Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 5. Instruction Regarding The Kingdom Of Heaven And Hell

1. Formulating (Seul Jeung) A View Of The Kingdom Of Heaven And Hell

Establishment is not Seul jeung. Seul jeung means establishment and setting up something. This is talking about actual results. The mission of the Messiah is to restore tribes centered on his family. We are talking about actual results. This is not establishment, it is Seul jeung. Do you understand the meaning?

Through understanding the mission of tribal messiah, we have to formulate a view of the Kingdom of Heaven and Hell. "There is the Kingdom of Heaven, here is Hell." You have to clearly divide them. After you clearly divide them, don't go below that standard. Everybody has to understand not to go that way. If you formed your tribes that way, many tribes around you, even villages have to follow you.

2. The Importance Of Life In The Spiritual World And Life On Earth

Life in the spiritual world and life on earth are not separate. Life on earth is important as is the life in the spiritual world. That means that our eternal life is connected to our life on earth. Both of them are important. Nowadays, people who live on earth don't understand the concepts of life in the spiritual world. They think that only life on earth is important. That is the problem. Even many members of the Unification Church do not understand that how you live on earth guarantees your life in the spiritual world.

Because of that, you have to feel that it is important that you live for your eternal life through having the concept that eternal life starts from now and making the foundation of the Kingdom of Heaven. If you don't understand this point, you will go a different direction. What I am doing now determines my eternal life.

If they face each other, each will move. If one climbs up, the other will climb up; if one goes down the other will go down; if one turns the other will turn. So you have to live your life on earth to bring heartfelt benefit to your life in the spiritual world. The spiritual and physical worlds are not separate. If you do not understand clearly about the Kingdom of Heaven and Hell, you cannot understand this clearly. In this way you must always work with the feeling that both the life in spiritual world and on earth are important. No one can take care of your life except you. You yourself know God better than anyone. You yourself know well. If you can become like that, wherever you go heavenly fortune will embrace you. In that case if you are gone from your village "Where did that person go? I haven't seen him for a few days. I miss his voice, as I am used to hearing him in the morning and evening," and they will want to follow you wherever you go. You cannot keep it from happening. Because heavenly fortune is with him, someone who lives according to his conscience automatically draws people to himself, just like iron moves towards a magnet, just like whatever has life moves with all its tactile sense towards the light. This is the same principle.

If I am not here, will it be a problem? For Japanese and Korean and American, why is that? Within the concepts of life in the spiritual world are contained unity and order. Through these concepts, we can make a standard for the physical world and the eternal world. This is most important. Do you understand? (217-84)

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