Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 4. The Gate Of The Kingdom Of Heaven And Entering The Kingdom Of Heaven

1. The Door To A Man's Heart

While the Buddha was in an esoteric state he said he was the only person who exists in all of heaven and earth. When someone is training himself to achieve the unity of mind and body, he can experience the divine spiritual world. During that time, he stands in a totally object position before God who is the subject. So we can say he is the only person who exists in all of heaven and earth. Once I felt that I was grasping the world tightly in my hand and it seemed to melt. If I wanted to lift it, I felt it was lifting. In that state, if you hit something, at the same time you will feel everything is melting. When you reach this level, miracles can happen automatically. The miracle of curing diseases is a natural result of religious life.

That is why you have to cultivate the quality and direction of your heart towards the door of your heart. You have to find God who is the subject to be able to cultivate the quality of heart and pioneer the standard of the direction of heart. How can you make the connection to God who protects you? To totally concentrate your mind, you have to start from your mind. That is the only way. If you brighten your mind you can surely find the direction in yourself.

Can you? It is like a magnet. Minus exists naturally where plus exists. Does it happen because somebody said to do so? It happens naturally. Then whatever is in there you will feel it. Even though I am facing eastwards to pray, entering the divine state, my direction can be changed. That will happen. Do you understand? That is why we can say the mind has a door.

Are you able to pray well sometimes? Everybody will understand this. Sometimes you can pray well. No matter how sincere you are and giving your whole heart and taking a bath to pray, sometimes you cannot pray well and say "Oh no." It depends on different rooms. It depends on the location of the room. You have no control over when it happens. There is only one center. Based on the central point, North, South, East and West exist. Every location is different. Also every direction is different. When you go to the mountains, there are places where you can pray well. Also there are places where Satan is gathered. Those are the shady places. Spiritually shady places and sunny places are formed in this way. If you experience this many times, you will understand this.

When you receive hints, dreams, revelations and apocalypses, you have to make effort to apply them to your life. Do not neglect them because these phenomena are the inevitable essence to pioneer and develop the relationship between God and man. For your own life of faith, you have to open the door of your heart and develop the quality of heart within yourself. The day you achieve this is not the final goal; you should then apply this to the world you relate to. (76-143)

2. What Is The Meaning Of Opening The Gate Of Heaven?

1) The Reason to Open the Gate of Heaven

Why do we need the Day of the Opening of the Gate of Heaven? God took full responsibility for all the mistakes which Adam and Eve made since the Fall. He has to open the gate under His jurisdiction. He has to open the gate from the individual level, family and tribe. All of those gates have been blocked. The door for races, nations and the world have been blocked. All of those doors have to be opened. By what? By Unification Church families. Reverend Moon has to open them. Do you understand? [Yes.]

God's strategy is to prepare small steps to achieve victory, from the individual, family, tribe, nation and world and universe and even to the spiritual world. Have they been blocked by heaven and hell? By whom have they been blocked? If Adam and Eve become True Parents, the whole cosmos can be united. But because of false parents, through the Fall, the Kingdom of Heaven and hell have been blocked. Who can break down this historical world of grievous resentment?

True Parents have to do it. When they do it, they are not doing it from the position of a king or that of an imperial throne. Because mankind lives a suffering life in hell on earth and in the spiritual world, the gate of hell first has to be opened on earth. Then the gate of hell in the spiritual world has to be opened. Through that, the pathway is opened on earth for the individual, the nation and the world. The highway connecting earth to the spiritual world has to be constructed. They have to connect to the mainstream. With the standard of unity between mind and body, we have to go beyond family, tribe, race, nation and world and the spiritual world to break down all the barriers. Everything has to be broken down.

The worst and last problem is to open the gate of hell and heaven in the spiritual world which has been blocked. We have to go to the depths of hell on earth and open the gate of hell on earth. We have to go to the first gate of hell in the spiritual world and open it. Otherwise, nobody can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only the person who wins over hell can open it. How can you win? Not by a prayer, but by God's love. Unless you can do this, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. That is the reason why Reverend Moon paved the way from earth to heaven by opening the gate of hell on earth and in the spiritual world centered on God's love. The name of the International Highway came from this. Do you understand? This is to break down the wall which has been blocking us.

The reason that Jesus became the prince of heaven and had the authority as God's only son was that he was able to love not only the Satanic world but also the spiritual world. The spiritual world has been blocked by boundaries, such as the boundary sphere of the Buddha, the sphere of Confucius, all of the barriers have to be broken down by a higher standard of God's heart than theirs. From the high throne of heaven, all the walls must be broken down from the highest level to the lowest. The barriers of ancestors from tens of thousands of years ago, many thousands of years ago, many hundreds of years ago, and the barriers of ancestors of only many years ago, have to be broken down on earth and pave the way to connect to hell. Otherwise, the opening of the gate of heaven cannot come about. It is complicated. (140-43)

2) The Origin of the Opening of the Gate of Heaven

These days, I appreciate Mother. Mother had many very deep experiences of the heart during my time in Danbury. Since Mother met me when she was young and innocent, she has had to pass through a parallel course with me. Because she has lived this way, Mother's standard has been lifted higher and higher. Because of Danbury, True Mother was able to realize much more the value of True Father, and understood how lonely it is for a woman without her husband.

As a result, Father and Mother conducted a ceremony to open the gates of hell and heaven. Now, they cannot be closed. True Parents stand as opposite poles. The poles are vertical, not horizontal. A solution can emerge from the place where the two poles connect. This is where the spiritual world and physical world can be connected. On February 1, 1985 at 3 a.m. American time, this standard was established at Danbury and East Garden. With what kind of heart was this done? With God's heart, we have to play a role so that the power of love can connect. Do you understand? [Yes.]

Now you know the way for the family. You have to decide whether you will become a brazen leader who stands before God in need of salvation by leaving your position or whether you will go straight up vertically. The way to heaven is the way for both man and woman to be united as one. Where does that oneness originate? You have to become one at the polar axis. You become one at the polar axis and must follow that axis. Do you understand what that means? Everyone has to go this family-centered path up to the sphere of the tribe, race, nation and world following the principle of indemnity. Everyone has to go through this path because you are in the realm of the fall. (136-47)

On February 1, 1985 at 3 a.m., Mother and I established this condition through special prayer. It cannot be done without effort. From that point, all of the barriers of hell crumbled. So, whoever makes effort on that foundation, he can enter the heavenly world. Also, if there are good ancestors among your relatives, they will come down to you and then you can educate them and lead them to the heavenly world. Do you understand?

The way of salvation has been limited to the earth. But now, by opening the gate, the way has been prepared so that good ancestors in the spiritual world can educate the evil spirits and play the role of savior. (136-187)

3) True Parents and the Gates of Heaven

What is the mission of the Unification Church? The Unification Church is different from other religions from the past which emphasized individual salvation. The Unification Church wants to build the original ideal world before the fall. When men perfect themselves and marry centered on God's love, and multiply by giving birth to children, they can enter the Kingdom of Heaven. It is the original ideal world.

How can we say it is the Kingdom of Heaven if the father goes to hell while the mother goes to heaven, and if the parents go to heaven while the children go to hell? The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where everyone goes to, such as parents and children, tribes, races, and nations. Because false parents created all the barriers, True Parents must appear to open the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven. Even God cannot open the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven. If He could, why did He not do it if He is omnipotent? It is man himself who fell. That is why man who committed sin has to receive punishment. In other words, man has to find the Kingdom of Heaven by himself because he lost it. For that reason, it took six thousand years to be restored.

To open the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven, what do we have to do? God has to elevate the person who is in the position of servant of servants through giving him the special privilege to connect to the son of God's direct blood lineage. Who is the son of God's direct blood lineage? He is Adam before the Fall. Who is the adopted son? He is the archangel before the Fall. Originally, an adopted son as an archangel is in the position of servant, so he cannot receive love directly. (42-286)

If the people in the spiritual world had not fallen, they would be able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven on the foundation of uniting with the core of True Parents' love, centered on God. Everything has been delayed because man did not have that opportunity. Where did the delay originate? It has been delayed in hell and paradise. So nobody is in the Kingdom of Heaven. The only people who can enter the Kingdom of Heaven are True Parents. If I say the Kingdom of Heaven is empty, people will think I am demented. But Jesus could not enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot go there alone.

If our original ancestors had grown into adolescence, and had established the three objects of love which is the ideal of love centered on God, they would have become the parents who could leave the seeds of true love. The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where such parents enter first. But until now, there has been no couple who has been able to leave the seeds of true love, and also there is no foundation for the descendants to inherit. So the Kingdom of Heaven is empty.

Due to the Unification Church, the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven has been opened. But because Father did not go there yet, there is no one who has entered. Even Heung-Jin is waiting to enter while he goes in and out of there with Jesus. I am not just making up a story and trickily telling this to you. After I checked and checked, even worthless things, and researched and ran through everything, I found that there is only one way to go directly. That is to go to the family, tribe, race, nation, world and spiritual world and up to the heavenly throne. On the way, you have to give others directions with a signal of love to guide them. You cannot communicate with other signals besides that, or else you cannot go. Do you have confidence to go to the Kingdom of Heaven? Do you have confidence? [Yes.] Can you go by driving a love car? If it happens that an angel of love can give signals to the love car, it can guide you to the Kingdom of Heaven. Even though this road is winding, it is a highway.

In 1985, Father at Danbury and Mother at East Garden finally opened the gate to connect heaven and earth. Ancestors who went to the spiritual world many thousands of years ago came down to their descendants. If you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, you have to descend on earth through hell. If you want to go to the Kingdom of Heaven, you have to win over hell. Only persons who win over hell can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Paradise is like a waiting station before you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, after having gone to the depths of hell.

When you look at humanity, you have to look at them as one man and one woman. "Two billion people among the four billion people are women, and two billion people are men. If you say two billion, that is a man with two billion cells, and a woman with two billion cells. With that mind, I will love those two people." You have to think that way. With what kind of name? With God's name. When Heavenly Father recreates humanity, he plants 4 billion people and recreates the historical Adam and Eve.

That means that God chooses one representative man among the two billion men and one representative woman from the two billion women to be His first loves. These representatives are the fruit of the love of humanity. If you make the determination that you are going to love the two billion people of humanity more than the father and mother who gave birth to you, and you become a person who can love the four billion people more than you love your father and mother, then you have nothing to do with Satan, because you are totally one with the realm of God's love according to the standard of the Principle and you are in the position of loving mankind in oneness with God. Isn't it simple?

Who can be the representatives? They are the true father and true mother. If you can love mankind more than you love True Parents, everything will be okay. Do you understand? The gate of hell in the spiritual world and on earth can open immediately. Wherever that person goes, it will be a highway. But, you have to pay the price for gasoline. You should not ask your father and mother for the expense of gasoline. I gave you a car, so you have to drive the car at your own expense. "Well, parents have to drive for me." You cannot say that. In the original world, angels would lead the way to the Kingdom of Heaven, not True Parents. And, this is the right way, that you come to see True Parents, to greet them, rather than True Parents coming to you and leading you. That is not the way of the Principle. True Parents paved the way, so if you love True Parents, you can automatically follow that path. Everything will go well when you love mankind more than you love True Parents, with the attitude of following their footsteps and loving True Parents. You must follow the mainstream of heart which can be directly connected to the highway. Therefore, you can directly enter the Kingdom of Heaven from the Earth. (applause)

Well, am I a man or a woman? [Man] How about Mother? Is she a man or a woman? [Woman.] Right. I am a man. Mother is a woman. When you look around this world, there are two types of people, and male and female animals. Because of the fall, some men and women are just like animals, are they not? You can enter the realm of heart with a mother's heart which goes beyond the Satanic world. If you have made bad conditions in front of Father, then you have to try again. Throughout my life, as a parent, I have prepared the way for my children to go, through taking all responsibility.

If you stand in the place where you love mankind with the same heart as you love True Parents, you will become one with True Parents and stand in the same line horizontally with True Parents. If you can do this, Satan cannot influence you, because your heart is much higher than fallen man's. You can connect to heaven directly. Do you understand? [Yes.] To accomplish this, I declared the Day of the Opening of Heaven's Gate. (140-45)

4) Our Attitude Towards the Opening of Heaven's Gate

From the earth, I have prepared the highway and brought the victorious power of heaven and passed it on to you. So, you have to love True Parents absolutely centered on True Parents' standard and realm of heart and separate from the roots of heart caused by fallen parents. By doing so, centered on new parents, you have to plant God's love in your mind and body and attain absolute oneness. Then, Satan cannot separate you from God.

What will happen to you if you can love the world with more of a loving heart than you love True Parents? In this way, I went through the history of indemnity to save Cain-type sons and daughters as the representatives of the world. From now on, there is nothing in the spiritual world or physical world which can block you. You start from the earth and can go beyond the world and the spiritual world directly to heaven. But if you cannot fulfill it, your way will have so many barriers. Because Father knew this, he dedicated his life up to now to prepare the way, and gave you the privilege to attend the Day of the Opening of Heaven's Gate. I wish you can become a victorious person who can pass without obstacles to attain such a heart. (140-62)

3. The Front Gate Of The Kingdom Of Heaven

The way of true love is to live for others. You have to understand clearly that you have to live for others. If it is wrong I will ask you one question. Raise your hands those who think, "It is a lie." I want to ask one question. No one? Because I said I will ask a question, are you holding back? Then I am asking you, so please raise your hand. (laughter) Then shall we go on, since you admit it is true? [Yes.] Do you feel bad or good? [Good.] If you feel bad, this universe feels bad, and God feels bad too. That is why we can make the conclusion that true love is that you live for others even at the price of our life.

If there is a front gate to the Kingdom of Heaven, when such a person comes before it, the door will open automatically, just like an automatic door. Will God then say, "Who opened that door?" [No.] As soon as the door is opened, he will be wide-eyed in surprise. Will his mouth open in astonishment? How about it?

The husband is given to his wife to live for her all his life. Is that good? No matter how ugly the woman is, she will like that and say, "God sent my husband to me so that he can love me. So I am a happy woman." Doesn't she say that? [Yes.] On the other hand, in the same way, the wife is given to her husband to live for him. The woman is given as a spouse to live for her husband throughout his life. Isn't that right? So they are a happy husband and happy wife. Why? They can become friends forever.

In the universe, there are always two actions. When they try to give to each other, there is a cycle of giving. If they try only to receive from one another, what will happen? Their relationship will end and in that situation it will finally disappear. When you give to and receive from each other, you will flourish. When you want only to receive, you will die. If a man and a woman do not unite, they will disappear. (128-298)

4. Questions And Answers On The Kingdom Of Heaven

Where are you now? You have to know yourself. You have to understand where you are. Satan and God can claim man based on their portion of responsibility. "This person is yours, that person is mine." Do you understand? Unless you fulfill your portion of responsibility, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Then Satan will say, "He is mine."

You have to long for God's love, the ideal love of a couple and the ideal love of children. With that attitude, you have to fulfill your responsibility. "Oh, I need money. I need this or that. I have to educate my children." You cannot fulfill your responsibility with this kind of thinking. You must understand this point. It is all trash. It is wrong.

Before you enter the Kingdom of Heaven, what will the gatekeeper ask? He will say, "Did you fulfill your responsibility? In the fallen world, absolutely no one can go to the Kingdom of Heaven. There is no way to go to the Kingdom of Heaven. Therefore, God has raised the third Adam, through the time of Adam, Jesus, and the Second Coming, centered on the providence of restoration, to break through in the fulfillment of man's portion of responsibility.

Satan will say, "Even though you give all the religious people of the world as a sacrifice, I cannot give this to you!" But God thinks, even if all the religious people in the world were to die, if I can restore man's portion of responsibility, I will do it. Now the reason that religious people can believe in religion is that they can go to the Kingdom of Heaven by fulfilling their portion of responsibility. Satan does not want to give this portion of responsibility even though he may take all the religious people as a burnt offering. He does not want to give this to humanity, but Heavenly Father thinks that even if he were to sacrifice all of the religious people, He wants to restore this portion of responsibility. (149-323)

5. Heaven And Hell Are Not Places To Be Sent To

In our life of faith, we can never complain. Answer me, can you find any reason to complain, or not? [No.] Why? "Oh, I'm dying, I feel suffocated. What is it? Can you complain like this? [No.] You have to be joyful, laughing while shedding tears. You have to go this way. You have to go shedding tears and smiling. Now, do you understand or not? [We understand.] If you understand, are you going to do it or not? [We will do it.] After I have taught this, if you don't do it, what will happen?

If you don't do it, there is no other way. God cannot help you, I cannot help you. Because of that, you have to decide whether you are going to the Kingdom of Heaven or hell. Reverend Moon does not decide. God does not decide. You yourself decide. Each of you decides. If you complain, it is hell. If you do it without complaining, and feel thankful, that is the Kingdom of Heaven, if you maintain a thankful heart. (96-122)

The Kingdom of Heaven is not a place you go by being taught. A person who lives according to his conscience can go to the Kingdom of Heaven automatically. Look, when the sun rises don't all the buds of the trees turn toward the sun? Isn't that right? Trifling things like grass and trees can turn towards the direction of the sun by themselves. Furthermore, man as the lord of creation can surely understand the way to go. These things will happen. (75-42)

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