Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Hoon Dok Hae on November 27, 2004

November 27, 2004

I come to visit you and go on these tours to substantiate the ideal of True Family. The Unification Church has forgotten this, and all of the Blessed Families have forgotten about it, even though this is the most important content.

God's Ideal Is to Create a True Family

What did God truly want to fulfill? What kind of a place is Heaven? It is where the culture and tradition of true love exists. It does not work with any kind of love -- it is true love. What kind of love is true love? It is the love of living for the sake of others. What God desired before anything else when creating human beings was love. God wanted to find the object partner of love through Adam and Eve's family. However, that family disappeared because Satan made Adam and Eve fall. The human history is a history to establish True Family. Therefore, for True Parents to be True Parents, they have to establish a family first. Without establishing True Family, the position of True Parents cannot be founded. That is why Father said to the Christians as he started his public course that Jesus was not able to fulfill God's entire ideal during his lifetime. How much opposition did Father receive from the Christians because of that statement? What do those words mean? It means that Jesus could not find Eve and that he could not create a family. That is what it means.

Why do words like "Messiah" or the "Lord of the Second Advent" exist? Why are they needed? It is due to the fallen history. Adam and Eve had to reach individual perfection first in order to fulfill God's ideal. They were supposed to become one with God. However, they did not become one with God but rather became one with Satan. That is why the blood lineage of the individual had to be restored first through history. An individual as a man or a woman had to be restored first. Hence the word Messiah is needed. Messiah refers to the restored Adam.

However, a Messiah cannot do it alone -- he must restore Eve. Why is that necessary? In the beginning, who did God create first in the Garden of Eden? He first created Adam and then created Eve centering on Adam. That is where the symbolism of the rib comes in. A substantial object partner was established for the sake of man, for the sake of the seed. Consequently, in fulfilling the Providence of Restoration, Adam must be found first, and then Eve. What should be done after finding Eve to restore the world of man and the world of woman on an individual level? They have to create a family. That family is a place where God can become the substantial owner of the human world. It is because true love, true life, and true lineage can be established in that family.

The most important among them is true lineage. Why? True lineage is absolute because it is a vertical relationship. By becoming the owner, God can create the absolute base. So think about it. Why does Father emphasize blood lineage as the center whenever he talks about the Providence of Restoration? Because Satan made Adam and Eve fall, Adam and Eve inherited love, life, and lineage from Satan. Among them, the most important is lineage. It is because of lineage that the whole humanity became Satan's. And their children follow the history of Satan just like their parents. That is how it works. It is that important.

What concerns me is that the Unification Church seems to have forgotten all of it. To forget this is to forget God. It is forgetting about God's will and only thinking about the Unification Church instead. True Father did not come to this world to found the Unification Church. That is why I am explaining this to the members and the leaders during this tour in Korea. We have forgotten about this.

The CARP students, especially, should read the contents of my words during the 21-Day Workshop in UTS about four years ago. It is similar to the content of this morning's Hoon Dok Hae. Because we have entered the Settlement Age, I thought this time would come. Who do you think taught me all this? Think about it. Did True Family live with True Parents? East Garden is always full of Unification Church members, and there is no quiet time. There was no time for True Family to be with True Parents. Did Sun Moon University here teach such content? Nobody knew about it. It is ridiculous.

If I ask you what the "Vertical Axial Line" is, you would answer "True Parents." However, in order to become True Parents, they have to establish True Family first. It was this True Family that God wanted to create before anything else. Yet how much did you speak ill of the True Family? I grew up being criticized as a little child. My brothers and sister had difficult lives. We grew up without knowing love.

God originally created human beings to be born through love. God did not intend to create hell in the beginning. Hell was created because of the Fall. Is love a lonely path or not? How does happiness come about? Can you be happy when you are lonely? Hell is the loneliest place. Where does happiness come from? It comes from love. That is why we say that God is love. God always seeks a place full of love because God is the king of love.

Who did God choose as the central figures in the Old Testament and the New Testament? Did He choose the smartest people? Did He choose the most popular people in the society? Did He choose the ones with the most money? What kinds of people did God seek? He went to those who could live for the sake of others the most. Therefore, what kind of view does God see people with? God sees people through the eyes of love. You did not know this.

You sitting here, are you a First Generation? [I am not a Second Generation.] (Laughter) You are originally a second generation. Do you know how wrong we are in saying First Generation and Second Generation? Originally, the First Generation are younger brothers and sisters of True Children since they are Cain-type children of True Parents. Consequently, centered on True Family, you are the second generation. The Second Generation now are third generation. They are my nephews and nieces. In God's perspective, the 36 Couples and the 72 Couples are younger brothers and sisters of Jeong Jin (Jeong Jin Nim). However, what did the First Generation think when I began my public course? You thought that you work for True Parents and the Second Generation work for Hyun Jin Nim, right? If you think that way, the path splits into two, instead of being one. Let me ask you one question. Who do I work for? Why am I doing this? Why am I going this path of teaching these young kids, who are my nephews and nieces in God's viewpoint? And why am I trying to raise CARP up again and make the foundation to move the nation? Who is it for? That is how much you did not know.

The Unification Church has been against everything I tried to do ever since I became the President of CARP four years ago and since I began my public course six years ago. The Unification Church opposed me when I started Service For Peace, opposed the 21-Day Workshop, and opposed me when I changed STF. But it is very strange. Now people tell me that I have done a good job. I am lost for words. If you are a Blessed Central Family, then you are a member of the extended True Family. You should think, "True Family is my family" in your minds. You have to become the owner. God did not want His words to be left only in concept. People have to live according to those words.

Culture of Heart Is the New Culture This Age Calls for

The theme of this speaking tour is, "Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart." You have to become owners. I have met different kinds of people while traveling all around the world. I have met famous people, VIPs, and ordinary people. All people are the same. You cannot move them by trying to move their heads first. You have to move their hearts. The reason is because that is how God moves. God's heart moves first. You cannot move God by talking. God moves by the heart. That is how you should live.

When I think back, there were many lonely days by myself, but I am happy because God was always with me. God always looked after me like my grandfather. Do you know how God teaches you? God teaches through experience. God teaches through experience in everyday life. That is why you should listen and look carefully. God exists in your individual history. I do not understand it conceptually but really... Think about it. Who do you think I learned this from? From the Unification Church? From UTS? From Sun Moon University? From the Second Generation? From the 36 Couples? From the 72 Couples? Who taught me these things? I received a lot of opposition when I started at first, but I was confident that history was behind me. I felt that it was pushing me from behind like the wind. That is how I could come this far.

Kyoung Deuk (Kyoung Deuk Yoo, Bloc Leader of Sun Moon CARP), where are you? [Yes, I am here.] I am going to complement you a little. (Laughter) I heard a report yesterday. I had two goals when I took the responsibility for CARP. My first goal was to procure young First Generation members by witnessing again. Sun Moon University has been witnessing to 48 new CARP members this year. The time is changing now. Before, CARP could not witness to young people. What is interesting is that they were witnessed to by CARP's Core Values. (To Bloc Leader Kyoung Deuk Yoo) is that correct? [Yes.] You have to know this well. What are we trying to say through the Core Values? The purpose of the Core Values is to establish God's culture.

I think it was good that I came to Sun Moon University today. I have a fundamental philosophy about education: a person should be educated in the heart first, not in the head. You cannot just make the head big to make a person. You should build your character first. Your character should resemble that of God's.

Then, your compass will automatically point toward God.

Think about it. When you look at the Bible, the Old Testament and the New Testament are both about God's history of Restoration through Indemnity. However, for the last 6,000 years, people looked at the same history but had set up different concepts. Go look at the top of a mountain. The mountain looks one way from one side, but it looks different from the other side even though you are looking at the same mountain. That is why perspective is important.

How can different perspectives be united? The person's character and culture should resemble that of God's. That is why I use the word "alignment" especially in CARP. If you are aligned to the culture of God, True Parents, and True Family, you will look to the same place and walk the same path as God, True Parents, and True Family do. Then what is the culture of God, True Parents, and True Family? It is the culture of true love and living for the sake of others.

I have mentioned that I came to have han (sorrow and grief) as I started my public mission. There would have been no han in True Family if the First Generation had become one with God, True Parents, and True Family. And everything would have developed more. I feel frustration when I think about this. So now, the young people have to know this well. We are now standing in a new era. This is the time to create new history.

Think about it. Did God create the history of Restoration through Indemnity? Such a history started because of the human Fall. Then what can we learn through that history? Think about it. Christianity, Buddhism, and other religions all approach on an individual level. Why? It is because Adam and Eve fell on the individual level. Therefore, it is thought that those religions started in order to find the individual Adam and Eve, or a true man and a true woman. But what does Father say? Father says that Heaven exists within the true, ideal family and that the family must enter Heaven together.

Then how did such a time come about? Why is it such a time? It is because God's dream is realized and especially because the base to accomplish that dream in the providential history is established. It is because the True Family is established. Now that True Family is established, you can receive the Blessing. You are being engrafted horizontally onto the Vertical Axial Line. Such a time has come. The time has changed.

Our culture has to change now as well. The reason you hold public missions is to become the owners of and to establish the culture of God, True Parents, and True Family. That is what you need to do. As a member of the extended True Family, you should think of True Family as your own family and go forward as a member of True Family. Do you understand? [Yes.] You probably need to take a deep breath after hearing such content. We are in a new era. That is why I started like this. Especially when I started CARP... Don't do this if you do not want to. You should do it because you truly want to. You have to act as the owner. Why? This is not done just conceptually. You have to become the owner.

I will tell you how to witness through the Core Values. This is what I said when I was teaching about the Core Values for the first time. I said that now the new time has come, we should rid ourselves of the historical burden and be able to tell the world who True Parents are and what they have done. If you keep on approaching only on a theological or a religious dimension, you carry the burden of the history of Restoration through Indemnity.

You have to show them something new. What is that something new? True Parents have come and have created True Family, and Blessed Central Families have been engrafted onto that; therefore, the time has come to fulfill the Culture of Heart. This is the culture of the family centered upon God. When the people in the outside world learn this, we can move them heartistically.

Core Values are very interesting. Even though people may not know the Principle, they say, "Oh, this is very simple" when they learn the Core Values. They are naturally drawn to our side. Their minds will move automatically, and they come to like it heartistically. Then their heads will open as well. They will want to listen to us. It happens naturally.

How have we been witnessing so far? We used to just grab them and persuade them by explaining. We tried to persuade them only through the brain. In my perspective, people brought in that way have many burdens. However, if you center naturally on love, then prepared people will come. People who want to live for the sake of others will come. That is why when the leaders of W-CARP Japan like Mr. Matsunami (Takayuki Matsunami, President of W-CARP Japan) report to me, they say, "Oh, the time has changed now." They say that the new members of CARP are better than the existing CARP members. Those new members want to live for the sake of others more and want to work harder. They are not working unwillingly because they have to. They have no han in their minds. Such character is more similar to God's.

To think, "I want some compensation now that I have followed True Parents for twenty years," as some Unification Church members do, is not a character that resembles God. Second Generation kids have those thoughts, too, right? You thought, "I want to live well since my parents have suffered," right? Think about it. Whose parents suffered the most? (Laughter) When I listen to your testimonies, you say, "This task was so difficult." I think that you are too weak whenever I hear those reports. That is the feeling I get.

Become the Strong People Who God Could Believe in

Do you know what suffering is? In Su (In Su Choi, Special Assistant to Hyun Jin Nim), where are you? [Yes.] I thought you would be more brave and tough since you are my guard, but you are not. (Laughter) He came to Montana with me, and when he fell off the horse, he moaned like a baby. (Laughter) So I said, "Hey! How embarrassing. Get up!" He walked around like this (holding his back and making a painful face) saying "Ouch, ouch!" for the next two days. I probably will not show it no matter how much I am hurt. A leader must be the hope for his followers no matter how hard it may be; therefore, he must set the highest standard. How can you do that? Your mind has to be strong. But you look too weak. You look like you would go this way or that according to the wind.

Think about it. I am probably the scariest person in the Unification Church. The leaders especially are too scared of me. They say that Hyun Jin Nim is scarier than True Parents. (Laughter) I laughed when I heard that. They are scared of me probably because they know that I never budge once my mind is set. And the elder brother is scarier than the parents by nature because he knows you better than the parents do.

If I educate you more strongly, are you okay or are you all going to run away? (Laughter) I like to test the young people and especially strong people. I take them hunting. It is not so easy to hunt. Why do I like to hunt? I challenge myself through hunting, and it is a process to get to know myself better. I have to know myself better to grow stronger. People are the same; nobody likes hard work. However, you have to learn how to overcome the hardship though it may be difficult. Then you can continue to develop. Then a person becomes stronger.

Members of the Unification Church until now did not like to suffer, right? That is why you think, "I am not going to make my children undergo hardship since I have done so until now." But how wrong is that thought? What nonsense is that thought? God works through the people. Therefore, your children are the people who should become the foundation for God. Then what should the parents think? You should think, "The will of God will be fulfilled through my sons and daughters." Then God's foundation can strengthen. It is the same now. There is no other way because the world opposes us. You will have to face the wind, too. Do you know how strong the wind is when you go up to the top of the mountain? What would happen if you were afraid of such a cold, stormy, and scary place? How easily would you falter and fall down if your mind is neither strong nor brave? How can God trust such a person? How can the will of God be fulfilled through that person? That is why the mind has to grow stronger.

(To Kyoung Hyo Kim, President of W-CARP Korea) I took you once before, too, right? [Yes.] I took him to the workshop in Alaska and challenged him. He said he almost died after climbing a mountain that was as small as an anthill. (Laughter) I wanted to slap his behind. (Laughter) I know which mountain he climbed. I sent the leaders to that mountain because it was the safest one. I sent them to a mountain that looked like a little ant hill to prevent any accidents. However, those leaders reported, "The wind was blowing so hard that it was dangerous when we were climbing the mountain, and we almost died while coming down because it was too steep." I laughed on the inside when I heard this testimony. (Laughter) That is how weak our leaders are. You have so much fear that you probably cannot even move if I take you hunting.

Before starting this tour, I caught two elk in Montana. I walked about 20 miles that day to catch the elk. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, climbed a mountain, but the elk was on another mountain about four miles away. I climbed to the top and climbed down toward the other mountain. It was already dark and dangerous when I was at the top of the mountain with the elk. So I had to leave the two elk that I had caught behind and come down, and it was midnight when I arrived at the camp site. I had no water in the mountains. There were little streams, but I could not drink that water because there were many cattle. Your stomach gets upset if you drink that kind of water. So I could not drink that water either. I ate snow instead of water as I walked up the mountain. It is not a labor if you think of it as fun. I could probably enjoy it again if I have such a chance because I think of it as a process of educating myself. However, it was difficult at that time to be honest.

I talked about up to catching the elk, right? I went up the mountain, came down, and went up again. Can you imagine how tiring that is? But I had to climb the mountain again the next day because I had to bring down the elk. Do you know how heavy an elk is? Do you know how big that animal is? It weighs about 700 to 1,000 pounds. We had two of those elks but only three people to carry them. So I am a very strong person. (Laughter) But the mind has to be stronger than the body. No matter how much you work out, you cannot say you are ready to climb the mountain. It is not just a matter of growing muscles, but the bones are important, too. The knees receive strong pressure if you go down the mountain carrying something heavy. It hurts as if the cartilage of the bones is being torn apart. It is really heavy. The bag is so heavy that you cannot stand up right away from sitting down. You have to turn to the side first to stand up because it is so heavy. (Laughter)

However, I see it as such a good training although it is very hard for the body. A person's natural character comes out at times of hardship and suffering. One may be able to hide it usually, but that person's real personality comes out at times of difficulty. I have seen that many times. That is why I like to take especially the leaders to the mountains; because I can see that person's character.

The people that climbed the mountain with me know well that I do not like complaining. That person and I know that it is hard, but especially if you are a leader, and if you think of it as training, you should not complain. It is difficult and painful in reality. However, you should be able to say that it is not difficult. A person becomes stronger with that kind of endeavor. Is that how you educate in Sun Moon University as well? [Yes.] Is it true or are you lying? To me, lying is the biggest problem. (Laughter) I cannot forgive lying, so do not lie. (Laughter)

A Man Should Live for the Sake of a Woman, and Vice Versa

1 have to give this kind of education especially to the young people, and especially the women. Women have many problems. I am sorry. Think about it. Who thinks on a more individual level; men or women? Do you know why men become greedy? It is because of women. A man has to have abilities to meet a good wife, right? What kind of woman would want to marry an ugly and useless man? So men get greedy because of women. And women also pinch their men like this to better care for them when getting married, right? (Laughter) You are laughing because you know it well. (Laughter) Do you think it is right or wrong? Women just sit around like the queen and want to have the men do all the housework too, right? Husbands are always being pinched if they do not please their wives. (Laughter) Do you think it is right or not? Why do women dye their hair and put on make-up? Is it because you want to seduce an ugly and useless man or the most able man? I do not know. (Laughter) That is why women have to be educated a lot, too.

Especially, women of the Unification Church are the scariest. Unification Church women, or your mothers, I looked at them and thought, "How can I love women?" (Laughter) They have very strong characters. That is why Father always said that women are the problem. I also thought, "Yes, Father was right" as I looked at Unification Church women. (Laughter) Their characters are so strong, and they are also very greedy.

I met grandmother Kang (President Hyun Shil Kang) in Busan. You know her, right? I really like that grandmother. This is what she said in her testimony in Busan. She had one desire when she was a young lady, to be the first one to attend the Messiah when he comes. After hearing that report, I told her, "Grandmother, you are very greedy." (Laughter) Her face turned a little pink when I said this because she never thought of it that way. But isn't it a big greed?

All the women who went to the Ehwa University are especially greedy. They are like men. Think about it. What poor men would marry such queen-like women? (Laughter) Think about it. I am a mountain-person so I like to move around, climb the mountain, and spend time with men. How uncomfortable would I be if a small woman tried to control me? If you think of it that way, my wife is a little unfortunate. (Laughter)

(Facing the women) You like the women-like men that come out in soap operas, right? (Laughter) You think, "Men should live for my sake," right? Okay, it is good to live for the sake of others. But you want them to serve women like queens and say, "Dear, do you want me to wash your hair? And your feet? Please do not get up. Just sit still. I will do the cooking, too. I am done cooking so I will go to work now. You just sit here and watch the TV." (Laughter) Is that what you want? How bad would God feel as He watches that family? Is that really living for the sake of others? The man is living for the sake of woman, but who is the woman living for? (Laughter) Why do you laugh like that? You all want that kind of a husband, right? I do not want to live in a society where those kinds of women are the center. Living for the sake of others means living for the sake of each other. The man lives for the sake of woman, and the woman lives for the sake of man.

You can know the parents by looking at their children. Children need both the powerful, manlike father and soft, warm mother. They need both. What happens if one of them is too strong? If the mother is too strong, the sons will be too weak like women. If the father is too strong, the children will tend to be too stiff. Both of them are needed. That is why if you live for the sake of others, it will bear a good fruit, it will bear a good result. Therefore, Unification Church women especially should be educated well. Among our Second Generation, do women have more desires or do men have more desires? You probably are not like that because you are members of CARP, but look at your sisters and brothers. Who is the problem? [Women] Women cause more problems? I did not say anything. This little girl said it. (Laughter)

Men's world is a little different, right? Men like things like principles or rules. So men have an advantage in working with big concepts. Men are also better in vertical relationships, right? But men also have many weak points as well. Unification Church men are very stubborn. That is their individual stubbornness. I have seen many men like that. Why are you laughing? Tell me. (Laughter) If you are a man who is not stubborn, raise your hand. Let's test them. (Laughter)

The grandmother in the back looks angry. She probably was thinking, "Hyun Jin Nim was saying things to us, the Unification Church women, and now he is saying things to our husbands as well." You do not feel good, right? I cannot do anything about it. (Laughter) I am a straightforward person. I cannot change it even though you may feel bad. Think about it. Why do you think I am being so honest? Would I be honest with you if I were not concerned about you? I am not someone who talks this much. Think about it. I have told you that hell is the loneliest place. In contrast, what happens if you have love? You come to have interest and concern. So you should be afraid of me not having any concerns about you. I am telling you these things because I care about you.

A Filial Son Fulfills the Parent's Dream

I have finished rallies in Busan and Gwangju already. I have kicked especially the Unification Church leaders' behinds a lot while speaking. I have kicked them so much that their behinds probably hurt. They probably cannot even sit down. (Laughter) I am speaking figuratively, not literally. I am not saying that I actually spanked their behinds. They probably are thinking much about "how to attend God and True Parents" now. And they are probably agonizing in thought about God's providence. Why did I do that? If I did not think that it was really for them, I would have just let them be even if it seemed like they were doing some things the wrong way. However, that is not for their sake. They could think for themselves and change again because I told them honestly. It depends on what they choose to do. People are all the same. Our Unification Church members and the people in the outside world are all the same. Everybody wants to do well, but how can they become aligned if I do not teach them like this? That is why I tell them frankly.

(Pointing to one student) What are you doing? Are you sending a text message to someone? (Laughter) Young people these days have no manners. When I was young, especially at your age, I sat down quietly in this kind of occasion. So I sometimes felt that Unification Church members are too stiff. I can do the same and be formal. However, the reason I do not do that is because that kind of an atmosphere is already overflowing within us. Originally, everything is done for the sake of love. I have been living in a rigid environment because of you. However, what God wants is not such a rigid environment.

Think about it. When I was sitting here, you came in this room, you bowed to True Parents' picture, and you bowed to me as well -- I kind of feel a little awkward. And I also think, "We are still very distant." These formalities are important, too, but we should not forget the true meaning at the basis of them. Why do you attend so sincerely? It is for love. It is not for a position.

Especially our members do not know my mind yet; the reason I walk this public path is because of love. I am going this way for love. I love True Parents' family. I especially love God because He is my grandfather. I tell you that you have to be able to dream, right? Whose dream is the biggest dream of all? It is the dream of God. How do you become a filial son? The son who can fulfill the dream of his grandfather and his parents is the most filial son. Would I have wanted to become a religious leader like this if I thought on the individual level? So whose dream is it?

I asked a question to the First Generation at the meeting in Busan and Gwangju. I asked them, "You think that the First Generation work for True Parents and the Second Generation work for Hyun Jin Nim. Then who am I working for?" I am working to find Cheon Il Guk in the year 2012; whose dream is it? And I am educating these young kids to become the owners of the Culture of Heart especially in our church; who am I doing this for? Whose will am I trying to achieve? Unification Church members have received the Blessing and therefore have to become members of the extended True Family. But have you become the members of the extended True Family? That is why I come to the members and teach through words like this. Who is it for? Think about it for yourselves.

Educational Epistemology of CARP

Sun Moon University should give more support to CARP especially. Do you understand? [Yes.] You should support the CARP movement and STF. Especially during this tour, I will tell the parents to send all of their children to STF. And I will tell the Second Generation to go to STF as well. You should want to go by yourselves. However, until now, even though the children wanted to go... When I restarted STF in America, children wanted to participate, but the parents opposed. They thought it made their sons and daughters suffer. They opposed because it made them go fundraising and witnessing. They said they did not want to see their sons and daughters go through the hardship after they, the First Generation, have worked like that for over ten years. The kids wanted to receive the STF education after listening to my words, but their parents did not think the same way. It is similar in Japan. And how about in Korea? I am not sure because it just started in full-scale now. But originally the parents are supposed to be responsible for STF. It is your responsibility. It is for teaching your children.

Why am I sending the STF members out to the frontline? Why give such an education? You probably know how a person grows after having listened to my speech so far. A person grows through challenges. The experience of winning over the challenge gives them confidence. It becomes hope. You have to be spiritually strong if you want to work to fulfill God's will. How can you become spiritually strong? Is it by taking you to a lecture room and teaching you the Principle? No. You have to become the owner yourself. You have to overcome the difficulties. That is why I emphasize experience-based education. You only thought of education as learning through the brain, right? That is why you thought only the cognitive education like workshops or lectures was important. But that is not how you learn about love.

Think about it. How do you learn love? Can you learn it by reading a book? Can you learn love by having someone lecture in front of you? Love is learned through experience. How can a person become stronger? I just told you earlier. I did not build my character, will, and inner strength through school education. Where? I grew when I suffered in the mountains and fought against myself, by winning over those difficulties. I become stronger because of those experiences. That is why I think that what you need before anything else in education is experience. If you educate cognitively after that, then that person can see with the right perspective. And that person will be impressed. That is why I created STF. You can become stronger by facing opposition from the world, going through hardships, and overcoming them in the front line. And God can work centering on that person to achieve His will. The foundation must be strong. If this Sun Moon University is really our school, then it must have this kind of philosophy.

I established the CARP educational epistemology when I took on the responsibility for CARP. You know what epistemology is, right? It is the philosophy of education of knowledge. Experience-based education and cognitive education have a subject and object relationship with each other. STF, Service For Peace, and all educational programs were made based on this philosophical foundation. It is the same with the witnessing program that I started to create. CARP centers also started to make these educational programs. That is why I started teaching the Core Values, and that is why we also work centering on the Core Values. That is how you teach. Then the people can become aligned by following that compass. Then people can become one with that path even if they do not logically understand the history led by God.

You, especially the Sun Moon University professors, should know this well. Think about it. Among Second Generation kids, those who were close to me, that I used to know, are all gone now. There are many kids like that. I know how they think. I went to the church workshops a few times when I was little. At that time, our members thought that people will change just by listening to the Principle. However, the important thing is for the heart to become aligned first. You can be moved if you hear the Principle after that. The problem is that even the parents did not really know what a Blessed Family was. That is why they could not educate the Second Generation the right way until now. How many Second Generation kids have gone away to the world because of that? They are about as old as I am, so they are about 35, 36, or 40 years old now. But when I meet them, they are just like secular people. They have no internal foundation. Why? Because their perspectives are different. How can I form a relationship with them? You have to understand this well. That is why I am giving this kind of an education. Do you understand? [Yes, we understand.] If you want to learn more about this, learn from Young Jun (Young Jun Kim, Vice President of W-CARP). Especially Kyoung Hyo, you have to connect it more for them. [Yes.]

There should be no blocks or fragmentations within us. Those are the worst things in our church. You should have the attitude that we are trying to accomplish the common goal, to substantiate God's will on earth. We have to achieve the substantial goal within the founding period of Cheon II Guk, until 2012. That is what you should focus on, not all little institutional here and there. However, there are many parts within us that are not like that. We have to change now. I will explain what God's will is if you do not know it. And I will explain to you what kind of a goal to set. Do you understand? [Yes, we understand.] Do you think it is true or not? [Yes, it is true.] Who is this here? [I am a professor at Sun Moon University of Theology.] Do you think it is true or not? Sun Moon University professors especially should understand this well.

Become the Educational Institution to Teach "Love God, Love Humanity, Love Your Country"

I went to UTS for two years, right? While attending UTS, I was disappointed especially in professors who were our church members. Think about it. At first, they were happy that Hyun Jin Nim was coming to UTS. They thought that True Parents would support them more because Hyun Jin Nim was there. And they thought True Parents would send more church members as well. How could they think like that? I was also disappointed after entering the school. What they thought was that they could change Christians through theology.

The basic premise of theology is that one can understand God based on reason. Is that not the basic premise of theology? But how can you understand God through the head? How strange is this presupposition? Can you know your parents or your father through the head? There probably are many things that you cannot understand only through the head. How can you become one with father? You become one through love. That is why you cannot understand God if you do not look heartistically. However, they are still trying to create a Unification Church theology. True Parents set up that school to educate the young members. But do you think that purpose can be achieved through theology? In other words, do you think you can witness or change Christian youth through theology? No matter how irrational the Christian theology may be, do you think you could change them through theological debate?

Think about it. Christian theology fundamentally stands on the foundation of "faith." There is no logic or reason. Those people will not accept it no matter how rational of a reasoning or point you make, or how you point out the problems of the fundamental background of the theory of salvation of Jesus, God's providence, and Christian theology. It cannot be changed easily because the history of Christianity is too deep. That is why you have to go beyond the dimension of religious doctrine to approach them. Ultimately, the one and only thing we can do is "true love."

It is very interesting that when grandmother Kang met Father for the first time, Father talked for three hours. Grandmother Kang said that although she does not remember the content of Father's words at that time, she remembers vividly how loud Father was talking. She was thinking that she needed to get out of there fast because Father was lecturing so loud that it hurt her ears, but Father kept on talking. But then seeing Father, she felt, "Ah, this person has such strong faith and love for God." She felt that while watching Father passionately give a lecture and it opened her mind.

You have to move the heart first in order to move a person. That is why I am not going to make our Second Generation into just big-headed people. Thinking that you know everything is the worst thing. Then you come to think only on the individual level. You have to teach them how to live for the sake of others first before anything else. Why? It is because that is what moves people. The heart is first-then comes the head.

True Parents made a school motto especially for Sun Moon University here, right? "Love God, Love Humanity, Love Your Country." Is that correct? [Yes, it is correct.] How do you love God? How do you love humanity? How do you love your country? You have to teach the students how to love. You have to help them to live that way. (To one professor of theology) Are you teaching it to them on the Cheonan campus? (Theological School is located on Cheonan campus.) [We have not been able to teach it yet.] That is why I say it is nonsense.

Two days ago, I met some members, and they proudly said in front of me, "My son goes to Sun Moon University." It shows how much faith the members have in you. They have the faith that you will educate them well. Looking at the Second Generation, I think, "There are many schools run by us, but why are they still only on this level?" So tell all students on Cheonan campus to join the CARP movement. You have to let them work on the front line. What do you think? Do you think it is right or not? [Yes, it is right.] How can the Second Generation become the owners of the path of True Parents and True Family? They have to put in some effort. Do you understand? [Yes.]

I Want to Live in a Small House Filled with Love

I talked for too long. I thought only a few people would attend the Hoon Dok Hae this morning, but there were so many people when I came. (Laughter) Who made you come here? [We all came to see Hyun Jin Nim.] Did you come to do Hoon Dok Hae or did you come here to see me? (Laughter) I am glad if you came to see me. I do not like to talk, but I feel good seeing all of you. (Laughter)

I like quiet places. That is why I climb mountains. I look for mountains. Honestly, being with people for too long gives me too much stress. I become disappointed too much. I am very comfortable in nature because the relationship with nature is an ideal relationship. That is why I like nature. Grandmother Kang said that not too many houses were in Beomnaegol when she first met Father. The mud-wall but Father built was on the top of the mountain. It was so small and shabby that she thought, "Who can live in such a dirty and small house?" when she first visited that house. However, after hearing grandmother Kang's testimony, looking at pictures from that time, and going up the mountain, I wanted to live in that kind of a house rather than in Han Nam Dong. I could feel why Father chose that place. Why? I also take a little tent when climbing the mountain. There is not much to eat, and it is very cold in the mountains. It is colder at night because the tents are made of nylon. The cold weather permeates into the body from the snow on the ground. But I like that place because I feel comfortable.

That is what I thought in Busan, too. What kind of a house do you think I would want to live in -- a big house without love or a small house filled with love? [A small house filled with love] I want to live in a small house filled with love because my mind is comfortable. I will end here. We have to eat breakfast and prepare. What time does today's rally start? [At ten o'clock] Okay, offer a prayer. 

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