Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2

Changwon National University CARP Center Visit

November 26, 2004

When young college students come in our CARP centers, they have to be very excited. I want you to come up with a model structure, and that becomes how we all create all the CARP centers. Especially the first floor, you have to change it to suit the young people so that when college students walk in the center for the first time, they will want to come back. We do not want to fall in the trap of being another sectarian group of Christianity. Therefore, the way we project ourselves especially to the outside world is very important. We have to create an environment which they come in with no concepts.

You Can Move People's Heart When Your Words and Deeds Become One

You have to make a model CARP center. Do you understand? [Yes.] The CARP center should become a place where college students from the outside world want to come. If the CARP members here become the owners of the Culture of Heart, then people will want to be closer to you. And they will want to know how you think. Therefore, even if you do not try to force them to come, if they open their hearts naturally, then they will try to receive more by themselves. Do you understand? [Yes.] You have to make that happen.

Are there people who are hearing my speech for the first time, especially among the elder ones? Raise your hands. All of you have heard my speech at least once? In order to understand what I am doing now throughout CARP, you need to look back upon the time when you joined our church. What moved first before you actually listened carefully to what Father was teaching? What moved first was the heart. And later on you realized, "Oh, I need to understand where this impulse came from." People are all the same. First is with the heart... Do you think it is right or wrong? [Yes, it is right.]

How about our Unification Church? There is a tendency for words and deeds to disagree even though we talk well. If you let them feel on their own by directly showing them instead of telling them, then you can become closer with them. If you talk to them about us then, you can change them much more easily. You can change everybody.

The CARP center, especially the first floor, when the students come in, it has to be inviting to them, it has to be a neutral environment. When I went to Harvard Business School, there were a lot of Mormon students there. When I met those Mormon students, even though I did not know what the Mormons believed in, naturally I was drawn to them. They are really good kids. I thought they were better than our kids. And then eventually I wanted to know what they believed in. Because what they were doing was the fruits of what they believed in, therefore I was naturally going to get interested.

What is the best way to testify about True Parents, testify about God, and testify about God's providence? What is the best way? Especially, you as Blessed Central Families have followed True Parents, right? Yet if your fruits of your Blessing, meaning your children, have no sense of public mission, have forgotten God, have forgotten True Parents, and have forgotten God's providence, what is that? The fruits are rotten. What are outside people going to say? I say they would judge the Unification Church. Are they going to say, "Oh, Unification Church members, we can really believe them? They have the integrity to lead us or not?"

That is why our words and deeds have to be aligned. Especially, if our Second Generation kids become the owners of the Culture of Heart, they can move people. Having a position or rank does not make you a leader. When you have the integrity character, that means what you say and what you do are in alignment, then you can move people. People have original minds, so you can move that original mind and touch it. That kind of a person becomes a leader.

In witnessing, the best testimony is not done by words. Our members themselves should become a testimony. That is why I am emphasizing to you through this tour to become owners of the Culture of Heart. Knowing it as a concept is not what is important. You have to become owners yourselves. If you become the owners, the concepts taught by True Parents will show up as a reality, and the outside people can understand True Parents' teachings better. You do not have to do it by words.

We Have to Become the "Owners" of True Love

For that reason, during the four years of my public mission since taking the responsibility of CARP until now, I have worked to teach people through examples or true love, I started Service For Peace as well, right? STF does not educate here (head). It educates heart and character. In other words, it is a process of making a person. Because this (heart) is the first condition of a leader, you cannot walk the public course or become a leader if you do not have it.

They do not care how much you know. Think about it. In terms of God's providence, who knows most this whole world? Who knows most about God's providence? If knowledge is power, and through just knowing things you can change the world, who knows most about God's providence? Satan, Satan knows the best. What Satan did not know was heart, true love.

The world does not change by knowing something. Knowing God through the head does not mean that you can find God. It is through "heart" that you can find God and change people. You have to know it well. We have certain arrogance especially in our movement that we know God's providence more than any other type of religion. But that is nothing to be proud of. What we should be proud of is that we embody God's true culture, we embody God's true tradition that comes from His true nature.

So think about it. What kind of parents are True Parents? What kind of a family is True Family? True Parents are the owners of true love. True Family is the owner of true love. Originally, God wanted to establish a true, ideal family even before beginning the human history. Therefore, if you are Blessed Central Families, you are a member of God's extended True Family, and you have to build this kind of culture and tradition as well. You have to know this well. How much do you think I studied the Principle? And how much do you think I studied about all the other different kinds of contents? However, it is not because of those things that I am walking the public course. Then why am I doing this? It is because of heart, because of love. You really have to know this well. That is the reason why I teach you that you have to become owners of true love. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Therefore, it is okay if the young kids here do not know anything. If you become the owners of true love, God can work through you. Think about it. In God's providence, there were many people who did not know anything. They knew nothing. However, if your heart is close to God, even if you do not know anything else, you can know God well. That is why the word I use the most, while teaching young kids after I took the responsibility of CARP, is "alignment."

"Alignment" means that even though there are two beings, and there is no kind of connection between them, if they are aligned, they are moving in the same direction. Young Jun, explain it to them.

The word Hyun Jin Nim uses the most currently is alignment. Its concept may be unfamiliar in Korean; alignment means that even if two people have no connectivity or relationships, they can move forward together if they are both in tune with the direction of God's providence. We have to achieve that aligned relationship. No matter which country we are in or which region we are in, even if we do not contact each other, if we know what God's providential view is and work according to it, then each one of our works will ultimately be connected. (Young Jun Kim, Vice President of W-CARP)

It is not about knowing. We always say what we "know," "know," "know," but that is nonsense. That is why I say that you have to become the owner, owner of true love. It is after becoming the owner of true love that you know true love. Do you understand? [Yes.] If True Father came and taught you, explained to you what true love is, would you know it? Can you know true love by me explaining to you from up here, "true love," "true love"? No, you cannot. You have to feel it in your heart. You have to know this well. If you really think that God exists, in other words, if you really think of God as your real grandfather, then it is not a relationship that you know through your head by listening to the words.

We Have to Testify God's Will through Our Lives

How do you truly know? You truly know when you actually experience it. That is why you have to be the embodiments of it. That is how you should live. We should not become one of the Christian sects. You have to become the embodiments of the Culture of Heart yourselves first. When you invite other people, if you, the CARP members or the Second Generation, have become the owners of the Culture of Heart, then that is testifying our will.

When I was in UTS, I explained that how I have reservation views toward words such as "Messiah" or "Lord of the Second Advent" or all those kind of words because they have so much baggage. If you look at all the different denominations of Christianity, their understanding of Messiah is all different. If you also look at the definition of Messiah from Judaic point of view and from the general Christian group's point of view, it is different. Therefore, for us to use these languages, it comes with so much baggage that you have to give so much explanation. That is why I really wanted to use more that kind of terminology of "True Parents" or "ideal family" because there is no baggage. We are the ones acquainted. So the point I am trying to make is if we come across too much as a religious organization, it carries all that baggage. The best way to go over that is to focus on things that we really represent.

Think about it. What is God's providence all about? God's providence is to make an ideal family centering on God. If you go to America, if you go to Korea, if you go to Japan, if you visit all the different nations that represent different religions, everybody will understand it. That is where the high ground is produced. Don't even argue with those who are squabbling for their own denominational purposes. This is the ideal which we want to set. This is the ideal that we embody; that is what you do.

God's will is not to create the Unification Church. It is not to found a church. Then how can people know God's will? They will come to know by looking at out members. Is that right? That is why we have to go above the level of religious conflict and show them the neutral alternative of what God's ideal is about. There is no baggage of the 2,000-year Christian history and no baggage of the 6,000-year Judaic history in this content. That is why there is absolute synergy gained from what I am teaching you now. Especially if our Blessed Families represent true, ideal Blessed Families from the perspective of God in which they are truly the owners, the homes of true love, then naturally they themselves-through being Blessed Central Families-will be the testament, embodiment, victory of God and True Parents.

How can you move people? How can you make them believe? You can move a person's mind through love, and you can move a person's head by moving the person's mind. God's will was to establish a true, ideal family. Then how can God show His will to the outside people? How do you become a Blessed Central Family? You can become a Blessed Central Family by substantiating God's culture and tradition. What is God's culture and tradition? True love! You have to believe in this.

I went to Harvard Business School and Columbia University, right? I was a good student. My head works well. However, when I want to move people, I do not try to move them by using my head to bring up a good argument. You have to move people through love first. How do you move a person's mind? You move it through love. How is love created? Can you move people just with the concept of love or do you have to actually love in order to move people? It becomes real when what someone says and how he or she lives coincide, right? If the outside people see those kinds of Blessed Central Families, they will come to think our Parents as real True Parents.

Only True Parents can do the work of raising those kinds of families and those kinds of people. That is the foundation for all human relationship and even the foundation for peace. If you look at all of human history, conflict started originally in Adam's family and it multiplied and expanded to all the different levels -- tribe, nation, and world. So in order to find peace, you first have to go back there. True Father proclaimed himself as the King of Peace -- this is where it starts from.

Like an example I was giving to some of the leaders yesterday, for outside people they want to see the fruits of Parents' teaching. By seeing you, if you embody the culture of true love, people will naturally recognize the validity of Parents' works. This is very important. If you try to debate and fight young Christians on theological and theoretical levels saying, "You have to become this kind of a person," they will continue to remain as natural enemies. You have to know it well. You have to show them in person.

You parents here, you have only told the kids and have educated them conceptually, right? Can you move people like that? Therefore, you have to become the owners first. You have to become the owners. It is okay if you are not sure what kind of work I do. However, what is most important for you is that you have to become the owners of true love. Teach this to the young kids now. It is not difficult. It should not be forced but should emerge naturally like a habit, become natural to them like a habit.

As you hear me talking now, you are thinking, "Ah, it will be really difficult to live like this," right? But what is it that God wants? True love, the life of living for the sake of others should be natural just like we eat food and breathe in air. Your mind and body are constantly fighting, right? You have to educate your children to naturally accept the public mission and to find joy in living for the sake of others. Then on that foundation, God's providence can succeed to the next generation. Do you understand? [Yes.]

What do you think you have to do in order to do that? Support CARP activities and send your children to STF. Do you understand? [Yes.] It does not work by just sending them to the University of Bridgeport or to Sun Moon University. Does it mean you have completed the public mission by sending them to our university? What is this? Public mission is the path for God's will and the way of living for the sake of others. It is joining the CARP movement. I made the seven-year course for the Second Generation for that reason. Do you understand? [Yes.] Open up that path to your children. The content you need to teach the children is that they have to love God. At the same time, they should be able to live for the sake of the world, for the sake of the nations, and for the sake of the family. Do you understand? [Yes.] You have suffered, but if you can raise such sons and daughters, that family will be different. The world will follow centering on that kind of a true leader now.

You do not know very well, right? I have the confidence that I can change anybody I meet. I have had a few chances to speak in front of people who opposed us. When I was at the Washington rally, there were many Christian, Presbyterian members and all the different kinds of Christian ministers. They really did not believe in what we stand for. Anyway, they came because of the association of what we were all trying to do. I started giving my speech, and then they started saying, "What about Jesus Christ?" They actually started leaving right in the middle of my speech. I jumped out the stadium and said, "Do you want to be a real you?" After that, the mood totally changed. I challenged them, "If Jesus was here, do you think Jesus would want you to just focus on building a Christian nation or a Christian world? Or would he, as a son of God, want to create a world of peace centered upon the ideal family?" Then the people who were leaving the rally began to come back in one by one. They brought more people in. Isn't it very strange? The atmosphere of the rally changed. I had brought my children to the rally, and after the speech, Shin Won (the first son of Hyun Jin Nim's family) told me happily, "You are the best speaker in the world." (Laughter)

I know well how to move people. How are people moved? They do not move only through words. You have to know that well. To become a leader you have to have that level of integrity.

Then the heavenly fortune will be with you.

Ownership for Value Creation

I want you to create your financial methods and own your CARP centers. This building is rented, right? Do you want to work harder to buy this building? Should we rent it or buy it? Or are you going to buy this building by asking me, "Please give us money!"? I am a very strange son. Even though Father wants to help me, I do not want to receive help. If you are someone who really wants to help Father, then why do you seek to receive first? You have to do it on your own. Then you will become stronger, so it is good for you and the foundation will grow as well. Is that right? Therefore, before wanting to receive, you have to want to give first. What kind of mind do you have? Do you want to receive, or do you want to set it up by yourselves? [We want to set it up by ourselves.]

This is called "value creation" in English; in other words, I want to add value. I always give the analogy of pie to explain it: instead of taking something of the pie, I would rather make the pie bigger. You have all heard of the biblical story, the parable of the talents, right? There was a servant that was able to make what his master gave to him bigger and better, and the master appreciated it. Is that right? You have to have that kind of a mind.

Kyoung Hyo (Kyoung Hyo Kim, President of W-CARP Korea) is a good speaker. That is why I only believe him 70 percent. (Laughter) So when he reports, "CARP members have suffered," then I think, "Oh, I should make them suffer more." You have to become the owners. If you say, "We have already become owners," then I think, "You have to become owners even more.''

Suffering is my friend. If you do not like suffering, you cannot become a big person. If you can be friends with suffering, then you can continue to grow and grow. Therefore, if you run away from suffering, the foundation of CARP cannot grow either. If you go overcome the suffering, and if you can be friends with it, then you will grow individually and the foundation of CARP will develop as well. This is the meaning behind my philosophy called "value creation." You have to become like that. Do you understand? [Yes.]

When I come here and look at your faces like this (making a pitiable face), I want to help you. However, I have to hold myself back. (Laughter) But before that situation where I have to withhold myself happens, I want to see you say with confidence, "We will do it!" I want to hear those words the most. Then I can think, "Ah, these kids are like me. I can trust them." And I would think, "This is the hope of the Unification Church." Now this is the foundation to becoming a great leader. Amen, no-men? [Amen.] It is strange how I talk a lot when many people are gathered like this. (Laughter)

Do you all understand it well now? [Yes.] The CARP members here have to take the responsibility and make a model CARP center, too. Will it take you two years? We have to find the nation in the year 2012... [We will make it fast.] Do you have confidence? [Yes.] (Pointing to President Kyoung Hyo Kim) Kyoung Hyo looks confident, but how about you? How about you? All of you should be confident as well. Are you confident? [Yes, we are confident!] If you are all confident as well, we can find the nation. If the members become one, if our goals become one, and if our hearts and cultures become one, then how can our goal not be accomplished -- especially if the culture and tradition become one? How hopeful would it be if all parents became one and the entire Unification Church became one? It is harder to move the Unification Church than to move the nation. But I have the confidence to move the Unification Church.

We Should Grow to Be Strong Leaders Full of Conviction

You get scared when you see me, right? I hear that our First Generation leaders tell Father that Hyun Jin Nim is scary. I heard it from Parents. Parents told me, "All the leaders are scared when they see you." People also tell my wife as well. So she tells me, "Oh, please be a little nice to our leaders. They always say Hyun Jin Nim is too scary." [No, we are not.] Do not lie because I heard everything already. (Laughter) I got yok (bad mouth or curse) a lot because of you. Jin Soo (Jin Soo Kim, Director of W- CARP), where are you? Because he knows I do not know Korean very well, Jin Soo told me, "Hyun Jin Nim, please do not use the word 'yok'." Since there are a lot of really bad words in yok, what word did you want me to use instead? [It is "bi-nan (criticize)." (Director Jin Soo Kim)] Right, "bi-nan," that is what he told me to use. But I heard really dirty yok a lot as I grew up. I have no choice, yok is yok. (Laughter)

Are you changing now? Are your thoughts changing or not? [Yes, it is changing.] I do not seem that scary of a person, right? [No.] (Laughter) Satan probably thinks that I am the scariest person. I have no fear. Think about it. You cannot understand me.

You could not understand True Family. Why am I doing these works? Why am I going through this suffering? It is to realize the Culture of Heart. Why am I concerned about you? Why? Because it is what Father does. We have to develop this house of Unification Church further. How do we develop it? We have to be one. How do we become one? Is it by centering on ourselves? It is by centering on God.

What is God's will? God's will is to establish a true, ideal family. How do you establish it? You can establish it with true love. If you oppose this, then yes, I will become the scariest person. But if you truly work to develop this, then I will be the person who liberates you. You decide. I have suffered much, and I also have no fear, so if I make a decision, I do not care whether this person says something and that person says another. That is a scary character. Are you like that too?

Among the people here, raise your hands if you have seen a bear. How about an elephant? [We saw them at the zoo.] (Laughter) Not those. I have encountered a lion from three meters (9.8 feet) away. If the lion knew I was there, it would have eaten me. You get scared when you look at the lion's eyes, right? But you have to hold still. Animals know whether you are scared or not. They know fear, they can sense it. If they know that you are scared, they eat you. (To the parents) Is it okay if I give that kind of training to these kids? [Yes.] Is it okay if these kids get scared and get eaten by the lions? Lions will eat you if you get scared. Can you send the kids to a place that scary? (Laughter)

However, to become a true leader, you have to become a leader who is that brave. You need that much strength especially if you want to drive forward something you believe in. It is because the leader's strength is also the strength of the people that trust and follow him. That is why character is important. If the person in charge is weak and fearful, then his followers will also become weak and fearful. Therefore, in order to have confidence, you have to have this kind of an experience.

Our Second Generation kids seem a little weak. If I make them suffer, it seems like they will say, "I want to stop now," in a few days. You have to have a strong mind. You have to have the character to be able to go over any opposition no matter how strong it is. I believe that I need to give you such training. Is that okay? Therefore, when we witness or do Service For Peace, even if you are opposed by the people and get cursed at, can you go back to them with a pure mind and live for that person's sake? [Yes.] You have to have that kind of training. Then people will look at you and think, "I want to follow them, too." We already had cases like that in CARP, right? [Yes, we did.] Principle is all the same. If you become that kind of a person, then you can naturally become a leader. People will naturally follow you. They will want to follow you. Do you understand? We have to make that kind of a foundation. That is why we need to establish the culture and tradition of true love. Amen, no-men? [Amen.] Can you do that? [Yes!]

Then the next time I come here, we will have our own CARP center, right? [Yes, we will make plans and... (President Kyoung Hyo Kim)] Then when will you have it, three months later? [You have to give us a little more time.] (Laughter) (Holding President Kyoung Hyo Kim) This kind of a person should be suspended at the top of a mountain. (Laughter) Okay, let me ask you again. When should I come back? When will you build our own CARP center? [Please come back next year.]

What, next year? (Laughter) You have no confidence. Your dream is too small. [We will make plans and go through the process.] I think you think and move too much like a turtle. If you truly become owners, then you can do big works.

Let me tell you one more thing so that you can do well. You know UVG (United Vision Group: company run by Hyun Jin Nim), right? We made a team at the headquarters and showed that team to someone famous in the human resource consulting field. That person said, "This team has much more attention than the teams in other companies." However, I thought they were lacking. The people did not have confidence. But I get the same feeling when I look at you. If you believe in the contents that I am teaching now 100 percent and make them your own, how can you not have confidence? The history is working behind you.

If you want to move God, nation, and world, you first have to move yourself. You have to believe. You have to have that conviction. Do you understand? [Yes.] Now even if I leave, you will continue to work hard, right? [Yes!] Especially the First Generation, you are learning more about my heart, right? [Yes.] 

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