Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 2. Judgment And Public Approval

1. Categories Of Judgment

Would God, who knows that the way of the Principle is a way that cannot be walked without loving one's enemies, let people perish in the last days? No. God is in the position of a parent towards humans. The judgment of fire that is mentioned in today's Christianity is not literally a fire judgment. (31-167)

As you are well aware that there is a protocol between teachers and students that should be observed by each party? Likewise, in the Unification Church as well, there are laws that I should observe, and you should also observe. Those who doze while I am speaking, will they be violated by the heavenly laws or not? [They will.] Those who are dozing, is that right? [Right.] Did you doze, thinking of that or not? Yes or no? Did you doze, understanding it or not? [We did, without realizing it.] That is what you should know.

Therefore, when looking at this from this perspective, if you do not pay attention to the words, you will be judged by the words. Next, we should realize substance. What are your actions for? It is to realize substance. If not, without action there will be a judgment of substance. There are three different kinds of judgment: that of words, that of substance, and that of heart. One should go through three different stages of judgment.

First, the words of the Principle will judge you. What is next? It is judgment of substance. Who will judge? Those who labored hard, doing fundraising, witnessing, and realizing substance, by observing all the laws. Those who did not do any of these, trying to take an easy way out, will be all judged by them. That is a judgment. Satan will participate in it, judging people who did not follow the words. Those who realized a substantial foundation will accuse the ones who did not. The substantial foundation laid by Father, and the substantial foundation of leaders in the Unification Church will make accusations against its members who did not fulfill.

This is the right order. First, the accusation comes from Satan; second, from family members; third, from Father; fourth, from angels; and fifth, from God. [While saying this, Father writes on the blackboard]. Do you understand me?

You need to go the following way: You can go to God after being recognized by family members in the satanic world and next, by Father. That is our destiny. That is a law. That is a direction that we need to follow. This is the direction that I previously mentioned. What do we do about this? What is judgment? They will give substantial judgment with all of these. Will lies work? [No.] If you do it unwillingly, it is like not doing it. If you do it, thinking of God and/or Father, the substance of God and/or that of Father will be in it. It is like a fully matured chestnut inside of it. If you think of God and Father like this, Father's words, God's words will be the substance of your work. Ladies and gentlemen, is that right?

By so doing, the Unification Church members should be welcomed by Father and family members. You should become such a person. When you are exposed, you should become a person like a chestnut. We should live for God and True Parents. That is your mission. Next, when you go to spirit world, your lifestyle of living for God and True Parents should be in harmony with that of your life here on earth. Do you understand what I mean? That is how harmonization is achieved.

For this reason, we should go through a process of passing a fearful test with substantial conditions. That is a law. When the test is done, the foundation of heart will automatically come into being. When you were fundraising and witnessing hard, why were you persecuted and accused for doing both of them? It was to restore, to discover heart, which you did not have. It was to restore, to discover love. It happened so that you could become a person who can love people who are doing these things against you. Unless you go through such a training course, no matter how much you try to become a heavenly person, you cannot. That is, we should find love that is beyond the love of the satanic world, of ourselves. Otherwise, we cannot go to Kingdom of Heaven by becoming a person of love. Only the ones who become a person of love can go there.

Who is the judge then? It will be God, Jesus, and Father. Do you understand? [Yes.] Therefore, you should put it into practice. That is our task, required by God as law. You must understand this.

What is true love? When we stand in the position of the parent-child relationship centered on the lineage of God and True Parents, this "X" and this "Y" will form a line. You will be able to avoid the judgment referred to by Christianity. That is why only when we are centered on the realm of True Parent's love, will everything be resolved. (190-31)

2. Be Prepared With A Passport To The Kingdom Of Heaven

Your final moment on this earthly plane is death. The day of death will come to everyone. In order to establish the ultimate ideal world, you should experience all kinds of things and pass through them.

Well, do you have a passport to the Kingdom of Heaven? Dr. Durst, do you have one? [I am in the process of preparing one.] Then how do you enter there? You do not know that you might die tomorrow. We should keep ourselves busy with preparing one. This is not a play or a joke. You should understand that only when many individuals, families, or nations come into being, can God let you be in charge of Heaven. Do you understand what I mean? That is the original ideal of creation.

What is a passport for? It is to expel Satan. Satan is allowed to enter. Ladies and gentlemen, in your daily life, does Satan play a part or not? Did you separate good from evil on the levels of an individual, a tribe, a people, a nation, the world and the universe? If so, when? You must have learned the words of the Principle, right?

Then you must have learned how to separate good from evil. With what can it be done? It should be done centered on indemnity conditions. Those who have leadership positions in headquarters should all be expelled. Do you know about a pyramid? Those who do not go out for church activities become a pyramid of the Devil.

Ladies and gentlemen, there is no exception for anyone, whether they are scholars or the presidents of nations. The path of indemnity should not be taught, but searched for by each individual. That is a path that you yourself should look for. The path of the Principle is one that you walk yourself. Do you understand this clearly? If you do not go this way, you will go to hell. You must understand that chains are hooked all over your body, such as your eyes, your nose, your thoughts, etc. I am not saying this to threaten you, but to reverse the fall.

Ladies and gentlemen, when the word "Kim" is written on a blank piece of paper, how difficult is it to erase it? [It is terrible.] Do you think the letters written down by Satan are more terrible than the ink itself or not? If you try to erase them, even if you almost reach the state of death, you should not be able to erase them. It can be done only after we are revived from death. It can be finally erased only when the piece of paper is almost worn out with holes. You should know that, although you believe that you are alive, actually you are dead. As long as such a trait is within you, Satan will claim you as his. That is why Jesus stated: "Those who are willing to die will live, and those who are trying to live will die." Do you understand what this means? [Yes.]

From God's viewpoint, only when you are better than the beginning will his memory of the fall of long ago be erased. From this perspective, could you understand how foolish, how immature, how fragile you were up until now? Where are you going to go? Are you going to go to Kingdom of Heaven or the kingdom of hell? [Kingdom of Heaven.] (129-183)

You must clearly understand what you should do from now on. Do you know that? Now, you do not know it, right? Do you think that you can live for eternity? Do you think you will die or live? Everyone dies once, right? Is it true or false? [True.] This is a serious matter. Are you sure that we all die? [Yes.]

If you die, do you know that spirit world exists? [Yes.] Do you really know it? [Yes.] Is life in the spirit world longer than life on earth or is it shorter? [Longer.] How much longer?[It is infinite.] Then, who lives there? Is it not a place where the master and the center of Heaven, God, lives? [Yes.] Who is God? Is it not vague and ambiguous? Don't you think so?

Well, if God exists and I exist, and if we think of God and ourselves being in an equal position, would you think of God first or yourself first? [God first.] Well, what about you? [God.] If it is God, do you think that we should become people whom God is pleased with or that God should become the one whom we are pleased with? [The former.] I am not talking about others. What about you? [The former.]

Well, I go to that side of the world, if that nation is a God-centered nation, where countless ancestors came and left, do you think that they will be living without order without any laws or in orderliness governed by laws? [The latter.] You must have some idea about it.

Would you think that even before the appearance of the Unification Church that the organization of the Unification Church already existed in the spirit world? (laughter). It did, right? Surely so. (laughter) But what about now since the appearance of the Unification Church?

Well, since the Unification Church came into being at the end among all the organizations in the spirit world, should it be at the end or at the top? [At the top.] If Moonies say, "at the top," would spirit world say, "no?" Your ancestors who are living in the spirit world may say that they do not like Moonies. (laughter). What do you think?

For example, suppose that there is a wealthy village, where a beggar came in. If all the leaders of the village unanimously suggest: "We have a remarkable man visiting us. Let us make that beggar our village leader." Then, would everyone agree or oppose? What do you think? [Oppose.]

Well, suppose when you go to spirit world would you like to go down to the dungeon of hell in darkness or to the throne of God with beaming light? You, think about a place with a bright light. (laughter) That is true. That is realistic. That is for sure.

However, what are you going to climb to get up there? In the spirit world, there are many saints and sages such as Jesus, Confucius, Buddha, etc. There are also many great people, but with what are you going to climb up there? You would be able to meet all of the presidents of the United States, such as George Washington, and others.

Further, you should be able to meet many martyrs who died from the persecution of the Roman Empire. How many people were sacrificed for the public purpose? Then, how can you go up there? Would the spirit world recognize you?

You need a certificate at some point in time, even in the U.S. Army If so, can you go to the highest realm of the spirit world without a certificate? In the world beyond time and space where many hundreds of billions are gathered, watching you, are you confident that you will be welcomed and praised? In the spirit world, there is no distance. They will be watching you climbing up. Then, how can you go up there? Think of it.

In order to go there, you need a certificate. Surely, you do. Without it, you cannot pass through. This is a serious matter. Dr. Durst, with what are you going to go there? Can you say that you can do it with your doctoral degree for literature? In the spirit world, it has even less value than toilet paper in the bathroom. (laughter)

Well, then, what are you going to take to get there? Go ahead and answer. [True love.] What is true love? What is it? This is a serious question. Because God knows this clearly, he has been committed to this throughout his entire life.

Well, today, why am I trying to go this way even though the entire fallen world is opposing me? It is to receive a certificate. This is not a worldly matter. Do you understand? If I sought for success in the secular world, I would have been quite successful. I have such abilities.

When you go to spirit world, you cannot take even your own wife nor your children. When you die, you are alone, not with each other. Then, how lonely it should be! You should walk alone. Such is the world where you need to go. The reason why Rev. Moon is needed in the world is because humans do not know where to go. In order to teach them the right way, in the last days, God sent someone like Rev. Moon on earth. (145-330)

3. Satan's Certificate Is Also Required

Do you receive God's love? Yes or no? God's love is a worldwide love which is priceless, and that cannot be replaced with money. Have you ever received such love? Have you ever received love that is like flesh out of all flesh and bone out of all bones?

In order to become Abel, you should first inherit God's love. Once you inherit God's love, you will inherit the world. Right? [Yes.] So, did you reach that level? Jesus did. He inherited the Heavenly Kingdom, but he did not inherit the world. Then who inherited the world? Cain did, Therefore, the world belongs to Cain. For this reason, once Abel inherits the Heavenly Kingdom, he or she should inherit a certificate issued and guaranteed by Cain who belongs to the world. In order to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, you need a certificate from Satan.

Fallen people are to resolve these two matters. Because they have not been resolved, 6,000 years of history have been repeated. However, we have now come to understand this. In the Bible it says: "As you know the truth, the truth will set you free." As we now know the answer, we should love, even biting our own teeth. To what level? To the level of Cain, who is our enemy. (34-278)

Since the human fall took place not in the presence of God as their subject, but in the presence of Satan, we should subjugate Satan. You should be able to say and claim before Satan: "Satan, as I am where I am now because of you, I will return after subjugating you." So, unless you get a certificate that you subjugated Satan, you cannot receive God's love. Jesus also brought victory in overcoming three temptations. You will not able to go to Heavenly Kingdom without a signature from Satan that you won a victory in history.

The Unification Church is the only church that teaches that one cannot go to Kingdom of Heaven without a certificate from Satan. This is fundamentally different from other Christian churches. They do not know this for sure, but say the following: "Well, Rev. Moon of the Unification Church teaches that we can go to Kingdom of Heaven only with a certificate from Satan. That is why he is satanic." Did I teach that to you? They indeed like to distort facts. Yet we should not get behind them due to their spreading wrong rumors. No matter what, we should receive Satan's signature. When Jesus overcame the three temptations from Satan, Satan admitted with tears: "You are truly and eternally different from me." Unless he admitted this, his position would have been in danger. (24-337)

Do you love Cain? Cain is Satan. He is Satan's son. The spiritual Satan and the substantial Satan are grinding their teeth, hating the Unification Church. Even though we did not ask for anything from them, remaining quiet, they still hate us. In order for you not to be hooked by them, you should subjugate Cain. In order to subjugate Cain, you should love Cain all the way to the end. Unless you become such a person, you cannot save Cain.

For this reason, in order to go to Kingdom of Heaven, you should obtain a certificate from Satan. What is Satan's certificate? In order for a convicted criminal to be released, he or she should first go through an attorney, then a prosecutor, and finally, he can be released by the judge. When viewed from this perspective, Satan is in the position of the prosecutor, God, in the position of the judge, and Jesus, in the position of the attorney. If Satan accuses a defendant with convincing evidence, saying, "This is what we should do, God cannot do anything about it.

Then, Jesus, in the position of an attorney would say: "Heavenly Father, his ancestors did such and such things. He is not from a bad lineage. Since he is accused of such and such counts, he should be given an indemnity condition that is related to his crimes, and then liberate him." That is what has been happening.

For this reason, we should get a certificate from Satan. Without getting a certificate that we loved Satan, we can never go to Kingdom of Heaven. That is what the Unification Church is doing. Normally, although we treat enemies as enemies, we should love them. That is incredible. But we must love our enemies and pray for them. We have no choice. Unless Cain and Abel are united in oneness, there will be no restoration. Then, you cannot go back to the parent. You must understand this. (48-315)

Today, where should we, Unification Church members, stand? As was just mentioned now, we should take responsibility to fill up the holes. For this reason, in the position of representing all mankind, we should be Willing, before God, to take responsibility for all of mankind, with an urgent and anxious heart. Otherwise, we cannot become a Unification Church member.

We should stand in such a position, as a representative of our family, our tribe, our nation, the world, and the whole universe. You should not speak only your own words, but even make a right decision that both God and Satan can publicly approve. In other words, you should get a certificate from Satan. When I say this, you might think: "Why should I, when I did not receive one even from God?"

Yet, Satan should publicly approve of you, stating: "You fulfilled your responsibility on earth in restoring God's love in the course of restoration of the world on the levels of an individual, a family, a tribe, a people, and a nation. Therefore, when reviewing your accomplishments, you are more than qualified to be responsible for the providence of restoration through the indemnity of love." Without being such a person, you cannot inherit the position of a son or a daughter in the world of God's love. (158-384)

Christianity today has gone through a course of history through which it has been seeking for a true olive tree, while pioneering a miserable destiny along with numerous humans throughout history. The true olive tree refers to the Son of God. Once He comes, the tree should receive extract and a branch from Him. And we should be engrafted to that branch.

When Satan sees that a part of Him was engrafted, all of the conditions that have not been resolved due to Satan will be done so instantly. You should be engrafted not only on a foundation that is like good land or a warm shelter, but also that is like a rough, stony land. Since its content is different from anything else in the Satanic world, in terms of the original nature and quality from Satan, you should receive a certificate that you can become God's son in the new era. It is not given by God. If He could, He would have done it 6,000 years ago.

In my case, I could not be released by the judge. Who then could have released me? Satan can. At the court, the prosecutor is Satan. Therefore, without getting an approval from the prosecutor, I could not be released. Therefore, without an official approval from Satan, that is, even if the judge in charge gave an unjust sentence, God cannot say: "You are my son. Let me save you!" You must absolutely get an approval from Satan.

Did you get such an approval from Satan or not? If not, you must. What does the Unification Church teach? It is a place that teaches you how to obtain an approval from Satan. However, you should not get only a spiritual approval but also a physical one. (7-124)

4. Father's Signature Is Also Required

Do you want to obtain a passport to the Kingdom of Heaven? [Yes.] But not freely. If you try to get a Ph.D. without passing a test or doing a dissertation, even if you are able to get it, it will be a counterfeit. Even in the Unification Church, there are real members and fake ones. Are more members real or fake? [Real ones.] You are not real Moonies yet. You are not totally united with me yet. Do you understand? [Yes.] You can be real ones only after going through the exact standard.

In the final world centered on good and evil, unless you become a true Moonie, you cannot remain forever. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.] In that sense, you should reexamine yourself and reflect upon yourself. (129-186)

You need a certificate. No matter how difficult it is, you should get a certificate. You now understand this clearly, right? [Yes.]

The same is with me. I know that so well. That is why I have been going through such a fierce battle for 40 years in the outside world. I am always marching forward, although the entire world is opposing me. I chose such a path. Do you know how miserable it has been? Think about it. Under such circumstances, I laid this foundation.

This world belongs to Satan. That is the problem. It is a miserable fact. On the other hand, the spirit world is rejoicing. Thus, these two worlds are divided. Is it clear now? [Yes.]

You need a certificate, which contains Father's signature. One can go through all levels of the spirit world only with Rev. Moon's signature. As long as you have it, no one will stop you. You will be welcome at any place. Then how remarkable we are! That is what we need to be concerned about. Everyone needs to acquire one. What are you hesitant about? You should start. Father is not foolish, but smart. Do you know it? [Yes, we do.] Father is so famous. (146-347)

In the future, how are you going to climb up the spirit world? What are you going to take with you? Go ahead and answer me. Are you going to say, "Since I went to Harvard and I am a citizen of United States, I can go to the best place in the spirit world?"

What are you going to take with you? You cannot go to the high levels of the spirit world, even if you have a pure and innocent heart. Go ahead and have such a heart to see whether you can go or not. (laughter) You need to go through a procedure by which you can go to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

In order to be registered, you need to have a license. No matter how many times you insist that you are a pure and innocent person, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven. You need to go through a certain formality. What is that formality? Even to come to the U.S.A., which is declining, how difficult it is, going through a certain process of getting a visa, etc.? Would it be easier or more difficult for us to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than America? [More difficult.] Ladies and gentlemen, when you came here, did you ever think of it? Have you ever thought of getting a new form and passing the tests after filling it out?

Then, you should get a signature from Dr. Durst, right here. Then, whose signature is next? [Satan] Correct, you should get a signature from Satan. (laughter). Then whose signature comes next? [Father's.] Yes, it is Father's. You cannot go to Kingdom of Heaven only with Dr. Durst's signature.

Well, whose signatures do you need? Father's signature. What about the signature of the U.S. president? [You cannot.] Whose signature do you need? [Father's.] Did all the spirits that went to spirit world know True Parents? They did not. You are the first ones who know them. It is you who came to know Them for the first time.

Are you now coming back to your senses? You are now growing your beard. (laughter) Are you thinking that since you are growing a beard, Rev. Moon will be signing? [No.] (laughter)

Anyone who has a beard is not a Moonie. You'd better get out of here. (laughter) Can you remain seated here with your beard growing? All of you should go through a right procedure. That is what you need to learn. Therefore, it should not be the Unification Church, but the Unification University. It is a nationwide and even a worldwide university. Are you paying tuition? (laughter)

All the instructions that were given by Rev. Moon on earth will also become the basis for conditions by which you can be accused. Unless you fulfill them, you cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Then, someone might say that Rev. Moon is only giving instructions without doing them himself. Yet that is not the case. Whatever instructions he gives, he has already actualized himself. He would not ask you to do these things before He put them into practice. Why? Because He needs to teach you all about it. Rev. Moon cannot hold discussions with anyone. He has no partner. He cannot discuss the providence of restoration with the president of the United States.

No matter how many times Dr. Durst comes here, I cannot discuss the matter with him. if I do, the archangel will accuse me. The archangel is the one that made humans fall. Therefore, other than God and myself, no one knows about it. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes].

Now, the Unification Church will go over the worldwide hill. Now, no one can destroy the Unification Church, nor can anyone send Rev. Moon to prison. Then, are you busy with marrying and giving birth to your children? With what should you be busy with? [To be prepared with a certificate.] You do not know when you will die. Who knows when you will be involved in an auto accident and go to spirit world. All kinds of things can take place. Thus, you never know when you will have to go to the spirit world.

Further, although you know how to live as blessed family members, if you go to the spirit world while you are enjoying your own personal life, having fun, thus neglecting to prepare yourself to go to the spirit world, can you come to Rev. Moon of the Unification Church? Blessed families did not yet reach the worldwide level because they are on the top of the growth stage, still under the dominion of Satan. Since they are on the top of the growth stage, they should go over the worldwide level. Because of that, they will be in trouble unless they go over it.

So, do you put more weight on your own couple, placing God's will behind your own couple? In the near future, if time passes a little further, and when we are settled with our own nation, the children of those of you who did not work would not be able to work like the children of those who worked hard. Even if they are blessed, I will kick them out.

Even though I made all the preparations for you to go to spirit world, but still, if you are doing nothing, how miserable the Unification Moonies should be! It is now time for me to take it easy. I did it all myself.

Is Father incapable or capable? [You are the most capable person.] My personality is such that I would not let myself be defeated by anyone. Such is Rev. Moon. He does not like to be trampled by anyone, but he lived a life of being trampled. On such a foundation, I know clearly what path you, Unification Church members, should walk. You must understand what path you should walk. You must understand what Father is trying to teach you. Right? [Yes.] What did I say about your path? You must quickly go over the nation and the world. Are you busy with marrying? Are you busy with taking care of house chores? Or are you busy with making preparations to go to spirit world? [With preparations of going to spirit world.] Is that right? [Yes].

Therefore, I am living now to be in the same tempo with spirit world. We should live with the same tempo. When you are considered to be Unification Church members, if you go to spirit world, you will be questioned at the gate with such and such conditions that have become engraved as they were taught by Father.

All the things that are taught by Father until the present time are written down as conditions. Therefore, if you cannot answer them, you cannot go to Kingdom of Heaven. Instead, you should wait in the middle level of the spirit world.

They are waiting for me to come to the spirit world, wishing for Father's prompt arrival. Yet, even if I go to the spirit world, all of you cannot enter the place where I can go. (146-337)

When you go to the spirit world, surely, you will say, "I know Rev. Moon. He was True Father." But even if you know Him, it does not work. That is what you must understand. (135-118)

5. The Role Of An Attorney In The Spirit World

Father's slogan is: "Let us kick out the Devil," the ringleader of the evil which has been violating countless humans throughout history. From the first day to the last day, let us take the position of a prosecutor ourselves, accuse Satan of all the evil deeds that he has committed in front of God, the judge of justice and righteousness. Then would the devil surrender or not? There will be no attorney available to the Devil, but to humans, there will be.

Jesus is working as an attorney in the spirit world. He would say, "This person did such and such good deeds with faith in my name. Heavenly Father, is it not true that the devil cannot take one who tried to be good, observing the public laws since that is an agreement that was made between you and the Devil?"

The devil cannot take people who were standing in a good way. That is why people are asked to believe in Jesus. But if you believe in Jesus unconditionally, do you think you can go to Kingdom of Heaven?

You wait and see. As I visited spirit world, I saw many scenes in which famous ministers were kneeling down in the hell, saying: "Rev. Moon, I did not realize this would happen to me." Is it not a story like a dream? The leader whom you are following is such person. He is a leader with such a deep understanding on the high, fifth-dimension level world. Therefore, if you are going to follow me, you should understand such content as well. (149-98)

6. Impossible To Accuse Once We Come To Have A Citizenship

We must have a nation. But do we have one or not? [We do not.] Well, you have your own country. But the country that we are going to is a different one, the Heavenly Kingdom. Therefore, for that country, unless you were given a citizenship that is approved by the nation, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven.

Satan cannot make accusations against people who have a citizenship from any direction whether it is North, South, West, or East, nor any time era in the past, present or future. (148-287)

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