Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 3 - Ancestors And Ourselves

1. Ancestors Are Looking Upon Us

When you go to the spiritual world, would your ancestors come to you or not? [They would.] They will say, "Wow, our grandchildren joined Unification Church and met Rev. Moon" There, the palace and royal family of the heaven will start. There has been no palace in heaven so far. Between the grandchildren who simple-mindedly do what I say and the grandchildren who try to be smart and evade me like eels, who would they praise? Would they praise those grandchildren who act like turtles or like rabbits? [Those who act like turtles.] They will praise those who act like turtles. Rabbits sleep on the way, saying, "Oh, I am already here." Rabbits urinate often. (laughter) I don't know about turtles. I have not seen them urinate. Rabbits urinate on the way after a short while and again after a short while. Why? In order to mark their own territories so that others cannot come in.

So we should be like turtles. Those who do what they are told to do and those who move on day and night and regardless of seasons will be welcomed everywhere. The ancestors in the other world are looking at your life. There is no place to hide. Your ancestors are all watching. When you go to the spiritual world, you can see through walls and even the entire earth. We should live in such a world eternally. We are created as God's objects of love, so as long as God is eternal, the object of love should also be eternal. So we are eternal as God is. Without being an object of love, there is no eternal life. You should know this clearly. Go and see if it is so or not.

In the other world, who goes to the highest place? Those who want to be born again tens of thousand of years, serving the humanity as God does and consoling God, goes nearest to God -- those who try to use for mankind whatever good things they have. Isn't it so? When grandparents come close to the time of death, they pass on all the good things to their children, don't they? In our life, we should say that we will leave something precious behind for mankind, just as grandparents give all they have worked on over to their descendants. (213-196)

2. We Should Be Better Than Our Ancestors

In this house, where our ancestors have lived and where my grandparents and I were born, if I leave behind here love that is even greater than that of my great grandparents, it produces the luster of love for heaven. Hundreds of millions of voltage of light will shine forth. And this light goes to the hometown. It goes up through the ancestors and to the spiritual world centering on God. This heaven is our original home, for isn't God our original Father?

Adam and Eve are God's body. Adam and Eve are horizontal parents, and God vertical parents; hence, when we throw away the horizontal body and vertically return home to heaven, we would serve them as eternal kings. Who is the king? If Adam and Eve had not fallen, they would have perfected themselves with God's body and connected direct and indirect dominions on the earth with love, thereby becoming kings of love. Then God would live in Adam's mind, and Adam's spirit would be God's body; they would be one body. They would share God's love and human love eternally and breathe it together. Thus, we should receive God's love, and try to come close to the original love of the ancestors Adam and Eve; this is the eternal spiritual path leading to the other world. (213-190) 

3. We Should Visit Our Ancestors' Graves

Are your grandparents alive? [They are deceased.] Then, you should visit their graves and serve them as if God were buried in the grave. Korean people cry out loud in times of death. This is to repent for not having served the grandparents well when alive and to resolve the sorrow. When you follow me and realize the great principle of the heaven, you will understand these things. We should make the serving efforts until we are recognized by God, and our grandfather sends a message that it is now enough, OK?

At the time of harvest, you should not forget about your grandparents. You should visit and serve them earnestly in each of the four seasons. So try it. Then people will say that although you seemed to have became a monster after joining Unification Church, you have actually become a royal child.

You should serve your parents better than any king serving their parents. Don't you wish that your parents are kings? Your hearts desire that your parents are higher than kings. All this is allowed. You should keep the royal norms and serve your parents so that they are happier than any kings in the world; then you will qualify as royal children. Then, parents will praise their children whenever they open their mouths. Ancestors and descendants will all praise, so realm of unification will be realized centering on parents. Unification will occur centering on parents, centering on grandparents, and then for the whole -- grandchildren, children, parents, and the whole world. This becomes the foundation to thoroughly spread the seed of unification. It will be as if we were dreaming. (220-350)

Now Cain has been subjugated and elder sonship restored with regard to the three generations -- grandparents, parents, and elder brother; hence, a grand child will be served as an ancestor at the levels of elder sonship, parentship, and kingship. As this great upheaval and 180 degree's turn occurs, in which child is served as parent and younger brother is served as elder brother, the hell also turns around to the heavenly direction. You should know this.

So you should go to hometown and make the 160 families. From your hometown, bring them to speeches and have them sign the membership form. When the eldest descendant, who is the root of the lineage, recommends it, then all other descendants should follow. So gather all the 160 families and hold a party, where you can proclaim Unification Church. They should pledge to absolutely follow the royal children's command and inaugurate them at the ancestors' grave. You should say, "Through the True Parents, we have become ancestors to inherit new lineage and a tribe of liberation and blessing. Our tribe will be eternally unchanging descendants of God." Then, you will be eternally separated from Satan.

So Unification Church allows ancestor worship. Do you understand? [Yes] Does Christianity allow ancestors service? [No] Unification Church has to establish this tradition. This is not a secular tradition. This brings about a royal land where we can eternally serve heavenly ancestors, clan, and tribal messiahs in the mainstream of providence. It will be a land where we can serve the king and sing songs of peace eternally. Do you understand it? You and your tribe can go to the kingdom of heaven only after having lived in such a country. (220-222)

4. Ancestors We Can Meet

You should know what your house is like. Your house is exemplary for all the houses people live in their earthly life. Furthermore, it is exemplary for the spiritual world. Those who have lived in such a house can naturally go to the original homeland. There will be no conflict when meeting grandparents or anyone else. They will all say, "Hey, you came!" In that place, your ancestors of thousands of generations are all there. Will there be ancestors in the hell or not? They are staying at different levels. Those who lived for the sake of others go to the kingdom of heaven. So family harmony starts from me. If I serve and serve in the family, and if I can do this at least three times, grandparents will be able to realize their own shortcomings.

How many times did Moses try to serve in Egypt? Seven, eight, even more than twelve times he tried to serve. When you try to serve and yet they do not receive you, then Heaven will guide you. He brings fruition in other places what you have invested in one place through serving. So those who live a serving life like God, although they may be persecuted and opposed on the earth, will live in the original land of God, just as Israelites entered Canaan after the wilderness.

So have you served grandmothers with white hair? God is white. Snow gathers in high mountains, right? God is clean. So the head knows this. Also, did the grandmother serve her own parents-in-law? She should serve her parents-in-law in such a way that when they die, they will say, "I will prepare to receive you in the other world just as you have served me." (213-182)

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