Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 1. Spiritual Phenomena And Liberation Of Spirits

1. Good Spiritual World And Evil Spiritual World

The spiritual world is divided into two, Satanic world and God's world. If we can find the way to move from the evil to good world quickly, the earthly things will naturally fall into place. Do you understand? [Yes] How do we walk this path? This is possible if we possess the secret method through which we can go to the Satanic spiritual world and claim to the heavenly side entire Satanic individuals, families, tribes, and countries. Do you understand this?

Such a time is coming. You should know that when this time comes to the spiritual world, this will be reflected in the physical world, and things will roll into that world with a rapid transformation. (134-15)

What is the new movement we are developing? What kind of ideology is it? If God exists, it is the ideology conforming to God's will. Then what does this ideology seek? If God exists, there should also be spiritual world. Spiritual world is a storage house where all our ancestors, present human beings, and people of the future arrive at and stay.

In this spiritual world there must be good and evil worlds because the physical world is like that, and evil people will have to go to the evil spiritual world. If death is the end of existence, this is meaningless; if, however, human beings exist in some relationship with God, and spiritual world is where they gather, then this spiritual world is inevitably divided into two different kinds -- good and evil.

The question, then, is what the good kind and what the evil kind are. God must seek the ideal world of dual purpose, where good and evil spiritual worlds harmonize and human world harmonize, thereby bringing everything into oneness and fulfilling the individual and whole purposes; we human beings have dual purposes, individual and whole.

What, then, is the problem? What has the human history been seeking so far? What is goodness and what is evil? Why do we have to live in such a lamentation and bang against the thick wall? It is because the starting point, process, and final destiny are different. What is its content? If we analyze the content, it is quite simple. (126-83)

We cannot understand this clearly without seeing comprehensively how the spiritual world develops and makes a relationship with the physical world. The spiritual world can be divided into good and evil worlds. This is a world that really exists. Although the people on the earth do not realize, this world is real.

Now, good and evil spirits are struggling with one another in the spiritual world. The battle is that good spirits are trying to lead evil spirits to good places, while evil spirits are trying to prevent good spirits from going up to good places. You should know that evil spirits are connected centering on Satan, and people on the earth today are living under their dominion. Why is it? The good spirits are standing on the good side not because they are completely good from God's point of view, but because they have established some condition of separation on the earth.

In the progress towards the original world of ideals, an ideal realm of goodness where original human beings can go, good spirits are fighting their way towards it, and evil spirits are struggling to block the way. The evil spiritual world and evil physical world are in a constant communication. Good spirits are the ones who were opposed and persecuted in the sinful world. They are religious believers.

2. Spiritual Phenomena

If religions fight against one another in the final day, what would happen? Now is a time when such a phenomenon can easily occur. Unification Church has been born in order to prevent this. Unification Church is a preventive prescription against it. This is needed. So in the age of religious war, the body and spirit have to work together to protect,

The spiritual world dominates the physical world. There must be hundreds of billions of spirits in the spiritual world; Japanese population of one hundred million is no match at all; this is not even as big as a dust on tip of the toe. Billions and trillions of spirits are on the offensive in order to take over the physical world.

One example for this is neurosis. A little while later, perhaps after 1980's or year 2000, everyone may develop some spiritual sense and communication, either with good spirits or with evil spirits. We cannot but fight no matter how much we are told against wars. Such a time may come. The mission of the Unification Principle is to prevent this. A high antenna produces noises, and this is a phenomenon of neurosis.

What is the most fearful is just to have all the evil spirits attacking the physical world. The question is what would happen in this case. No matter how numerous people are to fill the world, they will all be struck by evil spirits. So God is making the preparation, expanding the foundation centering on good spirits. (55-30)

3. A Letter From The Spiritual World

Does spiritual world exist or not? [It does.] No. [It does] You rascals, no! [Yes] Then have you seen it? [We have] You found out through me, right? [Yes] What if it is a lie? [It is true] (laughter) Believe, if it is true and you want to believe it. I am not responsible if you go to hell later. Don't say, "Alas, I am in trouble because I was deceived by him." If it really exists as I said, would you not be exclaiming with joy, "Oh, what he said if really true"? [We would.] You will be extremely happy, with your eyes wide open and nose twisted.

These days, I heard that Dr. Sang Hun Lee's wife Han Sook sent him a letter from the spiritual world, and that Dr. Lee also replied to her. The letter said: "How wonderful the spiritual world is! I did not know that Blessing is so precious. It is like a dream that we are a part of the heavenly royal family. This is like a mystery. It is so nice here that I am sorry for coming here first. Please forgive me." In other words, she went to the spiritual world before the husband, and since she had followed the Unification Church, dream-like things happened to her. So this is why she was sorry, because it is too good.

We are smart people. Since we know the spiritual world well, we live our whole life in order to conform ourselves to its program, right? Since we come from the origin, we should go back to the origin. Aren't rivers created by water rising up from the sea and falling back down to the earth? So we should go back to the origin. Life continues through the movement of circulation. Without circulation, everything will dissolve back to the basic elements. Do you understand this? [Yes]

Who is God? You should know this. God is like the mind of the universe, do you see? Now you know who He is, right? As we come to understand it, He is like the mind of the universe. Can you see the mind? [We can't] Can you see the mind? [We can't] The spiritual world is a place where the mind is substantial in a certain form, and it transcends time and space. There you can eat whatever you want. You don't have to worry about food, drink, or clothes. It transcends all the need for the necessities of life, do you see? Do you need a car there? Do you think there is a car factory there or not? [Not] Would there be factories for food, clothes, or fabrics? [No] None of these are there. There, you can traverse millions of miles in a split second. With what power? Through the power of love; if you have a desire to see a beloved one, he appears before you in a second.

Speed of love is the fastest, and it passes in a straight line. This is not a worldly love but Godly love. What is Godly love? It is true love. When you are in the realm of true love, you can move at the highest speed on a straight line, so you can operate on the stage of universe, which is under the control of your thought. This is a truth that sounds like a lie. It is because I know such things that I did not complain even when going through the valley of sorrow all alone as a pioneer for seventy years and that I am still determined to walk this path straight until the time of death.

So if I die this way, there is a railroad in the spiritual world. The railroads in the physical and spiritual world are connected like train rails that go through a national border; they have to fit exactly, not too big or not too small. Only the Unification Church knows these things. No matter how proud Christianity is, they don't know it. In this age, which boasts late 20th century science and logic of structured progress, Unification Church is the only place where we can testify to God with a religious theory through a well-structured process. (210-225)

Now is not a time when Jesus is opposed. Now that the age has come when the entire Korea will praise Rev. Moon's name from the standpoint of global history, you should fulfill the mission of Tribal Messiah. Now, your tribes including far distant relatives will be restored at once. Restoring 120 families in six months is not a problem. We are in the position of elder brother. The whole heaven and earth will see the dawn.

A grandfather will become a grandchild, and a father will become a son. It is like when somebody becomes a king, his grandparents and parents will have to serve him. Messiah means kingship, right?

In that country, all the saints will return from the spiritual world and rule as kings in the name of the Christ. This is tribal kingship. Then this becomes a realm of liberation in which kingship can participate in the global domain. just go and see if this is empty words. Now we have a letter from Dr. Lee's wife in the spiritual world, Han Sook. She said, "Oh, when I came to the spiritual world. . . you can come here when you are Blessed. I did not know what royal family of heaven means until I came here. Sang Hun, I am sorry that I came here before you." It is this kind of place.

When such an immense and eternal world is unfolding for us in our hometown, I don't want you to be poor people who have a limited scope of operation and loose sense of direction. I am doing this in order to create a Clear, liberated realm in which we can travel freely to the highest heights of the great universe. What do you have to leave behind for the sake of the future generations? You should leave behind good things in the country for the sake of your descendants. Then people of the country will protect them, right?

So instead of money, power, or knowledge, leave behind patriotic accomplishments. This is the preparation. Without preparation, even I would have perished, right? Everyone wished for my downfall, and yet I made a thorough preparation against my downfall. So I cannot perish under any circumstances. (213-146)

4. Hope Of Spirits

Then what would people in the spiritual world desire? This is the problem. Food? In the spiritual world you can be supplied with all you need according to your situation. If I want something, it comes to me immediately. Do you understand? There is nothing that is impossible if you have the subjective ability to digest and move it. I don't talk about this so much because if I do, they say I am out of mind. If you want to give a party for one million people, it can be done very quickly because one million people will appear at once and all the preparations will be finished in a minute. Isn't it wonderful?

How miserable is the physical world at present? Considering the Korean situation, there are many jobless people, aren't there? This is the situation. What would move things forward and bring hopes? When atoms divide, it produces heat, and in the same way, when we start the division process of love, one spark will create chain explosions, "Ba ba ba bang!" Doesn't it look quite likely? (141-278)

The question is how the other world is connected. Those in the other world also hope that tomorrow is better than today, just as people in the physical world commonly desire that today is better than yesterday, and tomorrow is better than today. Everyone, whether Orientals or Westerners, or people of the past, present or future, all desire a better tomorrow. This never changes. All the spirits are the same. They want to have a better future and better life in the spiritual world than they had in the physical world. Then, the question is centering on why we desire a better future. (141-269)

The six-thousand years of history, so far, is a history of searching for one Adam, and a history of re-creating Adam. This is why you should follow me. Eve cannot be created without Adam. This is why God has to create one man, Adam. For this purpose, flesh and blood of the countless people who have appeared in the providence of restoration should be used as a material. The sorrows and hopes of the millions of spirits have to gather together and unite. When the substantial Adam figure finally appears, only then the martyrs, who have died under severe persecutions, feel that their lives were worthwhile. So spirits receive liberation themselves by connecting with living beings on the earth. This is how it works. This should not be just a vague concept. The question is how we can realize it deeply. (29-271)

We should move on no matter what others are doing on the side, whether they are eating or resting. In front of us, thousands are continuously going forward. If you struggle and make hard efforts to go, pulling the rope relentlessly, other people will also hold the rope for you. In the meantime, you will also feel that many people fall away from the rope. It is like a marathon competition. There will be first place and second place. History has been flowing this way. So far, countless spirits have been holding on to this rope for thousands of years. So if you take the first place, go to the other world, and take over the roller of the rope, then spiritual world and physical world will be restored. (32-145)

5. Liberation Of Spirits

Our Unification Church must complete the mission of three ages; saving the spirits, liberating the people living in the present sinful world, and liberating those who are to come in the future. So we are proposing the liberation of three ages. This is an incredible task. What would happen if such dream-like things come to pass in reality? Your eyes will open wide, your mouth won't be able to close, and your ears will rise up high, but you will have no choice but to bow down your head. (28-201)

Now, what is the Unification Church trying to do? It is trying to create peace and reconciliation. But to whom do you want to bring reconciliation? Jesus and the Holy Spirit have been engaged in this task -- giving birth. What Jesus and the Holy Spirit must do is to give birth to children. The Bible says that by giving birth we receive salvation. Nevertheless, Christianity says that women should not give birth. Then why did God create the organ for child birth? No. This tells us symbolically that women must give birth again as a representative of Eve.

The essential characteristics of the original mother failed to be incarnated in Eve's body and spirit, as Eve failed to establish the common base with the original subject partner, who was to receive and complete those characteristics; for this reason, God took it back. So in the time of Jesus, God sent these characteristics as the object partner to the subject partner. So it has no body. Jesus had a body, but the Holy Spirit had no body. This is why we say that the Holy Spirit is like fire, oil, or wind.

The Holy Spirit enters into human hearts, moves them, and cleanses the sins. This is like mother giving birth to a child and raising him up. just as mother needs father's protection for a child birth, for the rebirth, one should make a condition that he is reborn through the protection of Jesus. Now, have Jesus and the Holy Spirit been able to rest so far? No. Also, has Christianity been able to rest? No. Also, in trying to save the fallen men for six thousand years, has God been able to rest? No. Then, has Unification Church been able to rest? Has Rev. Moon been able to rest? Although I am over fifty years old, I am still running around like a scared deer.

What am I busy for? I am trying to bring reconciliation so that God can rest, Jesus and the Holy Spirit can rest, and all our ancestors can be at ease. God is an ancestor, isn't he? All the Christian saints who have been to the world are ancestors. All the religious leaders are the same. We must liberate these ancestors. We must resolve their sorrow. Such a problem remains now. (75-38)

I am thinking about this all the time, as soon as I wake up and even on the way to the bathroom. Asleep or awake, wherever I am, and whomever I meet, I am thinking about this. Do you understand this? This is why I am not indebted to you. How incapable a leader must be to live in debt! I am now fifty eight, coming close to sixty, and yet I always tell myself that I will not be beaten by young people. Even these days, I go to the boat every day. I am doing this because I know that in America those who have an interest in the sea will have a great economic power.

I am doing this in order to liberate the spirits who died in the sea. Sometimes, I go out to the sea even after hearing a storm warning. Why? Because there are many spirits who died in the storm. In 1975, I went to Cape Cod and liberated spirits. No one knows this in the world, not even the captain of the boat. My daughter and true mother are doing the same thing now. Then why are we doing it, when receiving persecution for this? For the sake of the liberation of the spiritual world. You understand, right? (93-96)

6. Unification Of Spiritual World

The physical world is Satan's stage of action, and spiritual world God's stage of action; as such the two worlds have been always in confrontation. When this surely remains as a sorrow in the age of restoration, we cannot let them be in opposition to each other. We should establish the realm of the mind centering on God and realm of body governed by God. You should know that the securing the foundation of unification depends on how you develop this in your daily life. (45-213)

In order to unify Unification Church, we should unify the spiritual world. Do you know spiritual world? [Yes] Our Unification folks should understand spiritual world and unify it. Do you think it is easy to unify it? Without unification of the spiritual world, there is no unification of physical world. You know that the fight in the physical world is hard, right? Then, do you think the fight in the spiritual world would be easier? [Harder] Considering this, our Unification members cannot speak about hardship, when I am going forward myself. (153-56)

In the search for an ideal, what makes the physical and spiritual affairs one? For the sake of the unification of the two worlds, things have to be switched around. If I hold on to my own, it will not work. I have to give everything, and the other side will come along here, and the other side has to give everything, and this side will go along there. We are moving on in order to find the lost place. (147-94)

In connecting the spiritual and physical worlds, we should first confirm and realize deeply our conviction for the world and the ideal of unification, after which we should gratefully take the suffering path in order to realize it worldwide. Then the spiritual and physical worlds will automatically become one, and unification will start from there. The direction of unification will be decided there. (29-285)

Can the Unification Church unify the physical world before unifying the spiritual world? [No] That is the principle. For this reason, in order to unify the spiritual world, I am driving the Unification members into a place of death mercilessly. Then spiritual world will have to help you. The more miserable place you go into, the more the spiritual world will be united. Do you see this? [Yes] When you go into a deep place, the realm of the heavenly kingdom will be open among the thirty million Korean people. Do you see this? This realm includes those who are in hell. (49-109)

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