understand the will of God and have taken ownership over substantiating the will of God? How many of them know the identity in front of God, True Parents, and True Family, and willing to take a mission of God, True Parents, and True Family? Do you think those types of individuals have any relationship with Heavenly Father whatsoever, even though they are Blessed Children and therefore they have the title of being without original sin?

Although God prepared Israel for 4,000 years for the coming of Jesus, those clean people who followed the commandment that God had given to Moses and the Jews could not unite with Jesus. That is why Jesus said out of frustration, "The only way you can get to my father is through me." Yet when they failed to unite with Jesus, then where did Jesus go? He looked for those people who were willing to unite with him and willing to accept him for who he was. Therefore, he went and looked at the dirtiest places.

So if you really think about it, one of the things like Christianity does not know is that those early disciples from purely secular viewpoint are the dirtiest people you could think of. They were whores, fishermen, or beggars. That was the basis upon which God then created Christianity to be the bride of the coming of the Lord of Second Advent. When I go to these Christian churches especially in Europe like that, they are idolizing the disciples of Jesus. They have no idea what kind of people they were. The only reason why they were able to stand in God's grace was because they united with Jesus. That was how the history of Christianity began. The foundation of Christianity started the place where God had no intention of starting. God did not want Jews to kill His son. God hoped at that time that his dream could be fulfilled, that he could be liberated, and that his dream could be fulfilled to be close to humanity, not distant.

(To one student) Do you know God? [I am in the process of getting to know Him.] You are in the process? Are you also in the process of getting to know your parents and grandparents? That means you do not know. If Adam and Eve had been able to establish true family at that time, God could have resided in that family like a grandfather. Then Cain and Abel would have been able to attend God like their grandfather. They could have been that close with each other. It is because of they fell that people in this world became unrelated to God. They became ignorant of God because they fell. Why is that? It is because the culture became different; blood line -- in other words, lineage -- became different. So when I ask if you know God, does He want to listen to the answer from you that "I am working on it"? If Adam and Eve had created the true family at that time, their descendants would not have answered that way. They would have been able to feel close to God as if He were their parents and grandfather. That is how God wanted it to be.

I met the Unification Group leadership before I came here. I emphasized, "You have to become the owners of the Culture of Heart and the owners of true love more than the members do." I did so because it felt like the path our leaders are taking now had nothing to do with God. Our leaders are thinking too much in a bureaucratic way. Is that what God wanted? How can people like that establish God's will? The Unification Church has become too institutionalized and formalized. Think about it. What is the reason that Father established the Unification Church? Did God send Father to establish the Unification Church?

Second Generation Should Be the Hope and Future of the Unification Church

The Second Generation who received the Blessing, raise your hands. (To one Second Generation) Do you have children? [Yes, I do.] (To another Second Generation) How about you? [Not yet.] How old are you? [I am 33 years old.] 33 years old? And you do not have children yet? (Laughter) Try a little harder.

(Laughter) Kyung Myung (Kyung Myung Yoo, Director of the Second Generation Department in Korea)! [Yes.] What is the total number of Second Generation Blessed Couples? [About 1,000 couples] But where are all of them? Do they even have a little thought to establish God's will? Or are they just trying to live quiet lives privately? I want to live like that too if I think individually. Then why do I walk this kind of path? How heavy is this thing called responsibility? Do you know why I like climbing mountains and being with animals? When I am with you, I get so much stress. There is too much stress when I am with people. It is because I get disappointed too many times with all different things. The body might be comfortable in a big house such as Han Nam Dong or East Garden but the mind is not. The reason I go to the mountains often is that the mind becomes relaxed even if the body is very tired. The world of nature is much closer to God. Consequently, the mind is very comfortable. It is so because the creation is not fallen.

You do not know much about the True Family, right? You think, "How good it must be being True Parents' children," right? How can I, as the son of Father, liberate our Parents and liberate God, my grandfather? I told Jin Man (Jin Man Kwak, Executive Vice President of W-CARP) before I started this tour. I told him, "This time, I am not speaking as the President of CARP nor am I speaking as the Vice President of the Family Federation." I said, "I am speaking to the Unification Church as the true elder brother." You think that the First Generation work for True Parents and the Second Generation work for Hyun Jin Nim, right? Then who am I working for? For myself? For whom am I working for?

Originally, the Second Generation have no direct relation to me in God's perspective. The Second Generation kids are my nephews and nieces. The people who originally have relation with me are the First Generation, you guys. The expression on your faces looking at me is like, "Huh, I have never heard that before. What does he mean?" I will explain. The process of God saving the people through the history of Restoration through Indemnity is to establish the true family first and then restore humanity through that family. So what position are the 36 Couples and all the rest of Blessed Couples in? They are in the position of Cain. And True Parents' children are in the position of Abel. Therefore, the 36 Couples are Jeong Jin's (Jeong Jin Nim) younger brothers and sisters in view of God's will. And the Second Generation are the nephews and nieces of True Children. Consequently, there is no direct correlation. Then why did I start CARP and have interest in the Second Generation education? Why do you think it is so? It is because the First Generation are not united with the True Family. Especially, the people who opposed me when I started STF were all the First Generation.

The STF kids followed me to every place I toured this time, and I really feel good when I see them. It is because they are our hope when we think of our church's future. Those kids are doing these activities not because of position or for themselves but because they really want to become owners of the Culture of Heart. How happy do you think God is to see these young kids who take on ownership, live for the sake of others with happy hearts, and take part in true love movements to become owners of the Culture of Heart? How happy would True Parents' hearts be when they look at those young kids? Maybe that is why Father talks for a long time when the young kids I educate go to Hoon Dok Hae at Han Nam Dong or East Garden. Because He is in such a good mood.

We Have to Resemble God and Live for the Sake of Others to Establish the Culture of True Love

Why did you believe in and follow True Parents until now? I met grandmother Kang (President Hyun Shil Kang) in Busan and she told me the story of when she first met True Father. There are a couple of things I especially remember. First, the fact that True Father was living in a small, dirty house made of cardboard boxes left an impression on her. Also, True Father was wearing a Western business suit on top and Korean han-bok (traditional Korean clothes) pants on the bottom. She said that it looked really odd. As I heard that I thought, "Oh, women, they are all the same whether they are mothers or grandmothers." Women only look at appearances. Do you think I will be dirty like True Father was back then if I stay in the mountains for two weeks or not? If I cannot bathe or shave for two weeks, won't my hair become like this (imitating to tangle his hair) and smell as well?

True Father often says that women are the problem, right? I think exactly the same -- more so when I look at Unification Church women. (Laughter) I am sorry. (Laughter) Especially when I was young, I thought True Father's words were true when I looked at Unification Church women. How strong are the Unification Church women? (Laughter) Especially, how scary are the women of the 36 and 72 Couples? (Laughter) When this small grandmother Kang at age of 26 went to see True Father who was living at the top of a mountain in Busan, she said she had the greed that "If this person is the Messiah, I will be the first to attend him." How brave is this little miss to go up a mountain to see Father when people were calling him a crazy man? She could not have done that if she were not strong. Other members might have been moved by her saying, "I will be the first to attend him if he has come," but to be honest, I thought, "A tiny woman had much greed," when I heard that. (Laughter)

There are a lot of people who have that kind of greed among the Unification Church members. Greed itself is not a bad thing, but what is important is who that greed is for. Is it a personal greed or a greed for a greater will? Why did you participate in this 40-day workshop? Because there are a lot of hardships at home? So did you participate to receive grace from God and Heung Jin hyung (elder brother)? Why did you come here? What was your motivation? When I looked at the members while I was young, they all said that they went through a lot of hardships; however, when looking at the motivation for saying that, it originated from wanting something in return. Does God have that kind of mind?

What God wanted the most when he was creating humans in the beginning was to establish true, ideal family. He wanted to live within that family centering on love, but it all came to naught. But we can know that God is investing endlessly in people when we look at history. Why did God invest in people? Was it because God wanted to receive something in return? What is true love? What kind of culture is the culture of true love? It is living for the sake of others, living for the sake of others, living for the sake of others. Can there be an "I" in that?

True Father tells you every time that you have to establish absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience, right? Then who first established absolute faith, absolute love, and absolute obedience? Who? God! God! God! If that is not so, looking at it historically, why did God continue to invest again and again for 6,000 years and send yet another son when the son He sent first was killed? The reason He trusted in, cared for, and invested in humanity that much is because He loves humanity. But how about you? Are your motivations similar to God's? Think about it. Wouldn't the owner of a house have to be similar to me for me to feel comfortable in that house? What is Heaven? What would it he like if you were to go to Heaven now? Can you really be comfortable in Heaven where God is the owner? Do you have characters that are similar or different to those of God?

Depth of Heart Is More Important than Knowing with the Head

When I was doing a 21-Day Workshop four years ago, True Father sent a few members from the 36 and 72 Couples to see how I was doing because there is a lot of talk in the Unification Church. I asked those people when I met them. I asked them if they really knew who True Parents are, if they knew what kind of a family the True Family is, and if they knew correctly what God's will is, having attended True Parents for 50, 60 years. However, even if you do not know these things well, you can become one with God, True Parents, and True Family if you become heartistically one with True Parents. I often joke to Father that our Unification Church members' heads are big and their hearts too small. True Father has taught you for 50, 60 years. He taught you why all the past Providence of Restoration through Indemnity had to be walked, and he is teaching you that now is the time to establish Cheon Il Guk. But do you think you can understand the approaching history of an entirely new era with the providential viewpoint of the age of Restoration through Indemnity?

Who knows the Providence of Restoration more than anybody else? You would say God, True Parents. But apart from them, who else knows the history of the Providence of Restoration the best in the head intellectually? Who is the being that knows it best? It is Satan. Therefore, knowing a lot is not what is important. Satan knew what God wanted better than Adam and Eve did in the Garden of Eden. What Satan was jealous of was God's love toward the humanity and God's love toward Adam and Eve as His children. That is why knowing does not matter at all. How did God want to raise Adam and Eve? Did He want to teach them to know well by the head or raise them heartistically through love?

Think about it. Why was hell made? Hell is for people who are heartistically the farthest from God. True love is living for the sake of others; can loneliness exist there? On the other hand, how about self-centered love? It is lonely. That is why hell came about. Hell was created because self-centered family, culture, and lineage were established. Where is hell again? It is the loneliest place. It is a place where you do not know who God is, who you are, or what love is. Who created such a place? God wanted to raise humans to resemble God, noble like kings, centering on love; but Satan knew that and made sure it could not happen. That is how the Fall came about and hell was created.

I told the 36 and 72 Couples then, "No matter how much pride you have in knowing the Principle well, in my view, I do not think you do." Does the content that I am teaching you now sound right or wrong? Pray and ask Heung Jin hyung and God here. Or ask your ancestors if what I am saying is correct or not.

The problem is not "what you know" but "what kind of a person you are." If you want to become close with God, True Parents, and True Family, you have to know well what kind of culture to be established and how to become owners. If you read the speech I gave two days ago, it starts like this. "People are like icebergs. The invisible part below the water is bigger and more important the visible part above water. Knowing by the head is enough to make the part above water bigger, but in order to make the part below the water bigger, you need movement of love." I am raising and educating the young kids for this kind of heartistic training. I made STF and Jr. STF for the same reason. A middle school and a high school are being built here in Chung Pyung, right? Are you going to build the school with this kind of principle? If not, the school has nothing to do with me. Are you going to establish it that way or not? Who is in charge of the school? [We do not have someone in charge yet. The middle and high schools are being built now so it is not decided yet. We only have the chairman of the committee.] Is that so?

No one believed it when I told this stuff to elders four years ago. Maybe they still do not believe. We will have to wait and see. The person is important, the person. That is why the motivation has to be good. I was very inspired from the members I met when I visited small churches during this tour. Many members came especially to see me. I was very inspired to see people with clean and pure hearts who just came to be close with me only because I was a True Child, not in order to be recognized by me. I thought, "There are people like this in our Unification Church." I have said numerous times that Unification Church is my enemy in public speaking places. There are people who make insulting remarks about True Family on the Internet even right now in America, right? What kind of relationship can those people have with True Family?

Especially when I first started the public mission, did the leaders and members really know who I was? True Father said once when we were having a conversation that Unification Church members are people with faith. So I told him, "Where is the faith?" Is believing in God's will in such a way having faith? Where can you find faith in the attitude of ignoring the person, the True Child who True Father has appointed as the public leader? They ignored and blocked every work that I started.

Who am I doing this work for? For myself? Aren't there members who think that I do this work because I want to hear people calling, "Hyun Jin Nim! Hyun Jin Nim!"? Moreover, you think that True Children do not know hardship because they lived abundantly in a nice place like East Garden, right? But think about it. Which is harder? Is it harder for the body to struggle or for the mind to struggle? What kind of a place did I say is hell? Hell is where the mind struggles the most. In my view, my brothers and sisters are the loneliest people. Why? We could not receive love from our parents and even the Unification Church, and the world did not love us. We lived just being criticized for a long time.

We Have to Stand in the Position of Owner with the Motivation of True Love

God's will was established through the True Family. But what you have to know clearly is that it does not mean you can automatically form a relation with God. If you believe in True Parents from the position of a Blessed Central Family, you have to be vertically aligned with God, True Parents, and True Family. Otherwise, there is no relation whatsoever with God. Even if you received the Blessing, there is no relation with God. Having received the Blessing is the same as standing at the zero point. You are standing at the same position as Adam and Eve before the Fall. There was no Satan or hell in the Garden of Eden then, right? But the connection with God was broken because Adam and Eve were not able to become one with God and could not establish God's will correctly. That is why I asked what True Parents' legacy was at the start of the speech.

Who are you? What is Blessed Family and what is Second Generation? The goal of your activities cannot be to seize a rank or position. You have to be the owner of the Culture of Heart who is part of the true love movement if you want to be the closest person to God. You walk the public path because of the desire to live for the sake of others. That is why I said to the leaders, "If you do not become the owners of the Culture of Heart, I will not recognize you no matter what positions you may have." Does the position matter? In the era of Providence of Restoration through Indemnity, position was somewhat important because Satan had messed up all the positions and order. But the new era of Cheon Il Guk is the time when God starts a new history. With what center should this new history change? It has to be a history that establishes the Culture of Heart centered upon true love. That is why you should now clean up your hearts and try to become the owner of true love and of the Culture of Heart. Amen, no-men? [Amen.] I have come to Korea because such a time has come.

The Unification Church in Korea was sleeping until now. No, not just in Korea but the entire Unification Church was sleeping. They did not know what kind of era this was. That is why even the Second Generation do not know anything about what their given mission is and what God's will is. They do not think that God's will is theirs. You just think that Father's will is his responsibility or Hyun Jin Nim's responsibility? How should you think as members of the extended True Family, who have received the Blessing through the Vertical Axial Line? God and True Parents' dream should become your dream. And you should think that you will practice filial piety toward God by fulfilling that dream.

I am walking this path with that kind of thought. Did I take on this responsibility because I had nothing to do? Because I am stupid? Because I lack skill or experience? The reason I am walking this path is really simple. It is not because I think True Father is a great person or because I think that the Principle is the perfect truth. I am walking this path because I love my grandfather and my father. Who is that grandfather'? [God] Yes, it is God. It is because I love my family. And in the end, I am walking this path for you because you are included in that family. It is that simple. Nobody needs to put a gun to my head. But that does not mean that I need sympathy from anyone. I am walking this path voluntarily as the child of True Family with ownership. Because God's dream is True Parents' dream and that dream is my dream. The effort to become the owner is trying to make that my dream.

I can resign from this position tomorrow right away. Why is that so? It is because I am not doing work for the title of CARP President. But when I look inside the Unification Church, everything has become nonsense. What is the original motivation for going the path of God's will? Is it because you want to receive something in return? Is that how God started the human history? I am astounded. That is why no fortune comes to you no matter how hard you try. That is why the Unification Church is being drained of its energy more and more. No matter how hard you try, you will lose everything -- faith, love, self-identity -- just like the Israelites did if you have that kind of attitude. How can God give blessing on that kind of foundation? That is why I came to Korea like this and I am giving speeches in order to wake you up. Is that good or not? [Yes, it is good.]

You Have to Go through a Difficult Process to Become a Leader

If I were to take charge of the workshop here, I would probably stop giving a speech and take you to the mountain. (Laughter) Our church has been speaking words too much. When going up the mountain, I will scold even an aged man if he complains that it is hard. Going up the mountain is a fight against yourself. It is important for the mind and body to become one, right? The priority is to end the war between mind and body. The mind tries to establish God's will but the body only thinks individually. So how can you make the mind stronger? How can you make the heart broader? There is a reason I send the young kids to the front line to challenge themselves and make them struggle when I train them. It is in order for them to make themselves upright. If you continue to go only the easy way, the body becomes stronger than the mind. You only think more individually.

It is very uncomfortable for me to meet people who live in the city. People in the countryside think differently. Those people have to fish and hunt for themselves when they want to eat meat because they cannot go and buy it from the market. Consequently, they are easily moved even by small happinesses. And farmers and people working in ranches do not mind hard work; because they experience that everyday of their lives. That is why they are strong. But city people complain a lot and only think from their position. How uncomfortable is it to be with that kind of people? How about Unification Church members? You were very curious why True Father likes fishing and constantly goes out to the ocean, right? But honestly, ocean is too easy for me. (Laughter) I go looking for mountains because I want to challenge more.

Think about it. Is the wind strong or weak at the top of a high mountain? [It is strong.] Do you know how strong it is? Is it cold or not? [It is cold.] Is it lonely or not when you are alone up at the top where it is a barren landscape with only rocks and no trees? Do you know how lonely it is? But is this world God's or Satan's? That is why I get a similar feeling of walking the path of God's will when I climb a mountain. Because it is the loneliest and the coldest place where the winds are the strongest. How can you go this path without knowing hardship when that is the way of God's will? That is why I spent two weeks in the mountains in Montana to prepare for this tour before I came here. Can you do that too? Will you run away if you were made to go through such experience and training or not? [No, we will not run away.]

The problem is not your knowing but your heart. Your mind has to be strong. That is how you can become a leader. There are bears and wolves in the mountains, and if you fall, you will die. (Laughter) It is a scary place, scary place. But can you become a leader if you have many fears? You have to be brave. Why is that so? If you become a leader, you will receive opposition as fierce as the wind. If a person who has never experienced hardship receives such opposition, he will be knocked out. Who would want to follow such a leader? That is why I am giving the young people that kind of hard training in order to raise them as leaders.

Kyoung Hyo (Kyoung Hyo Kim, President of W-CARP Korea), where are you? [Yes.] Kyoung Hyo looks strong but he is very weak. (Laughter) He participated in a challenge workshop in Alaska with the leaders. I picked the easiest course because I was worried about the possibility of an accident. But I did not say that that course was the easiest course at the time. There usually is no road when you go up the mountain. You have to make the trail yourself. But that time, I picked a course that already had many good trails. And we did it for only two weeks. You have to do it for a month, no 40 days if you want to do it for real. (Laughter) But Kyoung Hyo thought, "Oh, oh, oh, I am going to die now," when the wind blew strongly on the small anthill-like mountain. (Laughter) And next, when they were coming down the mountain, he thought, "Oh, oh, I am going to die because the slope is so steep." (Laughter) Of course, it is harder to come down a mountain than to climb up. When I was hearing that story, I just listened without saying anything. And I smiled slightly. Who knows, maybe Kyoung Hyo thought, "Hyun Jin Nim must be happy because I overcame such a huge, challenging task and gained victory," when he saw that smile. (Laughter) But to be honest, the reason I smiled that time was I thought, "This kid is too weak." (Laughter) I thought, "He has to become braver to lead the kids as the leader who is responsible for the entire Korea CARP." Kyoung Hyo, I am sorry. (Laughter)

Let's Become the Owners of Cheon Il Guk through Practice of True Love

Do you know how much the parents opposed when I started the STF training program? They all said, "Are you going to train our children the same way we struggled while witnessing and fundraising for 10, 20 years when we were young? No way, we do not want to send our children to that." But the children all wanted to go. Your parents opposed the most when you were trying to follow True Parents, right? But you, Unification Church parents, are opposing your children the same exact way. (Laughter) I am lost for words. It is funny, interesting. If you do not think of it as funny, it is something infuriating. That is why I just say that it is funny. How can history repeat itself in that way? Now, three years since STF started, those parents have become ardent fans of STF. It is because when they look at their children, they have changed a lot. They came to naturally support STF after witnessing the fruits of how much their children have changed. For whom did I establish STF? I created it for the Blessed Central Families. But because you could not believe, I made you believe through the children.

Jesus lamented the same way when you look at the Bible. The Jews ultimately did not believe Jesus despite the miracles he performed. It was the same during the past six years I have been walking the public mission. No one believed what I said at first. If you watch the video of my inauguration as the Vice President of Family Federation six years ago, you can see that I said, "I will educate the Second Generation from now." Did I keep that promise or break it? Why did I establish STF? Why did I establish Service For Peace? Now I have also established Jr. STF; for whom am I doing all these? Unlike you, I act exactly as I believe. That is why I send my own children to Jr. STF. You do not believe even if I do that. I do not want to talk about these things because once I start, there is no end.

How many hours have I talked for? [Almost two hours] Oh, it has already been two hours? It is now 12:15 pm. Are you hungry? There are people who have to go to the bathroom, right? Here is a pregnant mother; you have to go more often when you are pregnant. (Laughter) So we need a break time. (To the pregnant member) Are you Korean? [Yes.] How old are you? [35 years old] 35 years old in Korean age? [Yes.] Is this your first child? [No, it is my fifth child.] Fifth? (Laughter) Wow. (Laughter) And your husband is Japanese? [Yes.] Where is he? Is he in Japan? [Yes.] So you came here alone? [Yes.] We should give rewards when you have a fifth child... (Laughter)

I should end now that I have spoken this much. I spoke too much since I came to Korea. I am usually not the kind of person who speaks a lot... Why are people born? Because of true love. Why did God's will begin? Because of true love. Why did the Restoration through Indemnity begin? Because of true love. What kind of family does God want to live in? He wants to live in a family that is centered on true love. That is why I gave the message, "We have to become owners of the Culture of Heart" for you today. You have to become owners of true love. Amen, no-men? [Amen.]

Among the workshop trainees here, if there are people who came here with self-centered thoughts, change your thoughts now. You have to think that you are participating in this workshop in order to become owners of God's will. Please finish the 40-day workshop with that kind of thought. Do you understand? [Yes.] Can you do that? [Yes.] You will receive much more inspiration when you finish the workshop if you do that. Amen! [Amen!] I will ask you one question before I leave. No, I want you to promise one thing to me. Those of you who want to be the owners of the Culture of Heart through the practice of true love and thereby stand as true citizens of Cheon Il Guk by substantiating your rightful merit in front of Heaven as the inheritors of God's true culture and tradition, raise you hands and say amen. Amen! Amen! Amen! (Applause)  

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