Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 4. Father And Spirit World (Part 2)

8. Heung Jin Nim And The Spiritual World

1) Heung Jin Nim's Seung-Hwa and Establishment of the First Birth Right

By my son Heung Jin Nim going to the spiritual world, what happened to heaven and earth? Angels and Abel which had been separated as earth and heaven got tied together like twins. I created such a scheme. If they become one, parents will be mobilized on that foundation. It is the Principle view. Heung Jin Nim is the Abel-type son. You have to know that this son went to the spiritual world while Father established indemnity conditions in the Dominion of the Principle on the foundation of True Parents' love.

He went to the spiritual world in the position of direct dominion on the victorious foundation of indemnifying Satan's dominion. For that reason, he had the condition as the first son who went to the spiritual world with the qualification of perfection for the first time since the Fall. Originally, if those who are in the spiritual world didn't fall, the Dominion of the Results of Principle would have become one with the Direct Dominion based on the realm of True Parents' heart and they would have received the qualifications as masters or sons centering on love on the family foundation. It is the Principle that you cannot go there without the proper qualifications. Do you understand?

After Jesus, Jesus and Christianity has not passed that point, so that they were all in the midway position. Now, because Heung Jin Nim has gone there, a center was established where they could be engrafted to God. I gave the blessing there, and because their spouses are on earth, they can experience life on earth as well. Do you understand what this means? Centering on Heung Jin Nim's family, the spiritual foundation on which they can visit their family on earth has been established. You have to know this. It's so valuable. It is most valuable that the foundation of Heung Jin Nim's family was established.

At the time of Jesus, if this kind of work was done even though Jesus had to die, Christians today wouldn't need to sacrifice that much. But there is no other way. Why? Because the realm of True Parents' heart couldn't eliminate Satan in the Dominion of the Results of the Principle and convince Satan to establish the foundation of love in the Direct Dominion, Jesus had to come again. But Heung Jin Nim doesn't have to come again. Do you understand? You must know this clearly.

What will be changed? It is important. They live both in the spiritual world and the physical world. Now, what will happen? The spiritual world and the physical world have become like twins. In the light of the realm of heart, Parents are in the first son's position. By generation, vertically, they are on top for the first time. It means that Heung Jin is the second generation. He is under me. Do you know what I mean? However, it will be reversed.

When we look at Father and Heung Jin Nim alone, I am in the position of the elder son and Heung Jin Nim is underneath. Father is in Cain's position and Heung Jin Nim is in Abel's position. What happens to this relationship in the spiritual world? Heung Jin Nim is the eldest son. He is in the position of the elder son and other spirits in the spiritual world are all in the position of younger brothers and sisters. Based on the realm of heart, it works this way. You must know this very clearly.

On earth, as God is our Father, based on his position, Father is the elder son and Heung Jin Nim is the younger son. From God's position, it is so, isn't it? In the spiritual world, Heung Jin Nim is the first one to be born based on the realm of heart and all others are younger brothers and sisters. People in the spiritual world are in the position of younger brothers and sisters. It is reversed.

The conclusion is that the heartistic standard of the first birth right is to be enforced on the principle position. Do you understand what it means? You have to teach this point very well when you give a Principle lecture.

Among all the spirits in the spiritual world, even Jesus and the saints, Heung Jin Nim is the first one to be born as the eldest son based on the realm of heart in the spiritual world. Based on the realm Of heart, Heung Jin Nim is the elder son and the next one to be born is the second son. Also Heung Jin Nim can transfer the first birth right to the second one. Satan doesn't transfer anything. Satan doesn't transfer anything but steals everything away, but Heung Jin Nim with the first birth right tries to transfer all of the blessings on Earth. That's the way he is connected. He transfers everything. Satan, until now, and the Satanic world have tried not to transfer anything, but Heung Jin Nim tries hard to transfer everything. (131-52)

2) Until Now, the Center was Missing in the Spiritual World

From now on, people of the free world should love Heung Jin Nim. Because he has established the title to have loved the whole world by offering his life, the destiny to love the world with his life is connected to you all. Who did he substitute to go to the spiritual world? He went to the spiritual world instead of Father. For that reason, if you love Heung Jin Nim, it means that you love Father. That condition can be made. There is a connection between loving Heung Jin Nim and loving Father. Do you understand?

In the spiritual world, there hasn't been such a center until now. There wasn't any center where the spiritual world was connected. Because of Heung Jin Nim, there is now. All of the spirits who love Heung Jin Nim can make the condition to love Father. Do you understand what I mean? Also they can be connected with the Unification Church. By being connected with the Unification Church, they can establish the standard that they fought with their lives on earth because Heung Jin Nim is the first representative in the spiritual world in history to be connected with true love.

On Earth, he has become an example to the Unification Church members by loving through the sacrificing of his life for the sake of God's will. What he is telling you is to love Father. You must go on loving Father for the sake of the world. By Heung Jin Nim's being in the spiritual world and the spiritual world's loving Heung Jin Nim, they can establish a relationship of love with True Parents on earth. Do you understand? You should know this clearly. For that reason, in the spiritual world, now is the happiest time in history. The happiest days. Heung Jin Nim is the one who opened the gates of the spiritual world as the Messiah of love. On earth, he opened the way of the standard of martyrdom. That's why the Unification Church members should love Heung Jin Nim. You should love him. From both sides, those in the spiritual world and in the Unification Church, love Heung Jin Nim.

Now, what happens to our True Parents? It is important. What should True Parents do? In order to welcome the love of God and the love of earth, they should be honored to offer their own son. They should be proud of it. Also, in Rev. Moon's generation, God had loved this son. He couldn't love teen-aged Adam and Eve but he can love his son in the spiritual world. They should think that they sent their son to comfort God's heart for He worked so hard to restore the national level. So I prayed, "Please indemnify the fact that I couldn't offer the glorious love of the Korean foundation when I was young, that I couldn't offer the comfort of the world-level foundation established by indemnity in my generation, but through this son. Please accept him as being in my position."

Since the spiritual world loves him and the earth loves him, I have to set a motto that True Parents should love him. Heung Jin Nim died for sure but he will establish the realm of resurrection; that's how I think. He went there through his death, but he will resurrect people through his death. He will capture the spiritual world and the physical world, and he will proclaim the realm of resurrection. With this, we will bid to the realm of death. For that reason, you shouldn't be sad at funerals. You shouldn't be sad at all kinds of ceremonies. So, from now on, during Heung Jin Nim's ascension from the physical world, Father will establish a special ceremony centering on the spiritual world and the physical world. It's very complicated to explain in full. (130-202)

3) The Blessing of Heung Jin Nim and the Establishment of Kingship

Right after the Unification Ceremony on the day before Heung Jin Nim went to the spiritual world, I prayed, "Even though you are leaving the physical world, please accept the adopted son and participate with him as if you are here on Earth." I made a promise to him. For that reason, I have to give him the blessing on earth. Without the blessing it will be impossible for him to do the job. I made the promise then. You should know that God has sent the Messiah to save the physical world and today, in order for True Parents to save the spiritual world, I have presented a prince of love as my ambassador with full authority. Why does Father try to establish such a world-level foundation? Even Jesus couldn't be in that position. You should know the fact that, for the first time in the history, God has a teenage son whom He can love. Because of this event, God can finally love. You should know that God can love now.

Also, Father now loves centering on the foundation of the physical world. Because of this, the two worlds are connected. Because the fallen world was in the realm of fallen love and the realm of Dominion of the Results of the Principle, there was no connection with the love of True Parents until now. You have to know how amazing it is that this has finally emerged in the spiritual world. Now, what happens when he goes to the other side? Because he was born as a Korean, he is the representative and the fruit of late Korean Kings. Such kingship in the spiritual world is Heung Jin Nim's position.

From this view, in relationship to those late kings, even though Heung Jin Nim is young in age, he is the Abel of kings. We will know everything about the spiritual world, just as we know about the physical world. The two worlds will be absolutely one. Then, what happens? When Cain and Abel become one, parents can reside on the basis of that foundation. Therefore, heavenly parents can work there. Heavenly parents gain the right to work. On account of Heung Jin Nim's kingship and Korean kingship becoming one, a kingship and sovereignty centered on Korea has been formed. Do you understand?

After that, they stand in the realm of National Abel, all of the national kings stand in the realm of Abel. In the spiritual world, unity is achieved instantly. You don't know this because you are on earth. Therefore, with all kingships, centering on Korea, 120 nations can be completely united. The people who can be Abels in front of the kingship, those who believed Judaism or Christianity and died, were prepared to serve the kingship, so that all Abels in the spiritual world become united accordingly.

There is one problem here. If Heung Jin wants to establish the kingship, he cannot do it alone. Finding the queenship is important. This is the first issue. We should know clearly why we have to set up this kind of scheme. In order to combine kingships in the spiritual world, a spouse must be found where they were kings with their queens. What happens with Hoon Sook Nim is that because his queen is on earth, by being connected with her he is connected with earth where he can bring over people from 120 nations who belong to the kingship.

Well, in this scheme, not only Heung Jin Nim but also all of the kings who belong to the united kingship can follow him to the earth. Therefore, we have to know clearly that I had to provide this ceremony because he needs his queen. On the outside, people who oppose us will raise their opposition by saying, "Rev. Moon is a crazy man and a crazy leader." I am doing this to send Heung Jin Nim to the spiritual world as the representative of love to work on behalf of Father. For that reason, today, 50 days after Heung Jin's Seung-Hwa, is the same as the day of Pentecost and it became a worldwide event. Today, what happens with Miss Hoon Sook's marriage is that kings from 120 nations will visit this room and resurrect to establish the worldwide movement. You must know that today is the day that represents worldwide Pentecost. So, the kingship of 120 nations can reside on earth. They can be one with the physical world. This event has two such incredible meanings. Therefore, if there is one nation that can serve Father among 120 nations, the gate of Heaven will open from there. Also, it is well known by the media, scholars and the intellectual class that Rev. Moon and his Unification Ideology have surpassed both the communists and democracy. (131-114)

4) Era of the Blessing of the ideal Object

Only if all spirits in the spiritual world make a relationships of love with True Parents who have a root on earth, can the realm of unification of Heaven and the spiritual world be established. Among those who are in the spiritual world, there isn't a single person who went to the spiritual world while being engrafted to the root of love of the True Parents. That's why Heung Jin Nim is so important. Heung Jin Nim is the second son of True Parents. He was born on earth and lived until the age of Adam, 18 years old. He was born as the son of True Parents and went to the spiritual world while connected with the love of True Parents.

Is Jesus there with the connection of love centering on True Parents' root? Because Jesus doesn't have a connection with the love of True Parents, he cannot support the Unification Church where True Parents are working. Do you understand this? So, I have to reconcile this matter. Because Heung Jin Nim went to the spiritual world, Jesus became the old Messiah and Heung Jin Nim became the new Messiah. On account of that, Jesus serves my son centering on True Parents' love and the two of them are now united, through the realm of True Parents' love. The spiritual world is able to manage and control the physical world, centering on Jesus. The path to reeducate all people who believed in Jesus, even those who are in hell has been opened. With all these processes, finally kingship in the spiritual world can be established.

True Parents came to earth with kingship centering on the spiritual world and the physical world. In order to connect it to the spiritual world, it is necessary to establish the foundation of unification in the spiritual world and connect that to the kingship foundation of the spiritual world and Formation of Growth Stage foundation. If this is not accomplished, the spiritual world cannot participate in the place where True Parents established the standard of kingship. For that reason, I have to prepare. Originally, the spiritual world was the place that was to be unified and connected centering on the love of True Parents but it has been partitioned by walls everywhere. Because Heung Jin Nim and Jesus became one, Jesus can visit here through True Parents' family.

With Heung Jin Nim's blessing, because his spouse remains on earth, a bridge of love was built between earth and Heaven and now Jesus can come down to support True Parents' family and the Unification Church. Because this gate was opened, Christians centered on Jesus should unite with the Unification Church. That's why such things are happening in America. How come the established churches that until recently opposed us are mobilizing many Christians and entire churches in a united body, putting the Unification Church in Abel's position? Although the established churches are in Cain's position, the elder brother's position, they put the younger brother in the position of the elder son and return home. Because they know that they have to return home with the younger brother with the eldest son's rights in front of them, they serve the Unification Church and the spiritual world. All spirits who believed in Jesus support Adam and Eve going through the process of recreation, in the position of Archangel which supports Heaven. The Archangel follows them to that place in order to support Adam and Eve and give support to the federation activities of the Unification Church and the established churches. Do you understand? [Yes.]

So, what happened in the spiritual world, as the unification of the realm of heart in both the physical world and the spiritual world takes place, is that all of the late Christian generals and kings who were partitioned by their nations are now being connected. These works that are taking off in order to achieve the realm of unification centering on the realm of God's love and transcending the nation were impossible before. By connecting the realm of heart in the physical world and the realm of heart in the spirit world in order to establish the realm of unification, you can enter into the era of blessing where you can achieve the realm of object. Why? Because I gave the blessing to Heung ,Jin Nim and Hoon Sook Nim.

As the era of the blessing of ideal object enters into the spiritual world, the ideal object manifested by late generals is presented to his loyal subjects and they cooperate to unify all the subjects centering on the president of the nation. The era of the realm of the work and the realm of the heart of True Parents has come and now it is the time when the kings of the world can join the Unification Church.

Now, these current presidents are connected with the Unification Church. If the three nations unite with each other, things will go easily for the world. Until now, all the passages to connect God's love with the world and Heaven centering on True Parents have been blocked. These passages were opened by opening the gate between hell and the spiritual world. Hell comes before the spiritual world. As hell in the physical world is this world, we have to work for unification centering on the foundation of religious unification and world unification. Now it goes in the direction of connecting the world into one centering on the unification movement with South and North American Unification Organizations and Religious Conferences. We are entering the age when all races and all religions can jump. Do you understand? (140-54)

In Father's time, the secrets of the Bible have all been clarified. We know what chapter of the Bible is being accomplished now and what time we are in now. Everything will be done according to Father's words. Do you understand what I mean? [Yes.] We are in such a chess game. If you don't know how to play chess, you won't understand. Although the chess game has been over in the spiritual world, the paths to move nations around are blocked in the physical world. For that reason, an offering was needed and Heung Jin Nim accepted the mission. If I speak this way, it's understandable, isn't it? Jesus died at 33, so that people over that age can receive the blessing but the people under that age cannot receive the blessing. Jesus died alone. He is in paradise now. How can we liberate him? It is a very complicated process to explain. If you know the contents of my prayer at noon time, you will find the outline. If you want to know that, listen to the audio tape of my prayer. Then, you will know what happens in what kind of providence. Nations, states and other things are all included here. Simply speaking, it is the outline.

It is a different work. Because of that, the providence of restoration emerged. It shows how the nations should be connected. Because Jesus could not accomplish his responsibility to unite the nation and Judaism, and connect it with Rome, we should indemnify that. We have to liberate all the resentment. There is nobody but my son who can do it. Do you understand? [Yes.] He was able to inherit the foundation of spiritual salvation and physical salvation. And he completed the undone part on earth.

We should know that Heung Jin Nim was in between the open gate of the spiritual foundation that can connect the whole world and the open gate of earth in order to accomplish his responsibility to connect them. Jesus appeared to our members in England several times and told them, "I am the old Messiah and Heung Jin Nim is the new Messiah." It is very strange. Why is it so? How come? If you don't know the truth, you would say that it's insane. Because of that, it has come to the era where the spiritual world and the physical world are connected, the wall that partitioned Christianity and the Unification Church has crumbled and problems between America and the Communist countries are resolved. How come Christians in America who were strongly opposed to the Unification Church until a few months ago are now in the movement to support the Unification Church and are saying that they would go to jail with Rev. Moon? It is hard to imagine in human terms. They used to try to kick Moonies out and spit on us but now they are with us. (applause) (134-19)

Now, Heung Jin Nim is blessed. Because he has the foundation of a blessed couple, the walls have crumbled and spirits in the spiritual world who were all disconnected can now meet and collaborate with each other to achieve unfulfilled desires on earth. Do you understand what I mean? It happens through the realm of the heart. Because True Parents have a foundation of indemnity, the realm of the world that True Parents have indemnified belongs to the realm of True Parents' dominion, and that the people who are connected with that realm of heart can participate in the realm of domination that was established by True Parents on earth by being one with Heung Jin Nim centering on True Parents.

The physical world already belongs to the realm of True Parents' dominion. Do you understand? It is natural law for children to inherit their parents' possessions. On account of this, the spiritual world and the physical world, the twins of inside and outside became one. The realm of heart that can make the twins of inside and outside one was established. On earth, Cain and Abel became one centering on Father but this case is the opposite. That side was the eldest son, but now it becomes became one with Abel, and the spiritual world became the second son. As soon as Heung Jin Nim arrived there, inside and outside became one. Do you understand?

On account of Heung Jin Nim's arrival, disconnected late kings can be connected with the realm of their subjects. Because of this incident, those subjects with good heart are connected with the realm of the family; with that connection, they will be connected with the realms of the unification of tribe, race, nation and world. You should know that it will happen in accordance with the physical world. In spiritual world, the order is God, Heung Jin Nim's family and you. In the physical world, it goes God, True Parents and True Parents' family. It's important. It is connected. (331-54)

5) Resurrection Work through Heung Jin Nim

Satan killed Jesus and it seemed to end the actual work of Jesus, so Satan thought that killing Heung Jin Nim would finish everything. However, True Parents and God have established the resurrection of substance. That kind of plan was created. Jesus was killed but he was resurrected and matched to the Holy Spirit to become spiritual True Parents. This was a great threat to Satan. Even Jesus couldn't imagine this. They became spiritual Parents. He looked forward to coming back 2,000 years later.

How about Heung Jin Nim? Satan killed Heung Jin Nim and thought it was over. However, God provided a blessing immediately afterwards and established the foundation on which Jesus could resurrect 2,000 years later within 40 days. In this instance, he completed the 400-year indemnity course in 40 days. It was the same thing as if he came again and was blessed. For that reason, the spiritual world which was torn apart is completely mended now. I have done the work that I would have done when I go to the spiritual world, while I am living.

On account of this blessing, holy spirits from 120 nations will reincarnate. Hoon Sook Nim is the same as the Holy Spirit. They emerged on earth and the reincarnation of 120 nations is established in this ceremony. It is the same as the 50 days of Pentecost and 120 nations will descend with their kingships. You must know this. I sent him as an ambassador plenipotentiary. An ambassador with absolute authority. Heung Jin Nim has become a king in the spiritual world and leads 120 national kings.

If one of the Unification Church members becomes a president, the spiritual world will work at the time of election. 120 nations are representatives of national type with the 4,000 years foundation that Israel and Judaism waited for the Messiah and John the Baptist type. Now the realm has been established in the external world where John the Baptist type kingship nations centering on Father and the central nations can be connected. (131-146)

You should start to think like this. This is the time to work with the heart that you are going beyond the Cross. Do you understand? We have to accomplish the providence in which 120 nations are ready to go beyond the Cross of Jesus. I have worked this way. That's way I can connect to 120 nations. Heung Jim Nim is doing this job, too. He is connected with 120 nations. You have to do the same job. Because you have physical bodies, you have to work with that kind of thinking. You should think, "Heung Jin Nim is doing the job on behalf of us in the Son's position." Heung Jin Nim can connect with 120 nations freely but you cannot do that. Unification Church members are second sons of True Parents.

Spiritually speaking, Heung Jin Nim is a brother to the Unification Church members. Do you understand? You should know this. You should think that spiritually you will become one with him and work with him, Heung Jin Nim is a spirit that travels freely and you have substantial bodies. Substantial bodies have limits. You cannot visit 120 nations freely with your bodies. Because Heung Jin Nim is free, he can travel freely. You will become one with him centering on that, and 120 nations will automatically be connected. Keep this concept. Do you understand? [Yes.] That's why you should think of and pray for him.

When I pray to God regarding Heung Jin Nim, I ask God to support him in doing this job and ask the spiritual world for support. I prefer the support goes for you rather than for me. What I want for Heung Jin Nim is that he can work to support you completely. Do you understand that? Incredible things are happening. (131-155)

After the Science Conference, I ordered representatives of the world, a core party representing the Christian Cultural realm and highest scholars to turn around. Then the 72 PWPA chairmen turned around and gathered in Korea. They made a gesture that absorbed the Korean people completely. I have found them. Now I have found them. During this rally, Korean people became completely one with Father and we have gained seven million members as of yesterday. It is this condition that made the free world one. Those chairmen were about to leave for home after the Science Conference. It was almost impossible to give such an order then. They came and even signed the declaration on December 18. It was a big problem for the Satanic world. It caused a big incident.

If I didn't know such truths, Heung Jin Nim would only have died in misery. They thought that when Jesus died it was over, but he established a new spiritual realm. In the same way, Satan thought it would be over after hitting Heung Jin Nim, the second son. However, Heung Jin Nim established the new domain of substantial world. You must know this. How could it be possible? Because True Parents paid indemnity for him on the foundation of world-level indemnity, he is the representative of True Parents in the spiritual world in light of the Principle. You should know this. Even Jesus couldn't pass the True Parents' indemnity foundation, before he found his bride. Only Heung Jin Nim. Jesus became Cain and Heung Jin Nim became Abel, and the restoration of the eldest son was completed. Do you understand what I mean?

I restored the eldest son in the spiritual world. By doing this, I straightened out the spiritual world and the order of the spiritual world was established. For Jesus, it took 2,000 years to be able to find his bride and be blessed to her in the position of the spiritual king, but I helped Heung Jin Nim to complete this in 40 days. Because he was blessed within the Pentecost, he didn't have to go through 2,000 years of hardship like the Christians. On account of that, Heung Jin Nim. was immediately able to unite the physical world in connection with the spiritual world to enter the realm of True Parents' love. With a Korean king at the center, kings of all nations are gathered and I made a foundation that can connect the kings with beloved patriots and loyal subjects.

There are so many different races and blood lineages in the spiritual world but the realm of unification is established by Heung Jin Nim. They will be connected with the physical world and visit their descendants with the standard that the spiritual world is united. In the future, all of the late presidents will work spiritually, so that the persons who believe in and accept the Unification Church can be selected. We have to know well that we have entered the era in which 120 nations reincarnate and emerge. When was it seeded? Two thousand years ago, when the spiritual Mother and the spiritual Father were established, 120 disciples were anointed to be seeds for the nations. It is connected with the realm of Christian Culture and this realm is resurrected and the realm of harvesting is established. It indemnifies the past realm of Christian Culture that couldn't be offered to True Parents and by presenting the realm of Christian Culture and the realm of victory of the Democratic world, the worldwide realm of the Unification Church and the realm of victory of the spiritual world to True Parents, we can enter the united realm of the heartistic world. Do you understand this?

This is to indemnify the Pentecost. Re-indemnity. It is re-indemnification with harvesting. The spiritual world is united by the realm of unification centering on 120 spiritual kingships and they can reincarnate in 120 nations. This is the same as the unification of 120 disciples in Israel centering on John the Baptist at the time of Jesus. Kingships are reincarnating. Where do they reincarnate? In their own nation. Do you understand? They reincarnate in their motherland. On the foundation of 120 nations, they all work to connect to True Parents who are the center. This is the same situation as when the realm of the Christian Culture was the center of the realm of world culture. (131-198)

6) The Authority of Heung Jin Nim

The meaning of the Day of Victory of Love is to defend against the realm of death where Satan invades centering on the realm of the family. With what do we make our defense? With love. Heung Jin Nim was almost dead. But before he died, I realized that he was dying in the hospital. At that time I couldn't get caught up by the thought that he was dying. I had to deal with this situation. Time was limited. I had to complete the process. That's why I held the Unification Ceremony before he left earth. It meant that Father and you are one. Do you understand?

Because Father and Heung Jin Nim are one, as long as Father is alive, Satan cannot control him. By offering Heung Jin Nim, all kinds of invasions by Satan against the Unification family were blocked. The realm of the spiritual victory, God's offering in the spiritual world centering on Jesus, was connected with True Parents' offering of their beloved son on earth. So, everything is accomplished on earth.

Centering on the realm of the physical substance, the father-son relationship is connected with the Heavenly ideal of father-son relationship in spiritual world. Now that bridge between the spiritual world and the physical world is established. The time has come. This is the time to go over the 21st year. In order for all spirits to go to Heaven, they should receive love from True Parents on earth. Don't you think so? For that reason, although Satan is opposing us, Heung Jin Nim went to the spiritual world on the foundation of the victory of the Third Seven-Year course.

The realm of True Parents doesn't mean only the family realm. They have gone over the conditional standard to set a worldwide condition of indemnity over the national standard. Because of that, Heung Jin Nim in the spiritual world is the eldest son. Do you understand? He was completely loved by True Parents and he went there to make a connection in the spiritual world as a representative of love centering on True Parents who represent kingship on earth. Consequently, Heung Jin Nim does all the work on earth, which was supposed to be done by reincarnating. He doesn't reincarnate but ascends to Heaven and connects the authorities of earth with the realm of victory of the spiritual world.

Nowadays, spiritualists say that Jesus, who used to appear alone, recently has been making appearances with a Chinese-looking person in front of him. People who are spiritually open say so. They don't know why. By establishing this bridge, all of the authorities that belonged to Jesus, now are connected to the authority of Heung Jin Nim. Do you understand? (196-264).

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