Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Chungbuk National University - CARP Center Visit

November 27, 2004

(Japanese wives come up to the stage for a celebratory performance.)

I know well how much the Japanese wives are investing in order to realize the will of God, True Parents, and True Family. This nation can change if the Korean wives collect their minds and follow you (Japanese wives). You are working hard right now, but if I tell you to work 200 percent harder, can you do it? Why is there no answer? [Yes, we will do it.] If you could do that, the Korean mothers will not just sit still. They will not just remain asleep. They will come to think, "We have to work that much for God's will, too. And we should educate our children more so they can walk the public course." Then we can move this nation. Amen, no-men? [Amen.] Can I make special use of you (Japanese wives) like that? [Yes.] For this nation? [Yes.]

You have to become the owners. There are many cases where Japanese people work because of a sense of duty, right? However, you have to help God because you want to and because you want to realize God's will. Other members' hearts will be moved as well when they see you do that. Therefore, people who work for the Culture of Heart movement can move other people, can move the nation, and can move the world. The Japanese wives, can you do that? [Yes.]

Now you have promised me. We have to work hard to establish Cheon II Guk and to find a nation. If we continue to work hard like this, we can start a momentum and wake up the sleeping Unification Church. And we can develop this nation. Do you believe that? [Yes.] Now let's listen to the song. (Japanese wives sing.) Wow, were you in a choir in Japan? [We were also invited to perform at the Pottery Expo in Korea.] Tiny women have loud voices. (Laughter)

The Power of True Love

Should I give a talk again? [We came from far way. We came from the countryside of Chuncheon in Gangwon Province.] What should I talk about? (Someone sits on the piano and makes a sound by mistake.) (Laughter) You do not play the piano with your behind. (Laughter) Meeting young people works as a stimulus for me even though I am very tired. (To the students who came from far away) Where did you come from? You said you came from afar; where did you come from? [I came from Chuncheon in Gangwon Province.] Where is that? [It is farthest north in South Korea.] Did you participate in the rally in Sun Moon University? [Yes.] You participated in the rally and you came here to listen to the speech again? If you were at the rally in Sun Moon University, raise your hands. (All raise their hands.) (Laughter) And you want to listen to the speech again? [Yes.] Oh, I am lost for words. (Laughter) Seeing how you want to listen to the words again and again, I guess I have brainwashed you well. (Laughter)

I remember what I hear once, so I do not like to listen to the same words again. Therefore, you are better people than I. (Laughter) Father would especially like it when he meets you. I have a father who is the best speaker in the world. I have a father who speaks for the longest time, but strangely, I do not like to speak for that long even though I am his son. How did that happen? Perhaps I resemble Mother. (Laughter) However, I have no choice but to speak a lot like this now that I am responsible for CARP.

Looking at young people gathered here together reminds me of little baby birds. You know how they go tweet, tweet when the mother bird comes to give food? That is how your faces are right now. (Laughter) You are moving my heart right now with that kind of faces. You have that power. Wow! What did I teach you? I have said that if you are moved, you can learn from that inspiration and learn from that experience. Looking at your faces here in this city today, I learned how much power is held in those faces looking at me like baby birds. I learned this one thing today. This is how people are: if you feel love, no matter how tired you are, no matter how much work you do, it can make you happy.

We Have Hope

When I look at the Unification Church, frankly, it is sleeping. It is sleeping at the most crucial time. Our members are sleeping and our Second Generation are sleeping. The special time has come to liberate God's will, but the people who need to believe in and work for God's will are all sleeping. That is why I came to Korea, and I will be going to Japan after my tour in Korea. That is why I am doing this tour.

I believe 100 percent. I believe that true love can move people, move the nation, and move the world. However, if all Unification Church members, and not just one person, believe in it and take on the role as the owner and move forward, we can save this nation more easily. When Father gave us the plan to find the nation of Cheon Il Guk by the year 2012, all the other leaders were thinking in the inside that we could not do it. However, I thought, "Why can't we?"

I know well through experience. Limitation is set by you. If you believe you have infinite potential, then you can do anything. When you have infinite potential, you will be able to do anything. It starts from there. So when you set a big dream or a big goal, if you think that you cannot achieve that goal from the start, it already is unachievable. You should not just say that you can do it but should think in your hearts and minds that you can do it and become the owner. Then even if it is an impossible goal, it will become possible. Think about it. There were many cases in history in which this was true. People are the problem, the people. God completes His will through people. That is why faith is important. And it is not only faith that is important; you should be able to stimulate yourself and act through that faith. Then history will happen. Do you think it is true or not? [Yes, it is true.]

Think about it. When I think about the history of CARP... I visited the STF headquarters in Cheonan before I came here. I was very impressed to see the STF kids working. True Parents called some of the best American Second Generation kids to Alaska about six, no five years ago back in 1999. (To Young Jun Kim, Vice President of W-CARP) It was not just American kids, right? [No.] True Parents gave directions to bring the best Second Generation kids from Japan, Korea, and America to Alaska and hold a workshop. About 20 of them had gathered. Looking at them, I felt, "If they are the best Second Generation kids, we are in trouble." That was when I had not taken on the responsibility of CARP yet. But after that workshop ended, the CARP leaders invited me to W-CARP headquarters. They probably invited me so that they could receive something from me. However, I went there so that I could scold them. I wanted to scold them and say, "What is this? How can you teach like this?" So when I met the leaders of CARP, I told them that we have to send the kids out to the front line and challenge them to educate them. I told them that people can grow through challenges. I had already talked all about the W-CARP, STF, and Service For Peace movements back then.

However, they said to me, "We cannot do that." They told me that kids today do not believe in God, that they do not want to suffer, and that they will not even last two weeks of that kind of a training. That is what the leaders continued to say. It was in that kind of a situation that I started CARP and STF. So watching those STF kids today, I thought, "Things have changed from what people thought just five years ago." That is why I was impressed. This is what those kids have done. It shows how the Unification Church has turned around 180 degrees. That is what impressed me.

Think about it. If you were at the rally in Sun Moon University this morning, you would think the same way. If you become the owners of the Culture of Heart with confidence and conviction, and if you truly go this path not because someone told you to but because you want to, then we can change all previously held thoughts. Then on that foundation, God can make a new base through you and can fulfill His will. That is why I thought, "How happy would God be looking at this foundation?" That is how I felt.

I told those kids already, but Father would probably be very happy to see our members in STF, the faces of our Second Generation kids and CARP members, and your convictions. It is because if young people are educated for the fulfillment of God's will and they have self-convictions to become the owners of God's will, then it can be accomplished. It is because God works through people.

I thought we were in trouble when I saw the Second Generation kids five years ago, but looking at them today and looking at you, I think we have hope. You have that hope. People did not believe that in the past, right? They did not know that.

Now Is the Time for Change

I gave a talk to the First Generation today, and I was going to talk for a long time. However, I was somewhat surprised by how fast they changed. It was because they were surprised by you. They were surprised, thinking, "How can our Second Generation kids change like that?" I can feel things fast when I see people. I wanted to talk for a long time-no, it was not that I wanted to. (Laughter) I was thinking that I should give a long special talk to change the First Generation, but their minds changed completely with little time.

There was something very strange. I talked to an old woman during the rally today. Before I came down to give a speech, I had told Kyoung Hyo (Kyoung Hyo Kim, President of W-CARP Korea) and the CARP leaders, "We have to witness in Sun Moon University with more effort." It is because we have established the momentum now. Sun Moon University welcomed 48 new members this year. But I think that is nothing. I think we should work harder. So I said that we should make about 30 to 50 percent of the Sun Moon University students into CARP members.

Then a very interesting thing happened. That old woman was sitting there, but she did not answer when I asked a question at first. Then she quietly said something to me. I could not hear what she said at first, but she had said that she had two children and asked me, "Please give the Blessing to my children. Please give the Blessing to them quickly." (Laughter) Then I told her that I have to educate them before they receive the Blessing, and she said, "Please educate them, please educate them." So I gave directions to Kyoung Hyo and said, "Kyoung Hyo, stand up. Find out where her children are and educate them." Then I said, "This is very strange. I said that we need to witness to more people here, and the spirit world has brought this grandmother to send her two children to us." The times have changed now. So I felt very good today. Amen, no-men? [Amen.]

Before I started the tour, I had thought, "I am going to fight strongly in Korea." But having done Busan, Gwangju, and Cheonan, people are waking up much more easily than I thought. People are receiving my words. The time has come. Therefore, you should, especially at this time, go out with confidence and conviction, and you have to wake up. Then God will work behind you, and the will of God can be done through you. That is what you should do. With what? With true love. You have to become the owners of true love. Is that right? That is how you should live. That is why I am giving a speech on the topic of becoming owners of true love. That is the content, right? Can you do it? [Yes.] Then we have great hope in the Unification Church.

We Should Educate the Second Generation to Live for God's Will

Especially Family Federation... We have too many names. I cannot remember all of them. (Laughter) But do not think that Family Federation is different from CARP. They have to unite. Do you know how they should become one? The message I am delivering during this tour is not for educating young people. Before starting this tour, I said to Jin Man (Jin Man Kwak, Executive Vice President of W-CARP), "I am not speaking as the President of CARP during this tour. I am speaking in the position of a true elder brother in front of the whole Unification Church and all the Blessed Families. And the topic of the content will be `Owner of true love,' 'How to become the owner of true love?' and 'We have to become the owners of the Culture of Heart.'" So my speech during this tour is not just for you. These words are for the entire Unification Church, especially for the Blessed Families.

When I took on the responsibility to educate young people at first, I had thought that in order to educate young people, I need to educate their parents first; after educating the parents, I need to run the education system in full-scale. This speaking tour is to educate the parents.

Every time I go to Sun Moon University, Father tells me, "You have to have more interest and concern for Sun Moon University," but I always felt that Sun Moon University had nothing to do with me. It was because people in Sun Moon University thought of it an institution that did not study about or have interest in the content that I am teaching now. Of course, they do now. (Laughter) However, I did not have any before and felt it had no relation to me. However, when I visited Sun Moon University this time, I gave many directions for proper education, especially since many Second Generation kids attend that school. Now they will put it into practice. Especially on Cheonan campus, there are about 300 Second Generation kids. Why did these kids particularly go to Sun Moon University? Father said they should, right? But education is not just done in the head. The way I see it, you have to educate the heart first in order to educate the young people properly. Then you can educate the head. If you do it the opposite order, that young person will have a big head and a small heart, and he will flow away to the outside world.

That is what happened to many Second Generation kids, especially your elders, right? Ask them. It is probably true with most of them. Their first motive was "me." They did not have a public mindset. However, if you want to become a church leader and if you want to walk the public path, the most important and foremost thing is to live for the sake of others. You should think that there is a greater will than yourself and that you are working for that will. You are not working for yourself. You should work on a public mission when you can have that mind. Do you understand? [Yes.]

But what about our Second Generation? Think about it. I am 36 years old in Korean age; those around my age did not want to do public missions, right? This is the responsibility of the parent and the church. However, the parents have the biggest responsibility. The parents are teaching wrong. Jin Soo (Jin Soo Kim, Director of W-CARP), how many Second Generation kids are my age? [350] What percent of them are doing public work? [20 are doing ministerial work.] Only 20 out of 350? [It is including women.] Including women? [Second Generation kids around Hyun Jin Nim's age are doing public missions the most.] That is the most people? That is shocking.

Korean mothers, Korean mothers have done a good job with education. (Laughter) That is why I agree with Father and think that women are the problem. Korean mothers have too many desires. Is it a desire for God's sake or for you as an individual, for your family, and for your children? That is the problem. Women have a bit more desires than men do. And women have interest in things you can see and touch, right? You like pretty things, right? (Pretending to put on make-up) You do this and look at the mirror; you like these things, right? I do not know. (Laughter) How do I know when I am not a woman? But think about it. Who sits in front of the mirror longer in the morning? Women or men? [Women] Women? Really? I do not know. But you are probably right. It is women. It is so simple for men. We wake up and if our hair is like this, we can just do it like this (pretending to roughly tidy up the hair with his hands) with water. Women go like this and like that (pretending to straighten out the hair and putting on make-up), right? How inconvenient is that? Women have much interest in what they see. It is because women are the object partner. That is how God created them.

Women, especially Korean mothers, think that if their friend's children do this, their children must do it, too, right? Since you cannot lose and since you should not lose. (Laughter) Let me ask the mothers of Blessed Families. I want to ask them, "Why did you educate them so wrong?" But the strange thing is that all those children graduated from good schools; because the mothers were more interested in that direction. They were more interested in making their children into people who are recognized by the society with good academic backgrounds and positions rather than making them into a true person. That is why the kids turned out that way. How can God believe in those kids?

It Is Important to Become One with the Vertical Axial Line as a Member of the Extended True Family

I have told you before that God had prepared the Jewish people for 4,000 years at the time of Jesus. There was the Ten Commandments of Moses, right? The Jewish people ardently practiced the Ten Commandments. Therefore, in the secular perspective, especially by the standards of the God that they knew, they were very pure people. However, they did not receive Jesus. Jesus had also said, "Believe in me if you want to enter heaven. Believe in me if you want to be close to God," because the Jewish people opposed him. Do you understand? So what kind of people did Jesus go looking for? He looked for beggars, prostitutes, fishermen, and people like that. Fishermen at that time were in the same situation as the beggars. Why did Jesus look for them? It was because among them were the people who believed in Jesus. Therefore, the most important thing is for the person's mind to become one with God. How does God work? God works through people. Therefore, if you do not become one with the central figure, God does not acknowledge you.

Even though the Jewish people kept God's commandments for 4,000 years, all that foundation was gone because they did not accept Jesus. Jesus had no choice but to start anew. That is when Christian history began. Do you understand? It is same with the history of the Unification Church. God set up Christian history and prepared Christianity for 2,000 years for True Parents, right? However, because the Christian foundation did not accept Parents, there was no choice but to start the Unification Church. You have to understand this well. That is why I emphasize the "Vertical Axial Line."

During this tour, I have explained how you can become Blessed Central Families. How is it done? You can become Blessed Central Families by the Vertical Axial Line of God, True Parents, and True Family. The Unification Church did not know this content in the past. You did not know what to do when Blessed Families wanted to find True Parents. Just like what Jesus had said to the Jewish people, you have to do it through True Children if you want to find True Father. Therefore, that is the role of an elder brother. How can the younger siblings understand parents? They can understand through their elder brother. However, the Unification Church did not know that. There was no elder brother. Because of that, the Unification Church thought separately of Japan, America, Korea, and Blessed Families. It was because they did not know this content.

Originally, True Family is elder to the 36 Couples. We call you Second Generation and your parents First Generation, right? That is wrong. I did not like it when those titles were first used. However, it is hard to change all of a sudden after you have been incorrectly using them for 20, 30 years. It is hard to understand if I suddenly change them, so I have no choice but to use them. However, Blessed Families are originally the second generation. If True Parents are the first generation, what would you call Blessed Families? Second generation, right? Then what about you, children of the Blessed Families? You are the third generation. When Father taught that True Parents' family is Abel, who was the Cain? Was it the Second Generation now or the Blessed Families? If Blessed Families are in the position of Cain or in the position of the younger brother, then what are the 36 Couples in relation to Jeong Jin (Jeong Jin Nim)? They become her younger brothers and sisters. And all of you are my nephews and nieces. You are True Family's nephews and nieces. You have not thought about it in this way, have you?

Everybody had different perspectives and different concepts without clear relationships; that is why Unification Church families could not become one. What I am speaking in the position of true elder brother this time... Before we get to that point, what kind of a family are we? If you are Blessed Central Families, then you are members of the extended True Family. How should you think as the members of the extended True Family? You should think, "True Family is my family." You should become a member of the True Family. If you want to become a member of the True Family, you have to learn the culture and tradition of True Family. The culture and tradition of True Family is true love. Therefore, you have to learn true love. The culture and tradition of True Family is true love, living for the sake of others. However, our members did not know this very well. That is why True Family went through much hardship; because we were lonely, because we were lonely.

Did the Unification Church love True Family and live for the sake of True Family? Among the Second Generation kids around my age and among those who were close to me, only Jin Soo remains. Second Generation kids did not know the Principle very well and therefore did not know the value of True Family. That is why they only went the horizontal way. All those who thought horizontally flowed away to the secular world. However, hearing Jin Soo's testimony today, he never thought of his relationship with me as horizontal even when he was so close to me and attended me. He still remains here because he always saw it this way (vertically). Although he is not smart and although he is a burden to me, I feel grateful for him. (To Director Jin Soo Kim) I am just kidding. (Laughter) That is how I am testing you. It is not good to be big-headed.

How to Lead People

There is something very strange. As I meet people from inside and outside the church, I lead a variety of different people; the worst thing is complementing a person too much. Then all of it goes to his head. So the reason I am being so honest is because there needs to be balance. I usually like to make people feel good. However, from my experience, if I want to raise a person well... If the head becomes too big, sense of "self" becomes too strong, and many people tend to think that they do not need to grow anymore. Therefore, if you give too many complements to someone who has not matured completely, they can become big-headed. They become like this (Imitating a person with a big head). (Laughter)

And think about it. What is fair? If there is a person you pay special attention to and want to help grow, which is the right way? If that person makes a mistake, should I tell him right away to correct it or just look away? [Tell him.] If you have concern for him, you would tell him. Why is that? It is because that person can change from that advice. He will not change if you do not tell him. When I apply the same principle to the outside people, they think I am a fair person though I have a strong personality.

When you meet me, you think, "Hyun Jin Nim is hard only on us," right? Unification Church members probably think that way. You probably think that Hyun Jin Nim is this hard on us because we are members of the Unification Church. However, I am not any different when I am leading the outside people. To tell the truth, I am actually harder with the outside people. But they want to continue working for me. It is strange. There are some people who are afraid of me that go like this (pretending to shrink with of fear) when they see me. (Laughter) However, they say that they especially like UVG (United Vision Group: company run by Hyun Jin Nim), that it is really fair, and that they like this and that.

I especially do not like people who say one thing and think something else in the back. What you say and how you act should correspond. You also should do that if you want me to believe in you. Do you understand? [Yes.] Aren't you hungry? What time is it? [It is 9:30 pm.] I have talked for a long time already. (Laughter) You have to become the owners of the Culture of Heart. Can you do it? [Yes.] I was going to say, "You have to answer louder!" but that was good enough. (Laughter) 

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