Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 3. The Qualifications And Conditions For Entering The Kingdom Of God (Part 2)

3. The Four Position Foundation And The Kingdom Of Heaven And Earth

1) The Family Can Enter into the Kingdom of Heaven

If I have only worked for the family level until now, why have I been persecuted? I have confidence that if my father, mother, clan and all my relatives are gathered in one place, then I can deeply touch them all through God's word. Surely, I have confidence that I can bring all my clan and relatives to God's will. I was not able to do that because it was not God's will. Jesus was expelled by his own relatives because he was not able to do it.

But, you who live in the environment of this era, can touch your parents and relatives by expressing your sincere heart, by shedding tears.

In a sense, you have a better situation than mine. Now is the time for you to touch your parents and relatives, whoever among them does not accept God's word, by shedding tears and other means. It is difficult to face your elder brother, but you can tell your younger brother to come to the Unification Church and say "My brother, are you going to believe it or not?" Even if you have to be forceful with him. Although you entered this kind of time, if you do not fulfill your responsibility, you cannot face God. From now on, Father also cannot relate with this kind of person. Do you understand? [Yes.] If you do not fulfill this, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. You can only enter the Kingdom of Heaven after you have established your family. (21-66)

The Unification Church teaches that salvation absolutely cannot come to you as an individual alone. Is that right? Individually, you cannot enter into the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot enter alone. That is the Principle. In the Garden of Eden, both Adam and Eve were able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Can the husband enter the Kingdom of Heaven alone? Doesn't the wife have to go to the Kingdom of Heaven too? You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven without the unity of husband and wife, and family unity. That is the ideal. Do you think it is good if a father goes to hell and the mother goes to the Kingdom of Heaven? That cannot be the Kingdom of Heaven. You must enter the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple and as a family, and not only the family, but all the relatives and the whole nation. (50-63)

From where does the Kingdom of Heaven start? It starts when you deny the root of all your innate heartfelt feelings. So, the person who is living according to the way of truth lives a single life. But, there are some difficult problems here. In the future, the Second Coming who comes again can solve these problems easily. Until then, you have to face these difficulties alone.

There is no way to achieve individual salvation. In order to save mankind, we have to save the family. To open the way to give salvation as a whole family, the Messiah is coming again to the earth. Nowadays, Christians believe that they can go to the Kingdom of Heaven if they believe in Jesus. They are indulging in individualism. Originally, you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven alone. Do you think Adam and Eve were able to enter the Kingdom of Heaven or not if they had stayed in the realm of God's love without falling? If it had happened, there would have been no such thing as hell.

How can we then go to the Kingdom of Heaven? This is the place we go as a family, with children whose parents as a couple gave birth to them. This is the place to go as a clan with sons and daughters and grandchildren. One step ahead, this is the place for the entire nation to go. That is why this place becomes a heavenly nation. The Kingdom of Heaven in forming in this way today. Today, Christians are trying to go to the Kingdom of Heaven by themselves, but the Kingdom of Heaven is not the place for individuals. They absolutely cannot enter as individuals. (41-300)

Centered on the individual, if you say, "Here is the Kingdom of Heaven. Here is the Kingdom of heaven," how much will Heavenly Father feel suffocated? So, do you think you like this way? Do you? Don't you? When Heavenly Father looks at the human world or the religious world, will he feet suffocated or not? Heavenly Father will say "Oh dear!" (96-71)

What standard do you as a Unificationist have to attain? You have to be better than Buddha, or Jesus or Confucius. Until now, the purpose of religion was individual salvation, but the purpose of the Unification Church is family salvation, rather than individual salvation. This is the difference between Unification Church and other religions. In order to receive salvation, you need to save the family. You cannot go alone to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Unification Church view of salvation is not that only the husband goes to the Kingdom of Heaven and the wife goes to hell. Both have to go together. Also, we cannot go to the Kingdom of Heaven while letting our father and mother go to hell. We cannot let our father and mother go to hell. We are going to the Kingdom of Heaven with our sons and daughters and parents together.

The Unification Church is on a different level of teaching from any other religion as it shows the way to go to the Kingdom of Heaven with the family, all of the clan together, whom we love. That is why the Unification Church emphasizes the family while other religions emphasize the single way of life. We are going this family centered way living for the sake of God and the world. This is the way for Unification Church members to go. From now on, you have to clearly understand how to live your life. (34-359)

What is happiness? As I mentioned before, our original nature strives to go forward to future happiness. Who can be the greatest source of happiness in your family? For the husband? [Wife] For the wife, who is it? [Husband] For the parents, it is the children. For the children, it is their parents. From this foundation, it is possible to establish the Kingdom of Heaven.

Imagine how lonely and miserable Jesus was when he could not say that the Kingdom of Heaven is in the family. Instead he said that it is in you. You have a family, and you can even sing with happiness. At some time, you could be thankful and happy even if you were to commit suicide together by drowning in the river and become fish bait while your body is floating in the water. Even if the whole society and nation were to come against you, you could throw them off as if you were taking off your shoes. Isn't that right? For the human being, there is a way to lead this kind of life.

Jesus, the savior, as the only son of God, came to save this world by bringing the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth. He said, "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you," without even fulfilling his dream, which is the basis of the environment of the Kingdom of Heaven. He was crucified after wandering around for almost three years keeping to himself the idea of fulfilling the restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven. How lonely and miserable Jesus was!

Then was the Kingdom which Jesus wished for only the Kingdom of Heaven in his mind? When could the Kingdom of Heaven be established beyond the Kingdom of Heaven in his mind? It was not possible. It was also not possible to build the Kingdom of Heaven beyond the family to the society and nation. How about the Kingdom of Heaven on the world level, and the Kingdom of Heaven in the spiritual world?

When we think this way, the savior as the Messiah has the responsibility to liberate the entire spiritual world and heavenly Father through saving mankind. It would only be possible for him to do this by going through all these stages. When you think about his situation, how lonely and miserable he was. The fact that Jesus was crucified on the cross was not a big thing compared to this. It was not a big deal.

If I collapse, I cannot face heavenly Father because I failed to establish the ideal of the Kingdom of Heaven and the ideal society. I cannot hide myself. Who can understand Jesus' shameful heart which cannot be removed even if he were to die a hundred times? (120-48)

You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven alone, the place which is the Kingdom of Heaven. You cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven alone. Is that right? You can enter the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven after you establish the ideal of a spouse. For a fallen man to enter the Kingdom of heaven, you have to go through the history of restoration, or the history of resurrection, or the history of recreation. To give the Blessing to you is to open wide the gate of the Kingdom of Heaven. Entering the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth is up to you. What is the meaning of giving you the Blessing? What does the word Blessing mean? Through the Blessing, the closed gate of the Kingdom of Heaven is opened in front of you.

You cannot enter alone even though the gate is open. The family enters. Do you understand? I am saying that you can enter with your sons and daughters. What we mean by the family is the historical family as a result of accumulated merit, so heavenly Father's six-thousand years of restoration history went through the first Adam, the second Adam and the third Adam's era. Therefore, you can enter as a family. (152-240)

2) Jesus and His Family

Who is the most saintly of all the saints in history? [Jesus.] You said it is Jesus. What did Jesus say? Are you just saying this? Didn't we talk before about the definition of a true person? Then let's find out whether Jesus was a true person or not. Jesus said that God is his Father. Didn't he say that? [Yes.] He said true life is to become God's son, and Jesus was longing for the position of God's son, wasn't he? [Yes.] Also, he said "I am the only son of God." Because he is the only son of God, he can receive all of God's love, right? [He can receive everything.] Did he take the position to receive God's love or not? [Yes, he did.]

Next, Jesus said, "God and I are one body," From this point, Jesus is not only in the position of the son of God, but he prepared himself internally and externally. And then he said "I am the bridegroom, you are the bride." He connected himself with God as well as with mankind in a relationship like that between bride and bridegroom. And he said "You are my brothers." Isn't that right?

From this point, we have to understand what Jesus was wishing for. What did both God and mankind desire? It is the religion which shows the eternal standard of love to live forever centered on God, that should be Christianity. Isn't that the reason why God wants to find man to fulfill this? It was also man's desire. There is no other desire above this. Jesus strove to establish his family but he was crucified without its fulfillment, leaving the concept of bride and bridegroom behind him.

So, after Jesus comes back again, he will conduct the banquet of the Lamb. This refers to the appearance of the ideal family in which God can dwell. And then, Jesus can enter into the position of True Parents. In the position of True Parents, he has to establish true children and true brothers and sisters. Centered on this, true families, true tribes and a true race have to be established, and finally a new race and new nation have to emerge. Now, we can make a clear conclusion. Jesus has to come again to realize this. Do you understand? [Yes.] (39-344)

3) Four Position Foundation and the Kingdom of Heaven

We need to understand that our husband and children, our mother and father, and grandparents are the three angels to guide us to the Kingdom of Heaven. Grandparents, and spouses, and sons and daughters, are the three angels. We have to understand that they are the representatives of the three angels, because they exist as pairs. So, the father and mother have to learn from their grandparents, and from their sons and daughters. Do you understand? The husband has to learn from the wife, and the wife has to learn from the husband. This is the family tradition.

What is marriage? Marriage is for women to learn what they do not know about men. Men have to learn what they do not know about women. You have to understand this. Marriage is the program to learn about the opposite sex. We have to understand that marriage means you are going to this kind of school. So you each have to achieve 100 points. The husband likes this and the wife likes this too. You have to achieve 100 points. It would be good if I could tell you more details and talk until I could totally convince you of this, but I don't have time now.

The reason we give birth to our sons and daughters and live for them is to learn how to love the world. Sons and daughters can connect us to the world and the future. If we don't have sons and daughters, we cannot be connected to the future. We have to understand that God gave us sons and daughters as the source of education to connect us to the future world. And then our ancestors, and grandmother and grandfather are the source of education about the spiritual world. If we take care of our grandfather and grandmother with filial piety, that kind of system exists in the spiritual world. This is for you to receive education about the spiritual world. You have to understand this.

What can be the center of this? Under the title of love, everything can be connected. Centered on love, everything can be connected. Grandfather and grandmother, husband and wife, sons and daughters can be connected all together centered on love. If you have that love, you can be connected to millions of generations of your ancestors in the spiritual world. You can also be connected with your descendants only with this love. The system of the spiritual world is just like our blood circulatory system. That is the system of the universe. The realm of love is so wonderful! It is amazing! Right? [Yes, it is.] The word right contains two meanings, might, and power. Everyone wants to follow righteousness. How about you? We can make a clear conclusion. The greatest happiness is to become the slave and servant of love. (135-120)

What is it that needs to be restored? Is it not to restore the Four Position Foundation? To restore the Four Position Foundation, we have to restore father, then mother, then sons and daughters. Therefore, you have to be completely restored as a Blessed couple and give birth to children and bring them to the position of an unfallen person. You must understand that this is your most important mission. To do that you have to infuse a new tradition which is far better than that of the saints. (58-35)

First, you have to establish the Kingdom of Heaven as an individual. Next, you have to establish the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple. Where is the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple? Where is it? That is the place where plus and minus become totally united as one. In the beginning, you say you like your spouse. And then after a few years you say goodbye and divorce. That kind of marriage is not like this.

Do you think it is true love that you married him because he was handsome before you got married? What if one week after the marriage he had a car accident and his chin is twisted, he injures his eyes and breaks his arm and you divorce him because of that. Is that true love? [No.] Is this American woman's love? Is that true love or false love? [False love.] I investigated one hundred people. Among them, one third had divorced. The initiator in one third was the husband, and in two thirds it was the wife. That's true. (laughter)

Now do you know what is the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple? Nobody can separate the couple who are completely attached together, even though they lose their legs by exploding dynamite. (laughter) What kind of love are you looking for? [True love.] True love. You can achieve that kind of love when your mind and body are completely united.

The Kingdom of Heaven as a couple can emerge. After that, what will happen? Are you satisfied with only the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple? How can the Kingdom of Heaven as a couple emerge? When father and mother become totally one and love each other, the son will think he wants to marry a bride just like his mother, and the daughter will think that she wants to marry a bridegroom just like her father. When the father and mother as a plus, and the sons and daughters as a minus are totally united as a family, that is the Kingdom of Heaven as a family. Do you understand?

The place where the Kingdom of Heaven can be established in the family is the place where the Kingdom of Heaven can be established on earth, which is God's ideal. The four position foundation has to be formed. The Principle says that the completion of God's ideal of creation is the completion of the Four Position Foundation. Do you understand? Why do things have to be like this? Centered on three stages by God, Adam and Eve, the vertical world and horizontal world can be extend. ed. Do you understand? [Yes.] This is the Principle.

That is why Adam and Eve have to have sons and daughters in order for the horizontal world to expand. If this horizontal world becomes larger, the vertical world can emerge naturally. The horizontal standard of the body is the children, and the vertical standard of the mind is the spiritual world. From this point, finally, heavenly Father can go freely between the spiritual world and the physical world, and the Kingdom of Heaven on Earth can be realized. Do you understand? [Yes.]

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