Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 1. Jesus Christ And The Spiritual World

Jesus fought with Satan to do what kind of mission? He died on the cross while he was doing the mission of John the Baptist. Therefore has he done his mission as son or not? He has not done so. Jesus has been doing the work of the archangel until now from the time of his death. After that he can do the work of son. That is the way to find the path for a servant and a adopted son. He did not do the mission as direct son. He had to go the path of archangel, servant and adopted son.

Therefore even if you believe in Jesus Christ, you can only be an adopted son. If your relationship is not connected by blood lineage, it can only be an archangel's position. Then what is the adopted son's position? That is the same as Cain's position which represents a different blood lineage. That is the way it has been. Until now, the history of the providence is the battle to connect the fallen and restored blood lineages together.

Jesus died on the cross, but he did not die in the son's position. If Jesus died in the son's position, then he was a victorious offering to God and does not need to come again. But he could not be offered wholly. He lost his physical body and only offered his spirit. This is equal to the angel's offering in the spiritual world. That is why Christians go to paradise instead of heaven in the spiritual world. In other words, the spiritual world, dominated by the archangel, is the realm of the archangel. To go beyond that realm, victory must be won on earth in the physical world. That is the will of God. That is the meaning of Jesus' presence on the earth and the spiritual world.

Christianity has to inherit the realm of the archangel altogether with the realm of victory in the spiritual world and the physical world. That is the mission of Christianity. There is no substantial completion in Christianity, only spiritual completion. That is why Christianity centered on the spiritual world.

Then, what does the Lord of the Second Advent have to do? He has to have the power to gain the surrender of the realm of the archangel in the spiritual world. If he does not have that, he cannot begin from the earth. That is the way. When the Lord of the Second Advent comes to earth, he has to come in the position to inherit Jesus' victory in the spiritual world, all of the spiritual world. In other words, Jesus inherited from the physical world, the natural surrender of the archangel's position from the spiritual world represented by John the Baptist. But, John the Baptist did not keep his promise to Jesus and these two realms were separated. Christianity exists to rebuild that.

Where did Jesus go after his death? It was bad enough that he died on the cross, but where did he go for three days after his death? He had to go to the realm of hell. Hell. That was the test. Death is the biggest fear for humankind, but going to hell was the greatest test for Jesus. Think about whether Jesus was the master of fear in hell or the master of happiness in hell. What do you think that Jesus did while he was in hell? We have to know that he was concerned about conquering the pain of hell.

When the Messiah appears to humankind, he brings an equal ideology. God is impartial. The Messiah comes to save all of fallen humankind. Therefore, he deals fairly with everybody in order to save them. He comes with a fair purpose and creates a fair environment. Whomever unites with the Messiah can be his disciple.

And what kind of path does the Messiah go? The Messiah goes from the bottom of hell to the top of the most glorious place in the world of humankind. That means to restore humankind, there is no place that he would not go even at the risk of his life. Viewed from this principle, the Messiah cannot come from the cloud in the sky. That is a lie. He does not come that way. The person who believes that really does not know anything about the spiritual world. Please, all of you go to the spiritual world and see it yourself. The Messiah moves by an exact formula of spiritual and physical restoration.

The general public does not know about these things. If you ask a question, "Why do spiritual people want to work with the physical world," no one can answer. Until now nobody really understands. Why is it that no one is sure of the answer? Do you know why? What is the reason? To reach the higher level of completion in the spiritual world, cooperation with the physical world is necessary. The realm of completion was left for the earth. Only humankind can reach it first, then those in the spiritual world can reach it. That is why.

Whether you are good or less, all of you are under this same rule. Together with the Messiah we have to open the spiritual world like this. To fulfill this we have to build restored relationships on the earth. That is why there are the Messiah's stages of individual, family, tribe, world and those must be connected to the spiritual world. We have to establish the victorious foundation of individual, family, tribe, race, nation and world completely on the earth. Then we can mobilize the spiritual world and it can connect fully to the earth. To find the center of all this, the Messiah has to suffer and go the painful path at the beginning, from the individual to the family, tribe, race, nation, and world. It all has to be restored in this order.

That is why people are moving these days toward one goal and one world. One world. The world has been separated into two worlds, democracy and communism. Which will dominate and make the world one under its influence? In the future, the world will be one, but neither democratic nor communistic.

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