Earthly Life And Spirit World II

Section 3. The Qualifications And Conditions For Entering The Kingdom Of God (Part 1)

1. The Qualifications For Entering Tim Kingdom Of God

1) Necessity of Suffering

What remains forever is the suffering of a public life. If, when you go to the spiritual world after undergoing the suffering of a public life on earth, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God, you can complain to True Father. Those who receive persecution for the sake of the nation, the world, and the cosmos are wise men. (19-30)

What kind of tradition are you going to leave in this country? We are within the realm our enemy was occupying, because the man who took responsibility for the country got captured by the enemy. However, that man should not be given preferential treatment. If he is treated well, unity cannot be made. Do you understand what True Father is saying? The more miserable the responsible person's death, the more closely united the relationship between that man and us becomes. Don't you think so? Conversely, the more the enemy country loves the responsible person, the more our unity with him becomes vague. Even in killing him, he has to be killed in the most miserable way, by amputating his arms and legs, and by extracting his eyes. If that is done, the group that is bonded to him comes to be completely united. Don't you think so? That is the only method.

What can create unity between the spiritual world and us? That is for us to encounter difficulties. The harder a time you have, the more the spiritual world unites with you. Despite the fact that the Unification Church and the spiritual world are in a relationship of father and son, and a brotherhood relation, if we endure a lot of suffering, the spiritual world will completely unite with us.

Therefore, we are mobilized directly and are battling with Satan. If we do not encounter difficulties, the spiritual world will not work actively. In this sense, God unfolds His strategy through Satan. God lets us have an extremely hard time. Sometimes He lets us be killed. Death itself is a tragedy, but it can create the reaction of unity. Isn't that what happens? (49-108)

What kind of example should we leave on earth? Filial son? Loyal subject? Even though you become a filial son or loyal subject, or if you leave your name in the history of your country, that does not give you real meaning. This is because a filial son and loyal subject in the fallen world do not have the original heavenly standard. Accordingly, in order to reach the original heavenly standard, one has to be the most filial son among filial sons, the most loyal subject among loyal subjects, and the most exemplary woman among exemplary women. When is that time? Now is the time.

Therefore, those who want to enter the Kingdom of God should live miserably and die miserably. Are these good words or bad words? [Good words!] Then, are the words: "Go out and desperately lead people to the church!" good or bad words? [Good ones!] Then, why don't you go out and work hard? You should die for the sake of others. If you die for the sake of others, the world, and the universe, you will be treated as the subject of the great universe.

The most valuable things are the creation, humans, and God. Those who sacrificed, risking their lives to embrace the world from the position of goodness, are essentially sacrificing for the sake of those three things. Therefore, God has to compensate them with something more valuable than those three things. Because Jesus had such a viewpoint, he proclaimed, "Members of your family are your enemy," and "He who seeks to die shall live, while he who seeks to live shall die." Otherwise, people cannot go to the Kingdom of God. Thus, Jesus' proclamation was the most wonderful news. Do you understand? It was the most magnificent, valuable, and absolute gospel.

Thus, the Unification Church does not teach that one should live a rich and comfortable life. Even though you may live a miserable and poor life, and die in a tragic situation, your sacrificial life will be resurrected at the time of blossom. Every holy person will gather together and adore you before your holy life. What kind of life do you want to create? True Father is going to let the members of the Unification Church have an extremely hard time, and make you filial children and loyal subjects. Do you feel good or not? [Good!] How shall True Father treat people who are not willing to go such a way? In the relation between father and child, brother and brother, teacher and disciple, one should say firmly, "Father, please cut off my bone! Elder brother, please cut off my bone! Teacher, please cut off my bone!" It is true love to make some one overcome his present difficulties by kicking him with your foot.

Therefore, the first commandment is: "Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind!" Then, "You shall love your neighbor as yourself!" Who is your neighbor? The people of the world are your neighbors and brothers. You have to invest your mind, will, and life for the sake of the people of the world. If you stake your life, that is your best. Because Rev. Moon made such a resolution, Rev. Moon passed the age of 50, but he still has a long way to go. Rev. Moon never hesitates to go that way.

In order to realize the hope of tomorrow and become a manager of the world, Rev. Moon goes that way of death, devoting himself and shedding tears with his whole will and effort. Thus, True Father has to find one standard from which everything can be united. This is the major thought of the Unification Church. This is the way of adventure. We are now undergoing the path of a bloody fight.

What do you think of this way? Is it good or not? The foundation that was established at the price of one's life will be a model for mankind, and will be the foundation for the happiness of the world's people. All people will regard that base as the starting point of harmony, and will make the world united. The one who feels responsible for the history of the universe at such a place of hope, is never a small-minded man. Don't you agree? You should understand this well. (49-303)

He who begins the way of truth must go the way of death until he dies. In order to pay the indemnity, which would normally have to be paid after death, one has to go that way during his lifetime. This is to reduce the period of indemnity, which would have to be paid for billions of years after death, by suffering on earth. Accordingly, the way of truth is to indemnify on earth the suffering course that would have had to be paid eternally. (31-320)

God gives blessing to people who endure difficulties for the sake of God's Will. Where do you receive the blessing? In the spiritual world. You come to receive the highest blessing in the spiritual world. The blessing is found in prison. Therefore, the day to enter prison is the day of hope. The day your hands are handcuffed is also a day of hope.

When True Father went to prison with a grateful mind, everything was prepared to welcome him. Everybody was waiting to receive True Father's teachings. If I felt hungry, someone brought food. That cannot be compared to Elijah's miracle, who received food from ravens. I let communists bring food through the spiritual world. (103-207)

2) The Necessity of Love

What will you ride to get to the Kingdom of God? You cannot go there by jet. You can go there by riding the track of love. When True Father says this, do you feet it substantially? [Yes!] The line of love does not become thin when it is pulled, like an elastic band. On the contrary, the more the line of love is pulled, the thicker it becomes. That gives two kinds of benefits in one action.

In this sense, to encounter the most difficulties for the sake of God's will is a secret method to occupy the world. Do you understand? [King of suffering!] The king of suffering. When True Father uses this kind of world, you may actually feel that. What will the king of suffering become in the spiritual world? He will be the one who can take God's glory alone. Religious people today say, "Let's go to the Kingdom of God!" But can people go there with no qualifications? People should meet that nation first on earth. In order to meet that nation, one has to go through the law of love. You should pray that all of you go through the law of love.

When you come to have many children, you should feel the additional cross to love the Kingdom of God more. The reason many children are sent to your family is because your family has to carry many crosses. Your family has many responsibilities for the sake of that nation. Upon knowing this, you should fulfill your responsibility completely. Such a family can have a great descendant who can inherit heavenly fortune. (32-232)

How can you go to the Kingdom of God? You have to be crazy for God's love. You have to love God more than Adam and Eve did, more than Peter, James and John did. You must love Jesus more than Peter, James and John did. Without that, the relative realm of true love cannot be restored, from which God can love you. Only when that is restored will everything be fulfilled.

You should not worry about money. You should not worry about children even if you don't have any. You should go that way continuously. When you go continuously, you may feel that you are diminishing, but rather you are going higher and higher. The Unification Church becomes bigger and bigger by being persecuted. Don't you think so? In a family of ten, the one who is opposed by the others, and continuously endures for the sake of the common purpose, can become the lord of that family. That person can be the Lord of the heavenly nation. (142-289)

You must be able to embrace children of all five races, and embrace their grandchildren. So, you must be able to love people of the world with God's true love, and you must be the lord of the family as true parents. Only when you become true parents centered on God's true love, and represent the family standard of true love, can you enter the Kingdom of God.

In order to enter the Kingdom of God, one has to be united with the true God and the true love of True Parents. Those who have lived in the relationship of God's blood lineage can go to the Kingdom of God, but until now, nobody has lived such a life. Therefore, the Kingdom of God is vacant. (176-2 10)

The way to the Kingdom of God is opened by loving your brothers like God. You are trying to follow True Father. With such a mind, let you brothers follow True Father. From this viewpoint, the one who teaches the highest, quickest and best way to go to the Kingdom of God is neither God nor True Father, but your brother. (66-125)

Then, to what kind of Kingdom of God are you going? Are you going to the world Kingdom or the individual Kingdom? [The world Kingdom!] Because True Father is very greedy, in order to hold the line of love to be able to enter the world Kingdom of God, he has been going this way, enduring persecution for 40 years by going beyond the individual, the line of family, tribe, people, nation and world.

Where do we go after that? We have to go find the nation. Because we found the world level line of love and there is no bigger place, we have to go back to our hometown. Because we received the blessing, we have to help poor people in our hometown. Because we found the line of love of the world, where do we go? We came in order to save the country. (143-141)

3) We Must Have Results

Only the ideal of the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth and in heaven has been close to us, and only the way of happiness to secure glory and prosperity remains before us. Until now, the way to advance happiness and the ideal was blocked by various walls. Servant and servant, subject and object were blocked. Numerous walls were blocking the spiritual as well as the physical world, but True Father opened them all. True Father made the foundation so that the spiritual world can freely settle on earth.

In the past, a person who prayed and devoted himself could meet the deceased founder of a religion only for a short time, and then had to separate, because the religious leader had to return to the spirit world. However, now is the time when all spirit persons can descend to earth, centering on the realm of religion. Thus, if you are not able to substantially move the past, present, and future, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. You should know this.

The time of the past was the period of angels and good spirit persons who had gone to the spiritual world. The present time is the period of parents. And the future will be the period of God. Therefore, those who are not able to mobilize the spiritual world, parents, and God, cannot enter the Kingdom of God. This is the same situation as when the angels and God helped Adam and Eve. Afterwards, Adam and Eve were supposed to move the universe. Only those people who can move these three worlds centering on God can enter the Kingdom of God, which is the original world. (161-199)

What must you do in order to enter that nation? What is the condition to enter that nation? You have to love God more than your own children. You have to love the Lord more than your own husband or wife. You have to love the Holy Spirit more than your own body. That is the unity of trinity. (?-100)

Then, who can live in the heavenly nation? Sons and daughters who bring joy to God can live there. However, after the fall, multitudes of fallen people lived throughout human history. Out of these fallen people, do you think people who gave joy to God were born or not! [They were not born.] (43-23)

You might hope to go to the Kingdom of God by believing in the Unification Church, but if you did not bring results on earth, even if you were allowed into that nation, you would feel ashamed of yourself. We are not the group that wants to go to the Kingdom of God just by having faith, like traditional Christians. We are the group which tries to establish the Kingdom of God with all our heart and effort. We cannot forgive the people who try to oppose and prevent that.

In order to go this way, you have to invest all your mind and body as well as all your belongings. And you must take responsibility not only for the fate of the country, but for the destiny of Asia. You should understand that now is such a time. (22-226)

4) Living for the Sake of Others

If you are fifty years old and you lived for the sake of the universe and heavenly law for over 25 years, you can go to the Kingdom of God. You can go beyond the boundary line to be able to stay in a better realm of the spiritual world. But people who live their whole life centered on themselves go to the original homeland of evil -- hell -- regardless of their feelings. This has to be true. You have to recognize your situation and reflect on your past. You should make effort to live for the sake of the whole, the country, the world, heaven and earth, and God, during the rest of your lifetime. If you do so, it follows that you will march forward to the ideal world in heaven. (78-119)

You may not know much about the spiritual world, but True Father is an expert. I have experienced the spiritual world more than anyone else has. The spiritual world is my special major field. What is the origin of the spiritual world? The world which is composed of the principle-living for the sake of others- must be the Kingdom of God that mankind is expecting. That is our original homeland.

We are destined to go there regardless of our will. That is our way of life. We are going the way of a traveler. What can be a problem in your life? Whether you are living more for the sake of others or for yourself. If you lived more for the sake of others, you will go to the Kingdom of God. If the opposite is true, you will go to hell. You may be unable to believe this fundamental formula now, in your present situation, but when you die you will come to understand.

God has worked providentially to save mankind through religion. Therefore, the higher the dimension of a religion, the more that religion teaches higher contents which are in accord with the principle of the original homeland. Therefore, many high religions could not help but teach the idea of sacrifice and service.

Because God has been working providentially behind religion to match the world to the original world, we cannot deny that God is working within human history. Accordingly, a religion that is living for the sake of others will develop, while a religion which tries to take the subjective position, centered on itself, will decline. (74-51)

What is the Kingdom of God? You should know with certainty what the Kingdom of God is. It is the world of love. It is the world of living for the sake of the center, God. (98-35)

2. The Standard To Be Able To Enter The Kingdom Of God

1) Our Position

God is our Parent; then why did He create us? God's creation of humankind started from the place participating in love. Humans started from God's mind, growing up in God's bosom of love, becoming mature in God's bosom, and making the family which can connect with the love of the world. Through that, they come to return to God's bosom of love as mature persons. This is the way to live. Due to the fall, this was fundamentally destroyed. The relationship between God and humankind was completely severed. No matter how people try to return to God, they cannot. Furthermore, God is also the same. Such a big gap was made. The wall and boundary line were made.

What kind of wall is it? That wall prevents humans from going to their Parent, God. What is that wall? This is the problem. That wall, which even God could not handle, must be raised as the most important problem for religious people.

That wall divided the individual's mind and body. That wall, with various historical contents, also came between husband and wife. That wall was made in the family, tribe, people, nation, world, and all of the spiritual world and physical world. That wall was made between heaven and hell. Although God dwells in the glorious place called heaven, without removing that wall, humans on earth can never go over the summit of the wall, the surrounded boundary line.

This is the tragedy of human life on earth. How can we overcome this tragedy? Despite the fact that humans are meant to live attending God as their Parent and be led by Him, they don't even know if God exists. Humans came to radically insist that God does not exist. Furthermore, they proclaimed that God is dead. You are living in this kind of tragic environment that is demanding, "Let's remove God from human society!" Who made such a world -- God or humans? That is the problem. This is not what humans want. Then, who made it? Who raised this environment? (135-267) )

2) When You Cannot Enter the Kingdom of God

True Father himself is worried about the Unification Church. What should be our motivation: God's Will or our own will? The self should not become the motivation. However, in many cases, the motivation is derived from the self instead of from God's Will.

While God's Will asks us to go the way of suffering, the self tries to betray it. They are opposite positions. While God's Will asks us to go right, the self tries to go left. You try to excuse yourself by saying, "I had a harder time than anyone else since joining the Unification Church."

The one who makes excuses for himself cannot enter the Kingdom of God. The position of absolute faith is not a place to excuse oneself. There is nothing to say. The Kingdom of God is where one cannot be proud of one's achievements. What you call a hundred percent might be just one percent from God's viewpoint. What you think is a hundred may be just one from God's viewpoint. Therefore, the one who is centered on himself cannot enter the Kingdom of God.

From where does the Kingdom of God start? It starts from absolute faith. Absolute faith means to not insist on one's opinion. It is the place to deny oneself absolutely. Without denying oneself absolutely, absolute faith cannot emerge. If you follow the secular environment, and at the same time, try to pursue the life of faith then the life of absolute faith cannot emerge.

Most people live their routine daily lives saying, "I am fine in God's eyes." However, regarding the fundamental problem, living a routine life in this fallen world cannot bring us to the Kingdom of God. Such a person cannot be fine before God. Without having a certain objective standard authorizing oneself, one cannot have the absolute standard of faith. Because there is no absolute standard of faith, the Kingdom of God, which would be established after surmounting absolute faith, cannot emerge. Why is this so? Because Satan stays in that place. (46-79)

Historically, those called by God were usually over the age of fifty or sixty. Most of them were getting old, and were close to their own funeral day. God was working with these old people in the past, but he knew that in the future He would work with the young generation. So, in the background of His providence, God was concerned about how to develop the providential history with that young generation. God has walked the providential way of history having such contents.

Old age passes over the prime of life, the prime of life over youth, youth over childhood, and childhood over infancy. Through that course, you should be born again, or you will not be able to enter the Kingdom of God. You should be pure and innocent like a child. That's why Jesus said to Nicodemus, "You must be born again." If you are not born again, you cannot enter the Kingdom of God. Therefore, God developed the history of salvation from the mother's womb as the highest history of salvation. How tragic it is! (20-95)

3) Our Life to Enter the Kingdom of God

If two-thirds of your life of seventy or eighty years is sorrowful, how shall you handle that period? You should make that period a joyful life centering on God. You should make your life the Kingdom of God. The Kingdom of God is where one gives, and gives again. God also has to give. Parents have to give to their children. The parental mind is to want to give, and give again when you have something better to give. (34-141)

You are now fighting. You are shooting a gun centering on you whole life. Before meeting the world, your mind and body are fighting each other. How can you make peace? Which side will win -- mind or body? How about you? Which side will be victorious, your mind or your body? You should be a person who can say, "My mind definitely wins over my body." The one whose mind wins over his body is on the good side, while the one whose body defeats his mind is on the evil side.

Then, what is the secret method for the mind to defeat the body in this struggle? Or conversely, what is the method by which the body defeats the mind? This is the problem. What can solve this struggle? This is important. What is the essential element to establish goodness for people living in this evil world? What is the essential element to establish evil? By knowing this, let's add or remove some elements. This essential element is very simple. (36-61)

If there is a great man and a great woman in history, can the man say that he wants to receive God's blessing alone? Can a woman say that she wants to receive God's blessing alone? [No!] You have to think of God's Will as absolute and go through all the conditions that are raised as the hope of mankind. By doing this, you can be qualified to receive God's blessing. In the Kingdom of God on earth in the future, the way must be found for husband and wife to be welcomed and respected worldwide. This is the way of life in the Kingdom of God on earth. Can you do that? (162-69)

You alone cannot go the way of goodness. The world should be occupied by good or evil. When good occupies the world, it is the way of life, but when evil occupies the world, it is the way of destruction. This world is running the way of life and death.

The individual is the result of history. The family, nation, and world are the results of history. However, out of these results, how many are good results? In the individual, how many good results do you have? What percentage of good results do you have in your living environment? What percentage do results of goodness have in your personality? That is the problem.

Looking at our surroundings, we see that the whole environment is surrounded by evil elements. The way of evil does not need to be taught. Everybody can go that way without education, because history started from an evil base. Do we need to be taught how to be bad? Because humans fell by themselves, human society educates people to act according to their conscience centering on human morality. What is the center of education? Although people are educated according to goodness and conscience, how many are able to fit that education? Evil things can be done without education; everybody can get 100 points.

In this environment, our conscience is always telling us to be a good person. Although your mind always stimulates you to be good, did you actually become a good person? If we think about this problem, our whole life is continual lamentation. Today is lamentation, tomorrow is lamentation, this year is lamentation. Youth is lamentation, the time of middle age is also lamentation, old age is lamentation, and one dies with lamentation. In other words, one's whole life may be filled with evil.

This is the present reality. Because humans were born from an evil base, they are struggling in evil and go toward evil. This has been the way throughout all human history. When we consider today's religion, what about the Unification Church? Does it teach people to be evil? If so, then the Unification Church is not needed. Evil does not need to be taught. (36-56)

4) Ourselves and the Kingdom of God

Before his death, Jesus said, "Father! If it is possible, please let this cup pass from me. But please do not do as I wish, but as the Father wishes." Before his death, he did not protest to God, but offered himself for the sake of God's Will. Jesus' attitude brought him to the closest position to God forever. Before such a person, even God cannot do as He wishes. The one who opposes such a person will be destroyed. God treats such a person directly. Therefore, what the right hand is doing should not be known by the left hand.

If you lend money to someone and remember it with added interest, you cannot be an owner of the Kingdom of God. One has to forget about the money he lent. When parents raise children, do they remember how much money they used for the children? The parents' mind is to give and forget. Moreover, after giving and forgetting, they are also anxious to give something better. Because the love of parents is eternal, the person who has no parents is called an orphan, and nobody wants to be an orphan. (36-85)

Do you know about the spiritual world? The Kingdom of God is where people go who live for the sake of others. The one who lives centered on himself can never go there; he will go to hell. No matter how great a priest he is, where will he go after death?

Our Unification Church tries to save our enemy and even communists. Communists try to cut off the heads of the Unification Church members. That is the difference. So, what kind of thought should have dominion over the world? [God!] You must be stronger than the communists. Do you understand? You should not be evil like communists. If we become strong, centered on love, living for the sake of others, it will be enough to save the world.

Are you the people who live in the Kingdom of God, or are you the people who are going to the Kingdom of God? [We are going to the Kingdom of God!] When? [Now!] When is "now?" How long will "now" last? Will it finish today or will it take ten years, or a hundred years? While you are doing that, what will you do if you die? Therefore, you should be engrafted. You should be cut off and engrafted. (91-173)

Finally, what kind of world are you going to? Are you going to hell or to the Kingdom of God? [Kingdom of God] On the way there, are you going to be a person who says, "Father, please help me!" or are you going to be a person who says, "Welcome, True Father!" Which person are you? That is to be or not to be. After marriage, you say, "We will live a happy life." When True Father says to live well, it means becoming an unchanging couple. In order to be an unchanging couple, you should go to the world of easily-separated couples and take instructions, and you should not separate wherever you may go. You should reach such a trained standard. (129-182)

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