Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Unification Group Leaders Meeting

November 29, 2004

Please sit down. I run a company myself so I thought much about what to speak to you today. Many outside people work in my company as well. They all think that the company will be in big trouble if they do not follow my direction 100 percent. And once they enter my company and have worked under me, they do not want to work anywhere else. It is strange. They all know well centering on who the company runs. Therefore, if I say something once, they follow 100 percent without deviation.

Once people start working in my company, they come to believe that they as individuals grow as well as the company by practicing the Core Values, "Living for the Greater Good," "Ownership," "Teamwork," and "Dream Big." Why do you think that is?

It Is "People" That Make Dreams Come True

Some of you may not know my character very well, but once I decide on a direction, I go that way no matter how much others try to push me to go another way. It may be because I have received so much persecution since I was young, but I do not budge no matter how strong the wind is. Once I firmly believe in something, I push forward without reserve. In one word, I am not an indecisive person. I invest 100 percent, 200 percent when I believe that something is right. In other words, my words and my actions are one. That is why the outside people trust me. I do not tolerate people working underneath me in my company who are not aligned. However, when they have that alignment, I see them displaying enormous creativity. That is how important alignment is.

Why am I starting today's speech with such content? I have worked at a regular company, and I have worked inside the church. The way I see it, the Unification Church does not have a definite vertical alignment. I mean that the words and actions are different. A person like me cannot stand it. I cannot tolerate it. What I expect from people underneath me in my company is total honesty. Therefore, communication is very efficient. There is no interpretation, there is no ambiguity.

Especially based on the Core Values, like to dream big, the goals that I set are constantly very, very big, almost impossible. But how about our leaders? I have met and talked to many of our church leaders, and they all look so tired. When I ask them, "Why do you look so tired?" they answer, "Oh, because True Parents gave us too big of a goal." There is also a talk that our Unification Church should be more realistic, right? And some also say that dreaming big is unrealistic. However, I totally do not understand where it is coming from. I feel really bad when I hear people say, "This goal is impossible. Let's be realistic." Let me tell you why. My perspective is, if you use the word "impossible," it means that you are not creative and innovative enough or you do not have the passion and the drive enough. If some goal was given to those kinds of people, they will think that it is impossible from the start. Can a task that is started with those thoughts be accomplished?

On the other hand, no matter how big of a goal you are given, what would happen if you went on ahead truly believing in it 100 percent? In other words, if you take ownership and make that goal your own and push forward with creativity, innovation, boldness, and leadership as your foundation, the impossible can come true. That is how I have lived, and I absolutely believe that it is true. I hate to use the word "impossible." I do not believe that anything is impossible. No matter how big the goal is, you have to work hard and move forward with more creativity, boldness, and conviction.

How has history advanced until now? Whether this way or that way, it was moved on by people. Then what kind of people moved history? Was it by just normal people? No. It was moved by people who were really brave and had a big dream, conviction, and leadership. You are working in organizations related to our church at the present, right? I am curious about what kind of people you are because it is the people that move an organization. If you really have a big dream, are full of conviction and confidence, have leadership and creativity, and are capable of innovating, then you can develop it further. There is no doubt in my mind.

However, what state is the Unification Church in right now? As I have said many times before, the Unification Church is too institutionalized. A great organization must first start from the people. A great family and a great nation must also start from the people. Therefore, if you want to make a great company, you must start from the people. There are many companies in the world. Why are some companies more successful than others? Is it because their product is good? Or is it because their technology exceeds others? If not, then it is because they have a lot of money? Or is it because of the people?

When I first started UVG (United Vision Group: company run by Hyun Jin Nim), there was nothing. Ultimately, everything developed because of the people, the people. A company is supposed to change according to the changing speed of the market. But who do you think leads that change? Who do you think leads that innovation? Do you think it is because you threw money into it? Or do you think it is because you have a superior product? The life cycle of most products lasts only for three years. That means you have market time only for three years. Why do some companies last for 60, 70, 80 years or even longer 200 years?

Look at the company such as GE (General Electrics). They started out with light bulbs; now they are creating aircraft engines. They started out with appliances, and now they have a GE Capital, a huge investment company recognized worldwide. In other words, it was the leadership that brought innovation, creativity, drive, energy, and the culture that drives people to bring about that kind of value creation. People are important.

It is not easy to speak here because there are many people from companies and from nonprofit organizations. If I only talk about companies, those from nonprofit organizations may want me to talk from their standpoint. However, in truth, profit organizations and nonprofit organizations are all similar. Ultimately, it is a matter of people. Father also tried to teach you many times that people are really crucial in achieving God's will. This principle applies to churches, schools, nonprofit organizations, and anywhere else you work. People are important.

Core Values-Centered Company

As UVG continued to grow, we needed more people, and it could not be run only by church members. It was because there are not that many people in the church and not that many experts. That is why we had to bring outside people. Back then, the biggest worry of the UVG leaders was, "How will the outside people accept our culture, especially the contents taught by True Parents?" That is why I started to make Core Values. However, it was true that the leaders of the company were afraid and thought, "The Core Values contain the basic principles taught by True Parents; can the outside people accept it well? Will it reveal that the UVG belongs to the Unification Church?" I told them not to fear. I explained to them that because that principle is a universal principle, any human being can agree with the content whether a church member or not.

And I made it clear that they cannot work in our company if they did not accept the Core Values. That is how we fired about 33 percent of the people from the UVG headquarters this year, and 95 percent of them were our members. We tested them with the Core Values and fired those who did not agree with it. It was because in order to be leaders, they had to make the Core Values their own. Only then can they hand down the culture that embodies the Core Values to the new people in the company. However, those members could not do that. That is why I fired them. It was very hard for me internally this year. However, I did not have a choice.

It is very interesting how the outside people really like the Core Values that I established. This is something that even the members working in UVG did not predict. Outside people working in other companies also wish to work in our company regardless of pay because of the Core Values. I appointed an outside person as the head of the HRM (Human Resource Management). She has worked in the field of HRM for 20 years and has been running her own company for ten years. Now she is working in our company with ownership because she likes the Core Values so much. Moreover, she has even made a screening system based on the Core Values to review whether a new employee is right for our company or not. She has said that our company is the best company that she has ever worked for.

I was doing performance evaluation reviews of all the management teams within UVG, and based upon that evaluation I was creating training seminars to improve their clear development. So this woman, this consultant, she took the test result and brought to her mentor who created HRM policies for the largest companies in the world. This person reading the test said he never saw a team with much potential. He was so impressed that he wanted to work for free to develop a training program for our management team because he saw so much potential. The only condition is that he uses that result as key study for his studies. Why am I talking about this to you?

We Should Establish the Tradition of True Love and the Culture of Heart

I came to Korea to establish the Culture of Heart. We use the word "culture" in the Unification Church frequently, but the culture I am referring to is not the culture of just singing and dancing. Culture should move a person's internal component of humanity. (To one man) How old are you? [I am 32 years old.] 32 years old? You look young. Where do you work? [I work at the Sung Hwa Publishers.] Oh, really? Is that where you work? I forgot what I was going to say because you look so young. (Laughter) I am just joking. You are Korean, right? You were born in Korea, speak Korean, and are habituated to Korean culture, right? How can you classify this person as Korean, this person as Japanese, and that person as American? It is because of culture, right? You became Koreans centering on the Korean culture, do you not? Why do you not answer?

(To another man) Are you Japanese? [Yes, I am Japanese.] You are Japanese but you look like a Korean. How can you tell whether this person is Japanese or not? Because Japanese culture has been molding the "you" here today, you speak, sit, and do not answer like a Japanese person. (Laughter) Is that right?

The "culture" I am talking about is not the culture of just singing and dancing. It is all those things that mold who you are. To once again to reiterate it, we know somebody is an American, we know somebody is a Korean, we know somebody is a Japanese, we know somebody is a European because they have instilled in themselves cultural, traditional patterns of those nations. Do you think it is right or wrong? Tell me. I do not know. [Yes, it is right.]

For example, when Korean people see Americans walking around their house with their shoes on, Koreans will think that Americans are very weird. That is due to cultural differences. However, in historical perspective, is this culture a true culture or a false culture? All cultures, including that of Korea, are all false cultures from my perspective. Then what is true culture? Which culture is true culture? I came to Korea to tell you about that true culture.

What did God want to establish in the very beginning? From the Principle perspective, why did God create Adam and Eve? It was because of love, right? You need an object partner in order to love. You cannot do it alone. Ultimately, God also wanted an object partner of love. Then what did God want to establish through the son and daughter created as His love partners? He wanted to establish "true, ideal family," as you all probably know from hearing Father's words. Why is that? It was to establish true love, true life, and true lineage. True lineage especially was important. Lineage goes down from the top, and three generations are especially important. If you look at the Genesis, it only talks of two generations about Adam's family. But with God included, it becomes three generations. According to the Principle, this foundation is the "Four Position Foundation."

Why do I talk so much about culture these days? What is family? What kind of school is a family? What kind of school is a true family especially? True Father has said that true family is the school of true love. You see people saying to their closest friends, "You are like my brother," or you see grandfathers saying to young kids, "You are like my grandchild," even though their blood lineage is not connected. It means that you use terminologies related to family when referring to a very close relationship. As True Parents have said, the Four Great Realms of Heart and the Three Great Kingships contain all human relationships. Therefore, men are all sons, brothers, husbands, and fathers. All terminologies expressing relationships are derived from family. Three generations represent past, present, and future. In other words, it represents the whole continuum of time. That is why you say that family is a microcosm.

What is the thread that holds that fabric together? It is true love, love that lives for the sake of others. If true family had been established centered on Adam and Eve, then our culture would have been the culture of true love. Culture of Heart would have been created. The tradition of heart would have been established. However, what happened in the end? Centering on what kind of love was the family established after the Fall with Satan? False love. What kind of love is false love? It is self-centered love. The reason why families, companies, nations, and the world all break apart is because of the false love that is self-centered.

Think about it. Why do people take drugs? They start drugs thinking, "I am the most pitiful person in the world, and I am doing drugs to make me feel good." It is out of self-pity. How are families broken apart? What would happen if the wife says to her husband, "Hey, why don't you love me more?" and thinks only of herself? Many families in this world are breaking apart because of that reason.

How about in the case of a nation? I went to Africa, and I could not understand why people in Africa are starving and so poor. In terms of natural resources, that is the richest continent. The reason why it is the poorest continent is because everybody is out for themselves. I was surprised when I visited Africa this time. Top leaders of Africa do not know how long they can hold their offices of president or prime minister, so they try to take as much of it as they can for themselves before they might be fired. With those kinds of people leading the nation, it is inevitable that she goes to ruin.

You might think of America as a bad nation. It is true. You cannot say that the present America is a good nation. However, God believed in and helped America, the Christian country. A unique part of American history is that the Founding Fathers established the nation under their own principles and tried to keep those principles even by sacrificing themselves. Moreover, historically there were even presidents who resigned voluntarily, judging that serving presidency again would not be good for America. America has that kind of a tradition. The idea of what is the best for my country is firmly embedded in that nation of America. In other words, America had a culture of thinking not of what is good for "me" but of what is good for my "country." It was because people thought that way and the leaders thought that way that the country could become great.

You have to start with culture first. That is why people are important. People must fulfill God's will. Who does God center His work on since He has no physical body? The people. Who are especially important among people? It is the leaders. Leaders are the ones with things like power, authority, and money. Therefore, leaders have to become the champions of the Culture of Heart and be in charge of the Culture of Heart before anybody else. If you do not do that, you cannot become leaders. That is why I fired those who did not agree with the Core Values in my company. There were even some people who I had known for over ten years. However, I fired them because they were leaders.

We Should Live for the Greater Good than Ourselves

You did not know why I am standing in front of you like this with a public mission, right? Why do you think I am doing this? Is it because I am not smart? Is it because I do not have any abilities? To tell the truth, everything I do works out well. It might sound arrogant, but it is true. Do I lack speaking skills, leadership, conviction, or passion? Was I bad at studying? I have everything; why am I going through this hardship?

There was nothing there when I first took on the responsibility of CARP. There was nothing. CARP had not been witnessing properly for ten years. I have worked for four years now, and three of those four years was time of correcting the damage. Momentum was created just this year. Foundations of the Unification Church have many problems, and they have to be solved first especially in order to go this public course. It is very complicated. Knowing God's will, I know well what needs to be solved first. In the end, people are what matters, the people. That is why I came to Korea to teach how to change people.

We have to create the Culture of Heart. It is important to live for the sake of others. If you cannot do that, nothing will work out. If everybody goes beyond the individual level and lives for the greater good, then we can save families, companies, nonprofit organizations, and even nations. Ultimately, we can pass over the world and liberate God. Therefore, we have to start from people first.

To explain it simply according to the Principle, God wanted to create a true, ideal family first and foremost. Then He wanted to establish true love, true life, and true lineage within that family, and make new history. He wanted to create true history. Centering on true love, He wanted to establish a culture and tradition of true love. However, it all fell apart because of Satan. Satan made false charges to establish false love, false life, false lineage, and false history. That history is a history with a false tradition.

What is false love? It is love only on the individual level. Within the family of Adam and Eve, one son killed the other. How can he kill his brother if he lived for the sake of others? How can he do that when they have the same blood lineage and flesh? However, because of self-centered love, he could hate enough to kill despite the fact that they received the same blood lineage from their parents. The history of humanity started there, did it not? Therefore, on the level of Adam and Eve, they were totally disunited with God, and based on self-centered love, they planted the seed of false love of self-centered love in their family. And the fruits of that seed which were their sons, Cain and Abel, ended up with one son killing the other. So it is said that what you sow you shall reap.

You have heard a lot about scandals related to big companies in America, right? Do you think the president of that company did it for the sake of his company or did he do that for his own sake? Can he do that if he was thinking of a greater good than himself? There are many scandals in politics and economy of Korea. What causes all of them? It is because they only think about themselves. Can someone who lives for the sake of others do that?

It is the same. When our leaders fight against each other, who are they fighting for? Are they fighting for themselves or for a greater good? If they fight for themselves, their company or organization is bound to perish. However, if they have the motive of living for the greater good, then they will not perish. Therefore, people are what matters in the end. They can go this way or that way. That is why I think motive is important. It is also the reason I keep using the word "culture."

I am teaching the young people to establish a new paradigm for leadership in the Unification Church. I am already doing it inside my own companies, I am already doing it inside CARP, and I am already doing it in all the organizations that I am affiliated with. If you do not pass the Core Values test, you are not the leader underneath me. I also have the same belief in the Core Values as I work. That is why people believe in me as the absolute center. I have to be an example myself first.

Why do you look scared? (Laughter) You did not know I was this kind of a person, did you? What kind of people are you? You yourselves know well. We will not be facing each other directly right now, so you still have time to think deeply about it and pray. However, if you have not become the owners of the Culture of Heart when our paths meet directly, you will not be leaders in my eyes. No matter how high of a position you are in, I will not acknowledge you. It is because a leader is not someone who just performs his responsibilities. A leader is in that position as a representative of God, True Parents, and True Family, and therefore, has to set up that culture and tradition better than anybody else. If not, how can you become a leader in front of others? A leader does not lead others by words but by showing an example. Amen, no-men? [Amen.]

An individual is not more important than the whole purpose. How can one stand as a leader if one cannot sacrifice for a greater purpose? An individual cannot be the priority in walking the public course. When does a public mission begin? Is it when you become the minister of a region? Or is it when you acquire the position of a leader? No. It is when you think, on your own, "I want to live for the greater good. I want to live not for my individual purpose but for God's will."

What was God's will? As I have explained to you, it was to establish true, ideal family. Why is that? It is because when true love, true life, and true lineage are established, God and humanity can become one. Then what kind of a culture does that family center on to move historically? It is the culture that is centered on true love; that is the Culture of Heart that lives for the sake of others. Therefore, if you want to stand as a leader in front of God, and become someone God can trust and someone who completes God's works at the same time, you must become the owner of true love. You have to live for the sake of others. Living for the sake of others does not only mean knowing with the head. You have to strive to become the owner. Amen, no-men? [Amen.]

You did not know that I was going to give such a talk to a group of people from the company and nonprofit organizations, did you? It first starts from "people." It is the same whether it is in a church or in a company; both are moved by people. That is why alignment has to be important. If you listen to the people underneath me talk, they use the word "alignment" a lot. Everybody has the right of choice. Alignment is not formed by someone pointing a gun to your head and saying, "Follow my words," but you have to choose to go that way yourself. That is how you can become true owners.

Generally, companies have big visions, right? If all people in that company believe in that vision and form an alignment, then that company becomes a great company. It is the same. When God created human beings, He had the great vision of creating true, ideal family. He had the big dream of establishing the culture and tradition of true love. We have become one centering on that dream. We have to become aligned with that dream as an individual and as a family. Similarly, if you are a leader of a company or an organization founded by True Parents, you have to move that company or organization centering on the culture of true love. That is why I established the Core Values.

The Importance of Experience-Based Education

(To one leader) Have you thought about it in that way? What responsibility do you have now? [I am the principal of a high school.] Ah, high school teacher. Then have you thought about it that way when you were teaching the young kids? Let me ask you a question since you teach high school students. How do you really know knowledge? How do you really take the ownership of knowledge? Is it by realizing through the head? Is it? I disagree with you. You know it through experience, through what you see and experience. Isn't that why even in science a theory does not become a reality until you have to find an example in the physical universe? There is this relationship between experiential knowledge and cognitive knowledge.

Cognitive knowledge is abstraction; it is not real. What is real is based on experience. The definition of science is the way that you know a theory is real is if you see, experience in physical universe. Let me ask you another question. How do you know that love exists? Can you know love when you realize it in your mind or when you experience it?

Let me take a test. Let me bring two women out here. I give one woman whole bunch of books written by the smartest minds in the world of motherhood and say, "I want you to write a Ph.D. thesis about motherhood for me." And then I take another woman who has twelve children, give her pieces of paper and say, "I want you to write a Ph.D. thesis about what motherhood means." Who do you think is going to have true understanding of what motherhood is? The only way that we understand parental heart is we have our children ourselves. That is why Father said even in Hoon Dok Hae that if we do not have children, we can never go to the Kingdom of Heaven because we will not understand God's heart.

I think I went off topic a little, but I am talking about it since he is a principal and teacher of a high school. What is the fundamental problem of our education system? The fundamental reason why we were not able to educate our Second Generation kids well was because we only focused on educating the head, not the heart. How do you think the heart is cultivated? Through what? Experience-based education.

After I became the Vice President of FFWPU in 1998 and took on the responsibility of educating the Second Generation, I established an educational epistemology. You need a philosophy first in order to perform the responsibility of education properly. You need a philosophy of learning and a philosophy of knowledge. How one learns is epistemology. In education, there are experience-based education and cognitive-based education, and between them, experience-based education is the center. That is why CARP educates the Second Generation mainly through activity. I graduated from Harvard MBA, which is harder to get in than Harvard Law School. The number of applicants enormous, but the acceptance rate is very low. However, even among the class that I graduated in 1998, 80 to 90 percent of them were not going to be great CEOs. They would probably work in the middle level of organizations or maybe run small organizations. Only a small percentage of that group was actually going to do great, big things. Do you know why? It is not because of what you know.

When I talked yesterday about a person, I likened a person to an iceberg. You only see so little but you have so much underneath. If you think about fundamental things such as leadership, creativity, innovation, character, integrity, all these things are not learned in school, but are learned and cultivated in life based upon the principles of culture in which we are raised. Do you think it is right or wrong? [Yes, it is right.] I believe it 100 percent. Do you want to raise your children as leaders or as followers? If you want to raise them as leaders, they have to receive a lot of education. Therefore, the best companies estimate that it takes about twelve years to raise a person through the training course after school. You cannot make a person overnight. You have to continue to educate them. How do you establish the Culture of Heart? How do you become the owners? You have to keep on training. You need experience-based education. You have not thought about that, have you? I know well what is right. That is why everything goes well.

I Point out Mistakes Because of Love

Why do people follow me? Is it because the son of True Parents tells them to follow? Did I put a gun to their heads and threaten them to follow me? Or do they follow me because they are afraid I will fire them from their positions? I tell them the principle that I believe is right and tell them to follow me if they believe it, or do whatever they want if they do not believe it since then they have no relation to me. However, I know this: because history is with me, those who are going the other way will come back in the end. There were many cases like that.

Where are all the Second Generation kids that were close to me when I was little? They come looking for me sometimes. It is very strange. Our paths separated because we all had our own thoughts, but they return to me when their plans do not work out very well. There were many Second Generation kids who did not want to carry a heavy burden and wanted to live quietly in the outside world, just making some money, right? However, it is not so easy once they leave. They follow this side again because they cannot do anything out there. If you left with such confidence, as a man, shouldn't you accomplish something before coming back?

(Walking toward young people) Are you a Second Generation here? [Yes.] When you were looking at me, did you think, "Hyun Jin Nim probably received a lot of help from True Father because he is True Father's son"? Then ask Father how much he has helped me. A proper person should move on his or her own. How can you become a leader without doing so? Do you think the path of becoming a leader is that easy? You do not know how strong the wind is. And when you are moving on forward, can you say to your followers no matter how difficult it is, "Hey, it is too hard. Give me some strength"? If you do that, the people following you will lose their energy and that organization will perish in the end. That is why you have to have confidence and be strong.

Have you thought of it that way? Are you all Second Generation? Can I trust our Second Generation? I have not seen many Second Generation kids I could trust. The reason why I cannot talk warmly to our Second Generation is you are too big headed and your hearts are too small. You are too weak. You Second Generation want to run away when it gets too tough, right? Do you or not? [No.] (Laughter) You can become a great person if you move on with that conviction. Keep that thought and move on. I want to help those kinds of people. It is better for you as you pass more difficult paths because you become stronger and your conviction becomes stronger. And you will have more confidence.

What do you think? Do you want me to say some warm words or should I be scarier? (Laughter) Rev. Kwak (President Chung Hwan Kwak) knows how I am. Before I came here, it seemed like he wanted me to speak a little gentler since people from the company and nonprofit organizations are gathered. But how can a person's character change all of sudden? (Laughter)

I have been scorned as I was growing up, and I have been pushed by other people many times. So I can fight well. When I was little, there were not many Asians in America. American kids made fun of Asian kids, pushed them around, and treated them without respect. Generally, Asian kids just run away when American kids push them. However, when someone pushed me, I pushed back even harder. It was because I thought that even though the pain from that punch will go away after a while, if I did not correct the person, he will live that way for the rest of his life. That is why I did not like bullies. What kind of people would they become later in life? They act like kings in high school but become gangsters after graduating. And gangsters always go after the weak ones. They make fun of and push on the weaker people. You have to make them stop when they do this (motioning to push) the first time to make them come to their senses.

What is most fair and just for the people? What does it mean to really love someone? It is to have concern and interest, right? If you have no concern, no matter how badly you think of a person, you could just think, "Just do whatever you want." However, with love, you would have concern, and you would want to correct that person if he made a mistake. Even when you are keeping the words inside you, it will automatically come out without you knowing when you have such a heart. Therefore, we have this thing called positive feedback in our company. You do not just say good things but see that person honestly according to the standard. It is for that person. It is the same with parents, right? Do parents just leave their sons and daughters to make mistakes or scold them? You tell them because you love them. It is the good teacher who takes concern and tries to correct the students' mistakes.

Let's Become the True Leaders Who Become the Owners of the Culture of Heart in the Era of Cheon Il Guk

What is the content of this tour? It is to become the owner of the Culture of Heart. To me, the Culture of Heart is not a concept but a reality. When someone substantiates the Culture of Heart and takes the position of a leader, then he becomes a true leader. God can open all paths through that kind of a true leader. I believe in it. That is why everything I do grows, from CARP, Service For Peace, STF, and Second Generation education inside the church to UVG on the company side. Amazingly, this principle is the universal principle. Therefore, if you are in the position of a leader in the Unification Church, you have to make the Culture of Heart yours. You have to become the owners. Amen, no-men? [Amen.]

Can you do that? Why don't your answers have any strength? Is it because you are thinking deeply about what I am saying or is it because you want this meeting to end soon? (Laughter) People move history -- it is the people. If people go the right way, then history will go the right way as well. That is how important people are.

The content of all the speeches I have given during this tour until now are all a little different according to the character of each rally or meeting. So I gave a direction to put them together into a book. Today's speech is especially for leaders. This speech is not just for you to pass on to the members for spiritual revival. This is a serious message. There are no ifs and buts about how the leaders of the Unification Church should be.

Like I said when I started today, in UVG everybody knows where the absolute axis or center lies. I am not saying that because I think I should be the absolute center of the Unification Church. No. I am saying that the absolute center of the Unification Church is God, True Parents, and True Family. You are member of God's extended True Family and thereby you have to be the owners of true love through the creation of the Culture of Heart. If you cannot become such an owner, how can you work as representatives of God, True Parents, and True Family? It is that simple. Amen, no-men? [Amen.]

Would it be good if I set up the Core Values inside the Unification Church to test and clean up just like I did in UVG or not? What do you think? (To one leader) What do you think? [It would be good.] It is very difficult to change culture. It will take years and years. Do you want to be the agency to make that happen? [Yes.] How serious was your answer? If you have to make a decision that I had to make in UVG, could you make that kind of decision? [Yes.] Are you just answering or are you being sincere? We will have to see.

Alignment is important. Alignment is important. If you believe in God and God's will, history will move, but if you are not one with God's will, you cannot receive any blessings no matter how hard you try. That is why I think alignment is most important. You must not become a hypocrite in front of God, True Parents, and True Family. A person should be one in his words and actions. If your words and actions are not one, you are not a trustworthy person. People cannot trust you. Without trust, how can people follow you? How can God, True Parents, and True Family believe in you without trust? Raise your hands if you can make the determination that "I lead this company, this nonprofit organization, this church in order to establish God's will" and to determine to become the owner of true love to form the alignment. Okay, put your hands down.

If things do not work out no matter how much of an effort you make and therefore you have to resign, are you going to feel bad, criticize, and complain? Or will you give up that position happily thinking it is a good thing that someone better than you can become an owner and work harder for our organization? Can you do that? Why is this professor the only one answering "yes"? What are your answers? [Yes.]

I have studied much about history on my own. I have studied the history of many nations; especially prospering nations, there were leaders who resigned voluntarily for the nation when someone better than them came forth. But when will we be able to find such a leader in front of God? Were there ever people who were willing to resign happily for someone better than them for the sake of God's will, for True Parents' honor, and to gain True Family's trust? Such a person would not just receive God's grace but would be able to create the culture of true love. How moved would the people under that leader be? They would think, "That person is a true leader. When I am in that position, I am going to set such a standard." If history were to flow like this, then that company, nonprofit organization, church, or nation would all become great. Amen, no-men? [Amen!]

John F. Kennedy is the most famous president in American history and the most popular president among young people. In his inaugural speech, he said, "Ask not what your country can do for you but what you can do for your country." All people were moved by these words. Then how much greater would a person who, in front of God, does not think or work for himself but marches forward bravely full of conviction to expand God's will, and resigns his position to a better person if it still does not work out? Amen, no-men? [Amen.] If we can create such a Culture of Heart in our Unification Church, do you think the Unification Church will prosper or perish? [It will prosper.] It will prosper. I believe in this 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, or 1,000 percent. Amen? [Amen!]

Since I have talked this much, can I end now? Let me ask one last question before I end. True Parents have cleaned out everything in order to bring on this new age. Was the history of Restoration through Indemnity something God wanted? Do you think it is a history that God liked? What God dislikes the most is the history of Restoration through Indemnity. Why is that? History of Restoration through Indemnity was something God had to start because His beloved son and daughter did not believe in Him and created a family centered on Satan. Did God even think about such a history when creating His son and daughter?

No. He could never even think of such a thing. God did not want this kind of history.

I went to UTS and studied much of theology. UTS teaches about the history of Christianity and Catholicism, but in view of the Principle, these are actually histories of the Fall. However, what kind of an era is it now? It is the age of Cheon II Guk. We have to create a new history now. Therefore, we have to establish the history that God originally wanted to establish. What kind of a history is that? It is the history of creating true, ideal family and opening the Culture of Heart and the culture of true love through that family. That is why the Unification Church leaders especially have to become owners of the Culture of Heart before the members. If not, no matter how important your position is, you cannot stand as a true leader in front of God, True Parents, and True Family. Amen, no-men? [Amen.]

Let me ask one more question before I leave. Those of you who pledge to become true leaders in front of God, True Parents, and True Family and in front of the rest of the Unification Church, pledge to substantiate within yourselves individually and your families the culture of true love through ownership over the Culture of Heart; those of you who are willing to do that, stand up, raise your hands and say amen. [Amen!] There is hope in our church. Okay, I will end here. 

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