Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 1. To Bear The Fruit Of Human Life And The Spirit Self

1. In Order To Obtain The Fruit Of Life

One generation of our life is momentary. Right? This one generation goes up and down the equator of eternity. When this is extended, does it continue infinitely? On the other hand, if this is bent [Father expresses it in action], from here on, a new heaven and earth is scrolled. Like a scale, it goes up and down. That is the way it is.

For this reason, once Father speaks a word, it becomes a worldwide one. Father does not say that he cannot do it. Do you understand? [Yes.]

All of you are resurrected descendants of your ancestors, with their faces. You are historical resurrected beings. How long is history? It is known to be many hundreds of thousands of years old. Think of it. The course of such a labor was eventually to create one person, myself. In order to create myself, countless ancestors came and left. Likewise, the destiny of all mankind is in the hands of Rev. Sun Myung Moon of the Unification Church. He is in such a position. For whom did all of the ancestors labor so hard? It was to bring forth Rev. Moon and make him successful. At the moment, the entire spirit world is being mobilized for this purpose although you would not know about it. Therefore, we are the fruits of human history.

What are we? [Fruits of human history.] Next, we are the fruits of an era and the fruits of the future. It is incredible, isn't it?

Ladies and gentlemen, would you like that such fruits have a big hole because of worms eating them? Do you like apples that have their dark seeds easily rolling out when you cut them in half or apples whose seeds are sticky? Wouldn't you like to be an apple that is very ripe? [Yes.] Well, you know the right answer.

So, when you are opened in half, do you think a very ripe seed will come out? Are you sure that your second generation will become a heavenly seed that is very ripe? When your heart is cut open, do you think that a well-ripened Unification Church will come out?

Would you let the 6,000-year fruits fall without being able to ripen? Will it be all right for you to say: "Hey, I might fall. If it blows a little stronger, I might. Father, you should leave me alone, without shaking me"? I bet that there are some people like that. On the other hand, there should be a group of people who would say: "Father, even if you hit me with an ax and shake the tree to your heart's content, I will never fall down as long as a branch is not torn out." To which group do you belong? Are you one of the people who are concerned with a blowing wind? [No.] Then, what? [We belong to a group that does not fall down even if the tree is shaken.] A group that does not fall down even if the tree is shaken? [Yes.] (146-155)

We know that the important occasions of human life are birth, marriage, and death.

In order for an individual to bear a fruit after his or her birth, he or she must have a life companion, and thereafter walk a path together until the final moment of life. The same is applied to a country. A nation also has a period to lay its foundation, and then, a period of prosperity. Next, it is followed by a time period that is like the evening.

By so doing, if an individual remains a life body (saeng myung che), the individual should inherit the fruit of life and, within his or herself should always be prepared with a content that is related to the fruit of life. if not, even if a time of bearing fruit arrives, the individual will not be able to see the fruits.

For this reason, we should overcome our environment. Furthermore, we should inherit all the conditions that can bear fruit in the future, and we should have abilities of control that can be a motivation for all contents. Only through the process of bearing fruit can we remain a fruit that is needed for the progress of a new history and/or human society.

When viewed from this perspective, humans must be able to overcome their environment. But that is not the end. They should undergo a process through which they can inherit a new life and bear a fruit out of it. Afterwards, they should be able to stand in an appropriate position and bring a result. For example, like grains that are sowed, germinated, bear fruit, and are harvested by their master and stored at the storage room, we must go through a process through which we can be harvested for a certain purpose.

Therefore, at this point, you must not forget that you are in a position that you should, within yourself, solidify the inner conditions that can inherit such hopes and wishes, and centering on those conditions, you must again be adjusted to the external environment. This should be done not in the position of a defense of yourself, but in the position of an offense.

Look at a persimmon tree in the springtime when it blooms. Those flowers are not so colorful like other flowers. Further, their color is similar to that of their leaves. For this reason, if you just glance at them, you would not notice those flowers. Even after bearing fruit, because they are covered with leaves, it is hard to notice them. Because the green leaves are so fully grown, one cannot see the fruit. But when autumn comes after the summer, their color starts to change. When they are ripe, both the inside and outside colors turn red. Then you see them hanging radiantly and proudly on the tree even after all of the leaves fall.

It is the same is with the Unification Church members. When looking at the Unification Church, if the 1970s are considered to be a period of bearing fruit, all elements like leaves should disappear. Even the persimmon fruit exposed on a bare branch can possess a value of the entire tree. Such a fruit does not need any advertisement. To anyone, it is transformed into a being of value one hundred percent, for both its inside and outside. In order to do this, how persistently did the persimmon tree have to fight throughout the entire one year? Until it could bear fruit, how much labor was required throughout the process?

Until it was perfected as a fruit out of numerous flowers that bloomed on branches, we must understand that it suffered and made more efforts than any other flower. We must understand that it overcame all kinds of environmental ordeals from which it could have fallen due to a rough environment and malnutrition, while enduring winds, rain, and tempests in the summertime.

If that tree bore only one fruit, not being able to carry many fruits, that fruit would represent the entire tree as a fruit that fought all of the external struggles from which it could fall off the tree, containing the entire inner qualities of that tree. Only such a fruit will remain alive. If there was only one fruit on that tree, that fruit will represent the entire tree. If it was a persimmon tree, due to that one fruit, it could save the authority and dignity of that tree when autumn came.

Although many flowers bloom and many fruit are born on that tree, if all of them fell, and it could not bear fruit even in the autumn, but only bare branches, how miserable that tree must be! However, even if it could not bear many fruit, if it could bear one fruit that cannot be compared with the fruit from any other trees, that tree will be proud of its fruit in front of tens of thousands of other fruits.

There are numerous religions in the modern era. Numerous denominations exist in Christianity. In a reality where we are faced with an era of bearing fruit, God is asking for a certain fruit from the Unification Church. As was previously said, although a tree could not bear many fruits, but only one fruit, and that fruit is a perfect one that cannot be bettered by any other fruit from any other tree, that tree deserves to receive the autumn, being saved by that one fruit.

From this perspective, you yourself should be able to judge whether you could receive a normal spring and summer, and bear a ripe, matured fruit in the fall.

When looking at a tree, we find branches, leaves, roots, and seeds. When we pick a fruit, it can be considered that we possessed that entire tree. Since that fruit has many seeds, one stands in a position where many trees can be planted.

The fruit of a tree should represent that tree, and whether it is 10 years old or 20 years old, when that fruit is harvested as a perfect fruit, it should be able to pass on all of the historical elements that it desires to bequeath.

During the time when that fruit is growing, the elements should never be removed. It should be left alone so that it can fully and continuously grow. From the day when its life started to the time when it is harvested by the master and stored into a storage room, the life elements should never be stopped. Whether it is windy or a tempest comes, despite all the hardships, they should not be discontinued. if not, as time goes by, the elements which can add to the fruit will dissipate, and, as a result, one will not be able to see a fruit that is fully matured. (36- 10)

Even among blessed families, there are many insincere families. I can tell the truth when looking at you carefully. When you look at chestnut burs, you can find both male ones and female ones. Their shape is similar looking, but the male size is bigger. It is the lazy one that did not work hard. Bearing fruit requires the overcoming of many tribulations.

However, male chestnuts are void of the deep qualities that come from tribulations, and, as a result, they are void of life power. Their appearance looks similar to that of the female chestnuts, but their inside is not that of a real chestnut.

Ladies and gentlemen, you know chestnuts. Their appearance looks so cold with its spiky burs. Yet, if you take out the burs, a chestnut comes out. A chestnut is covered with three layers of skin. If an outer skin is removed, another layer of skin appears. If the second one is peeled, a third layer with a tardy taste shows up. Afterwards, a real chestnut appears. That is why the taste is remarkable. (31-201)

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