Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 4. The Coming Of The Spiritual New Age

1. Coming Of Age Of Extrasensory Perception

The age of extrasensory perception is coming, and then there will be no one who cannot communicate with the spiritual world. The time when people attack people is over, and spirits will be attacking the earth. Now, Satan and evil spirits are attacking, but there will be a time when good spirits will attack also. I am doing this in order to pave the way for that. When we think about parents' attitude towards children, it is so wonderful to have parents, who can serve children with loving hearts.

Ladies and gentlemen, we have come this far now. This path cannot be avoided no matter what kind of opposition we face. What if you have to walk the way alone? Where would you go when you are lost in the desolate spiritual world? Do you have a nationality? Where do people without nationality go? Do you have a house? Where do you go? The world becomes most fearful. There will be Satan and angels, yet when you are standing on Satan's side, angels will not come.

So when you wake up after death, you will find out that there is a spiritual world; but what if Satan drags you away? There will be great commotion, people pushing others to go first. So if you think about this, can you get any steep? It is an inevitable course. Rev. Moon is serious about such things. What will happen after death? When I go to the spiritual world, such and such people will come to me. I have made all the arrangements. Do you understand? I know the secrets of Confucius, Buddha, and Jesus. Understanding the miserable heart of Jesus, I say to him, "Didn't you die because of such and such?", and he says, "Surely. How do you, Rev. Moon of Unification Church, know it?" This is why I can be a friend of Jesus.

You or Christians may call Jesus, "Lord, Lord", but I don't; we are friends. They call me a heretic because I say this kind of thing. But wait and see who is a heretic. You should make the preparation before you go, do you understand? I am doing this because I know very well that when I go to the spiritual world there will be a big commotion. If you cannot believe this, pray and find out yourself. This is why I am following this path although it is hard. How about you? Where will you go? Are you ready? If you say to me at the time of death, "Alas, I ask for your favor, for I am now going to the spiritual world", then it is too late. Preparation cannot be made then, but only while you are on earth. (61-327)

2. We Entered A New Age Through The Declaration Of Day Of Heavenly Victory

When you consider Jesus, Jesus is formation, twelve disciples is growth, and seventy-two elders is completion -- it is three stages. If you cannot do this, you cannot go to the kingdom of heaven. Originally, you can receive the Blessing only after doing this. Then Jesus can be married. When your entire family joins our church, with grandparents, parents, and grandchildren competing to come along, even running on top of one another, then the three stages will be completed; namely, eighty four people.

When this happens, through restoring your parents, you can restore your entire ancestors of tens of thousands of generations at once. The age is coming when spiritual world can return to the earth. The organization on the earth can structure the organization in the spiritual world; they become one. Such an amazing phenomenon happens. Imagine how overjoyed the spiritual world will be. Hence, now the age of victory of religion and of spiritual world has come. (96-251, Jan. 22, 78)

Now you please pray. Your command will be honored: "In accordance with Father's words, on this Day of Heavenly Victory, October 4th (1996), you good spirits please come and lead the evil spirits on earth to heaven through your virtuous embrace." Such an age is coming. Why? We live in the age of Adam, and spirits live in the realm of angels, and they have to move because by the Principle, angels are to assist Adam. (89-113)

True, the spiritual and mental world is very much a realm of unification. If you say, "I miss so and so", and wait for twenty-four hours, this person comes. This is realized. When you focus, he appears. This is like sending electric waves. Then, because he has the mind that works like a receiver, for no reason he becomes curious about you and feels the desire to come.

3. Unification Ceremony And Spiritual Assistance

What is the significance of True Parents' birthday? On February first in the lunar calendar, I did the so-called Unification Ceremony. You or ordinary believers may not know what this ceremony is. Look. In the course of restoration, you should perfect the individual, family, tribe, and country, and they must be connected vertically. Do you understand this? I made accomplishments on earth at individual, family, tribal, national, and country levels, but it is not yet connected to the spiritual world. Nor is it connected to the families of the Unification Church. Although the road is paved, this road must be connected with the spiritual world and then to the physical world. Only then, will the Unification Ceremony start.

When does the Unification Ceremony start? Since Christianity is global, and has been developing mainly through democratic countries, unification is possible only when there is worldwide foundation; without such a foundation, the unification at one level cannot be connected to other levels. At this time, we can only aim at the global level from the national level, but we cannot decide it and fix it. Do you understand what I say? But now, through the foundation I made in America, we can make the connection. Now is the time when country and world are connected. And the global level is linked to the level of spiritual world.

In the spiritual world, Korean and Japanese spirits are not connected, for instance. Spirits with different nationalities are connected only to their own countries, and thus we cannot mobilize the whole as a unified force. Do you understand this? Until this is resolved on the earth, spiritual world will be in disorder. Furthermore, in the spiritual world, enemies fight and create troubles, Koreans and Japanese, and Japanese and Chinese, for instance. So we are trying to reconcile them.

For this reason, we have done a Ceremony for Entire Liberation on last March first, 1975, a ceremony to forgive and liberate the whole. This even opens the way to forgive Satan. Do you understand this? Through this ceremony, enemies cannot treat each other as enemies but must forgive them. For me, Satan is my enemy, and after forgiving Satan, there is no more enemy. For God does not consider him the enemy, either. Now is the time when this is unified. What will happen if physical world and spiritual world became one?

What is fall? It is a separation between physical and spiritual worlds and between God, on the one hand, and Adam and Eve, on the other. It is a breach of heart between Adam and Eve. Hence, with the spiritual and physical worlds unified, if the supranational structure of the Unification Church develops centering on family, tribe, nation, country, and world, this can form the worldwide realm of unification. Do you understand this? [Yes]

So it is not possible to do this in America because we have to solve those things. Korea is the central country; in Korea, through establishing foundations of individual, family, tribe, nation, and country, we advanced towards the world. This is why I came to Korea in such a hurry. So after the Unification Ceremony, I realize that my birthday this year is historic. Do you understand? [Yes] Why historic? Those spirits have never had a chance to attend True Parents' birthday, nor do they have a qualification to celebrate it. Also, all the people in the world are without the privilege to celebrate it. It is because spiritual and physical foundations are not joined.

Now, however, with such privilege being provided spiritually and physically, spiritual world moves to restore descendants. From the Principle standpoint, ancestors are in the archangel's position and descendants in Adam's position. As the archangel assisted in the creation of Adam, the spirits are united and assist in the creation of Adam on earth; the age of ancestral intervention is coming. You should understand the Principle. For those who hear this for the first time, it may sound like a dream.

For this reason, this day, when True Parents come to Korea to celebrate their birthday, is a day of opening another historic epoch. In other words, countless spirits in the other world come with the privilege to participate in the celebration. So we did the ceremony in headquarters, OK? [Yes] Through this, we move to the age in which ancestors as archangel can re-create their descendants who do not know Unification Church yet as Adam, just as God created Adam with archangel's assistance. With this logic, people all over the world can receive the privilege to celebrate True Parents' birthday. Do you understand? [Yes]

4. Ceremony Of One Heart And Assistance Of Ancestors

I have become the head of the Moon clan, not through a coercion but through their own desire to serve me. I have met this organization -- Association for Finding the Family Root -- for the first time. Through this meeting, heads of clans got together and presented me as a parent of Korea. In order to do such a thing, this ceremony is inevitable.

The position of True Parents is not just for Koreans but for the whole of mankind and all the ancestors. They should have gone to the spiritual world as descendants of True Parents but could not because of the fall. The earth is in Abel's position, and so by following Abels, as they work to restore elder sonship, spiritual world can receive liberation. Since the physical world has restored elder sonship, spiritual world has to support us. So be strong and courageous because the way of heaven is before us. So through Ceremony of One Heart we determine this clearly and announce it. Do you understand?

You don't know spiritual things, right? This way, your good ancestors can help us through heads of the tribes. This is connected to the earth. Physical world and spiritual world have different points of view, and in the fallen world, they take opposite courses. But how can this be overcome? Through true love. (190-314)

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