Owning The Creation Of The Culture Of Heart - President Hyun Jin Moon's Speeches Volume 2


It has been eight years already since Hyun Jin Nim began his public mission upon True Parents' direction. On the historical date of July 19, 1998, Hyun Jin Nim was inaugurated as the Vice President of Family Federation for World Peace and Unification International at Manhattan Center in New York, USA. On that day, he made the following promise in front of God, True Parents, and all members of the Unification Movement: "I believe I have a clear obligation to revive the Second Generation of our movement as well as offer a fresh new vision for the world's youth... I pledge to alter this current state by reinvigorating them to recognize their value as historical figures in bringing about a world of peace and love. By raising these young people to represent God's ideal, they will offer an alternative standard of life to the young people of the world." Hyun Jin Nim has been marching restlessly for the last eight years to achieve this goal that he has set.

At this moment, Hyun Jin Nim's solitary struggle and efforts are beginning to sprout bear fruit. Through CARP, Service For Peace, STF, and Jr. STF, a new ground is opening for the education of the youth centered upon the Second Generation. As a fruit of this education, the youth of the Unification Movement are realizing their identities as a member of God's extended True Family and are making the dream of the Vertical Axial Line of God, True Parents, and True Family to "establish one God-centered human family" their own dreams. Moreover, they are working hard to breakthrough and walk the public path of true love in order to carry out that dream.

The core of Hyun Jin Nim's teaching for the last eight years is, "Owing the Culture of Heart!" The concept of the "culture" that Hyun Jin Nim speaks of is not restricted to just art or music. It is "culture" in the broad sense synthesizing all of our way of existence, thinking, and life. Consequently, the "Culture of Heart" means to have "true love of living for the sake of others" as the motive and standard of everything we do and to practice it. Therefore, we should not work to realize the Culture of Heart through some obligation or a sense of duty. Rather, it should be a course of joy and hope that we walk as "owners" because we want to. It is naturally achieved when we accurately experience and recognize our identities in life. By the grace of the "Blessing," each of us has become a member of the extended True Family connected to the Vertical Axial Line of God, True Parents, and True Family through the blood lineage. As a member of the extended True Family, we have the responsibility to build alignment to the Vertical Axial Line through inheriting and substantiating its culture. This culture of the Vertical Axial Line is the Culture of Heart. In other words, the motive for God's creation, the foundation for True Parents' advent and all of their works, and the root of True Family's dream and hope all lie in the heart of true love of living for the sake of others. Hyun Jin Nim declares that here lies the inevitability for us to become the owners of the Culture of Heart.

These teachings of Hyun Jin Nim are not only for the Second Generation and the youth. All Blessed Families should stand in the position of younger brothers and sisters to True Family, receive the words and education of love from the elder brother, and practice them, thereby becoming one with our elder brother and advancing toward True Parents. From that perspective, Hyun Jin Nim's tours in Korea and Japan at the end of the year 2004 have significant meaning. Hyun Jin Nim made many sincere conditions before starting the tour and clearly revealed his purpose of the tour by saying, "I am not going on this tour as the Vice President of Family Federation or as the President of W- CARP. I am going on this tour as a representative of True Family and as the elder brother of all Blessed Families to educate them." As a result, members in Korea and Japan representing Blessed Families all over the world were able to become heartistically one with True Family through Hyun Jin Nim's love and words. Furthermore, they strongly determined to become the forerunners for founding Cheon Il Guk by "Owning the Creation of the Culture of Heart."

At the end of last year, 24 speeches from each of the tours in Korea and Japan were put together to publish a Korean volume with a total of 48 speeches. Among those speeches, 14 of them were selected to publish a translated edition in English. Some parts of the speech overlap since these words were given with the same topic as Hyun Jin Nim toured many different regions.

Nevertheless, they were included without much editing in hopes that the readers could share the journey and heart of Hyun Jin Nim as he totally invested every one of his days with sincerity and devotions for the sake of the members.

I genuinely wish that you, the readers of this book, may resolve your convictions once again to "Own the Creation of the Culture of Heart" as representatives of God, True Parents, and True Family. May this be a chance for us to heartistically align ourselves with True Family.

JinMan Kwak
Executive Vice President
World CARP

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